Chapter 29

Britney giggled. "I'm just kidding. I thought I'd get ya. I'm not pregnant by you Justin. I just said that to get an arousal out of you."

He stopped shaking and slowly regained color to his face. "HOW COULD YOU KID AROUND LIKE THAT? Ugh you just...ohhh you are just such a bitch! Leave now Britney! LEAVE RIGHT NOW BRITNEY!" His chest was heaving. He didn't give a damn how 'good' she looked. She automatically became ugly when he reminded himself all she had done. ALL she had done. To think if he had never met her, or never knew her his life would have been so much more normal and happy. Give or take Britney had stolen a lot of his confidence away. He was once such a strong willed person, but after the cruel break up and her crazy tortuous schemes, he was insecure about women. Although he was comfortable around Kim, he was still frightened about something. He just had issues with women in general...all because of Britney. SHE was the problem. She had to be, because she did nothing more for him than make his life a living hell. "BRITNEY! LEAVE NOW! GET OFF OF OUR PROPERTY! DON'T MAKE ME CALL THE COPS!"

Britney folded her hands. "I want to speak with Kim, Justin. I'll leave you alone I just want to speak with Kim. And why are you being so horrible? I'm not trying to cause trouble. I'm being so reasonable here. Why can't you just accept the new me? I told you Justin, I'm not here to cause any trouble or hurt you in any way. I swear to you Justin. I am NOT out to hurt you."

"WHERE have I heard that BEFORE? You say the same things, over and OVER and you do nothing but makes things worse EVERY TIME!" He eyed her and he kept on doing it, so she could consume his disgusted expression. "YOU ARE SO DAMN PATHETIC! I was waiting for a day when you would get over me, but it looks like it will never happen. You just can't get enough of me? Can you Britney? YOU ARE STILL POPPING UP! YOU ARE STILL SHOWING UP AT MY FRONT DOOR! YOU ARE STILL OBSESSED WITH ME!"

She closed her eyes and held them closed shut tightly at the sound of his conceded words. "DON'T YOU GET IT JUSTIN?" She asked though clenched teeth. She opened her eyes "This is not about you anymore! My life is not about you. I'm over you Justin. I'm NOT after you anymore. I'm NOT out to hurt you anymore. I am just trying to be myself. Find my inner me, and live happily. I'm NOT living for you Justin, like I once did. I'm living for myself! And you arrogant attitude shocks me. I never knew you could be so self centered."

He laughed and looked her dead in the eyes, coldly. "If you are so over me, Britney, then why are you here?"

"I already told you...I want to be your FRIEND. You are a very heart-felt person when you want to be. Also I am here because I want to tell Kim I am sorry. I've done God knows what to that poor girl. I owe her more apologies than I can give. I AM TOO OVER YOU JUSTIN! I have a boyfriend now, thank you very much. I've moved ON! UNDERSTAND? Please, just let me see Kim and I'll get out of here."

He was having a great time ignoring her, until he heard the word boyfriend. His eyes sunk some and he stopped moving and just stared at her, resting his hands on his waist. This bothered him, and he didn't know why. Knowing she had another man...bothered him. His feelings had nothing to do with not loving Kim and falling for Britney. He just added up the loving past and felt...jealously. He never thought she would get over him. He thought Britney would always be after him and wanting him. He was just stunned she had moved on from him...because maybe he had not fully moved on from her. He bit at his bottom lip as he thought of something to say. "So." He rolled his eyes and tried to act like he didn't care.

"So, what?" She asked confused by his wording.

"So, what if you have a boyfriend." He looked down at the ground and dug his foot into the top step. Jealousy was written all across his face. Britney had forgotten all of his expressions, because she hadn't been with him in so long. She was looking at his face and was wondering what he was thinking, and why he was beginning to act so strangely. She was so closed-minded she didn't realize he suddenly became jealous.

The breeze was blowing her hair and she was fighting to keep it out of her face. "Oh, I know it's no big deal. It's not like you would be jealous or anything...I really want to speak with Kim, if you don't mind Justin. It's so important to me."

He held both hands behind his back. "Who is your new boyfriend? It's not a big deal or anything. I was just wondering." He shrugged. Deep down inside he was wondering. He was wondering so bad. He couldn't believe she actually had a boyfriend...he just couldn't get over it.

She made eye contact with him. "Why should I tell you who my boyfriend is? You WON'T LET ME SEE KIM!"

