Chapter 25 Justin in the shower. Kim in the bath. (lol) Special thanks to Angel - I <3 U girl!

She was more jumbled inside than she ever was. She had no idea what Justin meant when he said. 'He just ended it'. Thoughts were clouding her mind and burning her brain up like a drug.

She entered the living room and Jade was not in her chair. Justin had her. She followed after him and when she entered the bedroom she saw Justin sitting on the bed. She assumed he put Jade in her crib.

He looked up and shook his head. "NO!" He stood up. "NO! YOU BETTER GET THE HELL AWAY FROM ME!" He moved further from her.


He ignored her and went into the bathroom. "Stay away from me, Kim! I am not kidding."

She locked herself into the bathroom with him. It wasn't a big deal because he could just unlock the door to get out if he wanted. "JUSTIN..."

"Kim..." He warned. "If you don't get the HELL out of the bathroom. I'll..."

"You'll WHAT?" She asked.

He went up to her and tried to move her from in front of the door. "KIM, MOVE YOUR ASS NOW! LET ME OUT OF THE BATHROOM PLEASE!"

She fought with his strength. "No! You just told me you ended it. You ended what? Thats what I wanna know." He tried to move her still. "I'm NOT letting you run from this, Justin."

"Damn, you just make me..."

She huffed. "I make you what? SICK?"

"Yeah. Thats a good way to put it." He took her by the arms and moved her out of his way.


She tried to keep him from leaving, but he pushed her mildly. "GET OUT OF MY FUCKING WAY, KIM!"

She continued to 'try'. "I'm sorry, Justin. I'm so sorry. Please, lets just TALK! YOU OWE ME THAT MUCH!" She tugged on his arm.


She grabbed him by the back of his shirt. "I SAID TALK TO ME DAMMIT!"

Justin  pushed her away.

The heel of her left shoe came into contact with a small patch of water. It twisted to the side then collapsed underneath her. Kim fell back and her legs crushed into the tub. She bent back and hit her back, then flipped backwards  into it and landed halfway inside of it, with the faucet jabbed in her back, and her head slammed into the wall. She moaned loudly, then twisted, and fell once again, to the bottom of the Jacuzzi tub, on her back, hitting her head on one of the steps of it, where she stayed, and didn't move anymore.

Everything happened so fast. Justin slowly turned around and lost the little color he had when he realized she fell. The evidence. One of her shoes was laying on the floor heel up. At first he thought she was dead, and had broke her neck or something, but he saw her head peek up.

She was laughing and crying at the same time. "Oh shit. I hate those damn shoes." She slipped the remaining shoe off and threw it along side of the other. She shook her head and attempted to climb out of the tub. "Can I get an OUCH?" She laughed harder even though she was shaking with astonishment. "Whoa, that was pretty scary."

She was reacting as if she wasn't hurt. She had to be hurt though. She suffered a horrible fall.

"Ow. Hit my head pretty hard. HAHA." She wiped her tears away with the back of her hand.

Justin didn't know what to say or do, because he wasn't sure if she fell because of him or what.

She put her hand up. "I'm fine. HAHA, I'm fine." She sniffled.

"Kim, your nose is bleeding. OH MY GOD! Did you fall because...I pushed you away?" He wasn't able to move, he was just frightened stiff.

She touched her nosed with her hand then viewed it. "Oh, it is? Haha, it happens sometimes when I hit my head, thats all." She stumbled to the sink and held a washcloth to her nose. "NAH, JUSTIN! You didn't push me, man. Clumsy me. I slipped on some water or something. Besides...I never could walk in those damn shoes right." She laughed, then tiled her head back.

He had a feeling...she was covering for him. Either way she was still hurt because her nose was bleeding.

She sniffled and took the cloth from her nose to run it under some water. "Oh no. Just look at this. I'm bleeding everywhere."

He may have been mad, but there was no way he was NOT going to help her. He picked up another towel. "Oh my God. Here, Kim. Let me help. Don't...don't hold your head back. Hold it down , okay? If you hold it back you are doing nothing more than making blood go down your throat."

She took the clean towel and did as he said. "Thanks Justin."

