Chapter 30note- The very end of this chapter contains a little adult content. I put it in yellow once again for you young readers.

July 23, 2000 (four days later)

"OW! I told you NO! Stop it!"

"I don't care what you told me. You've been whining like a baby FOREVER!"

"Leave it alone KIM!"


" don't know what this is like for me. You wouldn't understand."


"I'm serious Kim, you have to care what I think about things too. Besides it's my body. I said leave me and IT alone."

She groaned. "Justin you are the youngest twenty-one year old, I've ever known."

"Please! Oh baby girl, stop it!"

"Your pathetic, Justin." She wrapped a babe-blue band-aid around his finger. "It's a paper cut. A dang...paper cut, and you acting like I'm trying to kill you or something."

She rose from the bed and went to the dresser. She took a huge handful of M&M's and placed them all in her mouth at one time.

"Paper cuts are painful you know." He observed his finger. "Nice band-aid by the way."

" them the other day." She mumbled chewing hard. She wondered around the room picking up dirty clothes. She had a black laundry basket on the bed and was planning on filling it to the top, with things that needed to be washed. She paused to take a bite of a Little Debbie Fudge Round, which was on the dresser also, joined with other various things made of chocolate.

"Kim." Justin said taking notice to her strange actions. "Kim, why are you cleaning so much today? And what's with all the chocolate you've been eating. You ate a one pound bag of M&M's, four brownies, and a Snickers? It's seven in the morning, Kim. Your going to make yourself SICK. What's the deal?

She was honestly trying to ignore him, but his concerned voice made her eyes look his way. He had laid out on the bed again. The bottom of his legs were crossed for comfort. He didn't know how beautiful he glowed. His eyes seemed to grow more blue every time she looked into them. His curls taped to his head, going back. And his lips...they were so healthy she could just imagine the blood behind them. His tongue outlined his top lip and aggravated the bottom, to add the perfect amount of wetness to them; keeping them moist. Her eyes trailed down the length of him and she captured that his shirt hand risen up, and his hard body that was revealed underneath, made her tongue hang out. His boxers were tagging on his waist so naturally...She couldn't take it. "Oh my God." Kim turned towards the dresser and gulped down huge swallows of chocolate milk. She could hear him telling her things but she was able to block them out. She slammed the empty glass down and reached for an Oreo.

"Kim, put the Oreo down. What's wrong with you?"

She was trying to avoid looking over at him. "Nothing." Her breathing was erratic and off.

"Your stuffing your self like a bulimic person. And you've been cleaning things that are already spotless. Are you freaking out?"

She was freaking out alright. She put her hand on her hip and stared at that wall. "Justin, you've only been up for a good hour. How do you obtain so much from an HOUR?"

"I've been sitting here watching you for an hour, thats how. I'm not stupid. I don't even think you went to bed last night. You just brought all of this chocolate stuff up here and was cleaning. I'm worried about you Kim. Will you sit down and talk to me?"

She shook her head. "I don't think thats a good idea."

"Come talk to me. Please baby girl? Please?"

Some how she was walking towards him. "Okay."

Justin sat up, and threw his feet over the side of the bed.

Kim sat down on the bed, in a spot he made for her, and she kept her eyes in the area of the floor.

"Kim..." He placed one of his hands against the middle of her back. Her could feel her back muscles clench on contact. She was so uptight. He looked up and down her. She was moving too much. Her hands were folding, unfolding, shaking, and she would not sit still and was very fidgety. "Your going to be sick. It doesn't make no sense how much chocolate you scarfed down. What's the matter baby girl?"

He rubbed her back up and down, it only made her hormones rage more. "Please Justin, don't touch me."

He began to massage he shoulder, because he knew it was what she wanted, and she needed it. "Why should I stop touching you? Is something the matter? Is this still about..."

