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July 11, 2002

Kim was laying on the side of Justin, on the couch. She was almost on top of him, and one of her legs were placed between his. Two of her fingers traveled up his lower abdomen in a zigzag, then traveled back down it, tracing it's exact path. "Okay, it's your turn to ask me something." She took her fingers away for a brief moment to extract a cherry from a bowl she had. She placed the cherry in Justin's mouth and his lips sealed around the cherry. She gave it a simple tug and the stem was all she was left with. She added the stem to a pile she had created on the side of the bowl.

Justin chewed and swallowed completely before talking. He could feel her fingers touching him again. "I want to now what was the most horrible pain you ever been though?" He took it upon himself to sit up and give her a quick kiss on her lips, which she bit the bottom of in thought.

"Hum. The most pain?" Her fingers traveled up his stomach much more quickly. " birth. That would have had to be the worst. Worse than any beating I got. Worse than being hit in the head with a bat. Worst THAN ANYTHING!"

Justin chuckled bluntly. "Describe the pain, Kim. Tell me how you felt when you felt the pain."

She used her non-wandering hand to feed him a cherry this time. "Justin..."

"Just tell me. We are talking and describing things to each other. We are GETTING married ya know...tell me how you felt, Kim." He had kept the cherry in the pit of his cheek so his speech would remain normal, but it chewed down on it.

She smiled warmly. "Okay....well I felt like...I don't know. I felt trapped in some other world. Something like hell, and I was screaming but it did not help the pain. It just kept getting worse. I just kept telling the people to just take the baby out! And the doctors do nothing but sit there and gawk at you, when you have SOMETHING just ripping your insides apart. It's...unbearable. And I hated you for a good minute because you weren't there. I wanted you to hold me and call me baby girl, so I could gain the strength to give birth. But you never came, Justin. I had the feeling in my heart, I just knew you were going to be there, but you NEVER came. That is the most painful experience ever." She began to laughed for no apparent reason. "Man, I'm so happy it's over."

Justin's eyes were burning and he didn't know why but he had the urge to cry. "I'm so sorry I wasn't there. I promise you I'll be there next time. I promise you, baby girl."

Kim fed him another cherry to keep him from crying. "Okay, sweetie. Tell me your most painful experience."

Justin chewed the cherry and tired to think of something to keep him from crying. "I've have four instances that hurt me so much that I just wouldn't be able to choose one...One, was when I kicked you out of my house and you got shot. Two, was when you said you would never marry me and I was a loser. Three, is when I pushed you. And as stupid as this may be, four, is when Britney broke up with me. Those four things I just named have scarred my heart. I will never forget them. They are what hurt me so much....I just didn't want to live anymore, in a certain sense. I'm OKAY! But like I said. I will always carry 'that' pain with me. It's made my heart heavy." A tear fell down his cheek. "I never want to feel that pain again." He wiped the tear away. "Never." His hand reached out an touched her face. "Never, Kim."  

"It's okay, baby." Kim told him wiping his eyes.

"No, no. I can't go through any of it again. I CAN'T, KIM!" He shook his head for the effect. "I Can't! I swear to you I can't go through all the drama. It all started with Britney. She broke up with me, while we were in love and I was just about to propose to her. She BROKE UP with me. I was crying to her to just please make it work and she just walked out on me. And when you said you would never marry me, and your ring stopped rolling around on the ground, I thought my body was physically dead. And then when I pushed you and hurt you like I did...God, I would not be able to go through any of it again." He sniffled really hard.

"And you won't have to go through it anymore, Justin. You won't suffer anymore."

He put his palms to his eyes and held them there, while laughing. "I am such a baby. I am always crying. I cry more than you, and your a girl."

Kim fed him another cherry. "It's okay to cry." Her hand slipped underneath his shirt. "Crying helps get rid of bottled up emotions, besides your are so sexy when you tear up. Your little puppy dog eyes get all glassy and babyish looking aww."

He let out a laugh and began to rub her arm. "Stop that. I don't have puppy dog eyes." He changed the subject. "What have you done to yourself? Are you like obsessed with getting waxed? Baby, your going to stop growing hair all together. You wanna be bald at twenty, baby girl?" He was making fun of her hairless arms.

She giggled and snatched her arm away. "Leave me alone. It's summer. Nothing is wrong with getting waxed."

"Yeah but." She shoved another cherry in his mouth. He chewed it property and swallowed it before he continued. "Yeah, I can see other places you may want to get waxed, but your arms? Your like a newborn mouse. Hairless."

