Chapter 31note- I just wanted to let you guys know that Britney will not be popping up, doing bad things anymore. She will only be in the story in one chapter and it won't be that big of a deal. For the ppl that are on my mailing list, check your e-mail there is a little hint waiting for you.

"How are you this morning?" Justin asked stroking Kim extremely pure face.

She sleepily smiled. "Oh, I'm just great. And you? Are you...okay?"

He nodded. "I'm just fine. Sleep well?"

She managed to laugh. "No. Did you?"

"No." He told her with a beautiful smile.

Kim roughed up his hair, so his curls would stick up. "God, can anyone be any cuter in the morning?"


She placed her hand on his chest and Justin held her close with his arm. "Love you, Justin."

He gave her a kiss in her hair. "And I love you."

Kim removed herself from his arms and pulled a bag of M&M's from a nearby drawer. She reclaimed her place and sat the bag on his bare chest. At once, she opened the bag and shoved the small candies in her mouth. "What happened to us last night, Justin? We...went a little crazy. We broke a lamp for God's sake."

He snatched the bag from his chest and threw it under the bed. "No more chocolate for you Missy! Yesterday morning you went pure NUTS! Laughing for no reason for an hour strait. No more chocolate for you baby girl. Oh and yeah, we did go crazy. I'll admit that. But three months it a lot of time to make up for." He began to sing. "Picture this we were both buck naked bangin' on the bathroom floor."

Kim laughed, and returned to the drawer and pulled out a huge bag of tropical Skittles. "I got back up! HAHA! And I'm not sharing!" She placed the bag on his chest.

He shook his head at her. "You say I'm sad. Your candy CRAZY. How much more sweets you have stashed around this room? You wouldn't happen to be pregnant would you? You know, hiding another pregnancy from me?" He joked.

Kim pinched him on the arm. "Hey, that's not funny!"

"Your right, I'm sorry. It's not fair you aren't sharing your Skittles with me, but your going to use my body as a table? Ut huh, no way." It only took one hand to pull her body completely on top of his.

She made herself comfortable and quickly grabbed her bag of Skittles before he took them away. She opened the bag and ate away. She looked down to see Justin's mouth open, waiting for her to drop some in his mouth. She placed one green skittle on his bright red tongue and giggled. "There you go, Justin."

"Oh no you didn't. Give me MORE!" He demanded. He placed his hands on her thighs and they rode up so high on her, his finger tips met the trim of her shorts. He sucked air in his mouth, through his teeth. "I said I want more." He whispered seductively. He licked his lips. "Please Kim, I'm begging you. Give me more."

Kim took the covers and threw them over both of their heads. It was partially dark but Justin could see Kim's eyes. She bent down and kissed him on the lips quickly. "I told you Justin, I'm NOT sharing with you." She laughed as they broke into a struggle. She held on tightly to her bag of Skittles and under the sheets, she began to crawl to the bottom of the bed. She was not able to get away from Justin for too long she felt his hand grab a hold of the top of her shorts. "Haha, I'm still not sharing."

Justin threw the covers back off of them, and he climbed on her gently, and pinned her down from behind. "Look what we have here."

She let the Skittles go. "Haha get off of me, Justin. Your too heavy." She somehow managed to flip on her back but he still had her where he wanted her. "Justin..."

He kissed her on the lips. "You going to share with me now?" She didn't have the Skittles anymore. He could just pick the bag up and eat them if he wanted to.

She shook her head with a pleasing smile. "Nope."

"Aww, your so selfish. He kissed the corner of her mouth. "I was hoping..." He kissed her on the chin. "You would..." He kissed her on her neck. "Share. If you know what I'm saying? Picture this we were both semi naked bangin' on the BEDROOM floor." He changed a few lyrics in the Shaggy song. Then as a joke he yanked her shorts down. "Opps I did HER again." He winked. "Looking back on the thing's I've done, I was trying to 'GET' someone."

She pulled her shorts back up. "I think you got some of your lyrics wrong, JUKE BOX!" She wrapped her legs around him, them pulled his neck down to force his lips to hers.