Finally shed looked him in the eye. "Oh, you don't have to explain it, Justin. You already told me. You won't, you know...because of what Britney did to you, and you don't WANT it right now. I UNDERSTAND!" She stoop up and jumped up and down in the bed. "I UNDERSTAND! FRUSTRATION! That is what my problem is. I'm so dang whipped over you that I am actually going crazy. Three months! THREE MONTHS! It's been that long since we were intimate and I can't take it anymore. I have this beautiful and big husband and here we are standing a part when we could be making love. Don't take this the wrong way. I love you for YOU Justin, but there are physical needs as well a emotional needs in a complete relationship." She continued to jump in the bed. "In other words, I'm on edge. Thats why I'm telling you to stay away from me. I'm dangerous, and touching me, in any way, makes you dead meat. If your not careful I'll handcuff you to the bed against your own will..."

He threw his head back in shock, his eyes as wide as can be. "Um...okay. Wait a sec...we have handcuffs?"

"Yeah, remember at your house after we got out of the pool..."

"OHHHH yeaah." He nodded. "Jade was made that day." He winked.

She jumped on last time, then jumped to the floor. "Yup, thats right. You can touch me when you are ready to take care of my FRUSTRATION. Other than yourself."

He laughed because he figured she was having a hyper rush from the overdose on chocolate. He got up and walked past her. "No more chocolate for you. NO MORE! You eat one more piece of chocolate and I'll spank you." She reached for the dresser. "NOOO! No more." She tried to get past his muscled body. "What did I say?"

She smiled and jumped around the room. The sugar had definitely sunk in. She looked to the point of drunk. She spun around like a princess and giggled. "This is just great. He doesn't want me because of Britney. What does SHE have to do with anything? Lalala."

"Who said anything about NOT wanting you?"

She spun her way out of the room. "I'm a princess. I'm a princess. Everyone's a princess. YOU SAID IT YOURSELF, JUSTIN."

He could hear her singing loudly in the hallway so he walked to the door and peeped his head out.

When Kim saw Justin staring, she stopped spinning. "Hey Justin wanna see me do a back flip?" He looked at her questioningly and before a word left his lips, she did two cartwheels, followed by three perfect back flips. "See? Told ya I was a cheerleader."

He chuckled. "Kim...your crazy. You know good and well it's too early in the morning to be acting so wild."

She shrugged. "Ah well, I'm going to feed Jade now..." She opened the door to the baby's room and let herself inside.

Quickly, Justin was getting rid of all the chocolate items spread out on the dresser.


"Justin, would you like write a few? My hand hurts a little." Kim was sitting down in the living room, filling out wedding invitation envelopes.

Justin was on the couch playing with Jade. "I told you, I cannot write them. My handwriting is not as pretty as yours."

She sighed and looked at papers which listed all the people invited to the wedding, along with their addresses. She looked at the next name for her to use and scrunched her forehead in confusion. "Natasha? Natasha Cooper? Who is that?"

"Remember that cute, European slash Spanish girl? We met when you and I broke up."

Kim nodded and looked down at an envelope. "Your inviting her to the wedding?"

"Yup. Have to. She was the one person who understood my hurt for you. She was there when I needed someone to cry to. She's a great person...just can't understand her half of the time."

Kim giggled and wrote out 'Natasha Cooper' on an envelope. "She is a great person for being there for you. You should invite her over and let her see the baby. Besides I want to meet her."

Justin placed Jade on his shoulder and patted her back to burp her. She just finished a bottle a few minutes ago. "I know. I am going to call her today and apologize for just leaving her hanging without telling her anything. I bet she came by the house numerous times, wondering where I was."

Kim laughed as she continued filling out an envelope. "Left her hanging...haha."

"Thats not funny Kim. You don't just get up and not tell any of your friends. Thats what I did."

"True." Kim looked back at him and smiled at the way he treated his daughter. He was an amazing father. He loved Jade so much. "You and her are picture perfect."

He knew she was talking about him and Jade. "I would hope so." He grinned.

Kim began to think about her, and Justin and Jade. They were a family. There was no way out of it. She definitely had a family. Jade would grow up to be a little girl, teenager, and then a woman. She would be her age one day. Another thought entered her mind. Jade had Justin to take her down the aisle when she got marred. She on the other hand she had no one. And sadly she had no family members to invite to the wedding. But she had Justin's family and she was loved so much by them, it was the only family she needed. "That's sad." Kim said aloud accidentally.

