Chapter 26

Kim looked in the area the room had fallen in. Through huge spaces, which were glass doors once was, were pieces of glass, which exploded into the house from the collapsing of the room.

Kim was dazed and was reacting very slow to her surroundings. She heard Justin leave, and she heard when his car screeched out of the driveway. She looked at her hand, which had the shirt covered over it. She didn't want to lift it up to see the cut that was underneath, but she really had no choice. She pulled the shirt from the gash and as soon as she did, her wound began to leak with blood.

Something else caught her attention...Jade was crying. She was downstairs towards the back of the house, and she could hear the baby loud and clear. She needed to do something about her cut quickly, so she could tend to Jade.

She managed to picked herself up off the floor. She stumbled at first because she was shaking uncontrollably. Her heart was racing because she could not believe what just happened. She shook her head at the destroyed living room but didn't have time to stop and glare at it. She jogged upstairs quickly and went into the bathroom so she could clean her cut up quickly and get it to stop bleeding. She ran her hand under some water. When the wound was cleaned she looked under the sink for a bandage she could put on it. "DAMN THIS HOUSE! I don't even have band-aids."

She looked around the bathroom desperately for some mercy. She could hear poor Jade whaling for deal life. She snatched a small towel, wrapped it tightly around her hand, and ran into the room of her child. Jade was red faced, sweaty, and was coughing-crying. She placed the baby on her shoulder and rubbed her back. "I'm so sorry sweetheart. I am so sorry." Jade tried to calm down some on her own. She whimpered loudly into Kim's neck. "Yes, honey. Your okay. Your okay. Mommy's here."

Kim sat down in a chair with the baby. She was calming down but was not calm enough, and was sniffling too much to be considered back to normal. She laid the baby across her lap. 

Kim placed Jade's pacifier in her mouth to make sure it was clean, then stuck it into the baby's mouth. She accepted the pacifier and balled her tiny hands into fists, which rose above her head. "Yeah, your okay." Jade was only moaning slightly. Maybe she was hungry. Kim unbuttoned her shirt with her un-cut hand, and then yanked her strapless bra down. She took the pacifier from Jade and put her to her. Instantly she began to eat. "I made Daddy real mad Jade. And I don't know when he's coming back. I'm so sorry. I'm sorry for everything. Hopefully, you won't recall any of this. Your only three weeks old." She leaned down and kissed the sniffling baby, then stroked her hair back.

Kim was so into the moment, feeding her baby and humming to her. The moment was interrupted when the door bell rang. It couldn't have been Justin, because if it was, he would have just came into the house. The doorbell rang again.

Kim looked down at Jade. She was so comfortable and she was nowhere near finished eating. Kim didn't want to take her from her, so she stood up, and put a blanket over her and the baby. She was careful in her steps, and she was careful with her movements as she seeped down the spiral staircase.

When she made it downstairs, she opened one of the front doors. A police man stood right before her. "Yes?" She asked looking at the man, and holding Jade tighter in place.

He tipped his hat. "Hi ma'am. I'm officer Peters. I got a call of a loud noise coming from your mansion. Many people heard it, and called in about it. Is everything okay?"

The towel Kim had wrapped around her hand fell off right there. The officer was able to see a few blood stains on it. Her cut had stopped bleeding by now, but that wasn't the point. "Yes." She told him hesitantly.

"What happened to your hand miss?" He turned his head to the side. "Thats a nasty scratch you got there. You may need stitches."

She shook her head. "No, I don't need stitches. It's not bleeding anymore. I cut myself on glass."

He glared at her with a smile. "Do you know what the noise was?" He asked nicely. He glanced inside of the house, and saw the broken TV. His eyes widened. "What happened to the living room? Do you mind if I check things out?"

She put her hand to his chest to stop him from coming in. "YES I do mind. I told you everything is okay. Please leave now officer. I need to care for my baby, IF YOU CAN'T TELL ALREADY!"

The man took a step back. "Okay, if you say so. If you have ay problems miss, call us." He nodded politely again and headed back to his car, which did not have it's sirens going off.