"I know my lyrics." He whispered into her mouth. "I'm just changing them to fit the situation." He was able to sit up, but Kim was still attached to him and was sitting across his lap. "I can't get enough of you." He said, his hand rising to tamper with her bra, her only piece of clothing for a top."

"I love you, Justin." She told him. The door bell rang. The sound caught them completely off guard but they continued to deep kiss, since they were so into it. "Expecting company?" Kim asked.


"Well, I'm not either. I have to get the door." She stopped kissing him.

"Don't answer it. Stay here with me." He tried to pull her back into his lap, but she at the advantage this time and broke free from him.

She quickly grabbed Justin's shirt from on the floor and put it on. "Remember? Boy cut underwear? Refusal? I thought so!"

He laid back on the bed with a sigh. "Dang it."

Kim took a second to look at the demolished room. "This is a damn shame. We aren't ever going to get this room clean. She picked up the cordless phone which had been knocked out of it's charger, and put it back. What are we going to do about the lamp? My God, what happened to the dresser?" She put her hand on her hip.

Justin's eye brow raised. "Oh you know what happened to it. What about what happened to my back? Look like I've been attacked by a cat. Don't worry about it, who cares. We'll get the room day."

Kim looked at him hesitantly and laughed once. "I care. This is ridiculous."

"You better get the door baby girl."

"Yeah." She began to walk out of the room.

"Oh and sweetheart, just a suggestion. Put some clothes on. With my shirt on, which is inside out, you look like you have nothing underneath it. And I know you have shorts on, but they are more like underwear, trust me...more like underwear, they are so short. Maybe you should put more clothes on."

"Justin. It's eleven AM. I'm sure the person at the door is a frequent visitor." She didn't give him time to say anything else, and she hurridly went to open the door. It took a second to get the alarm off and the doors unlock but once she was able to she opened the door. "Hel...." She was not expecting, the company at the door at all. Several cars were parked in the driveway and it was about eight women holding cakes and gifts and balloons.

"Hi, I'm guessing your Kim. We are all ladies of the neighborhood. We know you are new to our community, but not only that, you have a new bundle of joy. We saw a pink ribbon on your mailbox for about two months now, but we wanted to let you get situated before we bothered you. Oh, uh, um, are you busy right now? Did we come to early? A bad time?" The most talkative of the ladies asked.

Kim smiled warmly but was embarrassed out of her mind. She tried to hide herself behind the door. "Oh my God. Um, it not a bad time or too early. This is just so unexpected. Can you hold on for a second? Thanks!" She closed to door and ran upstairs into the bedroom. "Justin!" She could hear him brushing his teeth in the bathroom. "Justin, oh my God! There are like, woman with stuff for Jade, and they have food and gifts and everything. They saw me Justin. They saw how crazy I looked, they knew what was up too. I could tell by the looks on there faces."

His face appeared in the bathroom doorway. "Where are they now? He asked with lathered tooth paste in his mouth.

"I told them to hold on. They are waiting outside." She heard him chock on the toothpaste when he attempted to laughed.

He coughed uncontrollably; to the nearing of being sick. "Let them inside baby girl. You don't just let guests wait OUTSIDE." He continued to cough.

She began to back out of the room, not even thinking to put some pants on. "Right...let them in..." She ran back down the steps and popped the door back open. "I'm so sorry." She pleaded. "Please come inside. For those of you that have food, you can place it on one of the counters in the kitchen. The rest of you can take a seat on the floor...I mean couch, right in the living room." She pulled her shirt down more, when the women began to enter the house. She felt so stupid. "Excuse me once more. I need to get my dick. Oh my God, I mean my husband, no finance, Justin. And my bangin' Jade. Oh no, just please make yourself at home." She took off back up the stairs but tripped over her own feet in the middle of the staircase. Luckily she didn't fall, just jerked strangely. "Justin, this is so humiliating." She pulled his shirt off and stormed around the bedroom, only to see he was looking absolutely gorgeous. He was wearing navy blue drawstring pants, a white wife beater type shirt, and had attacked his curls with some spray gel. Just that quick. And his smile. It was so beautiful to look upon, it was disturbing.

"Don't worry baby girl. I'll let you get dressed and everything, and I'll change Jade and bring her down; introduce myself also."

