Chapter 2

Kim walked back into the room. She was silent. Very silent. She sat back down, and all that could be heard was the paper crinkling underneath her. She slowly put her hair behind her ears. " what do I do now?" Never had she ever been so disappointed in herself. She looked down at the tacky carpet which brightened up the room. She could not even face the doctor.

"Well you seemed to be very shocked by the news, and you are very young, so I'm guessing this is your first pregnancy." He had a needle in his hand. "Before we do anything else, I need to give you your flu shot." He picked up her arm and pulled her short sleeve back. When he inserted the needle in her arm she didn't move. She didn't even wince. "Okay. That's all."

Her face, which was pale with fright, met the doctors colorless eyes. "I've totally fucked up." She whispered. "I have a boyfriend who doesn't need to have to deal with this, and then I have a baby. A innocent baby that deserves a chance. This is so awful."

The doctor stepped back away from her. His eyes then focused in on the ring on her finger. "Wait a second. Are you? Are you Justin Timberlake's fiancÚ? You have to be. It was in the paper. That ring was in the paper. It's rumored he spent over a hundred grand for it."

She started to cough. "Yeah. Don't tell anyone about this. If I see a newspaper ad that says Justin's fiancÚ is pregnant, I'll..."

"Don't worry miss. I'm more professional than that. It's against the law to reveal information like that anyway. You are going to be okay, you are going to make it if you believe that. I'm going to transfer you to Doctor Clark he is right around the corner. Just drive to building D. You need to get with him as soon as possible so you can get a due date and you need to get an internal pelvic exam, to make sure everything is going okay inside of you.

She swallowed really hard. "What happens with an internal pelvic exam?" She started chewing her finger.

The doctor rubbed his chin. "Well, it's pretty much when a doctor sticks their hand into the..."

She jumped off of the examination table. "I...I need to go. I don't feel very well. I need to go." She needed to leave and she walked towards the door.

"Miss Miller wait. Here. Take this card. If you want to do the right thing for you and your baby, you will call Dr. Clark."

She took the card from his hands, looked up at his balding head, then left.

Kim had to pay a brief fee for the doctor visit, then she walked back into the waiting room she saw JC had fallen asleep and his head was leaning up against some girl. The girl must have been a fan because she was giggling and enjoying every minute of it.

She pushed his shoulder. He was so startled he jumped to his feet. "I'm up. I'm up. I'm up. I'm up."

He looked on both sides to where he was standing. When his eyes captured the scared Kim, he wanted to just cry. Something was more than very wrong. He hair was wavy when she had left, and now that she was back, it was straight. For the first time he had ever saw her she was...PALE. Something had to be majorly wrong if she was pale. "Ka ka ka okay?" He himself was horrified, and he didn't even know what was wrong.

She was hugging herself and she was looking at him as if she was lost. Her eyes were glowing. Not glowing in the good way. Glowing with raw FEAR. "Yeah, I'm fine." She told him in a fake cheery tone. She coughed then cleared her throat.

He placed his hands in his pocket. "You look worse then when you came. Are you sure your okay?"

She sniffled and wiped at her nose. "I have um...Influenza."

He laughed at how she was overreacting because she had Influenza. "Come on girl. That's it? Your walking around and looking like somebody died or something." He placed his hand on her back and led her to the door.

During the car ride JC was very uneasy and didn't know what to do. Kim was either lying about something or hiding something because she started to cry. He wished Chris would have drove her to the doctor because he was not good with dealing with crying females. "Kim, what's the matter? Your not fooling anyone. Something is wrong."

She cried louder. "NOTHING IS WRONG!"

"Okay. Okay. Sorry for asking."

"I just hate being sick and, and, and...if you don't pull over I'm going to be sick in your car."

Without out any hesitation, or giving warning to the people behind him JC pulled over. Kim pushed the door open and she walked out into a field, put her hands on her knees and was just sick. JC turned the radio up loud and started to sing along with it, trying to ignore the gut-wrenching sounds.

A few minutes later he heard foot steps among the dried up wheat-like grass. Kim poked her head into the door of the passenger side. JC cut the radio off. "I'm so sorry, JC." She started to choke up.

She was looking even worse. She was still beautiful but she was in the worse looking condition he had ever saw her. She seem to be breaking down or trying to overcome something,, but he didn't know what. He was so confused. He was sad. He felt bad just by looking at her. He imagine how she was feeling on the inside.

He removed his seat belt and joined her on the side of the car. He then put the seat all the way back. "Kim, here. You lie down I need to get you home a soon as possible. You need to be at home in bed. It's going on twelve-thirty have you eaten anything?"