Kim closed the door and sighed. She made sure she was careful how she bent her hand, she didn't want it to start bleeding again. She was worried sick about Justin. She wish she knew where he went. She wanted to tell him everything was okay, and that he didn't hurt her, but it was too late for that now. She almost tripped on one of her shopping bags that was in the middle of the floor.

She was tired. She felt like she hadn't slept in weeks. So, she went and got into bed with Jade still feeding from her. She wanted to call people and ask them, did they hear anything from him, she wanted to clean up the living room, and she wanted to put the new clothes she brought away, but she was too exhausted emotionally.

Jade stopped suckling on her and she pulled her back lightly to put her bra back into place. She didn't even bother buttoning her shirt back up.

Kim laid the baby on her shoulder, and patted her back lightly to burp her. As she did this she started to cry. She was happy because she guessed Justin loved her still, but she wanted to know he was okay. If only she could tell him, it wasn't HIS fault she fell. He wouldn't buy it, and knowing him, he would blame himself forever.

The baby burped and when she did, Kim spread her blanket out and laid Jade on her stomach, on top of it. The baby closed her eyes and looked comfortable. Kim laid on her side, and watched the baby carefully. Right after Jade fell asleep, Kim fell asleep.


July 3 2002 (next night)

Still no sign of Justin. Kim spent the entire day waiting for him. She was so worried, she bit her fingernails down to bitter rawness. She wished he would just call or something...but nothing. She didn't attempt to call any of the guys or his mother because he wasn't gone long enough to be considered missing. She didn't leave the house once, because she wanted to be home when he got back.

She looked at the baby monitor which she had held in her hand so long precipitation bonded it to her hand. She was pacing outside of the front doors, and she would open one every once in a while to see if Justin just so happened to pull up.

Her eyes continuously carried themselves to the destroyed living room. She hated looking at it, because it only reminded her of what happened. It reminded her Justin flipped out completely. She didn't realize how strong he was. He was able to take down a glass room as quickly as he did? "Oh Justin...where are you?" She asked aloud, biting at her finger nails again.

She needed to do something with herself. Maybe a hot relaxing shower would help. She managed to go upstairs and into the bathroom. She sat the baby monitor on the sink and turned it so she would be able to see it from the area of the shower. Jade was sleeping so she was able to have some quality time for herself. She undressed leisurely, letting each piece of clothing hit the floor.

She turned the water on the hottest level and walked into the comfortable stream with a sigh. She stoked her hair back as it absorbed water and became slick against her small head. She felt she really needed this, because she never got such pleasure from a hot shower before.

Alter lathering up her body good and rising off, Kim cut the water off in the shower. Her eyes looked over at the baby monitor, it reminded her Jade was still sleeping.

She stepped out of the shower, catching a wisp of the cool air which became uncomfortable. She shivered and attempted to reach the towels.

Out of nowhere a towel wrapped around her dripping body and a hand covered her mouth. "Don't scream baby girl, okay? I don't want you to wake Jade up. Don't scream. I didn't mean to sneak up on you like this. I just got in."

Her body relaxed at the sound of his missed voice. She nodded in agreement to what he said, and then Justin's hand released from over her mouth. He sweetly fixed the towel around Kim so it wouldn't fall off of her, then she spun around and grasped him into a hug. "I've missed you so much Justin. I was worried beyond belief. I couldn't even eat I was so worried. I'm happy your okay." She kissed him on the cheek repeatedly and ran her fingers through his hair.

"Oh I've missed you too." He pulled her head back down so he could tuck his head in her neck. "I love you Kim." He held her tighter. "I love you so much. And I didn't mean to hurt you." He suddenly broke away from her. "I love you." He repeated digging into his pocket. "I love you baby girl." He pulled out a diamond ring, found her hand, and slowly arched the ring up her middle finger. He closed his eyes and tried to ignore the cut he saw on her hand. It only reminded him of what he did. "I love you so much." He just couldn't stop saying it. And he brought her hand to his lips and kissed it several times. "I love you baby girl." He told her putting her hand down.