His jealously over powered his senses and he became angry. "YOUR RIGHT! I WON'T LET YOU SEE HER! NOW GET OUT OF HERE!"

Britney shook her head. "UGH! OH MY GOD! You are just being so difficult! You know what, Justin?" She rang the doorbell.

In seconds Kim rushed to the door. "I'm coming. I'm so sorry Justin. I had to change. That Hilfiger skirt was too much on this HOT, HOT, day!" She opened the front door, and gasped for air when she saw Britney standing outside with Justin. "What's going on?" She looked back and fourth in between Britney and Justin.

Justin raised his arms in explanation. "Kim, I told her to leave and she won't. I CAN'T STAND HER. I CAN'T STAND YOU BRITNEY!"

Britney was being very brave and accepted Justin comments with little meaning. She glanced at him for a few seconds before looking at Kim. "Please Kim. I beg of you, just to listen to something I have to tell you. I'M SORRY!" She blinked slowly, now was not the time to start crying. "I'M SO SORRY! And there is nothing I can do to make-up for the pain I've caused you. From the bottom of my HEART, I am so sorry. I just wanted you to know that. You see, I've been getting help from a while now and I was once a mental patient but now I'm a normal RESPECTFUL person, and I want you to know I will never hurt you again Kim..."

"She is so full of bullshit!" Justin interrupted.

Kim's mouth was hanging open, and she didn't know what to do. Meeting up with Britney again was the least thing, she expected. She back away and deepend herself into the house. " totally ruined our relationship. You ruined everything."

Justin broke past Britney, who was now blocking the door way and entered the house. "I know she ruined everything...she's just a fake bitch."

Britney walked into the house, taking a huge risk and she picked up Kim's hand and held it. "Kim I am so sorry, you got to believe me. I have nightmares from the night I snuck in bed with Justin. I only did what I did because I was losing it then, and didn't care who I harmed to get him. I remember the pain I saw in your eyes when you saw everything. I remember the pain I saw when we were fighting. I'm so sorry." Britney and Kim locked eyes. A tear escalated down Britney's eye. "God only know how sorry I am. I've been praying everyday since I got out of the mental hospital, hoping you'd forgive me. I know I was such a horrible person. But I'm not like that anymore. I've changed." Justin took Britney by the waist and began to pull her back. She stepped on his foot and pushed him, and that was all it took for him to leave her alone. "Oh back off Justin. I've already tried making up with you and being friends. You want to be a dick and treat me so horribly, so fine! You do that!" She folded her hands. "Kim I promise you I'm sorry!"

Sickly and oddly enough, Kim believed her. Her eyes told her. She was looking into Britney's brown eyes which were once so cold she could cry tears of ice, but now they were filled with honest tears. Trustworthy tears. Kim squinted her eyes. "But why do you want MY forgiveness so bad?"

Britney's voice was starting to crack because she could feel her emotions flowing. "I want you to forgive me because I purposely and deliberately hurt you. I never hurt Justin purposely. The pain he hates me for was out of my hands and I had no control over it. When I saw you for the first time Kim, I wanted to be you. I just knew I wanted to be you. I did so much to you even after I found out you were abused. And I was just so out of control. So awful. And your poor baby...I didn't mean to try to take her life away. GOD, I WAS HORRIBLE! I can't live with myself Kim. I can't live with myself knowing all I've done to you. Please forgive me."

A weak sound exited Kim's opened lips, it wasn't a cry, but close enough to it. "I forgive you. I...I forgive you Britney. Just please, stop crying."

She was forgiven. Now Britney felt she could live with herself. She let out a cry and her tears flow increased. "Oh thank you. Thank you." She opened up her arms and Kim reached out...and hugged her.

Kim not only forgave her. She was fascinated Britney had changed. You could look at her and tell a different person. "It's okay girl." She rubbed her back.

Britney was able to cry and let her bottled up emotions free. She needed Kim's embrace more than anything else.

After a warming hold they broke away from each other. Britney wiped under her eyes. "Oh my God. Thank you for forgiving me Kim. Chick, you look so great. Still tiny as a don't know what!"

Kim smiled and nodded. "Thank you. You look great. Your positive attitude makes you look so much better. You go girl!" They hugged once more.

Britney cleared her throat. "You have no idea, how much I needed this. I truly am a new person, and now I can finally move on, now that I know that YOU know that I'm sorry." Britney smiled. "Well, I better get going..." She searched though her bag hurriedly, and pulled something out of it. "Here, this is not much, but take it." She placed an envelope in Kim's small hand. She smiled again before turning to leave. "Thank you so much for forgiving me Kim. And Justin, I really hope you get your attitude fixed."