"What's sad?"

"Never mind." She looked on the list to see who was the next person she was going to fill out an invitations to. "You know, these invitations are really beautiful. Blue and metallic silver works well together."

"Yeah." Justin agreed, tickling Jade to make her smile.

"So, is Britney invited to the wedding?"

Justin looked at her as if she was crazy. "HE..." He stared down at the bright eyed, smiling baby. "The letters 'H', 'E' and double hockey sticks, NAW! Comprende? She is not coming to my wedding. End of story. No butt's about it."

Kim threw her pen down. "Why not?"

"Because she's a fake bi...girl dog." He kissed Jade on the cheek.

Kim made herself more comfortable on the floor. She brought her knees to her face and was completely facing Justin now. "Aw come on, Justin. You would never say that to her face."

"Oh please Kim, I would say it several times to her. And face? What face? She has no face. It's all make-up. I swear she wear enough make-up to make a painting like the one in Jade's room. The sad thing is, it consists of all the colors of the rainbow. She wears like red, orange, and green eye shadow all at one time."

His exaggeration got to her and she couldn't help but laugh. "Justin that is not true. Your awful."

He began to rock Jade. "Yeah it is true. And the bi...girl dog can't sing either. She can't. If she is sitting down in a box which automatically makes your voice echo...she can sing. You know what I'm saying? People may find it easier to sing in the bathroom because it makes your voice bounce of walls and echo. Anyway, so she can sit down on a stool and sing. That requires some talent. But she cannot sing on stage AT ALL. That is why she lip syncs. People really only like her for her dancing. That is probably the only talent she has. I want know how in the HECK did she get a record deal? They just seem to pass them out these days. Hey Kim, you wanna be a pop star? Your beautiful, you can sing, you can dance..."

"Sorry I may be able to do those things, but I'm not very interested in being a pop star." She laughed. "How long have you known Britney, Justin? I know, because you told me already, but I want to hear you say it again."

He laid Jade stomach down in the middle of the couch. "About ten years. Maybe more..."

"Exactly, and you going to sit here and tell me you've ALWAYS hated her?" Her tone was very gentle and coxing.

"Well no..."

"I know. So when did you begin hating her? Every since she broke up with you? Thats what your going to tell me, but I know Justin." She got up and sat down beside him; the opposite side Jade was. She held his hand and slowly rubbed her fingers against his knuckles. "I know that you still love her. I know you do. And it's okay. I won't get mad. I know you love me because we're soul mates. You may love me more than her but you still love her."

"No I don't." He said calmly.

The smile she had on her face widened. "Yes you do Justin. You only talk about her because you love her."

He shook his head stiffly. "Your wrong." He whispered. "I DID love her. Not anymore."

She rubbed his knuckles harder and was basically massaging them. "Stop lying to yourself. YOU DO LOVE HER. That is why you are so hurt by her having a boyfriend and all of that. Admit it sweetie. You said one of the most horrible experiences you've been through was getting dumped by her...ADMIT it Justin, you love her."

He stood up in protest and rubbed the sides of his head. "Thats it. Thats it. Kim I'm sorry baby girl but your wrong. Seriously, honestly, you are wrong. It's good that you've recognized some new reactions out of me, but your about to recognize some more. I usually don't know how to express myself without breaking down and crying, but here goes nothing. Let me tell you where my emotions stand as of now." He stopped talking and paused when Jade opened her eyes and stared at his standing figure. He waited silently until her eyes closed again. "First about the Britney thing. I DON'T love Britney Jean Spears. You may thing I do, but I don't. I'm not going to say hate because I've been saying it too much. But I strongly dislike her. It's great that she is a changed person, and I'm happy for her in that sense, but nothing, absolutely nothing, can be done to just forget all the evil things she's done. And THAT is why I strongly dislike her. Because she is just going to show up at our house thinking that oh I'm a changed person, so that will change everything I've done. I don't think so." He took a deep breath. "Something else. I may dislike her, and I don't love her, but about her, okay? There I said it. I care. Do know that you can hate someone and care for them."

Kim nodded.