"Are...are you hurt? Did you hurt anything else." He picked up her shirt to see for himself. Certain areas on her had an unusual redness. Other than that she seemed she was okay. "Thank God you are not cut or bruised. I don't know what I would do if you were..."

She pulled the towel away from her nose for a second. "Justin I am FINE! Enough about that. Are you willing to talk to me now?."

"..." He was about to say yes but changed his mind. "Don't think so. There is no way you are going to make me not mad at you."

She rolled her eyes and put the towel back to her face. "Can you at least tell me why you are mad at me?"



She could not believe him and was left with no words because he blew her away.


Her nose stopped bleeding and she threw the bloody towel in the sink. That was enough. What he said was enough. Her heart could NOT take anymore. She was growing dizzy and felt like she was going to pass out, so she put the toilet seat down and took a seat. "That was...harsh." When she spoke, no sound came from her mouth, so she tried again. "That was harsh." She had no plan on attacking him as he did her. She just stared at her feet. "So thats how you feel..." She cleared her drying throat. "Thats how you feel about me..."

The room fell frustratingly silent. Justin scratched his head but was wordless.

"Uh Justin. I just have a little something to say about this." Her voice was broken, BUT she was not breaking down. She was crying tears yes, but she kept a normal attitude. "I'm sorry I caused you so much pain." She looked at him and toward the end of her sentence she squinted her eyes as if she couldn't see him. "I didn't realize you were so unhappy being with me. I noticed you mentioned me changing you and hurting you and making everything horrible for you." She could feel the anger emerging. "WHY ARE YOU BLAMING ME FOR EVERYTHING? I know I may be a bitch and I may not treat you as best as I could, but I LOVE YOU, JUSTIN! YOU ALREADY KNEW! YOU KNEW WHAT YOU WHERE GETTING INTO, WHEN YOU TOLD ME YOU WANTED TO BE WITH ME! Oh, abuse is nothing. Being beaten is nothing. I can't take back what happened to me, and it has made me who I am. I'M SO SORRY I AM NOT THE PERSON YOU WANT ME TO BE! I can't change, Justin. I thought you knew me. I thought you understood me. I thought you accepted that I am not just an average girl, and that I need attention. I need LOVE! That is all I ever wanted. My Mom couldn't give it to me. My Dad couldn't. And YOU..."

"LOOK AT YOU! THE 'ABUSE' EXCUSE, YOU THROW IN EVERY TIME! Can't you come up with a better excuse, Kim? HUH?" He crossed his arms.

She looked at him in confused. "Excuse? Yeah okay, Justin. CONTINUE TO BLAME ME FOR EVERYTHING! Blame me for all we've went through. It's just so much easier. Because I cannot win in a fight with you. All you do is break me down." She gazed at her feet for a while. "I'm going to be honest and tell you straight up. You don't have to be with me, Justin. I am NOT worth it. I am not worth your pain. I am not worth marrying. I am definitely not worth LOVING!" She met his eyes. "I'm just a problem." A tear fell on her hand. "Just like Britney."

He didn't want eye contact with her anymore because the sadness in her voice, and her watering eyes made his heart ache. She stripped his soul bare with sadness. "Kim, I never said that I don't love you anymore."

She sighed. "Hum...well you can't prove that you do. It's keep telling me, "I didn't say I don't love you." Well damn, Justin. You sure aren't TELLING ME YOU DO EITHER!"

"I..." He coughed. "love you."

No more tears. She either didn't have any left or was able to overcome sadness. "Hey, don't worry about it . You don't have to fake it." She played with her hands. "It's um...obvious you are very unhappy with me so...should I be the one to leave or what? Because you know...I have money now and I can buy another house. It really doesn't matter what we do...anything is cool with me. By the way. I'm sorry, Justin. I'm sorry that I let you down, and didn't meet your expectations. I'm really sorry about that."

Justin's eyes widened and he put his hand to his chin. She had to be joking. He almost laughed at her.

"Oh, and can I have my ring back? The one I got for you. I know you don't want to wear it. I could get my money back for it. It was way too much money anyway."

He couldn't believe his ears. He just spat out a whole bunch of things...most in which he probably didn't mean, but she was planning and creating a layout of their break up. "Kim, what are you saying?"