Kim brought her hand up close to her face and she began to get emotional just looking at the ring he placed gently on her finger. "I love you." She whispered. She could tell in one glace that the ring was not the one he threw away, but a different one. A more advanced one. It was exactly like the other ring except. two balls of sapphire surrounded the outer diamond hearts. It was beautiful. "I love you Justin." She said sniffling trying to prevent from crying. She cried so much over getting married to him, she just couldn't go through it again.

He pulled her into another hug and held her. "I'm so sorry Kim. Please forgive me baby. I am so sorry."

"It's okay. I forgive you."

All it took were those simple words to rid his sorrow, and he scooped Kim up into his arms and carried her to the bed, where he sat her down in his lap.

Kim shook her head and looked at the beautiful about heart stopping. It was unreal. She was never a jewelry person but she was becoming one. "The ring is beautiful Justin."

He kissed her on the cheek. "No it's not. The ring is butt ugly. You make it beautiful. Are you okay sweetie? I really want to know if you are okay."

She put her head to his pounding heart. "Yeah, I'm okay. I'm just so happy you are okay. Justin, it was very stupid of you to go breaking that room down like that. You could have gotten killed and then what? Next time baby, don't get so worked up over something as simple as a bruise..."

"But I..."

She put a hand over his mouth. "I wasn't finished talking. Don't get so worked up over something as simple as a bruise next time. I'm going to be honest. You did push me. But you only pushed me because I grabbed on you and kept bothering you. You didn't even push me hard. So, sure I may have a bruise on my back, but don't blame yourself because of it. You didn't hurt me purposely Justin. Your stubborn as hell and will still blame yourself deep down inside. I'm telling you right now, DON'T do that! And next time Justin, let it go. Don't explode. Me having a bruise on my back is not worth YOUR DEATH. You understand me?" She took her hand away from his mouth.

"But I..."

"You understand me, Justin? I'm serious here."

He hung his head low and nodded. "I understand." For the first time, she took control over him and made him listen up. And he appreciated every word she said.

Kim viewed his hand, and was comparing her ring to his. "No I am not mad at you Justin. Don't hold your head down sweetie."

He lifted it up slowly. "Kim I'm going to have everything fixed. Everything that I broke, I'm getting fixed."

She shoved his chest slightly. "You better Timberlake. That was a nice pool you messed up. Marble bottom. Heated. Side Jacuzzi. Damn I should be chocking you right about now." She giggled. "I never saw you like that before Justin. You scared me. Where...where did you go when you left?"

He crossed his fingers with hers and held her hand. "I went back to my house. While I was over there, I tried to find the ring that I threw in my back yard. I couldn't so, I went and got you another one." He managed to smiled. "I needed a ring on my baby girl's finger. What would I look like, bling blinging with a nice diamond ring and you don't have one on? Oh and by the way Kim, I know how much you paid for this ring." He waved a finger back and fourth. "Naughty naughty Kim. You ARE rich, so you can afford it. But you can never complain about me spending too much money on you." He kissed her on the cheek. "We have to get back in touch with our assistances, so they can get our wedding together, so it will be ready by November."

His words make her  want to cry and she wrapped her arms around his neck. "Oh, Justin. God knows I love you with all of my heart."

He kissed the corner of her mouth. "And I, you." Finally their lips met. It was what Kim, wanted, it was what Justin wanted. It was perfect. A kiss that was not sexual, but pure affection and love. Kim could feel the love he had for her. A feeling she thought would never return. "Umm baby I love you so much." He moaned to her lips.

Unexpectedly her towel popped off. Kim pulled back from Justin's lips and laughed. "I almost forgot I was in just a towel. Oh my." She climbed out of his lap and wrapped it back around her.

Justin wiped his forehead and a smiled extended across his lips. "I didn't." He then licked his lips. "You look so good, I just want to eat you."

She laughed at him. "And exactly what is THAT suppose to mean?"

His eyebrow raised gradually. "What do you want it to mean? Take it like you want to." He blew a kiss at her.


July 8 2002

Justin paced back in fourth in the living room. Everything surrounding him was new.


Justin covered his ear with his hand, to block out the outside noise. "NO! Royal blue. ROYAL BLUE!"

