Chapter 16note- this chapter contains more adult content then any chapter I ever wrote. For you younger people or people who do not want to read it, I put the text in yellow so you can skim through the parts, okay? Happy reading.

He sat the present in Kim's lap. "That is yours from her."

She looked at the present unsurely. "Hum...there is no telling what it is." She looked up at Justin who was taking her outfit off. "I don't trust her. She's probably trying to kill me."

When he took the suede flare pants off and the 'Kim' shirt, he sat near her on the bed with his present from Britney on his lap. "I'll open it for you. That way if it is something bad, it'll kill me and not you. I know she wouldn't do anything like that though. I know she wouldn't try to kill me or ANYTHING I LOVE. She's like obsessed with me or something, now." He tore the paper on the edge of his present.

Kim looked at him with a surprised expression. "What did you say, Justin?"

He stripped the paper all the way down the side of the gift. "I said, I think she's obsessed with me or something."

She put her hand up and shook it. " that."

He stopped tearing the wrapping paper and blinked flawlessly with a warm smile. "I can't remember. Haha. What did I say, honey?"

She put her hair behind her ear. "Well, you said something would open the present for me, because if it was bad it would kill you and not me. I was you really love me like that? Enough to give your life for me? What you said was really sweet."

"Of course I really did mean it. I love you, baby girl. As a matter of fact." He took his gift and threw it on the floor then took hers and pulled the paper back from it. He stood up and walked across the room. " sign." He pulled the top portion of the box off and stared at what was inside of it.

"I love you too. What is it?" She lifted her neck up trying to see what it was."

He squinted his eyes. "It's...that outfit that she ripped that day. You know when you had your "first" fight with her? The blue halter top and that pastel skirt. Remember?" He lifted up the skirt with one hand. When he did he could see pictures hidden in the box. From the first one he saw, he knew that they were pictures him and Britney took when they were going out. They were fun pictures, no one else were suppose to see. "Whoa, why did she do that? She is so weird, man."

Kim stood up and was about to walk over to him. "Why did she do what?"

He grabbed the pictures and dropped the box on the floor, then smiled at Kim. He couldn't lie to her. "Baby, for some sick reason, she put these pictures of me and her in your box. You know...probably as a joke."

Kim paused and stopped walking. "Pictures of what?" She asked curiously.

He scratched his head. " of us...Kissing...doing things...having too much fun, with certain pieces of clothes missing. Stuff you don't want to see." He put the pictures behind his back.

"Can I see?" She asked. "I wanna see them. If you don't mind." She put her hand out.

He sighed. "Sure, baby girl. You can see them. I don't think Britney topless is something you'd want to view." He put them in her hand, face down then scratched his brow. "Now, no matter how sexual or close we look, it wasn't really like that because I never had sex with her."

Kim immediately looked up. "WHAT?" She couldn't believe it. "But I thought...but what about that 'ya'll went for a swim' thing? I thought you did sleep with her."

"Oh GOD no! I never slept with her. She's saving herself for marriage. At least thats what she says."

She looked down at the pictures and stared at the Kodak paper.

"He's good isn't he, Kim?"

"What do you mean he's good?" She asked noticing Britney had brown eyes.

"I mean, he's good in bed. That boy has got the biggest..."

"OKAY! I need to go back upstairs now. Justin is sick and I need to take care of him." Kim stood up picking up her bowl of cereal.

She shuddered at the thought. That, and the thought of Britney being topless; she didn't want to see that, and she handed the pictures back to Justin. "I can't believe you NEVER slept with her. I could have sworn you did. I can't believe it." She shook her head. "I can't believe, you must have really been in love with her, and she with you, because ya'll never even slept together. You had to be 'so' in love." She looked Justin in his eyes. "Wow! Why am I so shocked by all of this? I bet you still do love her."


"I mean, she asked me were you good in she knew already or something. She said you had the biggest..."

"I say we burn the pictures. Please Kim, don't start getting upset over this. I told you I WAS in love with her, not anymore. I'm not going to lie, I do love her as a friend. I mean I care about her because I've always known her and yeah I think she has went crazy, BUT I LOVE YOU MORE THAN ANYTHING. MORE THEN MY LIFE! See? Thats why she put the pictures in your present, to bring up sh...stuff."

She put her hand on his right shoulder. "I get what you are saying, Justin. But I'm just...I didn't know you actually liked...I mean loved her that much. You seemed to have loved her as much as you love me now. And I don't know; it's kind hard for me to picture. It worries me for some reason. I'm jealous, and I don't know why."

"Kim, don't." He encouraged her eyes with his. "Don't. Don't say such things. We have each other. I don't know what I would do on this Earth without you and now the baby too. We are stuck together forever. No Britney Spears will stop that, Nsync won't stop it. Nothing is going to stop us from being together." He ran his hands through his hair. "Nothing will stop us from being together, okay? We were made for each other. We are perfect for each other and everyone knows it."

She smiled. "Yeah, your right." She wrapped her arms around his neck. "I love it when you explain things like that!"

"I love it when your hair gets in your eyes, like it is right now." He moved it out of her eyes for her, his hand slid own her body and ended up in the back pocket of her jeans.

"I love you cutie. Aww you have the most perfect lips."

He licked his lips because of what she said. "You have the perfect everything. Your the smallest thing. Small is GOOD. And it's about time you've gained a little...put some meat on them bones."

Justin lowered his head and he leaned his head down towards hers. Just as he was about to kiss her, the phone began to ring. "Every time we get close. Something interrupts us. Don't you just hate that?" He kissed her on the lips anyway.

She could feel his tongue trying to break through her lips. "Ummmm. Ummmm. You need to answer the the phone."

He placed one last simple kiss on her lips then took her hand and pulled her to where the phone was. He picked up the phone and sat down on the bed, then directed Kim to sit down in his lap. He put one hand on her stomach and put the phone to his ear. "Hello?"

"Hey! How are you, Sugar?"

"Hey Ma. I'm doing good. How are you?" He smiled and looked up at the ceiling.

"I'm...okay. I have a cold, so excuse my tone of voice."

"Oh, alright. You do sound different."

"SO, how is Kim?"

"Kimmy you mean." He joked. He kissed Kim on the cheek.

"Yeah, Kimmy! How is the teeny little darling?"

"She's..." He was rubbing an area on her stomach intensely without even knowing it, in thought. "She's...pregnant." That was all he could think of.

Lynn laughed. "I know that much, but how are you two dealing with the baby being on the way? I bet she is starting to eat the strangest foods and such..."

"Good." He nodded. "And YES, she has been eating strange things. VERY VERY strange things." He turned his head and looked her in the eyes as he spoke. "Lately, she's been getting up in the middle of the night, to eat. And she stays downstairs forever." He took the phone from his ear. "And you leave me in the bed all by myself." He frowned and put the phone back to his ear. "Thats pregnancy for ya."

"Oh really? She's been getting up in the middle of the night?"


"Really? Well, thats normal."

"Yeah well, she's doing great. You know Ma, you can send or bring the baby stuff over now. The room is finished. We had it painted for the baby and everything. I pretty much think we are ready for the baby. "

"Honey, that is wonderful. Remember be RESPONSIBLE, Justin. I'm sorry but I gotta run. Take good care of Kim. Love you, baby. Tell Kim I love her too."

"That was quick. Love you too Ma. Bye."

He cut the phone off and dropped it on the bed. