Chapter 34

"Okay the downstairs is clean. We just need to...Justin, if you don't stop playing that damn Playstation! I've told you a thousand times. We have to get this house cleaned up. Your MOTHER is coming over today. Justin! Justin, are you listening to me?" Kim tapped her foot against the wood of the floor.

"Kim, I told you. The house WILL be totally clean by the time my mother gets here. We cleaned the downstairs up like it wasn't nothin'. Let me just beat this one part, and I'll continue to help you clean up." Justin placed his full attention on the game, and tried desperately to beat a certain part.

Kim smiled evilly as she approached him. "Justin, I've warned you. I won't tell you again. Help me clean this house, boy!"

He was too into the game to notice her presence.

"Okay, then." Kim went over to the entertainment center, and pulled the plug to all of the electrical equipment, including the TV.

He paused in shock and a smile slowly crossed his plump red lips. His eyes closed. "No, you did not just do that, Kim. Considering it took me a whole week to get to the damn castle of doom. Oh my God. I didn't get to save the game from the part I was on...I have to start all over!" He shot up and dropped the controller. "START ALL OVER? Kim Patrice Miller, I'm going to KILL YOU!"

He was kidding, but that didn't matter. She ran from him. "Oh no! I am So sorry, Justin. I didn't mean to make you have to start over. You just needed to get your butt up, and help me clean!" She ran into the kitchen. As soon as she brushed past a counter, she was swept off of her feet by Justin's arms.

He shifted some to sit her up higher in his arms. "Got ya!" He said with a wink.

She gazed into his eyes to detect his emotions. "Please, Justin. Don't be mad at me. I'm really..." His lips crushed against hers.

"Your sorry. I know you are, baby girl. I love you." Her fingers entered his massive curls and trailed and tampered with the back of his neck. "Umm, and your so delicious." He sat her down on the kitchen counter, and placed his hands on her waist.

She tiredly broke away from him. "Justin, you are so amazing."

He took a hand from her waist. and stapled his hair back with a laugh. "You ALWAYS say that. Haha! Justin, you are SO amazing. In the bedroom, Justin, you are SO AMAZING!" He made fun of her.

She licked her tongue at him and almost touched him with it. "I do not say that! And if I do...I don't say it in that tone." She crossed her arms and kicked him gently as her legs swayed off of the counter.


She offended hopped off of the counter and shoved his upper chest. "Are you crazy, Justin? Why the heck are you yelling in this house like that?. I know Jade had to hear that. You probably woke her up." She searched around the kitchen. "Is the monitor in the kitchen on? There are like twenty of them around the house now." She continued to look for the monitor until she found it, and discovered it was on.

Justin pretended to be bored, by picking at his teeth. "There is no way you can get on to me about 'YELLING'. Your scream is SO LOUD it makes my eyes bleed, Kim...there is no way you can talk. I'm sorry, but that is a fact." He chuckled because she was looking so serious. "Come on, baby. What's with the face? I should be the mad one, remember? You messed my game up." He licked his lips and approached her slowly. "You owe me, Kim." The tip of his finger met her inner navel which peeked some from her night shirt. His finger wondered up her stomach, in a strait line. He used the finger and a joined hand to button a loose button on her shirt. When he was finished, he paused and took in her captivity.

"Why are you looking at me like that, Justin?" She had to look away from him while asking the question before looking into his eyes again.

He shrugged. "Looking at you like what? Like I want you? Like I'm in love with you? What am I looking at you like?" He stared into her eyes even more deep to make her uncomfortable. He wanted to laugh so bad, but he managed to hold it in. "Tell me. Like what?"

She bit her bottom lip. "I don't know. You just have this look about you. And you are in such a good mood this morning. Maybe because you are going to see you mom."

He smiled intricately. "Yeah, I'm happy my mom is getting back. I'm looking at you the way I am, because I love you so much. And your so beautiful. And so DAMN sexy. I can't resist you, girl. Even if you cut my game off."

She repaid him with a thankful smile before pinching him twice. "I owed you a pinch from when you said damn in the living room."

Justin pinched her. "You just cursed. I'm not stupid enough to say it again."

Kim rubbed her arm sadly. "Justin, Jade is not even around. Well, never mind. I guess it's good to improve on your language in general. Not just in front of Jade.