Kim looked at the envelope and then Britney. "WAIT!" She snapped back around. "Come by another day, Britney. You have to see our little girl Jade..."

"Oh she is NOT GETTING ANYWHERE NEAR JADE!" Justin shouted.

Justin was ignored and Britney waved. "I'll do that. Bye, Kim. And once again thank you."

When the door closed behind her Justin crossed his arms and was just blazing to his lonesome in a corner. "I can't believe this. YOU HATED HER MORE THAN I DO AND NOW YOUR LIKE FRIENDS OR SOMETHING! I CAN'T STAND BRITNEY! WHO CARES IF SHE HAS A BOYFRIEND; TOLD ME THAT LIKE IT'S SUPPOSE TO BOTHER ME! HA..."

Kim looked at him questioningly. She wished she knew what his problem was. "Britney is a changed person Justin." Her eyes retreated to the envelope. She slowly broke the seal with the tip of one of her fingers. Inside she could see the word Hallmark and could tell it was a card. She pulled out the card and awed at the cute picture of a dog on the front, which had the word, in a beautiful font and bold letters, sorry. She opened up the card, and she watched a check drift to the floor. Before picking up the check, she read what was inside of the card.

'Words cannot say, or replace all the awful things I've done. I've never felt so guilty in my entire life, than I do for degrading your life Kim. You are a strong woman. And I know you have been through a lot. Somehow you've managed to go on, and I admire you deeply for that. I would love to be your friend, but that is probably asking too much. Kim, I really am sorry. Inside of this card is a check. It's for your daughter. Save it for her. Give it to her when she gets in college or something. Congratulations on your new arrival. Keep your head up girl. Stay strong and sweet.



Kim's eyes were lit up and she was touched by the sweet card. She picked up the check, then looked at it closely. "FIFTY-THOUSAND DOLLARS? FOR THE BABY? Justin, Britney wrote out a fifty thousand dollar check to Jade. OH MY GOD, isn't that just precious? How sweet of her! Aww how sweet!"

"Okay Kim, you ready to go to lunch? Actually I'm just going for the ride, I'm not hungry anymore!"

July 19, 2000 (four days later) - Dress and suit fitting

Kim closed the car door with her hip. She fixed Jade's blanket around her, and then joined hands with Justin who was waiting for her. They entered a mysterious building together. On the outside of the place it looked so quiet and peaceful, but inside of it was pure madness. People everywhere, shouting and grabbing things. Others running around with rulers, some asking for things.

They stood their quietly not doing anything.

A woman tapped Justin on the shoulder. "Mr. Timberlake?"

He let go of Kim's hand and shook hers. He immediately recognized the voice. "Polina? HEY!" She was a cute girl who looked either his age or younger. "It's nice to meet you in person. And I've told you to call me Justin girl."

She smiled brightly. "It's nice to meet you. Aww and you brought the baby, she looks just like you."

Polina nodded at Kim, and she nodded back. "Okay Justin, a lot of your friends have already stopped by and has gotten measured. Joey is being measured, and so is Chris and his young sister who is going to be your flower girl. Your bother Jonathan has already been measured, and he is going to be the ring bearer. Your brides maids...

As Polina went on. Kim saw Angie. Her hair stylist and long time friends. She immediately ran up to her and hugged her. They couldn't hug too long because of Jade. "HEY KIM TIMBERLAKE!" Angie shouted. "Girl it so good to see ya! I just got my measurements taken. I am so excited about this wedding. I cannot believe you made me your maid of honor. That is amazing. Out of all people you made me your maid of honor. I've only done your hair for years..."

"Your the only person that is in my life that I've know for more than four years. No one else could be my maid of honor. Is your boyfriend here? Did he get his measurements done?"

"Yup, Justin is talking to him right now?" Angie waved at Tony, her boyfriend, then put her face close to Kim's. "Girl, I am so sorry I missed your girl nights out thing. You know how busy I get. The shop was just packed on that day. I am so sorry I missed it. I wanted to meet everyone. I did meet a few of the guys girlfriends... Carrah...Bobbi I think was her name, she left just a minute ago, oh Dani. That girl is awesome."

Kim laughed. "It's okay girl. I know you are so busy." She held the baby up. "Say hi to my little girl Jade."