She laid her body back in the seat and nodded no.

"You need to eat something."

"I don't want anything to eat." She told him closing her eyes.

He wasn't going to fight with her. She needed to be home. She probably needed Justin.


When JC pulled up into Justin's driveway. He quickly got out of the car and walked into the house. "JUSTIN, where are you, man?"

He appeared from the top of the stairs with a cell phone in his hand. "What do you want, man? Just now getting back?"

JC looked down at himself and didn't like the way his pants were fitting so he adjusted his belt. "Kim is in the car saleep. I don't know, I know we came from the doctor and all but...she doesn'tlook very good. She's pale and that's just something that never happens."

Justin jogged down the steps. "What's wrong with her?"

He shrugged. "She says she has Influenza but..."

"What the hell is Influenza?" Justin asked worried.

"You know, it's like a very bad case of the flu?"

He nodded. "Oh yeah, I know. And your saying what now?"

JC sighed. "I'm saying she looks really BAD to be KIM. She got sick on the way back. She hasn't even eaten anything today. You need to do something about that. She looks terrible."

After all that JC had told him Justin was scared to go look in the car, but he knew the right thing to do would be to go get her, bring her inside, and put her in bed.

He walked out to JC's car and tried looking in the door window to see if he could see her, but it was so tinted he couldn't. When he opened the door, he took a deep breath and looked at the trees in his yard for a second. "Oh, Kim. Do you feel that bad honey?" She was sleeping but looked awful, just as JC  told him. He stroked her hair. "Kim, you okay?"

Her eyes opened when she heard his voice. She could feel him touching her face. "Huh?" She sat up quickly. "Oh, hi, Justin. I must have fallen asleep." She got out of the car and closed the door.

Justin looked at her in wonder. With the look on her face he was wondering how she was still walking. "Kim, baby, you don't look so well. You look sick, you look scared, you look BAD sweetheart."

She was heading towards the front door but turned around to face him. "I'm fine! What is WRONG with you PEOPLE? I'VE GOT FUCKING INFLUENZA. HOW DO YOU EXPECT ME TO LOOK? SHOULD I BE DOING BACKFLIPS IN YOUR FUCKING YARD? SHOULD I LOOK HAPPY?" She rolled her eyes at him and left him outside by himself.

Justin made his way after her and when he saw JC eating a slice of leftover pizza he stopped. "Your right. She looks bad. I don't know what's wrong with her. She seems mad at me. Mood swings." He shook his head and continued to walk.

"Hey where is Chris?" JC asked.

"Oh, he went to go check Lance out; see if he is still having his party." Justin started laughing. "You remember what happed to him when Lance had that last party." He shook his head as he laughed.

"Yeah. I remember. Ahahaha. "Hey Sarah you look good. Your hair is still red." hahahaha and it was JOEY!"

They both gripped their stomachs they laughed so hard. Justin wiped tears from his eyes and continued on his journey upstairs. When he entered the bedroom Kim was rolling around on the bed moaning. "It's so HOT in HERE. JUSTIN, IT'S SO HOT!"

He looked down at her, and he felt so bad. "Your hot? But it's almost December. It's not that cold but it's far from hot. Baby I'm sorry you feel so bad. What can I do?"

She continued to moan. "IT'S SO HOT DAMMIT!"

"Okay." He sat down on the edge of the bed and took off her sandals.


"Okay, okay, I understand that." He stood by her side and gently removed her shirt for her. She started to close her eyes and seemed to be getting more comfortable. "Is that better?"

"It's Hot!" She mumbled into a pillow.

He unzipped her jeans and tugged at the base of them until the fell off of her hips. He pulled them completely off. "Now are you satisfied?" He folded the jeans up and put them on top of the dresser.

She didn't say anything. He walked over to her and kissed her on the top of her head. "Maybe your hot because of your hair." He moved as much as he could of the long strands to the side. "Since you aren't talking to me for some mysterious reason, you sleep." He took just the sheet on the bed and covered her up.


It had been about eight hours. She slept the eight hours strait and was still sleeping. Justin didn't want to wake he but he had no choice because she hadn't eaten anything, and she was already small enough. She had to eat something.

She loved food. All he had to do was sit down on the bed and wait and she would wake up. He did exactly that and turned the TV on. In seconds she woke. "Justin? Justin, what are you eating?" She was half dead but she sat up. "Can I have some? What is it?"

He moved a plate her way. "Chicken fingers your fav. EAT! You need to eat something. How are you feeling?" He smiled because her eyes were heavy with sleep and she looked so cute.

"I feel good." She said eating at the chicken.

She looked better. Her face had turned it's normal tan color. "You look better. So no more sneezing and coughing?"