"Okay, so you want baby-blue flowers and royal blue flowers in the church you choose?"

He sighed in frustration. "NO! ALL ROYAL BLUE! ALL! NO BABY-BLUE! ALL ROYAL BLUE!"

"But Mr. Timberlake! Royal blue flowers will not be in season. They are more expensive in November. They will be harder to get. Are you sure you don't want baby-blue?"

He pulled his hair. "Polina is your name, right?"

"Yup." She answered confidently.

"Polina...ROYAL BLUE! Why is it so hard for you to understand? ROYAL BLUE! I'm not trying to be rude or disrespect you, but please. I've been telling you for the last hour. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD! ROYAL BLUE! That is the color flowers I want. That is what Kim wants. The wedding has to be PERFECT, alright? The only way it's going to be perfect ifs if the flowers are ROYAL BLUE! It's not the hard to understand."

She giggled. "You"

He took the phone from is ear and took a deep breath. Slowly the phone rested back to the side of his face. "Okay, enough of this. Who is the coordinator of the assistant team? I need to talk with the LEADER I haired. I cannot deal with this sh...stuff. LET ME SPEAK WITH THE COORDINATOR! I don't have time to be playing games."

The woman giggled. "I am the coordinator sir. I have been hired to be in charge of everything sir. I put together the team of twelve assistants to create your wedding."

Justin clutched his teeth and began pulling his hair again. "Polina...would you like to lose your job? Why are you making this so difficult. I forbid you to mention baby-blue ever again to me, OR I'LL FIND ANOTHER COORDINATOR TO TAKE YOUR PLACE!" Kim tabbed Justin on the shoulder from behind. He turned around to see her rocking Jade and smiling. He slid his arm around her back and waist and pulled her close to him. He kissed her on the lips and smiled. He took the phone from his ear and placed his lips upon hers again and from there the kiss escalated. Kim's lips parted and Justin had to turn his head so that his lips could fit together with hers, kind of like a puzzle.

Kim stole her lips back and flashed all of her teeth. "Justin, I didn't mean to interrupt your phone call. I just wanted to tell you something about the sun room that the workers are working on. They said it would be a few thousand more to make the top windows, automatic that okay?"

He kissed her lips several more times, and never took his face too far from hers. "I don't care. Tell them to do whatever." He held her tighter and sucked her lips back up.

"But Justin, aren't you still on the phone?"

His hand gripped the side of her waist tightly, as he kissed her harder. "I don't care."

"Justin...were going to kill Jade."

He pulled back in quickness. "I care." He kissed her lips one last time and put the phone to his ear.


Justin laughed. "Calm down Polina. Calm down sweetheart. I'm not going to fire you. You got the point, I think."


"Ummhum. "

"I got that. Blue flowers in the church. What church to do want specifically?"

Justin knew that Kim walked off and he felt more comfortable that she wasn't around at the time. "I want a church which has it's pews creating an angle as you go down it. In other words I want like a triangle and it gets smaller as you go down. The reason for this is...Kim won't have a father...or a mother to give her away, and she's going to be all by herself. I think it's so awful and sad that it has to be that way, so I want her dress to be huge. I want something that will take some of the attention off of her and more or something else. I want the dress huge. I'm talking queen-like. I want a long train on it. I want it huge. Are you getting this? It may not make sense and of course people will still have attention on her because the dress will be on's's hard to explain."

The woman was frantically writing everything down on a pad. "Yes I go it. Sounds nice actually. Kim is one lucky woman."

"No, I'm one lucky man. So, anyway. I want and angled church and I want a big dress made for Kim. You go that...and oh the invitations. We want them gold paper, blue writing. So our whole scheme is basically going to be ROYAL blue and gold, okay? You already know what the invitations should say. I would like those done in a month or so."

"Got it." The woman said writing down his last few words.

"Good. See, it's not so hard to LISTEN and not say baby-blue every other word."

"Yup. And how many guests are you expecting?"

Justin cleared his throat. "I forgot to tell you....there has been a change of plans. We don't want a big wedding. We want a smaller private one. I'd say one hundred fifty, maybe two hundred people."