Angie reached out and picked up the baby. "Ohhhhhhh. Awwwwww. Aren't you just...Justin. God, your a beautiful little thang! AWWWWWWWW! Tony! Look at her." Kim couldn't hide her giggles when Angie walked off with the baby.

Justin came out of nowhere and held her from behind. "Nice people." He said kissing her on the neck.

Kim closed her eyes. "Yeah." He was being extra compassionate but strange enough Justin was not himself. He was acting couldn't be described. But every since the day britney left he was short tempered and snappy.

Polina interrupted their loving attraction. "Okay, you both can go to the back to get your measurements taken."

They nodded at the same time. Kim looked back Angie, who was still freaking over the baby, and Tony too. "Hey guys can you watch Jade, while I go back here?"

"YES!" They said at the same time. "Awwww. She's so cute." Tony added.

Justin used his hand to direct Kim to rooms in the back of the building. "Well, do you think we will ever see your daughter again?" He joked.

Kim laughed. "I hope so."

They continued to follow the leader, Polina.

Justin felt a punch in his back and stopped. "Joey. I know thats you. I CAN FEEL THAT DAMN SUPERMAN RING IMPRINT!" He turned around and pushed him.

Kim looked back and just that quick, they were both fighting each other. It was meant to be playful, but they were a bit rough on each other.

"How man times are you going to hit me? YOU ALL ARE ALWAYS PICKING ON ME LIKE I'M SOME BABY!" He punched Joey.

Joey slammed him down and they both went rolling on the floor.

Seconds later Chris busted out of one of the back rooms to join the fight. "HEEEEERRREEEESSS CHRISSY!" He jumped on the balled mass of Joey and Justin.

Kim looked at Polina and Dani, who peeped her head out of a room. "Don't worry Polina, they are always like this. Right Dani?"

She laughed and nodded. "You know it. They will keep on fighting until one of them passes out or blood is apparent." She closed the room door and continued to get her measurements done.

Kim was astonished they would break out into a fight in the middle of a fitting. In front of everyone.

Justin was startled to the ground by Chris and Joey and they were torturing him. Or tying to. Joey began to bend Justin's leg in it's opposite bending direction. He was laughing at first but two against one was no fair and he was in pain. He kicked Joey into the wall and smacked Chris to the ground by his neck. "Oh, that was The Undertaker's move right there. What you want with this? WHAT?!"

Kim peaked her head down and laughed. "Men..." She knew this was going to be a long day.


Justin unlocked the house door and let Kim and Jade enter the house first. She took Jade into her living room chair so she could continue to sleep. She sat down a box of prepared invitations and then walked up to Justin who was standing absolutely still in the middle of the living room. He wasn't very talkative because he was upset. She held his hand and literally had to pull him into the kitchen. She used the outside of the refrigerator to fill a bowl with ice. She snatched a Glad Ziploc bag and shoved a nice quantity of ice in it. She zipped up the bag and forced Justin to sit on a stool. She held the cool ice to the side of his face. "Does that feel okay?"

Slowly he nodded, followed by closing his eyes.

"I thought you guys were just playing. I didn't know you were going to get hurt. You were laughing some." She pressed the ice harder against his reddened face.

"Yeah...okay, Kim. I thought we were just playing too. Chris punched me in my damn eye. Thats REALLY playing." He used his hand to push the ice over his eye. "I bet tomorrow I'll have a black eye. They play too much. All they do is pick on me, especially Chris. I HATE him!"

Kim giggled. "You do NOT hate him."

"I know. But he really makes me sick. And I think Joey kicked me in the back of my head." He pushed her aside and jumped off of the stool. "In the middle of the suit fitting they decide to fight with me. They really know how me make me feel loved. No hello, no hey. Just a jump on my ass and beat the hell out of me. I feel so loved." His feet were carrying out of the kitchen.

Kim stopped him. "Hey sweetheart. They love you. And I love you too." She pointed her finger to her shoulder and immediately Justin took the ice from his face, and laid his head on it.

His arms wrapped around her waist and he kissed her on her neck twice before rubbing his face back and fourth against her. "I love you so much."

She kissed into his mass of curls. "I know you do. And I love you even more. Come on. Lets sit you down on the couch and get the swelling down in your face.

"Okay." He whispered swallowing.

They sat down on the couch together and Kim gently pressed the ice against him. He adored her touch so much he would kiss her hand every now and then. "I think I have a bruise over my rib cage. My back too." He removed her hand and the ice from his face for a moment and stood up. He pulled off his shirt and then his wifebeater.