"Well, I don't know. I'm not that good. I still will cough, sneeze, oh throw up. I'm going to throw up a lot." She would be throwing up a lot because of morning sickness.

"Throwing up a lot? That doesn't make sense..." He broke off a piece of one of her several chicken fingers and ate it.

"I know. I've got the extended version of the flu." She turned her head to the side and coughed. There was no way, that she was going to tell Justin she was pregnant. At least not now. She would have to tell him eventually. But not now. The bright sparkle that shown in his eyes told her not to tell him. She stopped eating and looked down at her stomach. She was actually pregnant. She had another life inside of her body. She was carrying Justin's baby. "Oh my gosh a baby?" She asked herself.

"Haha, what are you talking about girl?" His smile was like a weapon because when he laid a smile on her she just wanted to die.

"I don't know. I'm just being crazy." She shrugged and took a bite of chicken.

"Are you still HOT?" Justin asked licking his lips. "I know you are HOT but are you still...feeling HOT?" He broke him off another piece of chicken.

When he placed the simple piece of food in his mouth, she closed her eyes at the pleasure she received from just viewing it. "I'm fine." She noticed the position she was sitting. Her stomach was scrunched inward and she wondered if she was hurting the baby. She laid back and put the warm plate on her stomach. The flu shot had helped a lot. Food was settling in her stomach much better and she felt quite good.

"I'm glad you feel better." He mouthed looking at the TV. "Come over here, baby girl. Watch TV with me."

She put the plate to the side of her and moved her body into his arms. His arm was around her shoulder and they just sat and watched TV. Kim couldn't believe it. She was pregnant. It appeared she was watching TV but she was really just looking at her stomach. She put her hand on her stomach and started to touch around it. She moaned a little because she was soar from some reason. When she looked over at Justin he was just staring at her with his mouth hung open. "Uh, don't mind me...were you just touching yourself?"

"JUSTIN!" She got out of the bed in protest. "I was not..."

His mouth was now closed but he smiled.

"I was not..." She couldn't explain what she was doing without explaining her being pregnant. "Okay, I was touching myself."

She walked into the bathroom and turned the water on in the Jacuzzi tub. That is what she needed. To just soak. She added some bubbles to the water.

Now that she found out she was pregnant she started to feel pregnant. She went to go put her bikini on. She was only going to get bigger and bigger so she might as well enjoy her small figure now. When she walked into the bedroom Justin was gone. "Must have went somewhere." She said to herself. She took off her underwear and put on her white bikini. When she got back to the Jacuzzi she turned on the jets and she sat down in the water with a giggle. As she relaxed in the bubbling water she began to think. "I'm having a baby." She whispered to herself. "I'm going to be a wait the doctor can't be right. He can't be.
She flung all her hair behind her back. "He's right...I can't tell him...when am I going to admit it to Justin?"

Justin came walking in the bathroom. "When are you going to admit what to Justin?" He moved his eyebrow up and down playfully. "Oh cool. You've busted out with the jets." He started taking his clothes off. "Can I join you?" Once he was in just his boxers he climbed into the tub with her.

"I didn't invite you in." She said jokingly and sneezing.

He ignored her. "This is nice...what did you want to admit to me?" He asked from across the tub. He scooped up bubbles and blew them at her.

"Oh, it's just that..."

He smiled in thought. "Oh you don't have to explain. I understand. Don't worry about it. It's okay to check stuff out with yourself." He winked.

She laughed and had a coughing fit in the process. "Yeah Justin." She nodded her head hesitantly. She moved her legs around and ran her toes over his thigh. "Justin have you noticed anything different about me?" She stood up and wiped away the bubbles that stuck to her body. "Look at me and tell me."

He slapped himself in the face with his hand. "Holy...DA-YUM." He put his hand to his heart dramatically. "Whoa, I can't breath you are so damn hot."

She sighed. "NO, JUSTIN. Do I look different?"

"Is that the same bikini you wore to the beach a month ago?" She nodded. "I thought so. Yeah, you look different. At first you were my seed, but now you've grown into a beautiful flower, in other words in the last few months you've grown in certain places. I wasn't going to say anything, but hey, you asked. Oh no, are you going to slap me?"

She sat back down in the water. "I've grown...what do you mean?" Maybe he knew she was pregnant already. Maybe he assumed it.

"Okay, now you are really going to slap me. You see your top...well it''s. Okay damn, your...chest just looks bigger to me. You made me say it."

She laughed and crossed her arms. "Okay, so I do look different?"

"You look more healthy. Put it that way." He grabbed her wandering foot underwater. "Watch it. I know what you did last summer. Keep your feet out of cracks."