Justin kissed her on the cheek, "Right, baby girl. Now lets go ahead and get our bedroom cleaned up and out of the way. I don't think you know how my mother is. This is a new house. She will go though everything, and uh, after she caught us in the act last night, she will definitely be in the bedroom. We have to make sure it is clean."

Kim nodded. "Okay, but why would she go through the bedroom?"

"I don't know. It's a woman's thang! Mothers always have their noses a mile big, if ya know what I'm saying."

She giggled. "Not ALL women are nosy, Justin."

He put his back to her. "I know not all of them are. Want a piggy back ride upstairs, my sweet?"

She accepted his offering. "Why sure." She jumped on his back, and he held her legs supportively, while running though the house, trying to get upstairs.

He sang as he ran. "Take a space ride with the cowboy babe-eh."

She clubbed him on the head softly. "You are so dumb, Justin. If you you drop me, you'll have hell to pay." He pinched her thigh hard. "Ow, man. And what's with that song? Aren't there more ride it songs than that one?"

Justin had made it upstairs, and he collapsed on the bed in laugher. "Haha, 'ride it' songs?" He rolled over from laughing and accidentally hounded on top of her.

"Justin, get off of me you klutz! Haha, get off of me!"

His head rested against her chest. "Make me get off of you. I'm not going anywhere." He looked up, just to grin at her.

She sighed in the name of love. "You know, Justin. I love you so much." Her hand raised into his curls.

He kissed whatever portion of her body his lips were against. "I love you too. It's like an echo. I love you. I love you too. Your so beautiful. NO, YOUR so beautiful. But it's cool though." From the angle he was laying against her, her shirt seemed to create mountains. They were really just wrinkles.

Kim's hands stopped running through his hair when she realized his hand was in the wrong place. "Justin, what is your hand doing on my boob?" She slapped it.

"I was listening for your heartbeat." He said honestly. When he lifted his head and saw the look she was giving him, he decided to play with her some. "Okay, I was feeling you up. My hands...I have no control over them. Just like my tongue." He used both of his hands to unbutton several of the buttons on her shirt. "I'm so sorry. It just happens sometimes." Kim slapped his hand again. "OWWW! Your hands are so dang bony, that one hit from you seems like a knife." He rubbed the area harshly, then got out of the bed and lent out his reddened hand. "Come on Kimmy, we have to clean this room up."

She accepted his awaiting hand. "Your right." Her eyes scanned the area. "Alright, I'm going to make two piles of clothes. One for washing machine stuff, and the other for dry cleaning stuff." She began the trend by throwing a pair of Justin jeans in a pile she considered for dry cleaning only. Justin was gathering up clothes himself. "Justin, I am so sorry about your game and all. I have noticed you've been working really hard on it. I didn't mean for you to have to start over."

He threw the pile of clothes he had in his arms down in the washing machine pile. "Oh, don't worry about it, at all, baby girl. As a matter a fact I deserved that. You worked really hard on cleaning up downstairs. Why don't you take a break, and I'll do the bedroom. You just chill out and relax." He smiled before searching around the room again for more clothes.

"Are...are you sure? I don't just want to do nothing and have you do everything."

"Jade is sleeping, the room is not all that bad. Take a break."

She scratched her head. "It's almost noon. I guess I'll make something for lunch. Alright, Justin?"

He was concentrating on cleaning. "Sounds good to me."

She was turning to leave, but remembered something. "Oh yea. The building people or whatever are coming tomorrow. Are you sure you want a studio here, Justin?"

He threw one of her halter tops in the washing machine pile. "Yeah, I'm sure. This house has everything else except a studio. You know what I'm saying? Hell, there is even a dance rehearsal room of complete mirrors. We need to use that room by the way. I say tomorrow you and I do some choreography. Anyway, yeah I want the studio." He nodded after his words.

"Okay. Justin checking. Oh, and Justin. I'm going to pinch you later for saying the "H" word." She winked and exited the bedroom.

Things had gotten so much better. Kim was actually enjoying her life. She wouldn't want it any other way. As soon as she entered the kitchen she knew what she was going to make. She  cut up strips of beef. Next she boiled some water and placed rice in it. After that she placed fresh vegetables and the beef in a non-stick skillet. As the substance in the skillet cooked she added soy sauce and oriental seasonings.