"I care because I've loved her for so many years. And even when she broke up with me, I still cared about her because I've known her for so long. And the reason why I got so pissed about her being with Nick was because I use to be friends with him. He use to tell me all the time how much he wanted her for just her body and looks and this and that, but she was always with me, even before we started dating so he never got to her. That is why I was so upset...jealous if you will. Because he just wants her for the wrong reasons. I don't know maybe he's a changed person too."

Kim made sure she was quiet and she was listening to him so carefully she had her eyes locked into his. His venting was helping him so much because his eyes grew brighter with every word he spoke.

"So as you can tell Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake don't mix. Now let me tell you something else, Kim. This is the main reason why I am acting the way I am now. I'm pretty sure you have noticed we are not the couple we use to be. We kiss now or whatever, but we are just not the same happy and loving couple, right? It's because of me. ALL because of me. I'm not going to lie. It's all my fault. I purposely chose to distance myself from you, Kim. Recently I've been exchanging more affection but not much. This is why...I loved Britney so much. I was so in love with her, I'd do anything for her. But she broke up with me. Ditching me for her career. That ruined me. It devastated me. And my first love before that cheated on me with one of my friends...everyone I fell in love with...hurt me. Nothing can describe the pain." A softness took over his voice and he felt himself sniffle because he was about to cry. Some how he overcame the tears and didn't let any exit his eyes. "Everyone I gave my heart to, hurt me. And you Kim. I love you more than I did britney and my first love combined. I love you more than anyone in this world. I love you so much it scares me. You have this power over me. It's like a leash around my neck. And my feelings for you are so strong they will never go away. I'm scared. I'm scared of you. I'm scared that your going to hurt me like they did. I'm also scared you'll kick my butt." He laughed.

Kim giggled in her hand.

"But anyway. I don't want you to hurt me like they did, Kim. I think I'd kill myself if you did. And I really don't want to lose you. I'm really sorry about you being so frustrated. I didn't mean to shut you off like that. because I've been so bad for leading you on and teasing you and then acting like I didn't want you. I'm sorry. I really don't know what to think anymore. I just can't get myself to be with you like that, not right now, because, here I am thinking I'm with my beautiful Kim and Walla it's Britney. I just can't get over that...just can't. It's just so disturbing." He shuddered. "Oh it's just sick." He managed to sit back down. "Please Kim. Just tell me you won't hurt me like they did. I don't want to get my heart broken again."

Kim took his neck and pulled him into a hug. "I won't do that to you baby. I would never hurt you like 'them'." She ran her fingers through his soft-textured curls, and he repaid the affection by smoothly running his finger back and fourth on the back of her neck.

"Please help me, Kim. Help me get over the pain." He whispered.

She kissed him on his lower jaw. "I will. Shhhh it's okay Justin. Don't worry about anything."

He pulled back and kissed her lips. "I love you so much." He placed his hands on her cheeks and held her mouth to his.

"I love you too." Slowly her arms wrapped around his neck, and her hand slipped inside of the top of his shirt. "I told you not to touch me." She moaned against his lips, playfully.

Justin pulled back and smiled. "I can't help it. I love you too much." He kissed her lips again. "I can't believe I yapped all of that stuff without breaking down. Thank you for everything Kim. Thank you for listening."

"Your welcome." He placed his lips back on to hers. One of Kim's hands ran down his chest. "You want me to put Jade in her crib? Then we can go into the bedroom alone? Want to?"

He thought about her words, but it didn't take long for him to decided his answer. He shook his head. "I'm sorry Kim." He could see that she had her hopes up, and he watch disappointment slowly fill her eyes. "I'm sorry."

She smiled sincerely. "Oh it's okay!" She kissed him on the cheek. "Aren't you suppose to be calling that Natasha girl?"

"Oh yeah, I sure am. Thanks for reminding me."

"Oh no problem. I'm dying to see what she looks like, since you said she was 'cute'."

Justin laughed and decided to joke with her a bit. "Yeah she is really cute. Even cuter without clothes on. Did I tell you Kim? I only slept with her three times while we were apart." When he saw the evil grin she had on her face he laughed. "Just kidding, you know I am just kidding."