She put an elbow on her thigh and held her head up. "I'm just trying to make it where I'm out of your life. I don't want you to suffer." She choked up...finally. "I love you SO much, that it hurts me to know I'm hurting you. I only want the best for you, Justin. And I swear to God, I'll do anything to keep you happy. If you told me you needed BRITNEY to make you happy. I'd call the bitch in an instant. So, let me know what you want to do, because I need to get settled. I need to start trying to find happiness again. Don't worry about Jade because we can work a schedule out."

It took one wipe to rid the wetness on his face. She was not joking, in fact she was SERIOUS and sure of herself. He didn't know a small conflict could advance to something like this. He didn't want to break up. He just didn't know if he wanted to get married. Now that she was preparing for a separation...he just couldn't imagine it. It proved how stupid he was. He would make himself be mad at her, just because he had 'that' advantage, but he took the advantage, ran a marathon with it, and had now run out of luck. "I don't want to split up." He whispered sadly. "I'm not THAT mad at you. I'm even madder now that you said those things. How could you even mention break up at a time like this? How could you?"

She rolled her eyes. "Oh, PLEASE! You can't take me anymore! WHY STAY WITH ME? YOU WON'T MARRY ME! WHY STAY WITH ME? Oh yeah...JADE! Let me guess...we can't be apart because we will be hurting her. Like I said, JUSTIN! We could work some kind of schedule out. I take he the first few days of the week or whatever. So what do you want to do? Do I go...or you go?"

He felt like he wanted to cry, but didn't, because he would show his weakness to her. "I said I don't want to split up."

She sucked her teeth at him. "Don't tell me you actually want to TRY to make things work. You act like you can't stand me. Blame me for our relationship being rotten. Now is the time to BE FREE OF MY BURDENS. You are SO stuck on yourself, and is so stubborn the you can't see straight. You can't see your own faults. Everything is you, Justin. Everything is SO PERFECT because of you. SO WHAT YOU WANNA DO, JUSTIN? MAKE-UP OR BREAK UP? "

He didn't move. He didn't even appear to be breathing.

She looked around the room. "Just...just give me a sign or something."

His eyes connected with hers and they narrowed at her. His hand crept into the depth of his jean pocket, and from it, he pulled the shimmering diamond ring. He observed the ring looking at it's glorious details. The craftsmanship of the ring was amazing itself.

" I can't believe you said I was a problem like Britney...well I'm waiting for your answer..."

His eyes fluttered with tears when he saw the words ' Justin, I'll love you forever and always' inscribed on the inside of the ring. He clutched his fist tight and raise it in the air.

Kim's breath caught in her throat and she bent her head down because she thought he was going to throw the ring at her.

Instead, he slipped the ring on his middle finger.

She waited and waited for the ring to go flying across the room, but it never did. She raised her head and could see the ring glowing on his finger. It was so vibrant it looked toxic. A smiled spread across her face, and she nodded unconsciously. "So, I guess we are going to try to work this, I'm sorry for everything I said that was hurtful to you. Are you still mad at me?"

He looked into her eyes for a brief moment. Then unlocked the door and left, ignoring her.

She giggled. "He loves me." In minutes her emotions went from giving up to bursting with hope for them.

July 2, 2002 (next day)

Kim eyes met the rays, which were welcomed this morning. She had the largest smile on her face when she arose from bed. She knew Justin cared. At first she was confused and tricked herself into believing Justin didn't care about her at all, but just by the little things he portrayed...he showed her he cared. And he was still with her, and he wanted to be, because he was wearing her ring. And he repeatedly said he didn't want to split up...he cared.

Rumors were that Justin was not a morning person, but for the people the really knew him nowadays, they knew he was pretty good in the morning. Well...he was always up and ready for the day before her and most average people.

After bushing her teeth and washing her face, her normal hygiene routine, she skipped downstairs. She wanted to know why she was so happy. Just floating with happiness.

Justin was doing the usual. Watching TV. He looked so bored, he looked like he was about to die. Either that or he was so mad he was about to die. When their relationship was blooming with love the would stay in bed late, just to talk to one another, or hold each other, or kiss, or to plan an exciting day even. But now Justin left the bed purposely, almost as if he couldn't stand to be near her. Her smile grew brighter when she saw the glittering ring on his finger. "Good morning, Justin."