Her meal was cooking nicely, and Kim cleaned up the small mess she had made from cutting up the strips of beef. Justin swept into the kitchen. "Oh my GOD! What are you cooking?" He sniffled the air loudly.

"Stir fry. I've had a taste for it for so long..."

Justin scooped up some of the hot sir fry and shoved it in his mouth. "HOT! HOT! Oh my GOD, this is SO good!" He shook his head.

"Justin, you must have lost your mind! YOU STUCK YOUR HANDS IN THE FOOD?"

He ignored her and took the whole skillet from the stove. He snatched a fork from a nearby drawer, and ran to the opposite side of the counter.

"Don't start, Justin. Put it back. It's not even done, man. It needs to cook for about three more minutes."

He was eating the stir fry by the forkfuls. "So! What difference does three minutes make?"

She stomped her foot. "This is not funny, Justin. Your not even eating it with rice. PUT IT BACK NOW! I'M NOT KIDDING! I WANT SOME OF IT TOO!"

He was still eating straight from the hot skillet. "I don't care if I don't have any rice. THIS IS SO...GOD YOU CAN COOK, GIRL!"

She punched her fist against the counter. "GIVE ME BACK THE SIR FRY NOW!"

Her tone scared him and he slowly placed the skillet down on the counter, not resisting one last big forkful of the food. "Okay, take it."

She reached as far as she could and took the food she made, back. "You better give it back. Obviously, you know what's good for you!" She looked at what was left of the stir fry carefully. She didn't know if it was still eatable or no. "This is just gross. What did you do to it? And ew you stuck your hands in it." She gave him a cold look.

He snapped a finger, and placed it on his chin. "Oh thats right. I did put my hands in the food. For your own sake I wouldn't eat it. You see, before I came downstairs, I went into your magazine cover exhibit. You don't want to know where my hands were by the time I left that room." He waved at her and then winked.

"DAMN YOU, JUSTIN!" She turned the skillet upside down and dumped the stir fry on the floor.

"I'm just playing with you, honey...did you....DID YOU JUST POUR THE FOOD OUT ON THE FLOOR? WHAT IN WORLD?"


"Oh, no. YOU GET BACK HERE, KIM! You are not leaving that mess on the floor." She was walking quickly, but he caught her by the waist and picked her up. Or tied to.

Kim fought him away, and made it so he could not pick her up. She reversed what he was doing, and was so angry at him, that she picked HIM up, and carried him across her shoulder. She walked into the living room then threw him on the couch. "I told you, Justin. And I'll tell you again. I'M NOT CLEANING UP ANYTHING! I was FINE, until you came into the kitchen, goofing off. Or 'JACKING' off. which ever you choose to call it. I told you already I won't tolerate anymore of your BS. You aren't going to just do anything you want to me, like take my food. And you are NOT going to say just anything to me, even when kidding. YOU UNDERSTAND ME, JUSTIN? I'm not going to put up with it. And the food will stay on the floor because I don't care what you have to say, I'm not cleaning it up. It will stay there when your mother gets here, it will stay there for hours, days, weeks, months. Unless YOU clean it up, because I won't, and don't give a fuck!" She switched upstairs quickly.

She didn't know her strength. She had physically picked him up and carried him. Justin was so stunned that he didn't know what to do. To be truthful he was scared of her, because she was so much stronger than she looked. He understood her completely. He could have prevented the fight from happening, by being civil and not playing around too much. It was okay to be playful. It was just the wrong time to be it. Since Kim made it clear to him that she was not cleaning up the stir fry, he knew he had to clean it up. because he only had a few hours until his mother was to arrive. He shook off some of his shock, and slight bit of embarrassment. And stumbled to the kitchen.


After cleaning up the stir fry mess, Justin went upstairs to clean up, and to change into more suitable clothes. He looked at the bedroom door. He was worried because he wasn't exactly sure how upset Kim was. She could be mad, and she also could be absolutely fine, and just had to make a point clear to him. Somehow he gained enough stability to open the door to see exactly where Kim and him stood. In one glance, and from her Calvin Kline scent, he could tell she had showered and changed. She was wearing a cute light-blue and dark-blue designed skirt , with a blue, simple, low cut spaghetti strapped shirt. She was in the mirror struggling to get her hair parted straight down the middle. "Dammit." She said, when she realized the part she just made was crooked.

Justin made his presence known but making himself visible in the dresser's mirror.

She tried to part her hair again but it still wasn't straight. She growled and attempted again.

"Um, can I help you with that? Can I part your hair for you?" He watched her, because she was keeping her face from meeting his.

She sat down on the bed and raised a comb and brush, up to him. "Thanks."

"Your welcome." He took the comb and guided it all the way to the back of her head. He handed her the comb back, and brushed the hair on the left going one way, and the hair going to the right of the part, the other. "Were you going to make two braids?" He asked sweetly. He made sure he sounded as normal and as sincere possible. She nodded, and that was enough information for him to begin to braid it for her. her hair style now, was much longer and super straight. He left her bangs out, and had no problems whatsoever braiding her hair. When he was done with one braid, he took a blue hair bow, and placed it on the end of her neat braid. He went to the other side of her, and repeated the process. "Finished." He said, wrapping the final blue bow on the tip of her braid.

When Kim noticed he was finished she stood up and looked at her braids closely. He did a great job, and it was so sweet of him to do such a thing. "Thank you, Justin." She turned around and kissed him on the cheek.

"Your welcome." He watched her take a blue bandana and tie it on. Her outfit matched from head to toe, and she looked perfect. "You look really amazing." He complimented. "I also wanted to say I'm sorry for joking around so much. I didn't mean to get you so offended to the point of us getting into a fight, or you picking me up. I'm sorry, Kim. Thats all I wanted to say."

Before she could respond to him he went into the bedroom closet to pick him out something to wear for the arrival of his mother. He just grabbed the first blue shirt he saw, because it matched, Kim. Lately it became very important they matched...maybe it was a family thing. His choice for pants were a pair of kaki cargos. He made sure he turned the light out in the monstrous sized closet when he was finished. He looked Kim up and down once before looking down at the ground, and heading to the shower. He wasn't saying anything or making any attempts to talk because he still didn't know the limits. He wasn't sure if they were fighting or what.

Before he closed the bathroom door Kim spoke up. "I just want to let you know, I'm not mad at you, Justin. I'm just keeping to my word. I'm not going to tolerate certain unnecessary things from you. Okay?"

He nodded.

"Cool then. I'm about to feed, Jade and get her ready. "Thanks once again for braiding my hair, you did an awesome job."


Kim ran to the door. "Oh my gosh, Justin. They're here." She fixed Jade up in her arms to make sure she was perfectly secure. Justin joined her side. For some strange reason, the both of them were extremely nervous. It seemed like forever since they saw Lynn and Paul. The doorbell rung again and Justin took a deep breath, and opened one of the front doors.

"Ohhhh, MY BABY! SUGAR! JUSTIN!" Lynn immediately pulled him into a tight hug. "OH, MY BABY!" She kissed all over her face.

"Hey Ma." His arm went around her neck. "IT'S SO GOOD TO SEE YOU!" His face was lost in her massive, long, fluffy, curls.

Lynn pulled back to wipe her tears away.

Justin reached over and then hugged Paul. "Hey Dad!"

Kim took all the braveness she had and stepped into the doorway to reveal herself. "Hey Lynn. Hey Paul." She said, holding Jade with one hand to wave. She pulled the blanket down some, to show Jade's face.

Lynn placed her hands over her mouth and let out a loud cry. "Oh, dear GOD! Give me a hug Kimmy. GIVE ME A HUG, SWEETIE!"

"Can you hold her for me?" She handed the baby to Justin. And then reached her arms out to hold Lynn. Kim always suspected something special about Lynn. She didn't know what, but she always felt special around her. It was exactly why she made Jade's middle name Lynn. Lynn was crying so hard, and it made her cry.

"She looks JUST like JUSTIN." She said hysterically.

Kim took Lynn's hand and held it. "Won't you come inside? Take a seat on the couch." She helped her step inside. Then hugged Paul. "It's so nice to meet you again." She kissed him on the cheek.

He wiped his own tears away and tried to wipe some off of her cheeks. "You look great, Kim. It's nice to meet you again as well." His eyes traveled to, Justin who was holding Jade. "She looks, JUST like him. They are identical. You can tell that is his baby from a mile away."