She giggled but stop when she started to think about the baby again. "Why do you think I'm growing, Justin? Any particular reason?"

What the heck am I doing? Am I trying to tell him?

He picked her foot up out of the water and kissed it. " reason."

She sighed and sank a little in the water. "Oh, okay then."

He started to kiss up her leg. "Kim, what's wrong with you? What was going on earlier? Do you know you were pale? As in sickly pale. What do you have to say about that?"

She paused for a second. "I have to say...I got some very bad news. I found out I...I have Influenza." She forced herself to cough even though she was feeling much better. "And you are going to get it too if you don't stay away from me." She coughed again for the effect.

He moved to the end of the tub where she was. "Do you really think I give a shit about that?" His naturally straight eyebrow raised.

"You should. You are the one that has to get on stage and do a performance in a few days."

He looked to the side and then back at her again. "Like I said Kim, do you think I give a shit about that? I don't care what you have. NOTHING will keep me away from you."

Somehow she ended up in his lap and he was holding her and rocking from side to side.

"JUSTIN! JUUUUUUSSSSTTTTTIIIINNNNNN!" Chris yelled when he walked barged into the bedroom. "Where are you, man?"

Justin heard Chris enter the room and his heart jumped, and Kim's too because the outburst was so unexpected. "In here." He said simply.

Chris walked into the large Tommy Hilfiger styled bathroom and his eyes lit up with happiness when he saw Justin and Kim together. They looked so happy and generous just sitting there holding each other.

"I uh, didn't mean to intrude, man. I was just wondering if you would like to go to the party Lance is having? Oh Kim, how are you feeling?"

"I'm fine." She said nodding and smiling.

"Nah, ya'll go without me. I'm not going to the party."

Chris laughed. "Please. You? Not going to a party? Justin, that's the fakest thing you ever said. And you know I'm not lying. You go to more parties than me. And you get more DRUNK than me. You know it's true."

He gripped Kim tighter and laughed nervously. "Uh no. He's lying, Kim. I don't drink."

Chris shrugged and shifted his weight on his left side. "Yeah, sure. And who was the one making out with trees at the last party Lance had?"

Justin coughed. "Chris...I am NOT going to any party. I'm staying here with Kim. Please leave now. Your disturbing us."

Chris toyed with the hair on his chin. "Okay. But that was real sad when you attempted to walk down the stairs on your hands."

"Chris..." Justin said with warning.

Kim giggled.

"Alright, JC and I are off. I'll see ya in a few days." He left.

Kim turned her head to look Justin in the eyes. "Did you really attempt to go down the stairs on your hands?"

He almost blushed. "Please, Kim, don't ask...LONG story." He kissed her on the cheek.

Kim looked at her ring. The beautiful white gold band, reflected light. The diamonds shocked her every time she looked at them. They were huge but not to the point of bulky. It was the most beautiful thing she ever saw. And then she thought about the baby. How cute would it be to have a little boy running around the house with beautiful golden locks covering his head? He would call her mommy and Justin daddy.

She didn't realize she was crying from her thoughts. "What's wrong? Why are you crying, baby girl?"

"Oh, Justin. I'm so stressed. I'm so stupid." She hung her head low.

"Hey." He lifted her head with a finger. "Stupid? Thats my baby girl your talking about. Don't cry." He picked up her arm out of the water and kissed it. "Okay, this is ridiculous." He said observing her arm. "Kim, how much darker can you get? Are you sure you aren't mixed with another race or something. You are TOO tan to be a white person."

She wiped her eyes and laughed softly. "Shut up, Justin. You really white boy." She grabbed the back of his neck and forced his lips to hers.

Justin broke away. "Ut uh." He shook his head. "Don't you DARE try to kiss me like that. Do you know the danger of the position we are in right now? Remember who taught you that kissing technique?"

She nodded. "You were my first kiss, my first everything. I had guys like me in school, but I wasn't allowed to date or kiss them. So you were my first everything. I guess I kiss better than I use to?

His face inched closer to hers. "Yeah. Ain't no sugar in the world as sweet as those lips of yours." He looked down at them.

"I am so in love with you." She told him kissing the corner of his mouth.

He placed his hand on her stomach and that freaked her out. She climbed out of the tub. "Leaving so soon? "He had no idea what he just said or anything he said before that because he had lost his mind at the sight of her. "I think I've died and gone to heaven. Kim never wear that bikini again...your killing me."

When he stood up, Kim froze. At least Justin could talk. She was speechless. Her eyes were so wide she thought they would pop out of the sockets.

