Chapter 35

Kim inhaled loudly and opened her eyes. It was a new day. Shockingly, she slept well without any disruptions. She stretched out her arm expecting to touch the sickly Justin. All her arm came across was air. He was already out of bed. She closed her awakening eyes to open them again and improve her vision. She tore the covers from her body and sat up. "What a good night sleep." She said with a yawn. It took some time of convincing and getting up, but she managed to brush her teeth and clean up for the morning.

Making her way downstairs, Kim looked for any signs of Justin. For all she knew, he was still sick. And to be honest she was worried about him. She paused to just scan the living room and listen out for any sounds she could pick up. She heard a TV, but she didn't know where it was coming from. She carried herself into the kitchen. The volume on the TV became more noticeable. She heard a cute laugh and directed herself in the area of it. She ended up into a second, extended part of the kitchen. Justin was sitting at the kitchen table, which they barely ever used, and he was watching a medium sized TV, which was in a corner in the distance. Jade was on top of the table, in her baby chair, just observing things. Trying to identify things with her sparkling blue eyes.

"Good morning, Kim." He cut the TV off with a remote.

She jumped because she was thinking so hard and was so touched by the scene she saw, she forgot to speak. "Good morning, baby." She gave him a sweet kiss on his lips, then took a seat next to him. She held her head up using the palm of her hand. She stared at him dreamily as he ate his breakfast. "What's that your eating?"

He put his fork down and smiled. "Um...lets see...eggs, bacon, pancakes..."

"WOW! All of that? Are you better? You must be if your eating."

He nodded, sure of himself. "Yup, I am better, sweetheart. Thanks for asking."

The smile she had grew bigger. You made breakfast for you, but not for me? How selfish, Justin." She blew a kiss at him.

"Oh, no. Nothing like that. It's just that you are such a better cook than me. I don't think you like the way I make my eggs. I figured you would make your own breakfast because you can cook so well." He blew a kiss back ah her slowly, then picked his fork up again.

"That is not true. I love the way you make your eggs, Justin." She stuck her hand in his plate and took some eggs from it.

He pointed at her with the fork. "Haha, you just stuck your hands in my plate. When I did that to you. You snapped on me. You do it to me...I don't care." He continued to eat his food. Not hesitating at bit.

"Yeah." She responded, chewing the soft egg. "You know what, Justin? I slept so well last night." She licked her lips. "I had such a wonderful dream too. It was SO WONDERFUL. It was about you. And in the dream you were...doing things. I woke up this morning with my hands in my shorts. And well, I haven't gotten a chance to wash them yet." She lied, waving at him.

He coughed. And Kim watched him carefully, as his mouth full of egg rolled out of his mouth, back into his plate. He shuddered. "Oh my! Kim, your sick." He pushed his plate away. "EWWWW, man!"

"Oh, I'm just joking with ya, honey." She repeated the words from his last inappropriate joke. "Now, you know what it's like. You know what it's like to hear the wrong joke at the wrong time." Kim pulled Jade's chair toward her, and kissed her on the hand.

He sighed. "Your right. I get your point. No more modeling cover jokes."

"Thats right."

Silence over took the room. They stared at each other without a word to say. Justin reared back in his seat, and got comfy to just sit back and watch her. A finger of his rested across is lips.

Kim stood up and broke the silence. "You like what you see, Justin?"

His finger motioned for her to come closer. "Yeah. You've grown up so much."

She stood before him. "I have? Justin, I haven't been gaining weight. I've been loosing it. I'm down to one hundred and eleven pounds. I know I'm fat, but I'm not gaining..."

Justin put his hands on the sides of her waist. He spoke to her looking up into her eyes. "Kim, stop it. YOU are NOT fat. Your taller and you need your weight. You don't need to be losing weight. Your going to lead yourself into an eating disorder." He said with a laugh. "Your skinny...REAL skinny. You are just one of those lucky girls that are...blessed with those curves." He shook his head. "Anyway, that is not what I mean. I mean you've grown up as in you are getting woman-ish on me." He laughed again.

Kim laughed. "Ohhh, what does that mean?"

"You've grown up. Exactly that. I've helped you with it, I think. I remember the very first time I saw you, when I spilled coffee on you. You were wearing a GAP t-shirt, and jeans. Now...your most covering brand of clothing seems to fit in the category of Victoria's Secret." He winked.