He didn't move or even blink. A pure, cold, ignoring.

She giggled. "Oh, I forgot, your mad at me." She cleared her throat and sat down very close to him on the couch. "Awww, your still mad, huh? Your so sexy when your mad at me." She saw a glass of orange juice, which was his. She took a large swallow of the drink. When she sat the glass back down, she caught a mysterious gaze from him. It was the 'you must be out of your freaking mind' look.

He didn't say anything though. He did take his glass and moved it closer to him; out of her reach.

"Thank you." She laughed out. She took her hands and put them behind her ears then made a goofy face with her tongue licked out at him. "I love you, Justin. I really do."

He pretended not to see what she was doing, or hear her. But when someone is being stared at they can feel it. He could feel her eyes on him. He was so uncomfortable that he had to look at her. She was making the most cute and adorable face.

She crossed her eyes to look even more crazy. "Justin, I'm sorry for hurting you, okay? You can ignore me for a year. You are just here, and that is all I need right there. Just to have your presence." She licked her tongue out further.

Okay she was getting to him and he...laughed. He shook his head as he did. "Your not going to make me talk to you. Now stop that." He laughed harder, and he wanted to just kiss her for being so cute. When she did things, like made funny faces, it touched him because it revealed the 'good' side of her.

She licked him on the side of his face then stood up, laughing as well. " Haha...well okay. I still love you matter what." She turned away from him and looked at the stairs in thought. "Um...thats right. I better go get Jade. I bet that poor baby is just starving."

Justin was still wiping the area she had licked on him. "EW! GROSS!"


Later on that evening.

"Yeah...and I know you are not my bodyguard and is Justin's bodyguard, but I am going to need some assistance when I go to the mall, you know?"

Mike laughed. "Yeah, I understand. No problem at all. What I don't get is...why are you going to the mall with the baby, and Justin isn't? He's not going to the mall? THE SHOPPING CRAZED JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE is not going with you to the mall?"

"Nope." She giggled. "Just me and little old Jade."

"Oh, I didn't think it was really Christmas in was hell that froze over."

"Hey, that's my man your talkin' about there." She joked.

"Man? Boy! Justin ain't no man. He's a big boy."

"A very big boy." She added. It was too late to cover up the slip up. "A very big boy in tallness, I meant."

"Yeah...sure you did. Well, anyway. I have directions to your house and I might add that the new house is closer to mine, so I'll be at the house in about ten minutes. You mentioned an 'automatic gate,' do I need a password or something to get passed it?"

"Nope, it opens up when any car approaches it. Just come on in."

"Okay...great. And I can finally see the little one. I'll see ya in a few minutes, Kim."

"Okay. And thank you so much, Mike."

"Your SO welcome. Bye, girl."

"Bye bye." She clicked the bedroom phone off.

She looked on the bed at the picked outfit she chose to wear. She had to hurry up and get dressed and get Jade dressed. She put on some flared, dark denim, jeans, which had gold bead going across the area of the pockets and on the bottom of the jeans was gold trim to match the beads. Next she put a white figure fitting shirt which had a slit across the top of it to give it a modern look. And to top off her outfit she put on a dark blue fisherman's hat, which had a moon symbol in the center of it. She brushed some Chanel clear lip gloss over her healthy lips and smiled in the mirror. Her hair was getting longer, and was to her shoulders now. "Okay, and now Jade."

She went into the baby's room. She was moving both of her fists back and fourth in the air, and must have been up for a while. "Hey, girl." She picked up the baby and held her close to her chest. "Hey, baby girl. The baby made a noise. "Yeah, I know. Daddy is a little mad, but he won't be for very long, okay? I sure hope you cheer up a little more. Today...we are getting you some more clothes. Your almost a month old now, and your growing. I'm getting me some new clothes too...if you know what I mean. Well you really don't know what I mean, but you know..." She changed the baby and put a dark denim dress on her and then some dark blue socks which had gold stars on them, so they could match. To keep the matching color scheme going Kim put a denim bib on Jade and finally wrapped her up in a gold baby blanket. "It's like ninety outside, but better safe than sorry."