She used her hand to cover his mouth. "You quit making fun of me. Haha, anyway. I have a question for you, what's was the most embarrassed you ever been?" She took her hand away.

He watched her hand roam the inside of his shirt. "That's an easy one. Okay. A few years ago. I don't know, we got this award at the MTV Video Music Awards. Well, we are up on stage saying our thank you's and everything, and I waved to the audience. Well, later on when I went backstage to change for our performance, my stylist told me that a hole was in my shirt, in my armpit area. I was like oh my GOD! It's so embarrassing because a whole bunch of celebrities saw, AND millions of people on TV. What people don't know was, the shirt was custom made and it was not sewn all that well. I bet a lot of people think I had the shirt for a long time or something...that is so sad."

Kim was red in the face she was laughing at him so hard. "...haha wait a minute." She held a finger up to speak for her.

"Kim, it's not funny." He said laughing too. "It's sad."

She tried to stop laughing at him and threw a cherry in her mouth to help. "I'm sorry, your right. It's not funny." As she chewed the cherry she kissed his sweet lips. After a few seconds, she was going to let up, but she was stopped by Justin's hand, which was gripped to the back of her head. She had no choice but to relax and she could feel his tongue stealing half of her crushed cherry. Very slowly his hand let up.

Under the intense feelings she gripped onto his bare stomach. She tried to pull back but realized Justin was playfully, not painfully, biting down on her tongue. She tugged a little harder. "Justin..." She mumbled against his lips. "Justin, let me go." Her eyes traveled up his face and met his beautiful grayish-blue ones.

His smile, that she couldn't see, grew bigger. He didn't let go.

She yanked her tongue free, and she heard his teeth clash together. Before she could do anything else, she was licked across the lips with the tip of his tongue. "Justin, you are so bad."

He put his head back against the couch. "I am not." He grinned. "You lick me all the time. Sometimes I wonder, do you think I am a lollipop?" He cleared his throat. "Man, my throat hurts. You better not kiss me anymore, Kim. I may be sick. I know it's like July. But I seriously think I'm coming down with something."

She leaned out to place the bowl of the jarred, whole cherries, on the new coffee table. Her eyes stayed upon the baby monitor which was in her view. Jade was still sleeping. "I don't care if your sick. I'll kiss you all I want." She pecked his lips with hers.

"Ummm your spoiling me." He moaned to her lips. Her hair was growing in length and he wistfully tucked it behind her ear. "I can't wait to marry you." He whispered in her ear.

She closed her eyes and absorbed the moment. She wanted this so much from the relationship with Justin...happiness or infatuation, whichever it was, it was the best feeling she had in a while. To enhance the love in the air, she poked him in the side. This was the most flirtatious they have ever been since they were back together.

Justin chuckled and she poked him again. "Hey..." She poked him again. "Girl, if you don't stop playin' with me. Kim you know where your leg is, right?" She nodded with a exaggerated smile. "Baby girl, if you know where your leg is them please stop moving it like you are and...ow please stop poking me in the side."

He began to tickled her and she squirmed, while wildly laughing. "OKAY! OKAY! I give up. I give up HAHAHA! I'll stop, Justin! Please."

He transferred their position and was now on top of her, tickling her to death. Kim tried desperately to get his hands off of her stomach area, but she grew so weak from laughing she just stopped and laughed out of control. She was laughing so hard her head was hanging over the edge of the couch. "Ahahaha! made me pee on myself." She joked.

"EW, man!" He immediately rolled off of her, then jumped up. "SICK!"

She popped up along with him. She hung her head down and was still laughing like crazy. "I...haha...I was...just...kidding around."

He looked down at her. "Haha, I did get you good though. Your STILL laughing."

Kim started to poke at his built and hard stomach, again. "HEY, JUSTIN! You wanna play?" Her eyebrow raised and she was still laughing some what.

She poked at him again and he backed away. "Your crazy, baby girl."

She sped up to him and kissed him on the chest continuously. "I asked you a question." Her hand touched down his leg and when she felt a big hump in his pocket she, dug her hand in it and pulled the object out. "Oh, what is this? Your cell phone. I know you love this thing!" She waved it in front of his face. Her eyes locked with his.

"Yup, that's my cell phone. Now can I have it back?"

She shook her head playfully. "Ut huh! If you want it, you have to catch me first." She took off running.