"What?" Justin asked looking at himself. "Oh." He nodded with a confident smile. "You like what you see, huh?" He stepped out of the tub. Water was everywhere because of them. "What's the matter with you, baby girl? Cat got your tongue?" He moved her hair to the left side of her neck and started to kiss it. "Well the cat has my tongue too."

She turned her entire body towards him. "No my neck has your tongue, ha or had it." She started to giggle. "You know what Justin? Since you've been picking on me about my tan, and boobs, I get to pick on you." She stepped back.

He put his hand on his waist. "Ha. You pick on me? Don't think so sweetheart."

"I feel sorry for you, Justin. You see that bulge in you pants? Well, it's very disturbing. And it is always like that no matter what you do and wear. I know your fans must love it, but don't you think you can tack it down a little? Put tape on it, try cold water, but do something about it." She was so serious and then she had the nerve to look at him in that region.

Justin's mouth was hanging open and he started to shift his neck in uneasiness. "That is the most embarrassing thing you ever said to me." He whispered, then he blushed.

Kim walked away laughing. She felt so much better.

"Kim, that was so wrong. I can't control it. I mean I can control it but I cannot help how my pants fit. I cannot help how my body was made."

She walked over to the mirror and was silently checking out her stomach. "Just drop it, Justin. I was only kidding. I know you can't help it." Justin was actually offended by what she said. And he was giving her the easy version of the silent treatment. "Justin, I'm sorry." She walked over to him and held him. "I was just kidding."

He nodded slowly.

"Justin, Please? I was just kidding."

He nodded again.

"I said I was sorry." She said kissing his chest and ...

"Um...okay your sorry." He lifted her head and smiled. He kissed her but broke away quickly to kiss her neck. "Kim do you think you are going to be well enough to go to the awards with me?" His lips moved to her shoulders.

"Oh, yeah. Of....of course."


Monday December 3, 2001 (30 minutes before arrival at Radio Music awards in California)

Today was the day. It was they day the public would see Justin Timberlake and his fiancÚ Kim. The awards ceremony itself was not all that big but the Kim and Justin story made the traffic and amounts of photographers and paparazzi's worse. Everyone was anxious to see Kim in person. Everyone wanted to see her ring.

Justin walked down a unfamiliar but formal hallway. He knocked on a door, but knew that he didn't really have to knock. "Kim, everyone is ready and..." When he opened the door. He was paralyzed by the beauty of her. She was wearing custom made snake skin pants. His stylist had made it so they matched so he had on a snake skin shirt. She had on a black sequenced tube top and it exposed all of her stomach and a long black leather jacket that hung down to her ankles. She had jewels glued on her stomach. When he took a step closer to her, he could see small jewels in the corner of her eyes. "Kim, you look the most beautiful I ever saw you. You look absolutely gorgeous." Her lips were glistening because they were heavily glossed. "I would kiss you but you are too beautiful to touch." Seriously he couldn't touch her. He just couldn't.

After all the things he said, Kim had kept quiet. She looked down at the ground. "Thank you." She whispered.

She was wearing her hair extra strait with a clean cut. She had it parted down the middle and jewels were glued down the perfectly strait part. "Wow you look stunning. My stylist. She has turned you into even more of a goddess."

Justin was decked out in his black leather pants, snake skin shoes and shirt, but she was so nervous and scared she couldn't express to him how good he looked. "Justin, I'm so scared. They are going to hate me." She played with her ring.

Why was she so nervous? Everyone practically knew they were engaged. She then figured out she was nervous about something. Something that no one except her and a doctor new about. Her pregnancy.

"Kim, everything is going to be okay." He assured her.

A tear crept down her face. "Your right, Justin. Your right. Everything will be okay." She wiped a tear away being careful not to displace any of the jewels. "You look amazing, Justin. You look so beautiful."

He hesitantly kissed her on the cheek. "Thank you. Now lets going. Everyone is waiting."


While Kim was in the limo she held the urges to vomit down. It was hard though, it was ten o'clock in the morning and she was sitting in a limo with about nine other people, she was suffering from morning sickness, and she was just clearly nervous about being within the media.

"Honey, your going to be okay." Justin whispered in her ear. He rubbed her arm up and down trying to make her feel better. "You are so nervous, you are making me nervous."

"I'm not nervous." She said quickly and fakely.

"Yes you are, baby girl. Your teeth are chattering your shaking so hard." He kissed her in her hair once.

She looked around at the people in the limo. All the guys had dates with them. Some of the girls were long time girlfriends. She just met all of them. They all treated her nice but she was not into the communicating thing. She just kept to herself and continued to hold down the urges to be sick.