With the baby in her arms, Kim went back into her bedroom to choose the bag she was going to bring with her. To go with everything, she chose a dark denim one by Fendi. It was not that big, but big enough to hold her wallet and Jade's things, including a bottle. She slipped the bag on her shoulder and quickly went downstairs. She could hear commotion going on, and knew Justin was doing something in the kitchen. She was too busy checking everything, to go into the kitchen, and paused in the living room. "Justin, I'm going to the mall, do you want anything?"

No answer.

"Justin, would you like to do something for the fourth of July or no?"

Still no answer.

"I guess thats a no. I didn't want to do anything anyway." She sighed and fixed up Jade's baby blanket. "Justin, cough to prove you are alive and is just ignoring me."

He coughed.

Her laugh filled the living room area. "God, you are hilarious. OKAY, Justin. Thanks." The doorbell rang.

She straightened her back and approached the front door. She opened it with a greeting smile. "Hey Mike."

The large African-American man covered his mouth with his hand. "Oh my God. Is that the baby? Is that the little Jade I heard SO much about?" She handed him the baby and he was practically in tears. "Oh my Lord. If this isn't a replica of Justin, my name isn't Mike. SHE LOOKS JUST LIKE HIM. She has the curly hair and everything. " He raised his head to Kim and smiled. "She's beautiful Kim. Hopefully her curls will STAY under control and will never become a habitat for unknown organisms, like Justin's."

Kim had a laughing fit. She loved Mike, he was so cool, so down to Earth, and just funny as heck. "Haha, don't worry. Her curls will be under control. I'll make sure of that."

Mike handed Jade, who was smiling at him, back to Kim. He took the bag of of Kim's shoulder and held it. "She is a cutie pie. And just so sweet. Ready to go?"

She kissed Jade on the cheek. "Yup, I'm ready."


As Kim walked though the mall holding Jade in her arms and it was obvious the whole mall had eyes on her. For one thing people had questions. Did Justin and her break up? Why wasn't Justin shopping with her? Is Britney pregnant by Justin? Did Justin have an affair? Was the wedding still on? There was just a ton of questions. The main reason people were checking her out so was because of Jade. She was the most remarkable and interesting baby. The lucky people that saw the baby up close were confused about the beauty, they didn't understand how she could look exactly like Justin. It was almost scary. And her eyes. They were so blue and sparkly they looked crystallized.

"Oh, she is so cute."


"She's the most gorgeous baby I ever saw."

"She is so tiny."


"They look so nice. They match perfectly."

Kim entered a store and looked behind her to make sure Mike was near her. He was closer than she thought and he waved because he knew why she looked back at him. "Okay, Mike. Can you hold Jade while I look for things for me now? Are you okay with the bags you have? Will holding her be too much?"

He accepted the baby. "Of course it's not too much. You go ahead and shop, girl. Jade and I are going to chill out."

Kim nodded and kept a look out as she browsed the clothes. Out of nowhere she saw a skirt that said 'Kim' all over it. Next to it was a shirt, it was just a must have. The skirt was yellow and plain, but it was her style. The shirt was the same way.

She looked around for a dressing room in the expensive store. A representative smiled at her. "Kim Miller? OH MY GOD?"

She smiled at the girl who looked older than she was.

"OH MY GOD! LET ME OPEN A DRESSING ROOM FOR YOU! OH MY GOD!" Mike kept a watch out for the overly excited girl. She used a key and unlocked the door to open it up.

"Thanks. And yes I am Kim."

"Sorry for like shouting. You are just so beautiful in person. You are just like SO beautiful. You look so skinny and you just had a baby and everything. You look so amazing."

"Thank you very much."

"Yeah. Your welcome. God, I am so lucky to be working in this store. You are like my idol. You are so positive and sweet and everyone that loves Justin loves you, Kim. Your just so AWESOME! And your magazine covers...let me just are the most beautiful woman on this Earth. I would KILL to have half the looks you do. SERIOUSLY!"

She began to wonder about this girl. "Haha, thanks so much."

"Okay, I'll leave you alone now. Could I like get a hug or something?"

"Sure sweetie." She reached out and hugged the girl.

She walked away crying. "Oh my GOD! She just hugged me. I cannot believe this. OH MY GOD!"