"Come in Dad. So you can hold her." Paul entered the house and he followed Justin and Kim into the living room where Lynn was whaling. Justin tapped her on the shoulder, and she took her head from her hands. "Here Ma. Hold your grandbaby." He slowly lowered the baby into her arms.

"Awww....she is just so beautiful. Oh, she is just gorgeous." She was barely able to speak because she was crying so hard.

Justin wiped a tear from his eye. Kim grabbed a Kleenex and handed it to Lynn. "She is beautiful. Here Lynn."

She looked up and smiled. "Mom. Call me Mom, Kimmy. You are my daughter. You are all I ever wanted for Justin. You and him are perfect for each other. You have the most beautiful child. You are my daughter. I love you and so does Paul." Paul sat beside her to get a closer look of the baby.

"She's right, Kim. And I'm you dad. Your our daughter, just as much Justin is our son."

The information she just received was not expected at all, and she broke down just as much as Lynn did. She caved her face into Justin's chest and cried. To know that they claimed her as their child was overwhelming. It was too much. Her arms tightened around Justin's neck, and his hands rested on her waist, and he let her cry as much as she needed to. He himself couldn't believe what his parents had said. "I don't know...what to say." She wept. "I...I...but you said you loved me, and, and..."

Justin couldn't help but feel her happiness and pain too. Having never heard 'I love you' from a parent, and then hearing it from his, must have been a lot for her. "It's okay, baby girl."


She was slightly more hysterical than Lynn. Justin picked her up. "Excuse us for a sec." He carried her deep into the hall, and then brought her into a huge lounge room. "You okay, sweetie?" He asked rubbing her back.

She tried to catch her breath. ""

He didn't understand why she was reacting this way. He couldn't see where the emotional breakdown was coming from. But then again if he grew up getting beat by his parents and had them telling him they hated him, he would be ecstatic another family accepted him too. "Shhh. It's okay. I told you they all love you, Kim. I told you. We all love you. You shouldn't be so shocked they said it. Your an incredible person. Your an amazing person." He held her to his chest. "Just take some deep breaths, baby girl. Your okay."

She pulled back and was on the verge of getting hysterical again. "But why do they love me, Justin? I'm no one special. I'm shit. I'm so mean, I do everything wrong, and I'm such a bad person. I'm a curse. And EVIL curse. I'll never be any..."

Justin place his hand over her mouth. "Stop it." He whispered coyly. "Your a miracle from heaven. Thats what you are. An angel. And when I say that. I mean it. YOU ARE AN ANGEL! There aren't many people on this earth that are perfect. But have you realized you are perfect? And your anger, and your fits, and you nightmares, and your abusive past, is all a cover up, so you won't notice you are perfect. Your an angel from God, Kim. Remember you told me, that you zoned out and wrote Jade on the wall that day. That was a message from, God. And last night you told me that during our break up you felt something horrible had happened to me. It turned out I tried to kill myself that night. Why do you think you have the perfect body? There is no way a girl as skinny as you could have that nice butt get the point. Why do you think every time you get cut you heal perfectly? Why do you thing you can pick me up when you are upset? Why do you think you can do the moonwalk, cook, and sing? Why do you think you are so tan and stay that way? Why do you think you can eat a one pound bag of M7M's without throwing up? Your perfect because your an angel, Kim. Don't you see the signs? Your and angle in disguise. That is exactly why you suffered the abuse so everyone around you will think of you as just a normal person. And you may not have super powers or anything like that, but it's CLEAR to me, you are an angel." His hand cupped her face. "Your an angle." He managed to say barely a whisper because he was chocking up at the reality of his words. "Your my angel from God. You are all I need for my life to be complete. Without you, my angel, life is not worth living." A tear ran down his cheek and he closed his eyes to kiss her lips.

Kim was absolutely...SPEECHLESS. His words hushed her inner voice even. She was speechless.

"I'm sorry." He fixed her bangs. "I didn't mean to ramble on like that." He sniffled. "I just thought I'd share something I've noticed about you!" He kissed her cheek and smiled. "Ready to go join...Mom and Dad?"