Bruise? She didn't see a bruise. All she saw was those muscles of his. His tone, rippled, and delicious looking body. She licked her lips sub-consciously and didn't realize he had grown so buff since their mid-breakup. Then he had the nerve to turn around.

"Do I have a bruise on my back?"

"No." He voice came out in a high pitched squeak. "No." She attempted better. "Uh Justin, have you had like a growth spurt? You are just built as crap. You have a great body Justin. I don't see how you do it, with as much TV as you watch...DA...DANG!"

He sat down next to her, and for the first time in a while he grinned.

Kim was just now noticing something else different about him. "Whoa Justin, why do your teeth look so different."

He opened his mouth wide and put his finger to his bottom teeth. "Yesterday before I went to the studio I got my teeth bleached. Oh and I got my bottom teeth fixed. Remember how I told you I chipped a bottom tooth on a mic? Well I got it fixed and I got a tooth that was longer than the rest sanded down. They should be perfect now."

They were perfect alright. But not as perfect as his bare chest and stomach. Her head followed the groves of his muscles and she glared down at him.

"Guess what else Kim? Yesterday we finished the album. Isn't that cool? We will have to promote it soon. I am so excited about it....Kim? KIM!"

She was just staring at him blankly.

Justin took the bag which contained the ice for his face. He unzipped it and took a piece of ice out of it. He slipped the ice down the front of her shirt and she jumped to her feet and went running around the room. "AHHHH! JUSTIN!" Jade woke up but because she learned how to recognize Kim's voice she did not cry. "It's stuck in my bra. IT'S STUCK IN MY BRA!" She tugged at the front of it, and watch the ice hit against the floor. She shivered. "That was NOT funny."

He laid back and got more comfortable on the couch. "I'm not laughing." He was smiling too much though. "Aww, was it that bad, Kim? I can see something has gotten hard from over here." He winked at her.

She crossed her arms and blushed as she made he way to the couch. She sat down and wished her face would stop burning. "Justin.." She began. "Let me tell you something. You are so bad. You talk so evilly in front of Jade. She will pick up on all of this."

He used his hand to make a mouth shape, and without saying anything he mocked her blabbing. "Are you going to uncross your arms now?" He asked raising an eyebrow. Something Kim loved so much about Justin was how he presented his words. He was almost always sarcastic, but she loved it. It made him who he was.

She stood up and was about to leave to go into the kitchen. Justin pulled her from the back pocket of her jeans and she collapsed in his lap laughing away. "Justin you shouldn't be so bold in front of Jade." Both of them gazed at the giggling baby. "Justin...get you hand off of my ass."

"Why? Shake it fast but watch yourself. Shake it fast...tell me where my hand done went..."

She couldn't stop laughs for escaping her lips. Even with a closed mouth. "Old! What's with the song? You don't know the words to that old song? It's show me what your workin' wit. YOU DIMWIT."

"Like I said Kim. Tell me where my hand done went?"

She looked him in the eyes and slowly her eyes widened and they widened more until she pull his hand away. "Don't do that. And you wish you were ghetto, but you ain't. Cuz I be the number one stunna up in this piece."

His head sunk into the cushion of the couch and he let the laughter go. She was so hilarious and cute. He couldn't help himself.

She rose to her feet to continue the act. "Thats right fool." She slipped his engagement ring off of his finger. She put it on her thumb, but is was like twenty sizes too big. "Yeah you know it's true Curly. I run diss cuz I be big pimpin'. She walked back and fourth in the living room...with the ring handing off of her. "Yo, yo. Check this right here. You like my diamonds? You see I gotz the bling bling? Ight now...all I wanna do is se you bounce wit me, bounce wit me. Oh dang, Who let the dogs out?"

Justin rolled off of the couch, and then rolled around on the floor a few times. He was laughing so hard he couldn't breath.

Kim began to laugh. "I'm so crazy." She laughed even harder because Justin was having a fit on the floor. "Justin, get up." She laughed at him being him crouched on the floor. "Justin haha. I was just kidding. It's not that funny."

He was so shaky and his face was so red she couldn't tell where he was punched. He wiped a few tears from his eyes. He looked drunk because he was walking and laughing at the same time. " Kim...come here baby girl. Come....haha." He cleared his throat. "Come here." She reluctantly walked up to his and held him by his still bare waist. He tried to kiss her lips but laughed against them instead. "I love you so much, baby girl. You are the only person on the face of the earth that can make me laugh like that. Haha...the only." He was able to kiss her with out letting a laugh slip.