"You ummm..."

"I what?" His hand rested on her waist. "So, did you invite them in? You know you can invite me in if you want!" He kissed her. "Just kidding, okay?"

She put her head on his chest. "Your so hot."

He put her lingering hair behind her ear. His finger trailed to her shoulder and he sweetly propped her drooping bra strap up. "Your so hot. Hot to trot. And you may think it's a lie, but it's not. You are such a precious gift, you can't be bought. And no matter how many battles we've fought, I love you more than anything....a lesson well taught." His finger stroked the side of her face.

"And if you don't shut up, I'll kick you in the nuts. Nah, I'm just kidding. That was sweet what you just said. Butsin' rhymes, Justin? I love you."

"I love you too. Now get dressed baby girl." He bent her back and dramatically kissed her on the lips, then let her back up.

"I'm going. I'm going."

As Kim changed, Justin went into Jade's room. He changed her and put a red dress on her. As he walked down the steps with her, she remained asleep. She was very tired this morning for some reason. He saw the eight woman sitting on the couch chatting. When they all saw him, they gasphed for air. "Hey!" He said excitedly. "I'm..." They all stood.

"Justin Timberlake." A redhead said. "I'm Charmin."

He shook her hand. "Nice to meet you." He cleared his throat because the women were looking at him as if they were about to attack him at any moment "This is my little girl, Jade. She's sleeping right now, but if you would like to hold her..." The woman opened her arms and he handed her the baby. "Please be careful of her head."

The woman smiled at him flirtatiously. "Oh I'll take care of the HEAD, alright." She winked and Justin put his hand up over his mouth.

Clearing his throat again, he shook another lady's hand. "Hi, I'm Justin, and you are?"

She placed her hand on his chest and it slid down his body. "Single. I maybe a little older honey, but I know I'll show you out in the bedroom."

His eyes widened and he removed her hand from his package. "Ahem, excuse me. Do I know you? Your kinda bold, don't ya think?"

"Leave him alone Pam. I need to introduce myself to him."

Justin shook his shock away and moved down the line. "Hi..."

"Hi, I'm candy. You know like the eatable stuff?"

He nodded. "Yeah."

"So, I'm candy. You know, I have this tendency to make whipped cream bikini's. If you need any assistance in that department, I'll be at your service. Care to EAT some Candy?"

He backed away from the perky woman. "Oh my God..."

Kim entered the living room. "Hi everyone."

Justin whipped his head back. He was so happy to see her he basically ran to her. "Kim, Kim. They are messing with me. They are harassing me. One of them touched me." He whispered to her.

"Oh it can't be that bad." She giggled.

"They are harassing me, honest. One of them touched 'it.'"

She froze and he could see the anger building in her. "One of them touched my Justin Jr.? I mean your Justin Jr.?"

He nodded.

"Which one?" She asked scanning all of the chatting women. "WHICH one?" She asked in a loud whisper.

"The second one with the black hair. Her name is Pam...I think."

"Oh, I'm going to give that old hag a piece of my mind." She was about to stomp over to the gathering, but Justin pulled her.

"Kim, don't. They are just horny woman in their thirties who need to get laid. Don't get mad...please. Lets just sit down and hopefully they will leave soon. They did bring baby stuff. Look at all of the baby stuff..."

She huffed. "Alright. But if another one of them puts their hands on you, I'm throwing a punch. You belong to me and only me." She gabbed his arm and pulled him to a chair which was near the couch.

"Yes I know I belong to you, and only you."

"Sit." She told him. He sat down in the chair and Kim sat in his lap. "Okay ladies I want to thank you so much for bringing the things by for my daughter Jade. How old are all of you, if you don't mind me asking? Just wondering..."





"Okay." Kim interrupted, before all of them could reply. "I'm pretty sure you know this is Justin." She pointed to him. "He is going to be my HUSBAND in a few months. I would like to thank you for not only touching his heart but his penis as well.?"


"Baby can you braid my hair for me?" Justin asked. "Not now, but later?" He kissed Kim on her neck, she was running bath water for Jade and was holding her on her shoulder.