Justin laughed and looked at the baby monitor. "Kim, get your horny ass back here. That phone was very expensive. Don't do anything to it. It has everybody's phone number saved on it. It has games on it. It has music on it..." He ran after her.

He could hear her laugher echoing throughout the never-ending, downstairs, hallway. "KIM! I want my phone."

He looked in a room which he barley ever went in. It was a office and it had a computer in it and all kinds of business related things. The next room he looked in was something like a lounge. "God, this house is huge." He heard her laughing again, and quickly turned around but missed her. "Kim. Where are you, baby girl?" He laughed but was kind of scared. He knew she would probably jump out of nowhere and he wasn't sure if his heart would be able to handle that.

At this point he was at the brand new glass doors which led to the brand new sunroom. He opened up one of the two doors and smiled when he saw his phone sitting by it's lonesome at the edge of the pool. He hovered over the phone and smiled down at it. Just as he was about to bend down and pick it up Kim emerged out of the water and pulled him by the leg and into the pool with her. "Whoa, the water is...I see you have the pool heated up. Why'd you pull me in the pool with you?"

She wrapped her arms around his neck. "Because I love you to death, Justin. I love you and I can't wait to marry you!" She lifted her self on him and wrapped her legs around his waist.

He held her tight. "Kim. you, sweetheart. I think your starting to freak out because of sexual frustration." He couldn't say anymore because she kissed him on the lips.

She pulled back from him and sighed. "I think your right. In exactly one week I'll be frustration free. If all goes well!" She smiled at Justin and cupped his face. "I'm sorry for being so...don't know how to put it. But I'm sorry. I really do love you, Justin."

He exchanged his love and kissed her on the neck. "I can't wait to see you in your BIG dress. Walking your way towards me. That would be the most perfect moment right there."

"Yeah..." She told him dreamily. "Justin, you know what?"

"What, baby girl?" He slowly let her down in the mid-deep, warm, water.

She looked down and splashed the water innocently. "I feel kinda bad. You know, about the guy's girlfriends being my bridesmaids. Because I don't even talk to them all that much."

Justin sneezed. "Man, I'm getting sick. In July? I understand what you are saying, Kim."

"Bless you."

"Thank you. Well all of them have came over here and they have saw the baby. You've talked to them some." Justin splashed Kim directly in the face.

She winced and turned her head away. "Yeah, but they are all so very nice and I'd like to get to know them better." She splashed him back.

"They are in town. Call them. Invite them over. All of them are visiting Florida, even Bobbi. She can't get enough of JC now that he has his OWN house. Oh, by the way JC has an engagement ring for her. He is going to ask Bobbi to marry him in a while, but you didn't hear that from me. Anyway, have a girl's night out with them. I'll leave and go hang with the guys."

"I'm so happy for JC and Bobbi. That would be cool; girls night out." She agreed. "Just us ladies at the house, hanging out, including baby Jade."

Justin mocked her expression. "Yeah, don't forget to invite Calia, Griffin's girlfriend. She may not be one of your bridesmaids but she is still a friend."

"I love your idea. Hum...the only phone numbers I don't have is Lance's and Joey's. Would you happen to have their numbers, so I can call Carrah and Kelly?"

He pulled his shirt off to enjoy the water more, then turned his head to the side sneezed again. "Excuse me, baby girl."

"Bless you." She told him happily.

"Thank you. Well... I think I have Lance's and Joey's number somewhere. They aren't programmed in my cell! It could be in my wallet. As sad as it may be, Lance, Joey, and I, are not as close as we use to be. When I first started out in the group we were really close. I don't know what happened these last few years. We kinda grew apart. I mean, I still love them. Don't get me wrong, it's just not the same. I miss the relationship we once had. But yeah, I'm pretty sure their numbers are in my wallet."

Kim was still inhaling his words, when the cell phone on the side began to ring. Justin turned and picked it up with his slightly wet hand. "Hello?" He asked putting it to his wet ear.

"Justin is a lame bitch who loves to neglect his friends." Chris didn't hang up though. He just paused on the line.

"Chris! I'm sorry for missing your damn cookout, okay? You can't cook anyway, besides that was a good two weeks ago. Listen, tell all the guys that we are all hanging out tonight. Tell all the girls to come over here. Kim is having a girls night out here at the house. And stop prank calling me, will you? I know you love me, and I love you too, just not in that way!"

Chris laughed. "That was a good one. I'll give it to ya! SORRY! I am not GAY, like you, Justin. Just kidding, man! That would be really cool if you'd like to hang out..."