Kim wasn't sure how much she could take from his fireball like lips. She didn't want him to move the kiss to the next level because it would overpower her.

Justin used his tongue to tickle her bottom lips. Soon after that his tongue penetrated through her lips and explored her mouth intensely.

It was too much for her, and she used his wandering hand as an excuse. "Justin get your hand off of my ass. We shouldn't be kissing like that in front of Jade." She slipped his ring back on his finger and shoved him lightly. He began to laugh again. "I think I'll go begin dinner early." She told him smiling brightly.

He was still partially laughing. "Oh okay. I'll leave you alone then, before you get ghetto on me and go buck wild. After all you are a chick that can pick me up, do the moon walk, and cook. You can cook anything. You cook so good." He pulled her close and began to whisper in her ear. "Oh God, I love you so much. Your so damn perfect."

She pulled back. "Thats right because I'm a bitch."

"My bitch." He corrected. Seconds later his face came in contact with her hand. "Fuck." He shouted, already in pain from his punching. Kim then pinched him.

"I told you not to ever call me that again. Even when kidding. And you also said pinch you when you curse in front of Jade. I owe you more pinches than that. Your lucky."

He kissed her on the cheek. "I'm sorry."

She rubbed the area near his eyes. "I'm sorry baby. I shouldn't have slapped you."

He kissed her lips. "No, I shouldn't have said you were my girl. Now go make my stake woman!" He ran away from her, to a safe distance and then covered his head. "NO! don't slap me. I was only kidding! Just...kidding."

"Hey Justin."

He looked up and saw Kim with her back to him.

"Booty sakin'...all around." She acted out the dance. "I learned that butt slapping thing from you." She winked and skipped into the kitchen.

Justin shook his head and picked Jade up. "Thats your Momma. She's cool huh? I know I love her to death." Jade grinned with him.

"Justin, you want onions on your steak?" Kim asked, yelling from the kitchen.

"Yeah. I would like some Kim on it too." He could hear her trying to hid her laughter from him.


Justin was sitting down on the couch watching TV with Jade sleeping in his arms. Kim was still in the kitchen making the steaks.

There was a knock at the door. Justin put Jade down in her chair and opened one of the front doors. When he saw who was at the door, his eyes narrowed. "NO! WE DON'T WANT NO HOE-SCOUT COOKIES!" He slammed the door shut. Before he could sit back down the doorbell rung and he cringed because Kim was able to hear it. She came out of the kitchen wiping her hands on a towel.

She opened the door and gasped with excitement. "Britney! HEY!"

"Hey Kim." They hugged. "Girl, I didn't mean to stop by without notification. Is it okay that I came? I was just stopping by to see Jade. I want to see her adorable face. Oh please can I see her? I heard she looks just like Justin."

Kim pulled Britney inside. "Girl, come on in." She actually wanted this. She never admitted it to herself, but she always wanted a friendship with Britney because they were so much alike. It felt good to be around someone who was almost exactly like you.

"Something smells so good."

"Oh I'm cooking steak for dinner!"

Justin eyed them from the couch. "Kim, I've asked you NOT to let that bitch in this house. I don't want her in here. She just ruined my day, my week, my year."

He looked so good without his shirt on but Britney was not attracted to him. Not in the loving way. She sat down on the very edge of the couch.

"Justin don't be so sour." Kim said gathering Jade out of her chair.

"I told you I don't want her to see Jade either. I don't want her touching my daughter. She doesn't have the right to touch her. Considering she tried to kill her."

Mentioning things as Justin just did was reality. Plain and simple, her reputation was bad. She was once sick enough to try to do such a thing, but now that she wasn't it was hard to show it. She coughed and tried to ignore Justin as much as possible because he was making her feel awful.

Kim sat down on the couch next to Britney and opened her handful of blankets to show Jade.

"Awwww." Britney choked. "She's just a cutie. And an exact copy of Justin. Look at those killer blue eyes. Kim she has your eyes. Oh my God, she's adorable." Britney ran her finger across Jade's cheek. "Hey cutie. HEY! I'm a new face...I'm Britney. You never met me before."

Justin got off of the couch and gently took Jade form Kim's arms. She was not about to fight with him, so she didn't say anything.

"I said I don't want her touching Jade." He took his seat back at the opposite end of the couch and glued his eyes to the TV.