The limo stopped and everyone looked around. "We're here, Kim. Okay, just stay calm. There will be a lot of people taking pictures. Remember, any questions you are asked, answer them truthfully. You will have to stay behind me because people are going to interview us and things like that. Okay?"

She nodded and gripped onto his arm.

"Kim, you looked like you've saw a ghost or is about to puke. Calm down, sweetie. If you are just cool and be yourself nothing can go wrong."

She nodded again. When the door to the limo opened up. Her cheeks puffed because she was going to throw up. She didn't have time to be sick right there because she was being pulled out of the limo by Justin's arm.

Kim felt the cold California air hit against her bare stomach. She propped her lengthy leather jacket higher on her shoulders and looked around. "Oh my God." She whispered to herself. She was still clutching onto Justin's arm.

She saw it all. And was blinded by the flashing lights and deafened by the screaming people. There was so much commotion, she didn't know what the heck was going on. People were yelling Justin. Girls were screaming at Nsync's arrival. Justin let his hand go from around hers and he started to walk away from her. She didn't know if she would be able to handle not holding onto him. A representative hand gestured her to stand about two feet behind all the guys of Nsync. By her side were the four other girls. They kept looking at her. It was written all over her face, she was scared to death.

"Don't worry girl. Don't be so afraid. You look great." Chris' girlfriend said.

Kim nodded and swallowed hard. She absorbed her crazy surroundings. People were everywhere, and they all seemed to have their eyes on her. She felt sheltered almost. She looked at Justin who was only a few feet away, but even that was not close enough. She couldn't bare to be standing and walking by herself.

"KIM! KIM!" A reporter called. "Kim, can you speak with us? Kim, can we ask you some questions?"

Voices were calling her from every perspective. The flashing lights started to get to her and she started to get sick.

"Oh my God it's Kim."

" It's Justin's girl."

"Kim is so beautiful in real life."

"Look at that ring!"

"Her ass is bigger than Britney Spears'."

"I heard she has already married Justin."

"She's so beautiful!"

Without thinking, Kim ran up to Justin and grabbed his shoulder from behind. "Justin they are talking about me. They are talking about my ass and they can't even see it." She said tugging on his jacket.

He stopped walking and held her. "Kim, hold my hand. You are upsetting yourself way too much." He entwined his fingers with her tiny ones. They walked quickly so Justin could get caught up with the rest of the guys. Kim stayed attached to him. She sighed in relief. She was near him, holding him, touching him, she felt so much better.

"Justin! Justin, is that your wife to be?"

"Justin, when are you two getting married.?

"Kim, is it true Justin is your first boyfriend?"

"Kim, are you in college?"

The security kept them from stopping and they continued to walk on the red carpet. 

Something caught Kim's eye. A girl was holding a sign saying ' Kim rules'. She continued to walk, but couldn't believe it. A girl had made a sign for her? She had to say something. Thank you at least. "Justin, I'll be right back."

Security was tight but she walked over to the girl and before she could say anything, the girl and a few others around her started crying. "Your so beautiful, Kim. We love you, Kim. We love Justin too."

"Me?" She said pointing to herself in shock.

"Please Kim, please sign this for us."

She took the pen and paper. "You want me to sign something for you? Whoa." She signed the paper and looked at it. "I don't know what to say. You are incredible fans. No wonder Justin loves your guys so much." She looked over to see where Justin was. "I'll get Justin to come say hi to you guys. You deserve it." The girls went hysterical and they started hugging each other.

Kim walked back over to Justin. He had stopped with the rest of the guys to let people take pictures of them. "Justin, you must go say hi to the fans over there. They are crying..."

He looked around. "Where?"

"Right there. They are crying. They made a sign for me, saying I rule. They went out of their way to do that for me. The least I can do is bring you to them. Go say something." She pointed to the area.

"Okay." He walked over to bouncing with excitement and teary eyed girls. Security guarded him heavily, but he was able to chat with the girls and sign a few things for them.


Justin and Kim smiled and waved, then continued walking.

Kim started to wonder what she was so nervous about. What was she so afraid of? Everyone was so nice and loving that she felt good, she forgot about the morning sickness which made her stomach feel heavy.

It took a while, but they finally made it inside of the large building. The inside of the place was of great enormity. It was decorated with elegancy. Justin and Kim stood in the middle of a formal staircase which had red velvet covered steps. "You see, that wasn't so bad, now was it?" Justin kissed the side of her face.

She shook her head. "No it wasn't." She fixed up his shirt, because it had scrunched where his muscles were. "You look so fine baby. You look so good." She smiled at him.