Kim went inside of the too fancy dressing room and changed into the yellow skirt outfit. When she was pulling the zipper of the shirt up she noticed the area of her side hurt. She checked out the area in the mirror only to see a huge bruise. She put her back to the mirror so she could see the the back of her. The yellow shirt was cut to expose much skin and it revealed a humongous bruise that stretched from her lower back all the way to her side, and she didn't even notice it was there. The white shirt from the outfit she arrived in, showed her stomach a little and she didn't notice the bruise at all until now. It was HUGE. She was becoming self conscious. She was going to ask Mike how did the skirt look on her, but she was NOT about to do that considering her entire back was just about purple.

She took the outfit off at once. The skirt and shirt were nice and she was still going to buy, them but she was not going to show anyone how it looked on her. When she put her original outfit on she pulled her shirt down continuously. She knew it was going to bug the hell out of her, because she knew the bruise was there. She didn't want people to think something happened to her. She didn't want people to think Justin was abusing her or anything.

She pulled her fisherman's hat down a little and put her hair behind her ears. "I can't let anyone see my bruise." She said to where only she can hear.

She walked out of the dressing room and looked around her. She went and paid for the dress and suddenly just wanted to leave the mall. She had bought a lot of things already. "Hey Mike. Got another bag for you." She held it up and smiled. She quickly put it down when she felt her shirt rise up a little.

Mike took the bag and handed her Jade. "She is such a sweet baby. She's darling."

"Oh, a know she is." Kim said kissing her. "She my baby!"

" where do we head now? Left? Right? Up? Down?"

Kim looked down. "Uh, I think I'm ready to go. I got enough stuff."

He laughed. "Oh okay. Let's get you and the little lady out of here then." He led Kim to the area of the car.

As they were walking, Kim eyes caught a Gap store. She didn't like Gap much, but Justin loved it. "Dang." She mumbled under her breath. "We have to stop in one last store, Mike. Justin loves the Gap, because they make the bummish, grunge, look he likes now. I guess I'll get him some jeans and things."

"Fine with me." Mike said sweetly.


Jade threw up all over Kim, because she fed her a bottle in the car. Her stomach was upset by the unsettled moving and she wasn't burped, so she spit up a lot.

Kim waved at Mike as he drove down the driveway of the house. When he was out of her sight, Kim entered the house and picked up the one bag, out of a pile in front of the door, that said Gap on it. She walked up the steps tiredly. It about nine o'clock and she was beat.

She put Jade down in her crib and put her pacifier in her mouth. The baby immediately grew comfortable and closed her eyes.

Kim yawned and looked down at her spit up soaked shirt. She needed to get cleaned up. She hadn't seen Justin since she entered the house. She assumed he was downstairs somewhere. The house was so huge he could be in any room of the many.

She sat Justin's jeans down on their bed and then scratched her leg as she made her way to the shower. As soon as she stepped foot on the tile of the bathroom, she saw Justin and he was just about to wrap a towel around his naked body. He didn't react to her seeing him. He didn't seem to care. She saw him completely naked once, but she didn't see him naked-naked like this. And for the second time, she saw 'it' "HOLY JESUS!" She ran out of the bathroom out of breath. She buried her head down in her lap. "OH MY GODDDDDD!" Maybe she was making a big deal out of seeing him, but she was so inexperienced that it was a huge leap in her life to be seeing a man nude. She fanned herself to make her face less red. "Damn that is just...overwhelming. And it's so huge." She could see Justin's shadow coming out of the bathroom, so she ran into the large closet and closed the door behind her. "Okay...I really need to calm down here. I am blowing this out of proportion." She bit down on her shoulder. "Oh come on. He was only totally naked and just...standing there." She heard a knock on the door. Her body tensed up, and for a second, she couldn't move.

Justin still wasn't speaking to her her. He continued to knock on the door. Kim knew him so well and she knew where he was getting at, so she grabbed a pair of boxers for him and pushed them through the bottom of the door.

The knocking on the door stopped. "Okay Kim. You are so pathetic." She told herself. "He is going to be your husband one day. Why are you...why am I freaking out over something as stupid as this? Oh no, I'm talking to myself like a crazy person." She pulled her shirt off leaving her strapless bra on and searched for a new comfortable shirt.