With a driveway full of cars, and the yellow shirt and skirt she recently bought from the mall, Kim was sitting down enjoying her company of five women.

"Yeah, Kim. So what do you do to stay so thin? You just had a baby and just look at you!" Dani asked.

She shrugged. "I just jog in the morning. If I am able too." Everyone looked at Jade, in which Bobbi was holding.

"She looks just like Justin, Kim. I can't wait until I have a baby. JC and I aren't even engaged yet. I have a feeling he will ask me to marry him, in due time." Bobbi smiled down at the baby to prevent from crying."

"I bet he will ask you to marry him...someday."

"Yeah!" Everyone echoed, agreeing with Kim.

Justin strutting down the stairs looking stunning. He was wearing black leather pants that were not too tight, and a black Armani tight fitting shirt. Kim nearly drooled and hovered her way over to him, ignoring the girly conversations going on around her. "Justin, where are you going dressed like that? You look F...Y...N, FINE! Damn, you look amazing!"

He kissed her on the cheek. "I'm going over JC's house. I'm not dressed up. I just look more decent than usual." He smiled beautifully and lifted her hanging chin with his finger.

The smell of his cologne was sexy enough to make her faint. She could just feel the cleanness coming from him. The soap, the after-shave. She never EVER wanted him so bad. "Justin..." The more she looked at his now tan face, and flawless skin, his inner and outer beauty, the weaker her knees became. She didn't want to make a scene in front of her guests, but it didn't hit her, how much she actually loved him, until now. His amazing personally and genuine ways...she couldn't get enough of Justin, in any manner at all.

"What's wrong, baby girl? Why are you crying?" He stoked her cheeks which received her tears. "What's the matter?" He kissed her lovingly on the lips. Till this day, he was still obsessed with her lips. He loved them move than anything on her...physically. He sneezed to the side.

"Bless you." She whispered. "I just love you so much, Justin. I don't know how many times I can tell you that! Oh my God, I just LOVE YOU!" She placed her face in her hands and cried.

"Thank you for blessing me. I love you too, sweetheart!" He didn't know why, but she was on the brink of getting hysterical.

She fell to her knees, on the marble polished floor. "I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, JUSTIN!" She cried. "I LOVE YOU FOR LOVING ME! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!"

Justin looked down at her, then in the living room area. All of her guests got up and were approaching them

"Oh my God! Is she okay?"

"What's wrong, Kim?" People asked in the background.

Justin raised his hand up. "It's okay ladies. She's okay." He bent down and picked Kim up, then brought her into the kitchen where he could talk to her. He sat her down in his lap and held her head up for her. "You wanna tell me what's up? What's the matter, honey? Don't cry. All your friends are worried about you and me too."

She managed to smile. "I'm sorry Justin. I just want you to know that I love you, and I will never love anyone as much as I do you. You are all I have and I want you to love me. I want to be with you forever, Justin. You love me and PROVE to me you love me. I don't wanna fight and I never want to let you go. I want to always know you'll be with me." She wrapped her arms around him, and he squeezed her hard, knowing the bruise on her back was now gone.

"Baby girl, I'll always be with you. ALWAYS!" He held her closer in the hug.

"Oh, Justin. But you smell so good and look so radiantly beautiful. Looking at you just now made me realize I don't deserve you. I really don't. I'm so horrible to you. You deserve better."

His fingers traced up and down her hunched back. "Kim, stop it. You are the only thing on the earth that is WORTH deserving to me. I love you more than words can say. You know that. Go on! Go have fun with the chicas. And you look, let me think of the word....SUPERCALLFAGILISTICISPALLIDOUCS! Woops, your bra is showing a bit. Let's fix you up."

He set her down on her feet and pulled her top up, and her waist fitting skirt down so that it hung lowly on her hips. He straighten up her top a little more than smiled back at her. "Your the most glorious thing on this earth! No doubt about it."

She folded her hands and smiled shyly. "Thank you. You are definitely the most glorious man on this Earth." She giggled when he kissed her on the back. He kissed her so passionately and gently, just like he use to.

He forced her hands unfolded then held her hand and brought her back out into the living room with her company. "Sorry about that ladies. Kim just had one of her moments." He helped her sit down on the couch next to Calia. The group of woman smiled at the decked out, tall, and skinny Justin. "Ya'll have fun." He knelt down to whisper in Kim's ear. "I'll be back in a few hours, K? When I get back, I may cheat a little, and give you a 'KISS' early!" He pulled his face back and did a motion with his tongue. It was so inappropriate and nice.