"Sure." She turned around and saw Justin dressed to kill in a red shirt, which was fitted, dark blue shorts with red outline, and a red hat. "Whoa, where are you going dressed like that? You look great." She kissed him on the chin.

"The water is too hot. The little thingy has turned red. When the water is too hot for the baby it turns red, when the water is perfect it turns purple, when the water is too cold it turns blue."

Kim turned the water on cold. "Okay Einstein! God, you look so good. And smell good too."

"I'm going fishing. Over at Lance's house. He lives on this huge lake with all of this land. So all of the guys and I are going over his house to fish."

Kim noticed that the knob inside of the Fisher Price baby tub, which was in the Jacuzzi tub, had turned purple and she sat the naked Jade down in the water. "She really hates water." Kim said sprinkling droplets on the baby's chest. "Can I go fishing too, Justin? Can I go with you?" Jade whimpered at first but began to kick her feet.

"Kim, you can't go because this is like a 'guy' thing. Besides I really don't want to go, but I have too because I need to settle some things with them, and I don't think the outcome will be too pretty. They all seem to dislike me now or something. They already treat me like a baby. I want to know what their problem is. It's the only reason I'm going."

She began to lather baby gel on the active Jade. "Please, Justin? I love fishing. Actually I won't even bother you. I'll stay FAR away from you and leave you alone. I don't want to sit up in this house all afternoon."

He rubbed the back of her shoulders. "You know you can't go baby girl. Someone has to watch Jade."

"Justin, I really want to spend some time with you."

"Kim, Jade cannot be out in the sun all day, and especially not with Chris, JC, Lance, and Joey around."

"Justin, we can find someone to baby sit!"

"Who? Well there's Natasha. Maybe she can watch Jade at the last minute..."


"This is a long walk Justin. I wasn't expecting Lance's house to be this large."

"I told you."

She opened up a blanket that she had in her hand and held it open, covering her head. "Man the sun out here is going to kill me. I am tan enough as is."

Justin laughed. "Yes, you are. I'm the one that needs the tan." They laughed together. "You look so cute, Kim." He looked her up and down. "You are just so tiny. Aww and your flip-flops match your dress and everything. You and your pretty feet." She was wearing a baby-blue and pastel green, strap dress.

She shoved him. "Stop making fun of me."

"I'm not. Your just too gorgeous for words."

"Too bad we don't match."

"Ah, that doesn't matter. That dress is too short if you ask me. I'm not going to say anything though. You have a right to wear what you want."

She pulled the bottom of her dress up and showed him her white bikini bottom shorts. "I have shorts on under the dress, Justin."

He ducked under the blanket with her. "I know you do. You are always a good girl."

"Not last night." She said with a sly grin.

"Okay, I take that back." He said with a kiss hungry chuckle. He wanted to kiss her so bad, but now was not the time because the guys were in view now.

"HEY! GUESS WHO'S HERE?" Kim yelled. Within seconds the guys went running to her. To add to the drama she began to run too.

Justin didn't run. He continued to just walk.

Kim dropped the blanket and hugged Joey, the first person to reach her. "Hey Joe!"

"Hey babe. Look at you, your a doll."

"Thank you."

"Thank you for wearing that dress." He pulled it up a bit from behind. "Oh yeah baby."

Kim slapped his hand and hugged JC, who spun her around playfully. "Hey sister-in law to be. Don't you look magnificent as always, Kim." He put his mouth really close to her ear. "If you ever get sick of Justin, we can run away together, and I'll dump Bobbi in an instant." He joked.

She laughed at him and gave Chris a nice big bear hug. "HEEEEYYYY KIM! it's about time you hung out girl! And you say you can fish, bet ya can't catch more than me!"

She pointed in his face. "Okay buddy, your on!"

She received a polite and sweet hug from Lance and he kissed her on the cheek. "Welcome to my home. You like?"

She snatched his sunglasses off of his face and put them on hers. "Yes, I like."

"Good! To get to the bathroom just enter that back too right there you will see it. or have Justin take you. There are sodas, beers, all kinds of stuff in the coolers over there. The fishing stuff is over there..."