Kim crawled into his lap and held his arms back against the couch. "I know you are just kidding, Justin. However, for future references, I don't recommend ever slipping up and cheating on me. You wanna know why?" She bushed her lips across his cheek, all the way to his ear. "Because if I find out, I'd cut your manhood off."

Justin closed his eyes. "Oh my God. OH MY GOD!" He shook. "OUCH. Don't even talk like that. I would never cheat on you anyway. You should know me better than that God...thats just inhuman."

She laughed. "Yeah? So is natural child birth."


The doorbell rung and Kim walked into the area of the door. "Justin are you still getting dressed?"

"No!" He said walking downstairs with Jade. "Kim, is my black eye still noticeable?"

"Nope." She opened the door, and standing before her was Natasha. "Hi! Natasha? I'm Kim." They shook hands.

"Hi Kim. It's nice to finally meet you. Justin has told me so much about you." Kim noticed she did have an accent that was hard to understand. "Hey Justin." Natasha waved.

"Hey girl." He stepped up and hugged her. "It good to see you. Look at my little girl. Isn't she cute? She's almost two months."

"Awww, YES. She looks just like you!"

"She does what for you?" He asked.

"No, LOOKS just like you!"

He smiled. "Oh I know." He said arrogantly.

"May I hold her?"

"Sure." Kim told her. "Come on inside, have a seat."

Justin handed Natasha the baby. She then walked into the house, and followed Kim to the couch.

"So Natasha, how did you meet Justin?"

Natasha sat down and Justin sat down beside Kim. He held her hand.

"Aww the baby is so cute! I uh met Justin on the beach, he was sitting in the sand looking so sad and I asked him what was wrong. He told me that you were gone and he missed you so much."

"What did she say?" Kim whispered to Justin still smiling at Natasha.

He nudged her. "Be nice." He whispered back, warning her.

"I thought it was so funny how he was in the group Nseenk and I didn't even know. I did even reconhize him."

Kim giggled. "Oh you didn't 'reconhize' him." Justin nudged her again. "When I first met him, I didn't either." She busted out laughing. So did Natasha.

The young girl swayed the baby in her arms. "Thank you for inviting me over like theis. I love theis little baby. If you ever need anyone to baby-watch her, I will do it for you."

Justin and Kim looked at each other. "Baby-watch? Oookay."

"Thanks." Kim added.

"Your velcum. Theis is a nice house. Mansion. It's cool. I like it."

Kim felt Justin's arm wrap around her stomach. He placed his chin on her shoulder. "Yeah it was enough money. I had to pay Kim for half of the house because she paid it off. Let me just say...EXPENSIVE!"

Natasha laughed. "EXPENSIVF!"

"I heard you were getting married. Oh by the way, nice ring. It's really beautiful." Kim said.

"Yeah, well my boyfriend visited me a few weeks ago and he proposed to me it was..." She stopped talking when she looked on Kim's finger and saw her ring. "Oh my GOD! What a glorious rink. WOW! That is the most beautiful rink I ever saw."

Kim giggled. "Thank you. Justin got it for me."

Her eyes traveled to Justin's hand which was on Kim's stomach. Her eyes widened more than they already were. "Oh my GOD! Look at his rink! You both are very wealthy people. Thats one heck of a rink, Justin. Both of you make my rink look like SEET!" Everyone laughed. "Oh I'm sorry. I didn't mean to say a bad word in front of the baby."

Justin stopped laughing to talk. "Oh don't worry about it. I highly doubt Jade knows what 'seet' is."

Kim stood up laughing and stretched. "Well Natasha it was a pleasure meeting you. Unfortunately I have to go somewhere. I am going to decided what wedding dress and bridesmaids dresses I want."

"Awww thats great. I hope you have fun."

Kim stretched once more. "Oh yeah, I know he's the one. I knew Justin was the one every since he kissed me for the first time." Justin was laughing at her and she didn't know why. "What?"

"She said she hopes you have fun, Kim."

Kim felt bad for not being able to understand her. "Oh, well thanks. Alright I'm about to go get my shoes."