She placed her hand on his shoulder and massaged it, by squeezing it. "That is not true."

"I know, I'm just playing, Kim. But seriously. When I first me you you always wore clothing that covered you all up. I knew you were small and all, but at first I didn't notice you had such a nice body. You dressed the way you did, because of the reoccurring scares you got from your parents...Now you dress showing your stomach and everything else that makes you beautiful. And I love that. You have so much confidence in yourself! And you know you can wear anything, because you don't have to worry about hiding scares from people. You've changed so much, Kim. And whatever you do. Stay the way you are, because it makes me so happy to see you proud to be yourself. You've really grown up."

She kissed him on the cheek. "Thank you Justy. That was really sweet."

"So are the hot pants and tube top you are wearing now." He made a thumbs up, and then pulled her into his lap.

"Haha, very funny." She said sarcastically. She closed her eyes when she began to kiss her neck. "You know what, Justin? I'm going to be severely pinched for this, but...the thing about you, talking about you having the shits, was on the news. There were no clips or anything of what happened, but somehow it reached the news. They made a pathetic report about your shit speech and your mom hitting you. I had to call them up and tell them, they were wrong for putting such an unnecessary story on TV." He laughed against her neck. "I'm serious, Justin. What was the deal with that anyway? Shitting this. Shitting that...the shit man...were you saying it just to be funny?"

He shook his head. "Yup. I was trying to be be funny because the situation wasn't so funny. My mom kicked my butt for it, but it was worth laughing for five minutes, because being up all night sick is NOT so funny. Chris called this morning. He told me he was up all night sick too. I told him, we were both going to be some shhhhhh..." He tried to play it off. "Some crapping people. He wasn't about to put that stuff in my drink without getting some too."

Kim rested her head on his shoulder, and pushed her body closer to him and laughed with her feet dangling off of the chair. "God, that was so funny. Lynn was like beating you in the head, and your like. I'm overdosed on that shit because shit shit shit...HAHA! Okay, no more bad words in front of Jade."

He laughed nervously. "Yeah..." He cleared his throat, then put his hand on her legs to stop her from moving. "Not a good idea to be rubbing up against me like that." He chocked up when she kept doing what she was doing. "Ahem. STOP!"

She blinked innocently. "I wasn't doing anything. I was laughing, Justin."

"Right..." He reached back and picked up a photograph from the table. "Look what I found!"

She took the picture from him and stared at it. "This is a picture from my last shoot." She shrugged. "So?"

He took the pick back. "SO? Girl, this is one of the hottest pictures I've ever seen of you. This is definitely one of my favorites of you. I cannot get enough of the first cover I saw you on, that one picture when you wearing the black leather pants, and that metallic sliver-ish picture of you, but this is just so hot." He couldn't take his eyes from the picture, Kim was rising out of water, and was wearing a very modern bikini with cargo pockets on it. She had an army helmet in her hand was just about to throw it to the side. The look on her face entranced him. Her hair was dripping wet and she raised her head just enough to capture the look in her eyes. He eyes look so sharp and raw. She almost looked evil and possessed because the whites of her eyes were so noticeable. "You look so...I'm speechless. I LOVE this picture."

Kim was looking at it with him, but she didn't see what the big deal was. "Justin, it's not that amazing. I was suppose to be army girl there. That bikini I had on, was made for just looks. It's not suppose to be in water because it's leather. A six thousand dollar bikini gone to waste. That is so sad to me."

"Forget the bikini. Look at you! That look, Kim. Something about that look. Look at you! Rising out of the water looking like some goddess. You your face is better watch out. YOU ARE SO HOT! Can I have this? Can I have this picture? I want to do something with it!"

She giggled. "Sure, what are going to do with it?"

He tried to keep a smile from forming on his lips. "I'll tell you when I get it made."


He shivered and put the picture back on the table. "Dang, you are so hot."

"Down boy! I can fe..."

"Yeah I know. You are making me..." She slapped him across the face.

"I know what you were about to say, Justin." She rubbed his cheek. "I'm sorry."

"It's okay. I needed that! Ha!"

She stood up. "I think I better take my own seat now." She sat back down in the chair near him. Her eyes shifted back to Jade who looked hungry. She gathered her in her arms. "Don't forget the people are coming today to build YOUR studio." She positioned the baby close to her and pulled up her tank some.