People were walking up and down the stairs past them but they took no notice. "You look awesome in that outfit. You are the sexiest girl on this planet." He stepped back and almost hit a person walking upstairs in the process. "Dang, aren't those pants cut a little too low? They don't make them cut much lower than that, do they?"

Kim looked down at the pants. "Yes, I know they are cut dangerously low. And who had them made for me? Who picked them for me to wear?"

Justin chuckled and grabbed her and pulled her close. "Oops I did it again." His teeth flashed at her they were so white. "Kim I love you more than anything." He kissed her on the lips quickly.

With her extra high-heeled shoes Kim was able to reach Justin better. She kissed him on the cheek. "And I love know we look good together. Leather...snake skin...great combination." She leaned her forehead against his.

"Yeah...great combination."

"Yeah. Great combination."

"Perfect combination." Justin said ending the echoes by kissing her lips. Everything going on behind them disappeared. The world could have ended and they wouldn't have noticed. They didn't realized they were having a make out kiss in the middle of an entrance hall, in the middle of a staircase. The people all around them stopped. Photographers took a few pictures of the couple and then stopped. Everyone just stopped. People on the stairs just froze in place.

Kim broke away from Justin and giggled. "You going to mess up my gloss." She wiped at his mouth to rid the gloss that had transferred from her mouth. The place was too silent and she looked around. EVERYONE. Every person in their sight was staring at them. There was no movement in anyone. She was waiting for the crickets to start chirping. She placed he face very close to Justin's. He was unaware of the the eyes on them because he was just staring at her. "Justin everyone is looking at us."

He turned his head to the side and viewed her facial features deeply. "So." He said simply shrugging.

She leaned in and kissed him again. She told herself to break away a few seconds later, but she couldn't.

It was obvious. Justin and Kim were in love. They were love struck. They were drowning in love. The rest of the guys of Nsync stood at the top of the stairs and they looked at the couple below them. Chris grabbed his girlfriend Dani and tried to kiss her, like Justin was kissing Kim. "Oh get OFF of me Chris. You are so FAKE! Besides look. Justin's stroking her arm...awww." The other women standing by Dani 'awwwed' too.

Justin broke away from Kim. This was the first time he every kissed a girl in front of the media, and he didn't care. "We better go. I do have to perform here." He smiled and took Kim's hand in his. "Careful in those heels, baby girl. If you were trip and fall, I'd kill myself." He guided her up the steps even though she really didn't need it.

It was the wrong time, but a wave of morning sickness hit her. It had been several days since she got her flu shot and honestly her Influenza was gone. She continued making up excuses when she would be sick, when Justin asked about it. She was running out of excuses. She stopped walking and paused, taking deep breaths. "Ok...don't do this. Not now!"

Justin stopped when he felt her stop. "Kim, what's wrong?"

"Justin I...I..."

"What? Are you hungry or something. Do you want some food?"

She covered her mouth. "Oh God Justin, shut up! Your going to make me be sick." She stood silently for a second. "I need to know where the bathroom is."

"Kim, your not sick anymore. What's your problem?"

She ignored him completely and walked away from him. She looked around desperately trying to find a bathroom. She walked passed a room, and it was pitch black. Her eyes caught the bathroom and just as she was going to walk towards it. A hand grabbed her and pulled her inside of the dark room.

She heard the door close and the light came on.

It was the overly jealous Britney and she was more than furious. She grabbed Kim's hand and tried to pull her ring off. "He asked you to marry him? I don't think so."

Kim pushed her away. "You leave my ring alone. And you better leave me alone. What's your fucking problem? Why are you always putting your hands on me? I didn't do anything to you." Kim didn't feel sick to her stomach anymore. She was too angry.

"Oh you stupid bitch. I told you I will have him back again." She put her hands on Kim's stomach and pushed her hard. She pushed her so hard she hit the wall and fell down. "He should be marrying ME!"

Kim's first reaction was so get up so she did. Her baby. She had pushed her and could have hurt her baby. "You pushed me you BITCH. You pushed me in the stomach." Kim grabbed her by the neck and threw her against across the room. "You just had to fuck with me didn't you?"

Justin opened the door and walked into the room. "Kim are you in..." He saw Kim and Britney fighting again. "What's going on?"

"She pushed me, Justin. She pulled me in here and tried to steal my ring. She pushed me. SHE PUSHED ME IN THE STOMACH."

He grabbed Kim's arm protectively. "I didn't want to have to do this Britney. But WE are getting a restraining order against YOU. Kim has better things to do then fight with you. Leave her alone, she has done nothing for you to be putting your hands on her."

"Don't worry, Justin. Your just sick right now. We will be together one day."