"I'm sorry Kim. I don't want him upsetting you because of me. I don't mean to make you fight with him. JUSTIN! I'm SO SORRY! For whatever I said to you. I'm sorry. WHATEVER I DID!"

Kim and Britney both stared at him, but there was no reaction from it. "So, Britney. How are you?" Kim asked nicely.

She nodded. "Good. Good. I'll be recording a new album soon. So, thats pretty cool. Oh did you hear? I'm...getting my..."

"SHE'S GETTING HER IMPLANTS OUT! SO SHE COULD BE ALL REAL! REAL? Ain't nothin' on her real. You think her eyes are really that LIGHT brown? Please! Do know, I've known her since the MMC days. REAL? BREASTS FAKE, EYES FAKE, VOICE IS FAKE, HAIR IS FAKE, NAILS ARE FAKE, LIPS ARE FAKE, AND THAT TAN IS FAKE FOR SURE! HOW IN THE HELL CAN YOU BE ORANGE IN THE WINTER TIME? Oh yeah, after loosing the implants, she's going to be SOOO real."

Kim held her head down and snickered once, but lifted her head to realize what he said was overboard. Justin obviously had some new hatred towards Britney and she couldn't image where it came from. She was clueless.

Britney was silently crying. And she smiled to try to hide that she was. Her tears told otherwise. She bit her lip to stop the trembling of it. " I said I'm doing well. Thank you for asking." She looked down at her hands.

"Britney, I'm really sorry for the way he is acting." She tried to change the subject to lift Britney's sprits. "I heard you have a boyfriend. Is that true? Or is that just a rumor."

Britney sighed. "Oh it's true. Nick Carter. You know from BSB?" Britney whispered it so Justin wouldn't hear her.

Unfortunately he did. And when he heard who her so called boyfriend was, he couldn't contain his jealously. He stood up and gave Kim, Jade. "What are you DOING WITH HIM? You know I HATE HIM BRITNEY! I HATE THAT MOTHER FUCKER! I HATE NICK! What are you doing with him? HE'S ALWAYS WANTED YOU FAKELY! YOU ARE MORE DUMB THAN I THOUGHT!"

Britney stood up and was appalled by his actions. "Okay Justin. You CANNOT tell me who I can and cannot date. Why do you care anyway? You have Kim, and she's a wonderful person. It doesn't matter who I date. YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO TALK ABOUT NICK IN SUCH WAYS. HE HAPPENS TO BE A NICE GUY!"

Justin rolled his eyes. "Right...whatever. I can't tell you who to date, but I sure as hell CAN tell you toe GET OUT OF MY HOUSE! You are NO friend of mind."

Britney looked at Kim for some sort of understanding. "You know what Kim? I better be going. It was so nice meeting Jade. My life will be so much more complete knowing you forgave me. No offense, but I won't be coming back here anytime soon. I can't keep receiving these insults from Justin. I refuse to sink to his level. I won't diss him, like he does me. I'll see ya later girl." She tried to smile as she left.

"Yeah you better GET OUT. STRONGER THAN YESTERDAY DAY! NOW IT'S NOTHIN' BUTTA MY WAY! Thats your gay ass song from a few years ago BITCH. NEVER COME BACK!"

The front door slammed and Kim laid Jade on the couch on her stomach. "Justin, what has gotten into you? Have you lost your freaking mind? Why are you so upset?"

"You ask to many questions, Kim." He paced back and fourth across the living room.

"Justin, your just so upset! Over what I don't know. Over the Nick thing? She has a right to move on, Justin, and I thought you've moved on from her, but obviously you haven't. I'm here to love you Justin."

He stopped pacing to shout. "I know that, GOD! And I HAVE MOVED ON FROM BRITNEY! I just HATE HER SO MUCH she is upsetting to be around!"

Kim rested her hand on her hip. "Yeah right. You only got upset being around her when she mentioned her boyfriend."

Justin looked fiercely into her eyes and they pierced into her. He shook his head in anguish. "YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT! DON'T YOU HAVE LIKE STEAKS COOKING OR SOMETHING?"

She looked him over once more. Then ran into the kitchen to take care of the cooking food.

Minutes later Kim entered the living room with two plates with steak and potatoes. She saw Justin patting Jade's back because she was sleeping. She handed him his plate. "There you go."

"Thanks." He said, beginning to cut his food.

"You feeling better?" Kim asked preparing to put a piece of the tender steak in her mouth.