"Cool." She said nodding. His glasses fell down her face and she positioned them back up on her nose. After a few seconds she gave them back to him.

Justin finally joined the crew he waved. "Hey."

Everyone said hey to him, but Kim noticed when he joined the guys everyone got uptight. As if they suddenly all became afraid of each other.

Justin held Kim from behind and began to walk with her, where ever she was walking. "I saw you lift her dress up, Joey. I wouldn't do that if I were you. Your THIS close from getting your ass kicked." He made a measurement with two fingers.

"He was just kidding." Kim added.

"I don't care if he was just kidding, purposely doing it, or accidentally doing it. It should happen."

Chris looked at him and rolled his eyes. "Here he goes again. Thinking he's all bad, trying to start a fight with somebody. He was JUST joking, Justin. You know how Joey is. Besides it didn't bother Kim. I don't know why you have to cry like a little bitch about everything."

Justin let Kim go, and put pressure on her lower back urging her to go. "What was that Chris?"

Kim got the message and walked away from the group of guys to look at the lake.

"You heard what I said little Justy."

Justin shook his head at him and was already angry and had just got there. "I don't need this." He walked off to join Kim

"Want a beer Justy?" Chris asked, faking to be nice.

"HELL NO!" He shouted looking back at him.

"I didn't think you would."

"Yeah he's too young to be drinking."

"It's not that he's too young, he just a wuss."

"He can't take just one beer. He is that weak."

"He's a bitch, just like I said. I whining BITCH!"

Justin paused and stopped walking. Every single one of them were talking about him. "I'm not going to say anything." He took a deep breath. It hurt his feelings to know they were acting this way. "No, wait a minute." He turned around. "Okay, you know what? I'm not taking no more shit from ya'll. If any of you got something to say to me SAY IT IN MY FACE!" He was now standing face to face with all of them. "SAY IT IN MY FACE, ALRIGHT? ESPECIALLY YOU CHRIS! You wanna start something out here, right now? Lets go. 'Cause dammit I refuse to be treated like someone less than you."

"I didn't say I wanted to fight you JUSTY! By the way, didn't I give YOU a black eye a few days ago? Thats what I thought! You talk so much crap...but how much of it do you actually back up with evidence..." He paused dramatically. "NONE! You know what, Justin? I've realized that you are just...a baby. A boy that needs to grow up."

He shrugged and laughed. "Whatever you say. Your saying I need to grow up. Didn't you hear Chris? Dani was looking for a real man to satisfy her. Unfortunately YOU didn't grow up enough. I told her to stop by my house anytime." Justin lied.

Of course Chris lost it. Joey struggled to hold him back. "YOU SON OF A BITCH, JUSTIN!

He yawned and looked down at his pager which was hooked to his shorts. "Man, it's a nice day today."

"I don't see why Kim is with your ass." Chris spat back. "She has two baby's to take care of. YOU and JADE!" He stopped talking when Kim started screaming. Already, she had caught a fish and was running away from it.

When she noticed all the guys looking at her, she waved to give them a warning everything was fine. "I am aye okay!" She jumped when the fish jumped up. "Ahhhhh I am aye OOOkkkaayyyy!?"

Justin place his attention back onto Chris. "Where did all of these feelings come from? When did you start hating me so much? Kim has nothing to do with the problems we have between each other. We use to be so cool, man. Now your bringing Kim into this?"

Chris laughed. "Yeah it has to do with her. Tell me Justin, first you kick her out of your house, and then you CHEAT on her with Brit, but then you have the nerve to hit her and put a bruise the size of Texas on her back? HA! Take that one. Thats what you get for talking about my Dani."

Justin completely blanked out at that point. What Chris didn't know, just joking about about what happened was too much. "Oh my God! I'M GOING TO KILL HIM! I'M GOING TO FUCKING KICK YOUR ASS!" He lunged at Chris and was not able to reach him because. Joey, JC, and Lance were all holding his back. "LET ME GO!" He was so angry he was blinded to his own strength. He was breaking free from all three of them. "LET ME GOOOOOOO!"

Chris backed away. He never saw Justin so upset.