"Got it Mr. Timberlake."

"Well thats good. Now you can began getting those things accomplished. I've been on the phone way too long, and must go."

"Alright sir. It was nice speaking with you, and sorry about the 'color' misunderstanding...I was only suggesting..."

"It's okay Polina."

"Okay, and I'll get back to you in a little bit, because we need to get the everyone's measurements for the suits and dresses. Talk to you later."

"Okay. Bye." Justin smiled as he cut the phone off. Things were going as planned...he was getting married.

"A big dress eh?"

He jumped and held his heart at the sound of her unexpected voice. "God, you scared the...oh my...dag."

She laid Jade's head on her shoulder. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to scare you. But a big dress Justin?"

He was getting a feeling he made a big mistake. Maybe she didn't want a big dress. Maybe she hated big dresses. "Yeah...oh no. Let me guess. You hate big dresses?"

She cheesed and and jumped once, being careful of Jade. "NO! I LOVE THEM! I always wanted a big dress." She kissed his lips. "I love you so much Justin. I'm so excited! OH MY GOD!"

He kissed her back. "I am too. I can't wait until you are MY GIRL!" He tucked her hair behind her ear and and cupped her face. "I love you baby girl."

She stared into his eyes. "I love you Justin Randall Timberlake." She looked down at Jade. "I better put her in her crib, besides all that construction going on in the pool room is starting to get on my nerves." She turned away from him and started at the steps. "I love the new living room Justin. You definitely made up for what you broke."

Justin checked on the workers progress to see if they were almost done with the new and improved, sunroom. Everything was going good. He went upstairs to see what Kim was doing. She was looking in the mirror talking to herself.

"I cannot believe this. Why won't they shrink back to their normal size?" She pulled the bottom of her shirt down.

"Kim what's wrong?" He asked snickering.

"My shirt. My boobs. Why can they go back to their normal size? I hate this. Almost none of my bras fit. I feel so fat now."

"Kim..." He warned. "YOU ARE NOT FAT!"

She scrunched her face in the mirror. "I hate this though. I just can't wait till Jade starts eating baby food. I'll be back to my normal size. I just hate my boobs right now."

"They're nice." Justin said taking a seat on the edge of the bed. "I like them how they were, better, but thats just me. They are nice though." He shrugged.

"Well dang, you sure know how to make a woman feeo better!" She said sarcastically.

He reached out and grabbed her hand and pulled her to him. He picked up her shirt and looked at her back. The awful bruise was just about gone. "I'm so happy it's going away. You're getting better baby girl." He said, referring the the bruise.

"Yeah." She whispered. "Is it okay, if I sit in your lap?" She asked.

His eyes brighten some. "Please do." He helped her sit down.

She looked at the healing cut on her hand. "Are you sure you want to do this?"

He kissed her in her hair. "Do what?"

She giggled pathetically. "Are you sure you want to marry me Justin? I mean, the things you said to know how you are unhappy with me and I am just a problem. I don't want you to marry me because your just doing it. I want you to marry me because your heart says so. Don't do it if you are unhappy with me Justin. Don't do it."

He raised her head up with his finger. "Kim, you know I didn't mean any of the words I said. It was my anger talking. Of course I wanna marry you. I will marry you on November third." He smiled reassuringly and it made her smile. "Hey, wanna see my really nice ring?" He stuck his middle finger up at her.

She laughed hard. "Thats mean Justin. Thats not a really nice ring. Thats a really nice fuck you."

He began to kiss her, placing gentle suction on her neck. "I would love to, but I can't until after two more weeks." He laughed but stopped suddenly. "JUST KIDDIN'! Please don't slap me." He kissed her neck harder.

As he was pleasuring her neck passionately, the cell phone is his pocket went off. He reached back and slipped the phone out of his back pocket. He put the phone to his ear. "Hello?"

"Justin sucks." The phone went dead. 

Justin cut of his cell phone and laughed.

"What's so funny?" Kim asked.

He had trouble catching his breath. "Chris...he's STILL mad because we missed his fourth of July barbecue. Once again he called me saying I suck. He is so childish!"

Chapter 27

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