He scratched his head. "Yeah I know. That's gonna be so cool, man! I'll be able to produce my own songs. In my own house. That is just awesome!"

Kim used a blanket to cover the baby's face, as she fed from her. "That is pretty cool. But dang! Isn't this house big enough? Oh, and what are we going to do all day, Justin? Remember what they said about the noise? That there will be a lot of noise because of the construction? It's going to take them two days. We need to do something and take Jade out of the house, because I can't sit here all day listening to the noise."

Justin rubbed his chin. "What can we do? I mean, what do you want to do?"

"I don't know. I refuse to get Jade anything for a while. Between, us, your parents, and the old sickos in the neighborhood, Jade has enough stuff to satisfy her into elementary school. She is going to be a mess when she can talk and stuff. She is beyond spoiled and she doesn't even know what her own arm is. It's ridiculous. Anyway, you know JC's birthday is coming up. He's having that huge party, we are going to. We need to get him a present. I think we should go shopping to get his present today, since you feel better."

He slouched in his chair to get more comfortable. "Nope. I told you I'm not getting JC anything."

She rocked Jade as she continued to eat. "Justin, you are so arrogant. Don't be so mean. You have to get JC something. It wouldn't be right if you didn't."

"Baby girl, please. You just don't know. He never gets me anything for my birthday. I'm not getting him anything. He has plenty of money. I'm sure he has everything he wants."

"Oh, you are getting him a present. We are going shopping today."

He crossed his arms. "You wanna bet? I'm not going anywhere!"


Justin held the door open for Kim. She walked inside of the store, holding on to Jade who was in her carrier. Mike and Lonnie entered the store next. They were right behind them.

"I told you, you were going shopping, Justin." She licked her tongue at him. She looked side to side to see where she would start looking first. "JC has a very preppy style."

Justin yawned. "Yeah, whatever." He playfully licked his tongue back at her. Kim began to walk and he followed her. His bodyguards followed him. Everything seemed fine until an obsessed fan came out of nowhere.


Lonnie pulled on Justin to get him away from the crazed girl. Kim watched on in shock. "Get her off of me. She's cutting me with her nails." Justin said calmly.

"NO! NO! I WILL NEVER LET YOU GO, JUSTIN! I AM YOUR BIGGEST FAN! YOUR BIGGEST FAN EVER! I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS!" Her arms were around his neck now and she was pulling his head down and Mike pulled her. Shockingly, he was not able to get her off of him. "I LLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOVEEEEEE YOU, JUSTIN! I LOVE YOU!

Kim started crying. "Please get that girl off of him!" They never had problems shopping with security before. She didn't think they would be having them now. Besides, they were in a store that was overly expensive and not crowded. Until now. About five more crazed fans showed up.

"Oh my God, Justin!"


"I love you, Justin! I LOVE YOU!"



"Please....just. Just RIP the shirt. Just rip it off! GET HER OFF!" Justin begged.

Mike used his walkie-talkie to call for security when the other five girls tried to reach for Justin.

Justin was able to slip out of his shirt. He had on two so he was not bare chested. Quickly, Lonnie covered him. "Alright, J. Let's get you out out of here!" He lifted his arm up to let Kim inside of his grasp.

"Yeah Lonnie, you get them out of here. I'll stay here and keep the mob back."

Kim felt guilty for what happened as they hurriedly headed to the car. She never witnessed a crazed fan incident before. It was scary. It was partially her fault for making Justin go with her to the store. They got into the car as quickly as possible. Jade was fine and Kim sighed and wiped her eyes. "I'm so sorry, Justin. I didn't mean for you get get hurt."

Lonnie pulled out of the parking lot.

Justin held Kim and pulled her head to his chest. "Don't cry. It's not your fault...I'm not hurt."

She could see red marks on his neck and arms. "But you have scratches all over you, and she took your shirt. I'm so sorry, Justin."

He rubbed her back and kissed her several times in the hair. "It's okay, baby girl. It's not the first time I've been jumped on. And the scratches. They aren't nearly as bad as the ones you give me." He laughed. "Of course I'd rather have you scratch me than some stranger. I'll admit that was pretty scary. Don't forget we aren't normal people. We have to remember who we are when we attempt to go in public. I'm okay. I'm not bleeding or anything. So, don't cry, sweetie. I'm okay. Are you okay?" His hand stroked her cheek.

She pulled back and smiled. "I'm fine."