She had to force herself as hard as she could to nod. He pulled her up off the couch she was sitting on, and held her hand. Justin noticed she had stopped crying, but her cheeks were tear stained and still very wet. He used his fingers to dry them.

They walked back into the living room, and sat down on the large, slightly curved, couch.

"I didn't mean to upset you so, Kimmy." Lynn said. She had calm down a lot and was at the cheerie phase with the baby.

Kim had to clear her throat several times to build up enough voice to be audible. "I want to thank you for everything, Lynn, Paul, and Justin." She was sitting in Justin's lap and she could feel his hand rest on her knee. Her voice was not as loud as she wanted it to be. It was all basically stolen away by what Justin had told her in the lounge room. She didn't know how she could ever get over it. "Thank you for loving me."

She was almost blinded by the smiles she received. "Your welcome." Paul and Lynn said at the same time.

Justin kissed her on the back of her head.

Lynn hit Paul on the leg. "OH, thats right, Jade's toys and things are in the car. Go get them Paul."

He saluted her. "Okay."

As he got up and left, Lynn smiled warmly at the couple. "You two are going out to dinner tonight with us, right?"

Justin looked at her questioningly. "Dinner?"

"Yeah, all of the guys and their parents are going out tonight. That means you have to go too. I didn't say anything because I thought one of the guys would have told you by now. This was planned the longest time ago..."

"No. No one said anything to us about it."



"I told you she was going to come in the bedroom, Kim. I bet your still blushing from what she said before she left. I know I am, and that was like hours ago. HAHA!" He propped, the jacket to his suit, up on his shoulders. "I can't believe this, Not only DIDN'T we know about this dinner gathering. We are going to the most FORMAL, and EXPENSIVE restaurant in Florida. HOW RIDICULOUS! And thank God for Natasha. She can always help us, and watch Jade at the last, last, LAST minutes. I hate suits, man."

"I can't find anything to wear, Justin." Kim said from inside of the closet.

He laughed in the mirror, trying to fix his tie. "Like I told you, baby. When in doubt, use Hilfiger. He is the solution to every problem."

She giggled. "Oh, no he is not." She found a dress that was indeed Hilfiger. She looked at it with a pouted lip. She shrugged and unzipped the side of the dress to get into it. After making a few minor adjustments she stepped out of the closet. "Almost ready. I just have to find my rhinestone tattoos, and put some lips gloss on."

Justin nearly fainted. His mind flashed blackness for a moment. ""

"I'm wearing Hilfiger, Justin. I was in doubt."

"HOLY..." He smacked himself. "HOTNESS BABY!" He jumped up and down. "NOW THAT IS...THE MOST DISTURBING DRESS I'VE SAW ON YOU YET! YOU LOOK SO DAMN HOT, I COULD JUST KILL MYSELF! OH MY GOD!" He slapped himself again. "OH MY GOD!"

"Justin, stop shouting. It's just a dress. Don't slap yourself, sweetie."


She rolled her eyes and looked down at the white dress. "It does NOT, Justin."


"Okay, Justin. Thats enough."

His eyes never left the revealing portion of her dress. "DO YOU EVEN HAVE UNDERWEAR ON WITH THAT DRESS? IT CUTS RIGHT THERE..."

"You know me better than that, Justin. Of course I have underwear on. A clear thong."

He moved in closer to her." A CLEAR THONG?" He bent down and observed her hip closely. It was barely noticeable, but he saw a clear band going across her hip. His fingers got the best of him, and he touch the band to prove to himself it was real. He tugged on the band. "A CLEAR THONG? I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW THEY MADE CLEAR UNDERWEAR!" He fell backwards on the bed, on purpose, and just laid there with his arms spread open.

"Yeah, clear underwear are for dresses like these. This is just a dress. It's not that big of a deal. The limo is waiting, I'm sure. We need to get going..."

He was able to raise one finger up. "Just a moment. I'm going to need some time to myself."


A man opened the door to the over fancy restaurant, and the two stars of the evening were Justin and Kim. Justin was wearing a black leather suit with a black shirt and a white satin tie, and Kim was wearing the infamous Hilfiger summer collection piece. It was white and the top of it was haltered, and of course it had the triangular chunk missing in the middle of it. They both sparkled and shined like a disco ball. The were so beautiful together. And they just all around looked great. They always stood out to people for some reason.