"I don't want to talk about it." He told her. "What in the...?"

"What?" She asked after swallowing.

Justin looked at the food strangely. He put a piece of the steak in his mouth, after a few chews he spit it back out. "This isn't done. It's red in the middle. You know I like my steak WELL DONE!"

She observed his plate from where he was. "It is not red in the middle. It's done all the way through." She filled her mouth with another piece of the mouth watering steak.

He cut himself another piece and put it in his mouth. Once again after a few chews he spit it back out. "This is just disgusting. I can't eat this. I thought you were a better cook than this. From now on. Don't cook steak for me. I'll cook my own damn stake." He he dropped his plate down on the coffee table. Jade winced but did not wake.

Kim stopped eating. "OOOOOkay. Remember what you said Justin. I haven't done anything to you. Your being so mean right now. See if I EVER cook for you again. FROM NOW ON YOU CAN COOK YOUR OWN DAMN EVERYTHING!"

He was not aware of how terrible he was being...until he heard the sound of Kim's hurt voice. "I'm sorry." He blurted from the middle of the staircase with his head down. "I am so sorry Kim. Just ignore me right about now. I'm dealing with some things. Let me just tell you, they have nothing to do with you baby girl, or your delicious cooking. I told you Britney is nothing but trouble." When he was finished talking he continued on his journey upstairs.


Next Day (at night)

Kissing deeply. Kim was sitting on top of Justin, and had pinned his arms back above his head. Slowly her body moved to the side of him but their lips never unconnected. Her body was slowly pulling away from him, it wasn't long before she had to make their lips part. Finally she broke free from his lips with a loud unwanted smack. "I'll be right back. My shower is awaiting."

Justin smiled and relaxed after her absence. "I love you." He whispered seductively.

Kim crept away. She was only gone for about ten minutes and came back out of the bathroom devilishly. Wearing only a bra and a pair of boy cut underwear. In other words they were a female version of whitey tighty's. "Damn, I've seemed to have lost some of my clothes. Can you please help me lose some more?"

She walked across the room never breaking the eye contact. She climbed over Justin's legs and then crawled up him. "You know Justin, My six weeks is up, and there is no way I can get pregnant. A good combination right?" One of her eye brows raised and she kissed him once on the chest. "I've waited for you WAY too long. Do you know how happy I am?" She ran her hands up and down his chest. Before he could say a word, she kissed his lips.

She tasted so good, smelled good and looked good but..."Kim, get off of me." The flashback of the psychotic Britney flashed in his head. "Kim, please get off of me."

She rubbed herself against him. "Don't worry Justin, you won't hurt me. I can't guarantee I won't hurt you though."


"Justin, stop being a baby. You act like your a virgin or something."

Her hand was testing the trim on his boxers.

"Kim, please. No.

She looked into his eyes and he looked like he was about to cry. "Justin? I don't understand what's wrong. What happened to all of that leading me on...the cheating thing? The tongue thing? The kiss we were having a few minutes ago? The thing you want to...ummm never mind. I'm just so confused right now. Just once then, okay?"

He could feel her pulling on his boxers. "No, Kim. Don't do this." He started to shake his head and his voice was so soft it was just heartbreaking.

She...backed off and rolled off of him. "OH MY GOD! I know I have to respect your needs and wants ,Justin, but DAMMIT!" She slammed her fist against her pillow. "This sucks! I thought I was going to get some action after ALL this time...this is so frustrating!" She couldn't catch her breath. "What is it Justin? Is it me?" She saw how pathetic and sad that he looked and had to look away from him, and she put her back to him.

The stunt Britney pulled didn't really bother him until now, when there was that opportunity to do something. He hated to have to leave Kim hanging, but if he didn't want something he shouldn't have to have it. He moved up really close to her and placed his hand flat against her stomach. "No, it's not you." He whispered kissing her shoulder.

She picked his hand up and put it behind her. "No Justin, don't start touching me. I'm trying to cool down as is."

Her words didn't keep his arm from wrapping around her waist. "I love you so much. Let me just hold you." He closed his eyes.

"I love you too." She told him back, closing her eyes.

There was a long silent moment until Justin spoke against her ear. "Your underwear are hot. You look so damn hot with those things on. One day when I want to be with you really bad. Shove this opportunity I had with you in my face. Deal?"

She shook because of his husky words. "Deal. If I don't give you another black eye first."

Chapter 30*coming soon*

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