He kissed her lips. "Good." He said positively, taking a deep breath to calm down his adrenaline rush. "I'm happy I had two shirts on. She just had to take the nicer one though."

"I'm so sorry, Justin. I'll get you another one."

He shook his head. "Nah, don't worry about it. It's no big deal."

She didn't know what to say, because he was acting as if a fan going crazy on him didn't phase him.

Lonnie looked in the car mirror. "Justin, do you need to be taken to a doctor? Or are you okay?"

He smiled. "I'm okay, man. You remember what happened in Cancun with that one fan, right? I'M REALLY OKAY, compared to that incident."

He laughed. "Yeah...oh and Justin, I'm telling your mother about the scratches thing! And I ain't talkin' from the fans!"


August 8, 2002 (JC's Birthday)

"HEY, KIM! Come here!" Kim crept down the steps after just placing Jade in her crib to sleep. It took her a while to walk through the whole house, and get to the end of it where Justin's brand new studio was. She entered the new smelling room and closed the door behind her.

"What's up, babe?" Justin loved his new studio. He couldn't stay out of it for the past few days. Kim ran her hands over the unfamiliar equipment.

"I need you opinion on something." He told her seriously, moving to a certain area of the studio with his rolling chair. He pressed several buttons. "How does this beat sound?"

She waited to head it. When the sound began to play, she moved her head from side to side. "It's AWESOME! It really catches the ears." She said excitedly. "I LOVE IT!"

Justin chuckled and his eyes lit up. "Really?""

"Yup." She said beamed. She looked around. The studio was huge. It had five sound booths in it, and just a huge secondary room of pure controls. She could tell it would become Justin's best friend. "I think the studio is very nice, Justin. I like how you have it surrounded in sound proof glass. You can work on your music, and not wake Jade. That is cool."

"I know. My own studio. God, this a dream come true for me. Sound booths and everything."

She enjoyed watching his eyes twinkling from happiness. "I'm happy for you, Justin."

"Go into a booth and sing something, Kim."

She took a step back. "What?"

"Just go into a booth and sing something. Just for fun. I know you don't want to be a pop star. I just wanna test my equipment." She gave him a strange look. "Please?"

She slowly walked into a soundless room and closed the door behind her.

Since the glass was sound proof, Justin spoke to her though an intercom. "You don't even need to put the headphones on Kim, just sing into the mic in front of your face. "

She gave him a thumbs up. "But what do I sing?" She mouth to him.

"Hummm. Just anything. Do Britney's 'Oops I did him, I mean it, again'.

She giggled. "Okay? I just sing?" She mouth again pointing to herself.

"Yeah, just sing it without the music!" He made a count down of five on his fingers.

When his last finger dropped she sung. "Oops I did it again. I've play with you hearrrrt. Got lost in the game. Ohhhhh bab-eh, ba-beh. Oops you think I'm in looooooooove. That I'm sent from ABBBBOOOOOOoooooooove. I'm not that inno-ceeeeeeeeeennnt." She stopped. "Is that good enough?

Just that quick. He rewinded the recording he made. He played back the small part she sung.

"Oops I did it again. I've play with you hearrrrt. Got lost in the game. Ohhhhh bab-eh, ba-beh. Oops you think I'm in looooooooove. That I'm sent from ABBBBOOOOOOoooooooove. I'm not that that good enough?"

She began to blush for some odd reason. "Oh my God. How embarrassing. I never heard myself sing before. Weird!" She stepped out of the booth.

"No, Kim. Don't! That was just totally amazing. It blew me away. Just sing the rest of the song! Your voice is...can't describe it."

She kissed him on his parted lips. "Justin, sorry. I have to wrap JC's presents."

He held her hand and pulled it. "Come on, baby. Leaving me already?" He used her hand to pull himself up.

"You need to get OUT of this studio. I think it's taking a toll on you."

Before another word was spoken his lips crushed against hers. He backed her into the wall.

"Justin, what are you doing?"

His eyebrow raised. "Does the word sound proof mean anything to you?"

She giggled. "Not really."


"Kim, I'm tellin' you. Be careful. That outfit is a killer. I don't want guys touching you and stuff. You and those thongs!"

She groaned. "Justin, I've told you. My pants are made to 'look' like I have a thong showing, when I don't!"

He rolled his eyes. "Yeah...okay. Then what kind of underwear do you wear with pants cut like that."