He laughed. "Yeah and Kim is going to have a baby real soon." He said sarcastically. He laughed harder. Kim started to feel sick. What he had just joked about was true. "Britney just stay AWAY!" He led Kim out of the room and pulled her to the side. "You okay?" She didn't look very well.

"I'm okay. Can we take our seats now? I'm sick of standing..."

He kissed her lips. "Sure we can. Don't worry baby girl you won't have to deal with that anymore. You sure you okay?"

She looked down and touched her stomach. "Yeah." She whispered.


A week later December 10, 2001

Kim decided to make a doctor appointment with Dr. Clark. She made an appointment to see him on a day Justin was busy at the studio. She was nervous and REALLY scared. Especially about the pelvic exam, but she had some how made a bond with her unknown baby and she knew going to the doctor would be best for that. She wanted Justin to be with her, but she couldn't tell him about the baby just yet.

She was sitting down in Dr. Clarks office. The middle aged man was working on his computer. He was very good looking. Kim was so nervous she was tapping her feet against the floor at a rapid speed.

"Okay Ms. Miller..."

"Kim. Please call me Kim. I mean you can call me whatever, call me Kim." She was talking very quickly. It was very hard to understand what she was saying.

"Okay...Kim. When was the date of your last period? Or just the last month you recall having one."

She chewed on her lip. "Um...Late September. Early October. Before September...I don't know I can't remember..."

He nodded. "Very well thats good enough." He was calculating something in his computer. "Okay your 'approximate' due date is the sixth of June."

"Sixth of June? Okay."

He stood up and looked down at her with a smile. "Yup, but to get a more accurate due date you need to have your exam. Shall we begin with your internal pelvic examination?"

She stood up and stared at him directly. "Exam? I don't think I'll be able to handle the pain. I mean, I don't think that's a good idea. You stick you hands in things...that's not nice."

He laughed and placed his hand to her back to direct her into a room. "Come on Ms. Mil...Kim. This will not be all that painful." They were now in a large room and it had a unusual looking examination table. It had holders for the legs. Kim freaked. "Kim it won't be that bad, trust me. Take off all your clothes and change into the gown right there and I'll be with you shortly."


"Okay. Now that wasn't that bad was it? Everything is perfect."

Kim was crying her eyes out. It was the most horrible experience she had ever been through yet.

"We need to schedule you an appointment to get and ultrasound too. I know it's a little early, but you know it's good to actually SEE the baby is doing okay." He tapped her on the thigh. "You go ahead and change back into your clothes and we will discuss your responsibilities as a mom further more.

Even when he left the room Kim continued to cry. "How awful. That was so awful." She swung her legs around to the side of the table and cried harder. "That was just awful. He saw me."

Slowly and sadly she put her clothes back on. "That was awful." She repeated again. She took a pony-tail holder and placed it on the end of her long hair, so it would stay behind her back.

When she walked out of the examination room she peeped into the doctors office and he was waiting for her it seemed. "There you are. Have a seat, Kim. Are you okay? Do you need some water or something?"

She shook her head.

Well after the test we've run and all the things we checked. I now know you are three months pregnant. About 14 weeks. Your baby is a few inches long at this point."

"Three months?" She folded her hands

"Yes. You are a beautiful young lady, but your small. Make sure you induce your calorie intake, Kim. You need to make sure you are eating enough, okay?" He pointed his ball point pen at her unconsciously.

She looked around the room. "Yes, I understand that."

You are in the second trimester, which is the second stage of three stages of pregnancy...have you been getting sick lately?"

She wiped her face that was wet with tears. "No. A week ago I was getting real sick in the mornings, but I haven't been getting sick in the morning all that much, just a little."

"Yes that is very normal. You will hopefully stop getting the sickness at all in a few days. Your appetite will increase, your sexual desire will increase, you may start to swell at the ankles. You have probably noticed change in the size of your ..."

Kim just plainly started to cry. She broke down. "I want Justin...I WANT JUSTIN!"

"Kim you can still have sexual  intercourse while you are pregnant."

She covered her hands with her face. "NO! You are not understanding me. My fiancÚ doesn't know about this."

"Oh I see..."

"I need to make an ultrasound appointment. You said in a few weeks you will know the sex of the baby."

He rubbed his hands together and typed something on his computer. "Yes that is right. How about January the third?"

She wiped her eyes again. She was still crying and didn't know why. "That's fine." She picked up a whole bunch of booklets and free samples of things, that she had received from the doctor.

"Remember Kim, cut down on the caffeine, and exercise as much as you can. By the way I saw you and Justin from Nsync on the cover of the paper. You make a cute couple I must say." He winked at her

Chapter 3

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