Kim ran up to the group to see what was going on. "Justin? What are you doing to him?" She noticed that his face was red and he was crying. He was shooting off at the mouth, and was saying endless curse words. It was not him to be acting this way.


"What are you doing to him?" Kim asked again.

"It's okay sweetheart. " JC told her. "Chris said something to him, and it set him off. He'll be alright in a minute."

Justin finally broke free from his three friends. They realized there was no way he was going to calm down. They held him again and forced him to the ground. "Justin calm down, okay?" Lance asked.

Kim watched what they did carefully. She wanted to cry herself. "Don't hurt him." Her eyes landed to Chris who looked oddly...scared.

"HOW CAN HE SAY THAT! I NEVER HIT HER! NEVER! THAT STUPID ASS MOTHER...LET ME THE FUCK UP! GET YOU ASSES OFF OF ME!" He cried. "GET OFFFFFF! I I'm going to KILLLLLL HIM!!" He was trying his hardest to get up off of the ground, but he was not able to get up. He fought harder. "GET OFFFFFFFFfFF!" He growled. Someone pinned his head to the ground and he was not able to let it up. "GET OFF OF MEEEEEE! OH GOD HELP ME! THAT BASTARD!"

It took minutes to get him to settle down. Justin was not shouting anymore. He was just taking large breaths. Each one exhaling anger. The guys were judgmental about letting him up, they didn't know if it was a good idea or not.

Lance was the first to get off of him, then JC, then Joey.

Everyone eyed Justin as he got up from the ground. "Baby, you okay?" Kim asked touching his face. He nodded slowly.

He looked cool and he looked calm. His eyes never left Chris. When everyone least expected it, Justin took Chris by his shirt and lifted him from the ground to put them nose to nose. "You went too far. The only reason I'm not breaking your face in right now is because I love you too much. I am more mature than you may claim I am." He threw Chris up against a tree.

"You are so pathetic. I was just KIDDING!" Chris blurted. He was trying to hide it but he was terrified of Justin at the moment.

"PATHETIC? YEAH RIGHT! You are the one that is thirty something and is in a boy band. Thats pretty pathetic If you ask me." He sniffled. "What happened? What happened to us?

"You are what happened. You are the one that held us back when it came to getting the album finished. That is probably why, Chris, and the rest of us are acting weird. Don't you know we haven't had a new CD out in a year and a half. We're loosing fans because of you. You and your slacking. Now that the album is done, it is probably too late! That is what happened...YOU SLACKED AND RUINED EVERYTHING!" Lance stated.

"Yeah." Everyone agreed except Chris.

"Justin is perfect. Nothing is wrong with Justin." Chris said sarcastically.

"I have a DAUGHTER. I have to take care of my CHILD! I had to take care of Kim when she was pregnant. My family comes before some DAMN CD. I can't believe this. We're leaving." He rolled his eyes. "KIM WE'RE LEAVING!" His eyes narrowed at Chris. "Ya'll are going to blame me for the album delay because I need time to take care of my newborn daughter? How dare you? How dare ANY of you? I've been nothing but a good friend to you guys. I've always made sure I was there for you, and that I wasn't cruel towards you. But this just hurts." He sniffling again to halt his crying. "Why Lance? I thought we would be tight because we are almost the same age. We use to be okay when the group first got started, but what happened these last few years? JC okay, Mr. Talent. Mr. Tidy. I guess I was just never worth enough to be a friend with you. Funny you come running to me when it come to asking Bobbi to marry you. Thats also funny how you DIDN'T ask her yet. Joey? No comment, man. And Chris. I've done nothing to you. Why treat me like this? remember when we were on tour and you were making out with this girl at a club. I didn't tell Dani about that, but I could...I would never hurt you like that because we may not get along but I love you. I don't understand why we just can't be happy friends. None of you want to be my friend, huh?" He didn't get an answer. "Thats what I thought. I really can't believe you guys. Come one Kim, we're leaving!" He was about to walk away from them but Chris' voice stopped him.

"Wait! We aren't your friends, Justin...we're your brothers. I'm sorry Justin. I didn't mean to hurt you man!"

"Yeah." everyone said at once.


"Okay what is going on here? Have you ever saw such a sexual display? What are they doing?" Joey asked in frustration.