She cleared her throat. "We are not getting into this right now."

Justin laughed with his mouth near her ear. "Your not wearing underwear are you?"

She pushed him. "I am SO."

"Let me see then. Your wearing white Kim, I can see right though your outfit."

She turned around and handed him JC's gifts. "Justin, if you don't shut the HELL up. You picked out this outfit. You told me to wear it. SO, STOP TALKING ABOUT IT!"

He kissed her on the check. "Okay, sorry. You look stunning as always." She was wearing white dress pants with a see-through feathered shirt. The feathers covered her chest, and they were also cuffs on the shirt. To top off the outfit she had on sliver shoes.

"Oh my God." They said at the same time. JC's house was HUGE.

"JC's been saving his money all these years. He was always tight with money. But not when it comes to this house. He's a baller now. That dude must be rolling in dough. Look at this house." Justin shook his head.

Kim's eyes were as wide as saucers. "Yeah, and you use to call him homeless. WHOA!"

Two guards, that were at the front doors of the house, opened them to let them inside. The music was dangerously loud. It was fuming from mounds of speakers. "Kim, a lot of people are going to be here. Like famous people. JC said he was going to have three hundred guests or so. So stick with me. Okay, baby?"

She looked around. "Okay."

A man approached Justin and put his arms out. "Would you like me to take those gifts sir, and add them to the rest of the collection?"

He smiled at the older looking man, who seemed to be bothered by the loud music. "Sure." He handed the presents to him. Celebrities were everywhere. JC knew how to throw a party, he gave him that much. Justin's hand unconsciously picked up Kim's for comfort. "I guess we look around..."

Kim's legs followed Justin's. A butler walked by with drinks and Kim took one. She didn't know what she picked up, but it tasted good. "Yummy!" She said starting at the rim of red lipstick on her glass.

Justin's eyes narrowed at her. "Kim, I told you! One of us can't have any drinks because we have to drive back home. It's not like we can both party till we drop and kick it here at JC's house. Natasha has Jade and is expecting us to be home around three or four. You shouldn't be drinking anyway! Your underage. YOUR breaking the law!" She seemed to be so happy getting to just have fun and have a drink. Something she wasn't able to do while being pregnant and being at home with Jade. He felt sorry for her. She probably needed the drink more than he would ever know. She probably needed some freedom and fun for once. "Okay, baby girl. You have fun! I won't drink any alcohol."

She kissed him on the cheek and grooved to the blasting music. "THANK YOU!" She wrapped an arm around his neck and kissed him. As they kissed the felt a flash go off. They pulled away and laughed at Joey who had snapped a shot of them with a Polaroid camera.

"That was hot you guys! Give me another!"

Justin and Kim looked at each other with questioning love sensations. They then posed for the camera by touching tongues with their eyes closed.

Joey took a picture of the sight, with a cheer. "Yayyy!" He shook both of the pictures a few times then vanished in the crowds with them.

"Hi to you too, Joey." Justin mumbled sarcastically.

Together Justin and Kim walked though the huge house, trying not to say WOW over the size of it. Kim was helping herself to the drinks. Justin didn't say anything to her, but she was getting drunk quickly. In a hallway filled with people, Justin was tapped on the shoulder.

"Hey, Justin."

He hugged the person. "Hey Christina! Good to see ya girl!" He held her generously in the hug. "How come you never talk to me? It's like since the MMC you have nothing to say to me. HAHA! He kissed her on the cheek. It's good to see you. You look great tonight."

She laughed. "You look great too. Hey Kim, we never met. I'm Christina!" They shook hands.

"Hey! It's nice to meet you! I love your new single."

Christina moved her hair out of her face. "Thank you so much. Kim, I just wanted to say I think you are so beautiful. And you go girl, because you just had a baby and have a body like that? I am so jealous. Your outfit is so CUTE! You and Justin are SO perfect for each other!"

Kim giggled. "Thank you. And what are you talkin' about? Your tiny yourself!"

Christina's boyfriend called her and she waved bye. "Sorry. I have to go. It was nice talking to the both of you." She smiled and left them.

Kim swallowed down the whole glass of her third drink. "Let's dance, Justin." She suggested. She didn't give him a chance to reject her, and pulled him into a mass of dancing bodies.