Kim went upstairs leaving Justin and Natasha on the couch talking. When she arrived back downstairs she could hear Natasha saying 'No way' repeatedly. She dropped her sandals in front of her feet and slipped her feet in them.

"Hey Kim, isn't it true you can to the moonwalk? Natasha doesn't believe me. You can do it better than me!"

She shook her head. "Why has me doing the moonwalk been on your mind lately, and yeah I can do it." She moonwalked backwards a few feet with ease. "It's no big deal. It's old now. Justin, you and your OLD stuff." She giggled and put her bag higher on her shoulder.

Justin was hugging a pillow for comfort. "Damn." He said under his breath to where only he could hear. "I love that girl to death." He shook his head. "Thats my baby." He said in a normal tone. "Would you continued to watch Jade for just a second? I need to speak privately with Kim for just a moment." Natasha nodded and he left the couch. He took Kim's hand and led her to a corner by the front door. "How long are you going to be gone, baby girl?"

She shrugged. "Um. I don't know. I will probably be long. Like several hours."

He kissed her on the cheek. "Okay. Are you going to cook dinner when you get home? We've been eating out the past few days."

She rested her hand on her waist and rolled her eyes. "Looks like we will continued to eat out. I'm not cooking Justin. Remember what you said? My stake is too disgusting for you to eat."

He kissed her cheek again. "But baby that was my anger talking. I didn't mean that."

"Anger is a bummer huh?" She smiled.

"Yeah your right. Well, okay. Oh and also, I might be going out later. Of course I'm taking Jade. I'm going over JC's. He wants me to give him some advice. Can you believe that? He wants advice from me. It's about him and Bobbi."

"Aw thats cool." She licked her tongue at him. "Justin is growing up. Anyway, I'm going now sweetie. I'll see you later. I'll get dinner for tonight." Before she left she closed her eyes and kissed him. She wasn't expecting the kiss to lead into things, but Justin was filled with such love that it made he explode on the inside, she was already hot, but she was surly to the point of catching on fire. He began to caress her body as he kissed her and it pleased him to hear her moan.

Justin broke his lips away from hers. "You really liked that kiss, huh? I really turned you on. Look at you. Your blushing."

She looked down with a huge smirk on her face. "I am not."

"Oh YES you are. Your as red as a beet." He kissed her on the forehead.

She covered her burning face with her hands. "I'm am not."

"Yes you are."

She backed away from him and put her hand on the door knob. "I'll see you later, Justin."

He waved. "Bye." He chuckled a few times. "And yeah I'll eat out later."

Kim froze in place when he did his tongue tease. He waved his fingers at her flirtatiously.

A shiver overcame her entire body. "Justin, I hate you." She said jokingly. She walked out the door and closed it behind her.

Justin took off after her laughing. He opened the door and pulled her to him by the back of her shirt. He turned her around and then pressed his solid chest against her firm one. "Let me just kiss you once more before you go." He pretended he was going to kiss her on the lips but instead his mouth met her neck. He licked the area once and then bit her as soft as can be. "I know thats your weakness."

She melted and felt like a blob of Jell-O. "Stop..." She hat to catch her breath. "Stop teasing me, Justin." Slowly his arms let her go. She was able to stand, but barely. "Remember a few keywords. Handcuffs and against own will." She used one hand and pushed Justin up against her Lexus. She held him against it and grasped his hands behind his back. "Handcuffs and against own will." She repeated.

He turned around quickly, but before he could do anything she had his arms pinned. With her playfulness they began to kiss.

Seven minutes later, Justin was able to get Kim off of him. "Oh my God. Look what you've DONE to me." His shirt was almost torn off of him, hair going all sorts of places, his belt undone.

"Your lucky nothing happened. I warned you about the teasing." She winked.

"What am I suppose to tell Natasha in there?"

She opened the door of the car. "Whatever you want. See you later baby."

He waved as she drove out of the driveway, and he tried to fix himself up as best as he could before going back inside of the house. He walked back to the couch and took a seat with Natasha and Jade.

"Ohhhhhhh Justin I know what you've been doing." Natasha laughed loudly. For the first time he understood her perfectly.