"Um... It's called making out." Lance replied holding his fishing pole carefully.

"No. That is NOT just making out. Kim is sitting in Justin's lap. They are kissing like they've never kissed before, and he is rubbing ice on her thighs. To top it off she has a fishing POLE in her hand. Jesus, it's a porn movie. BREAK IT UP OVER THERE, YOU TWO."

"Just shut up, Joey. It doesn't seem to be bothering anyone but YOU! And your exaggerating man. It's hot out here, thats why he's rubbing her down with ice." JC said calmly. He wasn't fishing, just watching everyone else. "Oh and Chris your losing bad man. Kim has like twenty fish. Justin has like ten. You have like five. Your losing the bet."

"Aw shut the hell up JC! And you have like zero...DURK, you retard."

"No more beers for Chris." JC mumbled.

Kim felt something tugging her hand. She broke away from Justin's lips. "Got another one." She stood up and fought with the fish she caught and reeled in until it bounced around on the land.

"Dang your catching all the big ones." He took hold of the fishing line and took the fish off of the hook, before she could even ask.

"Thank you." She told him. "You know what baby? I think I'll go up that hill over there. I want to see if I can catch anything up there."

The hill was where Lance, JC, Joey, and Chris were. On the hill was a steep cliff which was about a fifteen foot fall before any water, of the lake, could be reached. "Okay, I'll go with you." Justin suggested. He brushed his clothes off and then he brushed Kim's dress off from behind.

"What are you doing?" She asked raising an eyebrow.

"Cleaning your cute dress off." She took the dress, pulled it up and knotted it in the front. Showing off her white bikini bottom shorts. "Kim, put your dress back down."

"It's hot out here, Justin." She said stepping over a stick.

"Baby girl, are you trying to be a tease? You know GUYS are out here. You know what kind of body you have! What are you doing? I don't want my friends checking you out, okay?"

She drug her fishing pole along the ground as they walked up the hill. "Okay, fine." She unknotted the dress with one hand and put it back down.

Finally they were up the hill. "I'll get you a Coke." Justin offered.

Wait, can you put a worm on my hook before you go off? Oh, and are you feeling better? I know you were really upset..."

He chuckled. "I have you to make me smile. And yeah I feel better. Of course I'll put a worm on your hook for you." He opened a small contained which was filled with big, juicy, nasty, worms. He shuddered. "It won't be a..." He gulped. "Problem at all."  He picked up one and stuck it on her hook. "I'm going to be honest, I don't know how many more times I can do that! Worms are just sick. And EW they are so slimy."

Kim laughed and kissed him on the lips. "I know. Thank you sweetie." She walked off towards the edge of the cliff. She threw the pole back as she was about to throw her line out and she heard a loud scream from someone.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Someone hooked me. SOMEONE HOOKED ME!" Chris shouted. He jumped out of his seat and jumped around. "AHHHHHHHHH, it's in my back." Chris had had a few drinks and everyone thought he was drunk, and was acting, so, they just ignored him. He ran up to Kim. "Please HELP ME! PLEASE."

She giggled in her hand. "Oh no. I hooked you." He turned his back to her, and she pulled the hook out of him with the worm still attached. "I am so sorry! You okay?"

"Yeah." He said slurred. "I'm doing just fine. Hey Justin, stop walking so fast. I want to talk with you."

Kim returned to the edge to fish.

Justin froze. "Chris, I really don't want to talk with you right now..."

"Justin..." He said laughing. "Man I'm sorry. Please forgive me. I was just jealous of you. That is why I was being so mean. You know none of the other guys meant anything by being on my side, they were just following after me. I was just jealous of you. Your getting married. You have that beautiful little girl. You have Kim. She's...perfect. You have the perfect life. I want a perfect life like you. God, I'm drunk." He placed his hand on Justin's shoulder. "You are perfect Justin. No lie."

He laughed. "Chris, you need serious help man."

"Please forgive me Justin. Give me a second chance to be your friend. I will be in your wedding you know."

"I forgive you!" He said simply.

"Good, because my name is Chris and I am the bomb and your Justin Timberlake and your a GAY FEMALE!"