For some reason Justin was uptight at first. Kim was being very free and straight forward. She was just naturally good at grooving to music and moving her body. It didn't take long to feed into what she was doing. Their bodies were dancing closer than close, creating extra heat. The music took them places. The music hypnotized them into a world of thrusts and booty shakin'. Kim and Justin broke it down for everyone.

People stopped dancing and formed a circle around them to watch them get down.

Kim turned to face Justin because he was behind her. She then grinded her body into his....the rest was history.

When the dancing go to the point of being too sexual, they stopped. Justin laughed when people yelled for them to continue. Kim was still doing her little shake it dance. He wanted to dance with her so badly because it was enchanting, but he was too hot to dance with her at the moment. Someone pushed him a little from behind. He looked back to see it was JC.

They did their manly handshake. "HEY JC! Happy birthday, man! Your party is CRUNK! Everyone is here."

"Yup. You like my house?" JC asked proudly.

"Yeah! You did good, man. You did good."

He nodded to the music. "Yep, I think so too. I saw you and Kim dancing. Gettin' a bit freaky, huh?"

"No. Well, maybe just a little!" He shoved JC because he was laughing. "Haha, thats my baby. I told you she can move her body! She makes me so HOT. Anyway, where is Bobbi?"

JC suddenly became quiet and looked at the floor.

"Where is Bobbi, JC?" Justin asked again, concerned by his reaction. "What happened, JC?"

A tear rolled down JC's cheek. "We got into a big fight today. She really hates me right now." He sniffled really hard to stop his crying. He tried with all of his might to smile. "We don't fight much, but when we do it's really bad. This is bad, bad!"

Justin put a hand on his shoulder. "Well, do you want to talk about it? Let's get out of all of this commotion and talk." Kim, who was drinking another drink, was off in her own world dancing. "Kim, JC and I will be back, okay?" She nodded at him but she really didn't hear what he said. Him and JC left to go some place less noisy to talk. Walking through a hall. Justin saw Britney and Nick together in a social like room talking to people. He ignored them completely not even looking back. Them being together, didn't even bother him anymore.


Kim was out of it. She stopped dancing, and was searching for Justin. She didn't know where he was. She stumbled through the house until she came across steps. "Hummm maybe he's up here." She said very slurred. She had about six drinks and was definitely drunk. She walked up the steps to the best of her ability. She lost her balance, tripped forward, and crawled up the long huge staircase. She stumbled to her feet when she made it to the top and came across not bedrooms, but a huge room that acted as another dance floor. People were dancing happily. She figured why not, and decided to join the party. She hovered to the dance floor by herself. Her vision was very bad. She was seeing double and had a hard time concentrating. Still she kept dancing.

She felt a hand go around her waist. "Justin?"

"Yes, baby. It's me."

She giggled. "I've been looking for you, Justin. I wanted you to dance with me."

"I'll be happy to dance with you."


"Yeah, so I was telling her if she doesn't stop it. I'm going to tape her mouth shut. 'Cus, I don't know. Her scream is SO loud. I mean, I don't think you understand. It's cool, but NOT when you have a newborn. You just don't know, JC. But lately she's been good. Controlling the noise level. Where is she? I don't see her down here. Maybe she's upstairs." He took a sip of a glass of soda he had.

JC followed Justin up the steps. "Yeah, Bobbi is so sweet and emotional. I love that about her. I really hope your advice works. I'm going to give her some time then call her first thing in the morning. Thanks, Justin. I appreciate it, man. I couldn't go to Chris. He already had a wine cooler. He is bouncing off walls I'm sure, since he had like one beer."

Justin laughed. "I know what you are saying, man. Where is that girl?" He asked, entering a place where people were dancing. "I don't see her JC. Do you?"

JC looked around the room. He immediately saw Kim. The reason why Justin didn't see her, is because she was making out with a guy that was grinding into her from behind. To make matters worse he had one of his hands inserted in her top. And he was rubbing her body and caressing her body. JC froze in shock and was nearly sickened.

"JC, WHAT? What's wrong now?" The way he was looking just about scared him. His eyes followed JC's and he focused in on what he was looking at. Justin gasped loudly as if he couldn't breath. "Oh my God." He whispered. He dropped his glass of Coke and it shattered.

JC closed his eyes and hated that Justin had to see what he did.

"Please tell me that's not Kim, JC..."

"She's probably really drunk, and got confused."