She changed clothes but was not paying very much attention to what she was doing because she was slowly recovering from the Justin exhibit incident. She giggled to herself. "He's blessed. I know he's a proud guy."

When she finally opened the door to the closet Justin was already gone out of the room. She sighed heavily. "Okay. I'm okay now."

She paced downstairs and searched through the bags, which were still just in the middle of the floor. She found what she was looking for. A giant bag of chocolate chip cookies from the mall. She plopped down the the comfortable couch and scooted down, next to Justin. "Are you ever going to leave this couch?"

He didn't say a word.

She moved as close as she could to him, and put her leg on his knee, he had a pair of the jeans and a shirt that she brought him on. She smiled because it meant he liked them. She wondered why he chose to wear them so late at night, but whatever he wanted to do. He was wearing her jeans, but not speaking. He was just being childish now, perhaps he was just acting like he was mad at her just to be doing something. "Justin...will you talk to me? I see you are wearing the jeans I brought you." She picked up his hand and kissed his arm. "You had a good day?" She looked at the side of his face and waited for a response. "Okay, I'll leave you alone now." She put his hand down and open the bag of freshly baked cookies. She picked up one and began to eat it and looked at the TV. "I got some cookies, Justin. You want one?" Her face traveled back his way.

He didn't move one bit on the outside, but on the inside he was falling for her. All day she was so generous and sweet. It amazed him to know that his relationship with her...worked. No matter what happened it always worked. They were both horrible to each other, but they could say the most awful things possible and still find a way to be together. That is what fascinated him so.

"I know I owe you a lot of 'cookies', Justin. I'll make them up to you when my three weeks are up." She told him eating her third cookie. "If we are even talking to each other by then. If you still want me by then."

For some reason his head turned towards her. He didn't know why, it just did. The comment she made about the cookies interested him because he didn't want her to think he wanted her for just 'that'. He could careless about her giving him the cookies he demanded. It was just a joke. He decided not to tell her his thought. If she mentioned it another time, he would say something it then.

Kim felt like she was under a spell because he was looking at her. She liked it, and missed it. All she could do was stare back at him. He had that look in his eyes. The look of infatuation. The look of love.

She couldn't take it. "DAMMIT JUSTIN!" She threw the bag of cookies to the side and snatched his neck over to her and crushed his lips on hers. She didn't give him time to push her away. She jumped in his lap and wrapped her arms around his neck.

Justin was shocked and he wanted to break away at first, but her kiss was so intense, he gave up and fell to her. He was unsure and felt awkward. He didn't feel exactly right, but he felt good.

Kim then felt his tongue break through her lips and his hand touched her leg, and she almost began to cry. She wanted his touch so much and here she was getting more than she could handle. She groaned because she couldn't get enough of him.

"I love you." He told her. The first time he spoke to her willingly. And he said the three most valuable words. "I love you so much, baby girl. And we WILL be getting married in November."

To keep from crying she kissed him harder and this was dangerous, because they could only far.

His hand felt up her soft body and his hand guided up her leg into her shirt, he held her tight.

"Ohhhhh.OW. Don't touch me there, Justin. Touch me here." She put his hand in the front of her shirt, on her stomach.

The continued to kiss passionately and Justin's hand wandered back to her back.

Kim groaned louder against his lips when he touched her soar bruise, but he touch her harder and she moan abnormally loud as if she was in pain. "OW!"

Justin pulled his lips back. "What, baby?"

"Nothing." She tried to kiss him again but her rebelled.

"What's the matter?" He just so happened pulled her back and look at her side where he shirt had rose up. When he saw the bruise...HE LOST IT.

Kim noticed something happened to him and she found the area he was looking at and pulled her shirt down. She climbed off of him.

He turned his head down at an angle. His eyes were already watering. "Is that..." He couldn't even speak. "Oh my God. I pushed you."

"No, Justin. You didn't push me. I slipped."

"I'm going to hell. I fucking pushed you. I remember last night. I pushed you." He looked stoned.

"You didn't PUSH ME, JUSTIN!"

His eye balls circled. "PULL UP YOUR SHIRT!" He shouted. "SHOW ME THE BRUISE, KIM!"