Justin laughed. "I will admit. I love WOMAN!"

Chris put his face really close to Justin's. His lips were too wet, he was basically drooling on himself. "I have something to tell's so important..."

"Justin, can you come here? I caught something big, and I need your help."

"In a minute Kim. What do you have to tell me Chris?

"It's soo important, Justin. You won't believe it."

"Justin, please come help me." She looked over the edge of the cliff and saw the several feet drop. The fish she caught was so big it was pulling her.

"Coming in a sec, baby girl."

She pulled as hard as she could and she was loosing to the fish and went falling over the edge of the cliff.

Justin heard hear loud and long scream, then he heard a huge splash. He looked in the area she was only to find that she was gone. "Jesus Christ. SHE FELL?" He ran down the hill and quickly as he could. His ears picked up the trace that she was struggling. When he reached the bottom of the hill he stepped into the lake and brought himself into the area she had fallen. The water was deep where she fell, and she was struggling not because she couldn't swim, but because she was caught off guard and had chocked on water.

She was hurt. "Oh my God, baby girl. You fell! You fell!"

"Justin..." She looked so frightened and she was coughing violently. She jumped on him and held on to him, shaking fiercely. "I almost died."

He kissed her on the top of her head and carried her to the bank and then drug her out of the lake. When she was finally on land she turned on her stomach, and rested her weight on her palms, from there she coughed up endless amounts of water.

Justin didn't know what to do. And he wasn't sure if his heart was still beating. To know that she took a fifteen foot plunged, and to know that she could have died scared the living daylights out of him.

He picked her up and held her. All the guys were running towards them. Justin could see water coming out of her nose and she was wheezing. "I should have came when you called me the first time. I'm so sorry honey. Are you okay? Can you breath okay?

She nodded unsurely and slowly. "Yeah. My head hurts, I hit my head on something." She was trembling so hard.

He looked up only too see she had blood leaking out of the top of her hair. He pulled her hair back and saw a huge bleeding gash, where she had collided with something. It was bleeding badly." He scooped her up and looked at the shocked four bodies around him. "La-Lance, you got some towels? She's bleeding. I need to take her to the hospital." 

Could she have suffered from anymore abuse and injuries?


Justin gently let Kim's feet touch the floor. They were bare because she lost her flipflops while struggling in the water. It was obvious she wasn't herself. She was still overcoming shock. She had to get four stitches where she hit her head.

Justin saw Natasha on the couch asleep with Jade. They looked so happy and peaceful, he didn't want to disturb them. "Come on baby girl. Let's get you upstairs." He whispered.

Her hair appeared to be wet, but it wasn't. It was looking wild. Her dress wasn't so cute anymore with all of the dirt and blood on it. "I want to take a bath." She whimpered. She was struggling emotionally because she never witnessed a fall so horrible before.

"Okay." One of his arms snuck between her knees, the other behind her back. He felt so bad for what happened, and he wasn't blaming himself for the fall, he just felt guilty because there were so many ways he could have prevented it from happening. He brought her upstairs and sat her on the edge of the tub. There was no talk as he added water and bubbles to the Jacuzzi tub. He didn't know what to say personally, Kim didn't either.

When the tub was filled to the top Justin touched Kim's leg. "I'm really sorry about what happened Kim. I know you had to be scared. Your water is ready." He saw a tear roll off of her cheek. She was still so shaken up and traumatized. "I love you." He told her softly. "I love you baby."

Her lips twitched some, trying to make a smile. "I love you." She whispered to him. She stood up and pulled her dress off. Next she pull off her bikini bottoms and underwear and she slowly sat down in the water. Justin watched every second of her, she was just so naturally beautiful. When she was comfortably in the water she closed her eyes. She opened them only to realize she was crying. "I was so scared Justin. What if I died or something. Who would be with you to take care of Jade? That was so scary."

He shushed her because her words tore his heart out. He cupped his hand and dipped it in the water. When he had a nice amount of water in his palm he gently drizzled it over the top of her head. The beads of water repelled against her skin, and slowly rained down her. "Don't cry sweetie. Your here, and thats all that matters."


Chapter 32*coming soon*

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