They were late, and a man happily assisted them to the area recovered for their party of people. Their joined hands, their diamonds, and Kim's dress, made every soul they walked past, look at them.

The man led them to a very nice, blocked off, portion of the restaurant. It was beautifully decorated. Roses were everywhere. 

It took about an hour to talk to all of the guys, and their parents, and the guys girlfriends.

Finally Justin and Kim were able to sit down.

"And what was this for, again? Just a Nsync family-like gathering."

Justin nodded. "Yup. We do this every once in a while. People just failed to TELL me about it this time. Baby, your dress is amazing. My own momma said you GO girl! You are working' that dress. I swear." Justin saw a large glass of red wine sitting by him. He didn't take notice to a waiter putting it on the table. He smelled the red wine before tasting it. Then he took large swallows of it. "You want some?" He asked Kim.

She stared at the glass for a moment, then shook her head. "Nah. I'm not in a wine mood." She opened up her menu and browsed through it.

Justin put his wine down and did the same. "Hold on. Three HUNDRED dollars for a hamburger? A HAMBURGER? Who chose this restaurant to chill at? They must be friggin' crazy. Who in the hell is going to pay three hundred dollars for a piece of meat on a bun. If you want cheese on it. I bet it's like one-hundred dollars more. THIS IS LUDICROUS! And I don't mean the rapper."

Kim slammed the menu down. "I know that's right. I'm with you, Justin. I refuse to eat here." She stood up. "Bump that, wanna go to McDonald's?"

He nodded and drank more of his wine. "Sure do. We may be millionaires, but we ain't stupid."

Joey eyed Kim sexily. "Kim, Justin's wine has been spiked by someone. It wasn't me, I'll give you that much of a hint. But one of the guys put laxative in his wine. He's going to have the runs...I just thought I would tell you. Oh, and I know Kelly's here, but if you break me off a piece of you, I'll take it. You look finer than words can describe." He winked and walked off.

Kim sat down with her mouth hung open.

"Kim, may I ask why you are looking like that?"

She looked at his glass, and saw that he had drunk ALL of his wine. "Justin." She said weakly. "Justin, one of the guys put laxative in your wine. Your going to get diarrhea."

He swallowed really hard. "Did what?"

"Put laxative in your drink. The stuff for constipation." Her eyebrows raised. "That is so mean."

Justin held his stomach in fear. "Those bastards. I played a joke on them while we were on tour a LONG time ago, and now they are getting me back. What am I doing to do, Kim? Diarrhea?"

She tried to keep from laughing at him. The situation was not funny at all. "Justin..."

"Oh my God, how could they do this to me? In a public restaurant? Do you think if I go throw up, I'll get it out of my system?"

"Justin, why throw up? That's worse than diarrhea. Just go to the bathroom when you need to."

He stood up quick, gripping his stomach. "Oh my God, I'm going to be sick."

She stood up with him. "Calm down, Justin. Your freaking."

"I'm going to kill him. I KNOW it was Chris. I KNOW IT!" He stormed off onto the dance floor where Chris was grinding with Dani. "May I cut in?" He asked pushing Dani to the side. Chris began to laugh, and without any hesitation he slammed him down. "WHERE IS IT, CHRIS? WHERE'S THE STUFF?" He reached his hand into one of Chris' budging pockets, and sure enough the tasteless, clear, laxative was in it. It was super laxative at that. He held Chris to the dance floor, by his throat, and opened the bottle with his teeth. He spit the top just anywhere. "DRINK THIS! YOU WILL DRINK THIS!" Chris tried to reject him but Justin wasn't letting up.

"Okay! OKAY, man." Chris said laughing.

Justin began to pour the liquid down his throat. "DRINK CHRISSY!" He was laughing and they were just being playful but they wouldn't be able to explain that to their bodies. "I WON'T BE ALONE IN THIS! 'CUS DAMMIT IT'S A SHAME WHAT YA'LL DO TO ME! THATS RIGHT CHRIS, WE ARE BOTH GOING TO BE SOME SHITTING..." Justin felt someone pick him up by his hair. He dropped the bottle and the laxative went spilling on Chris and the floor.