When people noticed Justin was in the room, and Kim was too, but kissing another guy while he had his hands on her, they couldn't take their eyes off of Justin because they knew he was going to do something.

The stranger pulled his hand out of Kim's top, and when it entered the side of her pants....Justin lost it. "OH MY GOD! NO HE DIDN'T? NO SHE DIDN'T? HE'S TOUCHING HER! I AM THE ONLY ONE THAT HAS EVER TOUCHED HER! AND EVEN I DON'T TOUCH HER LIKE THAT! AND HE'S DEEP THROATING HER? I'M GOING TO KICK...KIM, THAT BITCH!" Justin just ran towards them. People moved out of his way with no cut backs. He was furious. He was side by side to the making out couple, the guy was thrusting into Kim so deeply he just wanted to be sick. He took the guy, by his hair, and just rip him away from her. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING KISSING MY KIM?" He let the guy loose so he could punch him in the face, but JC held him back and pulled him away.

"Don't do this, Justin. He's not worth it. He's not worth it ,man! Just calm down. Come on, Justin. I know you, man."

"NAH! Let him go! Thats right! I kissed your girl. What YOU gonna do? You punk ass! Yeah I touched her. She liked it. You see she didn't push me away. I was going to get her in the bedroom next. Actually, I got my fix on the dance floor with her. There is no bedroom needed."

"Justin?" Kim asked confused.

"NO, JC! LET ME GO! THAT ASSHOLES TALKING SHIT! LET ME GO, JC!" JC held him by his chest and neck. He wasn't able to move.

"I can't let you go, Justin. You'll go to jail for battery if you hit him!"

"I AIN'T GONNA HIT HIM! JUST LET ME GO!" JC purposely loosened his grip. And Justin pulled away from him. He was going to just charge the guy and beat the living crap out of him, but he turned to Kim instead. "WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT? I SAT HERE AND WATCHED THAT SON OF A BITCH RUBBING UP AGAINST YOU! ALL OVER YOU! HIS HAND WERE IN YOU PANTS KIM! HE WAS TOUCHING YOUR BREASTS KIM! YOUR MARRYING ME IN THREE MONTHS! WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT? KISSING ANOTHER MAN?"

"But he said he was Justin. He sound and looks exactly like you." She slurred.


"I'm innocent! I didn't know! I thought I was kissing you. This is exactly like the situation, when I caught you fucking Britney!" She started to cry. Crying, being drunk...bad mixture.

Justin looked around. Everyone was staring at them, and heard what she said. "THIS IS...OH MY GOD! NOW THIS IS ABOUT THE WORST SITUATION I'VE EVER BEEN IN. AND TO THINK YOU LET THAT BASTARD TOUCH YOU! UGH!" He took her hand and forced her with him. "WE'RE LEAVING NOW!"


"JC, I DON'T WANNA HEAR IT!" Kim was basically dragging behind him, but he was so angry he didn't care.

"Justin, I swear I thought that guy was you...I would never hurt you like that."


Kim was forced down the steps. She could not catch her balance because Justin was holding her so tightly.


"Justin, this is so stupid." She was crying loudly. Britney saw her crying, and held her hand.

"Kim, what's the matter? Are you okay?"

Justin continued to pull her. "Back the fuck up, Britney. No one asked you to come over here. Go back to your lesbian girlfriend Nicky." He was talking about Nick Carter.

Britney rolled her eyes. "Let her go. You can be pulling her like that!" Justin let her go.

"What was that, Justin?" Nick asked.

Justin laughed. "Shut up you lame ass bitch. Don't start with me Nick. I am not kidding. You fuck with me tonight your ass is really going to be black and blue. Just ain't even in this. Go fuck Brain or AJ or something."

Nick rolled his eyes, but backed off and went into a pool table room.

"KIM, are you coming with me? OH honey, we gots lots to talk about. You may be drunk and all happy now, but you'll be sorry when your sober. And I'm not talk a hanger over. ARE YOU COMING HOME WITH ME?" He shook her.

"But he's just so mean. I was kissing a guy and he touched me. So, what? He was Justin. He even said..."

"Girl, It's okay." Britney said still holding her hand.

Justin sucked his teeth in aggravation. "Okay, you know what? I'm leaving your ass here. I don't give a shit. You hang with Britney and Nicky. Find your own damn way home. 'Cus I'm leaving you here."

Kim and Justin are not breaking up.

Chapter 36

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