"You see? Now the top part of that I like. See the beading at the top. I really like that."

"Alright." Polina said writing everything Kim told her down. "Remember, Mr. Timberlake ordered you have a BIG dress, so keep that I mind."

"Yeah I know." She continued to flips through a book of dresses. There was a person on the side of her drawing out a sketch of the dress she was getting made. He would add more detail every time she mention something she wanted. "Right now I'm really looking for what I want on the bottom of the dress for decoration. I've been thinking maybe blue and silver. Just little amounts of the color. I don't want a dramatic wedding dress."

Polina tucked her hair behind her ears. "I totally understand. What color would you like the dress to be? White? Diamond white? Off-white.? Ivory? What color, like the main color?"

Kim looked up at Polina and the question never crossed her mind. "Ivory, I guess..."


"You know what Justin? I never thought about this before. I can't have an complete white wedding dress." Kim said dressing in the closet. She had just gotten out of the shower.

"Why not?" Justin asked from the bed.

"Because I'm not a virgin. Only virgins are suppose to wear white for their wedding's because they are pure." She slipped a dark pink night gown on her practically wet body, then turned off the light and left the closet.

"Please Kim, no on follows that rule anymore. Your so old-fashioned."

"I'm serious Justin." She said brushing her hair.

"You can wear white. You may not be a virgin but your marrying me who you lost your virginity to."

She stared him down in the mirror. "Uh no, I'll stick with ivory."

He laughed and shrugged. "Whatever you want. So, are you going to tell me anything else about your dress?"

"Nope, you won't see my dress until November third."

"I knew you would say that."

Kim walked over to her side of the bed with a sigh. " you want to...never mind. For the past few days I've been doing everything I possibly could to convince you to take me, but nothing. After all the stuff you said to me earlier today I guess you really are hurting and is having a had time with things." She pulled the covers back and got underneath them with him. "I mean I know you, and when the time is right you will be your old self. I'm sick of being refused so, like I said I'm not even going to bother you tonight. Your going to say get off of me Kim! I know you will."

"I didn't say anything." He told her with a huge smile on his face.

"I know but thats what you would say if I were to do something."

"I didn't say anything." He repeated lightly.

She looked him in the eyes and kept on looking into them. "Stop joking with me, Justin."

"What?" He asked innocently.

"What are you doing? Mind games, thats what."

"I didn't do anything." He said still smiling.

"I know." She began, holding her head up with the palm of her hand. "But your looking at me like you...aren't you going to cut the TV off so you can put your back to me and go to sleep, like you always do?"


"Then what are you going to do then."

His eyes roamed each feature on her face. "I'm going to sit here and look at you until you do something about it."

Her eyes widened and lit up. "Are you saying you want to..."

He closed his eyes and laughed. "I didn't say anything."


"We're going to wake Jade up." Justin whispered to Kim.

"No we aren't, just shut up Justin."

One little movement made her scream. "Yes we are." He said kissing her on the lips. She broke away from his lips to turn her head to the side and scream some more. "If you don't stop screaming Kim...can you be any quieter?"

She shook her head. "NO! I can't help it, I can't control it. You are just so amazing that..." She couldn't even talk and her eyes were rolling in the back of her head. She was lost to his generous and tender exchange of love. She couldn't stop the loud moans from leaving her mouth if she wanted to. A few seconds later Jade began to cry. "Oh nooooooooo! She's up."

Justin groaned. "Yeah, and so was I."

He tried to raise up but Kim clung to him. "You aren't going anywhere."

"But Jade..."

"She won't die, man."

"Kim, if you don't let me up girl."

"Fine then." She pushed him off of her and he flipped right out of the bed taking the sheet with him. "Opps, you okay?"

He nodded slowly. And held his head up with his arm.

She picked up her robe and put it on and tied it up quickly. "I'll be right back. You better be here when I get back, I'm not kidding."

"Yeah Kim, I don't know. I might just leave the house naked."

She giggled. "I love you Curly boy!"

"And I love you baby girl, although I'm not loving ONE OF YOUR HIGH HEELS STABBING ME IN THE BACK!"

Chapter 31*coming soon*

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