His mother smacked him on the back of the head several times. "JUSTIN RANDALL TIMBERLAKE! What has gotten into you? Have you gone mad? Your acting like a crack head! And what's with your language? Why did you jump on Chris like that?" She continued to smack him upside the head.

"OWWWW but MA! You don't know what happened. That piece of shit put some shit in my drink. And now I'm gonna have the shits. I've had so much I'm going to be shitting for days. And that piece of shit and going to be shitting too. I'm not going to suffer alone, because he plays too much and I don't give a shit."

Chris' mother came in, and began to hit Chris. "I don't care how old ya are. YOUR STILL MY SON! You had no right to do what you did to Justin."

Justin was still getting hit by Lynn. "OWWW but MOMMA I'm gonna have the shits."

"I've told you about cursing in public, but this is beyond embrassment."

"Like I said ma, I'm going to be beyond shitting in a moment! I'm overdosed on that shit. I'm going to have shit coming out of my eyes, shit coming out of my nose, shit coming out my ears. SHIT COMING FROM EVERYWHERE! IT'S TOO LATE FOR EMBARRASSMENT! I'm gonna get so sick, Momma. I don't wanna have the shits. I'm going to be the shit man. SHITTING FOR DAYS!" He was not kidding, and was almost crying against his mothers leg as she smacked him.

Everyone one in the room was cracking up.


Kim kissed Jade on top of her head. And put some soft music on for her to sleep soundly to. She left the room as quietly as she could. She went into the bedroom. Justin was lying on the bed. He was staring blankly at the ceiling, and she noticed every time his stomach rumbled he would swallow. He was miserable. She sat down in the middle of the bed. "Hey, sweetie. Still sick?" It was stupid of her to ask the question, because she could get her answer by just looking at him.

He nodded slowly, because he was not talking much. And his eyes wondered around the room.

"You don't look so good, Justin. I'm not sure how much of that stuff they gave you, but had to be a whole lot."

He nodded again by rubbing his face in a pillow.

Kim sat up on the bed and started into the area he was staring. She didn't know what to do or say to make him feel better. He didn't have a shirt on because he claimed he was hot. So he was just laying on the bed in sweat pants. He was a bit grumpy, but who could blame him? And he was weak and discolored. She was lost in her thoughts, until she felt his head deepen in her lap. It was such a precious display, and she bent down and kissed him. Her tiny hand stoked back the curls he was famous for. "I love you, Justin. Okay?"

He eyes looked up at her. And he didn't say a word. But they shouted 'I love you' at her. He was too weak to sit up and kiss her, so he just kissed her on her thigh. His eyes closed, and her gentle scalp massage fled him to sleep.

As Kim watched him as he slept. He was perfect. His emotions didn't change in his sleep. He looked exactly the same as when he first closed his eyes, only his breaths were more deep. His speech about her being an angel was still very much on her mind. She never realized how blessed she was. And Justin was right. If she never suffered her abuse, she would have lived perfectly...she didn't know about the being perfect part, but she would have lived perfectly. It made he think.

The phone, which was right beside her, began to ring. She took it from it's charger and looked at the caller ID before answering it. Justin was not bothered by the phone, he just took one extra deep breath. "Hello?"

"Hey K. Timberlake."

She giggled. "Hey, Angie! Oh my, I can't believe you have time to talk on the phone."

"I know, girl. "I've been so busy. You better come get you hair trimmed soon. How are you?"

"I'm cool."

"And Justin?"

She continued to stoke his curls back. "He's not to good. He's sick..."

"Yeah I know, the shitting thing was on the news."

Kim let out a laugh. "REALLY? That is pathetic! I'm going to call the news station and tell them a piece of my mind. Anyway, he is not good at all. He is so sick, girl. He's been throwing up too. I think he has made himself sick. You know? Like he doesn't want to be sick so he's making himself sick. He's getting better though. He won't eat or drink anything, because he is afraid it will go right through him, or come back up. My poor baby." She kissed him on the ear.

"That is so awful. Give him something that doesn't have fiber in it when he does eat. That is so cool how you are like there for each other! You guys are perfect for each other. You really are. You are already perfect, Kim."

"Stop that now. I am not perfect. Justin said the same thing to me today. He said I was an angel from God, and let me tell you what he told me, girl...believe it or not, it's kinda scary, and weird...but true..."

Chapter 35

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