She shook her head a grinned, then covered her mouth with her hand. He was so wrong for that one. "Oh, okay!" Her eyes were not only wide, they were throbbing wider.

 He laughed and kissed her on the cheek, then stood up. "See ya later, baby girl." He waved all around him. "Bye bye ladies." He heard and series of 'bye's' and giggles.

Kelly, along with everyone else watched Justin leave the house. "I know I'm with Joey, but damn the boy is smooth. Look at how he walks. You have a GOOD man Kim. A good man indeed! Mmmmmmmm! A good man!"

"Oh, yeah!" everyone said at once.

Kim glared at Jade and was trying to get over what Justin whispered to her. "Oh, um...what? Daiquiri's anyone?"


Kim closed one of the front doors and put her back to it. Everyone had just left and she truly had fun. She actually felt closer to the guys girlfriends, she need to be around other females more often. The door bell rang and she straightened up her two pig tails before checking to see who it was.

Griffin was standing at the door. "Hey, Kim! Where's Jade?"

She looked at him cheerily. "Jade is upstairs sleeping."

"Oh, okay. Just wondering. a little bit too much to drink. He didn't want to drink at all, but at JC's house they were all playing this game where you are asked a question, if you get the question right you don't have to take a shot, if you get it wrong, then you do, and it you have two shots on your second question wrong. I wasn't able to play because I'm too young...poor Justin, he is out of it. I said I would take him home since I was the only sober guy at the house. Chris said they will bring his car back tomorrow."

Kim giggled. "Is he okay?"

Griffin went to the car and struggled to get Justin out of it. He stumbled with him to the door. "He's just...drunk. Haha. I rushed to get him home because I didn't want him to throw up in my car. He didn't throw up yet, but he really needs too." Griffin shook his head sadly, then kissed Kim on the cheek. "Here you go." He put Justin against her shoulder, and before she could protest he closed the door and then hurriedly left.

Kim looked at Justin in wonder. "Justin! JUSTIN? You okay, baby?" She tried to get him to stand because she wasn't strong enough to hold him up.

He stood, but barley. "I hate them. They did this to me." He mumbled. "They are always picking on me 'cus I'm the youngest. They be makin' fun of my straight hair. I hate MY straight hair. I'm gonna get it straightened so it can be curly. That would be cool." He wandered around in circles.

Kim laughed, she didn't know what else to do.

"I told them...don't force me to take the damn shot. I told them I got my fifty little boys at home, they don't need to view that being drunk, you know?" He scratched his head and looked at his hand in confusion. "What's going on here? I could have swore I woke up this morning and I was black. Oh, no. I'm losing my color. I was BLACK! What's happened to me? Oh never mind I am black. My arm right here is black, see?" He was pointing to his leg.

Kim approached him and was going to try to get him in bed. She couldn't help but laugh at him. "Come on, Justin, sweetie. Bed time. And yes you are black."

His arm rested on her shoulder for support. "Who are you? OH MY GOD! You are so HOT! Can you do me? Your a really nice looking GUY! WOW!" He slurred.

She tried to keep her giggles to a minimum. "I'm Kim. Who are you?" She asked directing him to the area of the stairs.

"I'm...I don't know, but you have got nice twins there, man. You are beautiful. You shouldn't have gotten them so big, they aren't that big but smaller implants would look better or you, 'cus you got the butt and everything."

"Justin, shut UP!"

"Hey you know what nice, and beautiful, stranger? I'm about to..." He threw up all over the floor and then again. "Throw up." He threw up again. A string of spit was hanging out of his mouth and he began to cry. "My best-friends hate me. They treat me like shit by making me feel like a little boy. Help me? Can you help me beautiful stranger?" He threw up again.


He gagged and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. "That's not puke, it's purple water. I've never saw it before! Cool!"

She pulled his sticky hand. "Oh, gross! Come on, where going to the bathroom."

He began to gag. "Barf-room? Yayyy! I think this house is...what is the word I'm lookin' for...UGLY! I like everything in it!

"Don't throw up now. Hold it." He wasn't going to make it to the bathroom. "Justin, just please don't..." He threw up once again, only this time on her new outfit. "Puke on my SKIRT!" This was going to be a long night of cleaning.

"Hey beautiful stranger, I think I'll go to sleep on da floor!" He just fell out and acted like he was trying to sleep.

What was she going to do with him? She had another laughing fit, it was the least she could do.


Kim in her yellow skirt outfit!


Chapter 28

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