She backed away from him. "No, it's just a little bruise. You don't need to see it."

He stood up. "SHOW ME IT! I WANT TO SEE IT! NOW!" His eyes were blazing and he looked crazy.

She lifted her shirt up and showed him her back.

He cried out as if he was in pain and used his hand to hold the rest of his cries in his mouth. He never saw such a bruise. It's magnitude was just huge. It was so gruesome and sad. And it made him sick to know that he pushed her and hurt her like that...he went plain mad.

"Please, Justin. Don't worry about it."

He closed his eyes and held them closed. "OH, GOD! PLEASE FORGIVE ME! PLEASE!" He tried to rethink what happened, and was trying to figure out what had drawn him to the point of pushing her.


She grabbed him by the back of his shirt. "I SAID TALK TO ME DAMMIT!"

Justin  pushed her away.

The heel of her left shoe came into contact with a small patch of water. It twisted to the side then collapsed underneath her. Kim fell back and her legs crushed into the tub. She bent back and hit her back, then flipped backwards  into it and landed halfway inside of it, with the faucet jabbed in her back, and her head slammed into the wall. She moaned loudly, then twisted, and fell once again, to the bottom of the Jacuzzi tub, on her back, hitting her head on one of the steps of it, where she stayed, and didn't move anymore.

"I hurt you." He sobbed. "I PHYSICALLY HIT YOU, KIM!"

She was afraid of him because he had freaked out and she wasn't sure what he would do. "You didn't, Justin. I hurt myself. You had nothing to do with it."

"I hurt you...just like them. And now your covering for me just like them. JUST LIKE THEM!" He shouted and he kicked the glass coffee table and it shattered. "JUST LIKE THEM!"

He picked up a chair and threw it through the huge projector TV. It broke right through the screen.

"Justin, what are you doing? Your breaking things." She asked from the distance.


He stormed out of the living room.

Kim was shaking with freight because she now knew what it was like to deal with craziness. She could hear glass being broken and ran to the sight of the noise. There Justin was.

He had broken the glass sliding doors down and was breaking down the glass sun room, which surrounded the pool. He was beating it down with a stool. "I SAID I WOULD NEVER HURT HER AND I DID! I'M JUST LIKE HER FUCKING PARENTS!"

He was putting his life in danger because the room was about to collapse because it had cracked all the way though. "JUSTIN!" She yelled. "JUSTIN, GET OUT OF THERE! STOP IT! YOUR GOING TO GET HURT." She was so scared and knew it was going to fall at any moment but she ran into the glass room and pulled on his shirt. "Justin, come on! THIS ROOM IS FALLING IN! YOUR GOING TO GET KILLED!"

He kept hitting at the glass. "I HATE THEM ALL!"

"JUSTIN, STOP!" Glass started to fall from the roof. "JUSTIN, COME ON!" She pulled him. The pieces of falling glass started to grow bigger in size. "JUSTIN, PLEASE!" Still he would not listen or leave. It was now or never. She needed to leave now if she wanted to escape the falling room. She began to leave him and attempted to get to safety. In the middle of leaving she turned around and ran back over to him. She couldn't leave him. "Justin, if you don't go..." She whispered. "I don't go." A piece of sharp glass hit her hand and cut her. She kept her mouth closed and ignored the pain that followed after the gash. "I won't leave you like this."

"KIM! LEAVE, BABY GIRL." He saw blood drizzling to the glass cover floor and a piece of glass hit him but didn't cut him. He then picked her up and carried her out of the room. As soon as he left the room and placed her on the floor. They both heard a deafening crash and could see the room crumble. They made it out just in time and the pool was ruined, but they were still alive.

He took off his shirt and wrapped it around her hand. "Look, I've hurt you again. And scared the shit out of you too. Your trembling."

She had nothing to say. She didn't think he would ever lose it. And she was so scared she felt like throwing up. She could hear Jade screaming for dear life. The loud crash had scared her.

"AND IT'S ALL MY FAULT! I NEED TO GET OUT OF HERE! GOD, I ALMOST KILLED US BOTH!" He left her on the floor, ran upstairs, got his keys, and left.

Kim wiped a tear off of her cheek with her non-bleeding hand.

Chapter 26

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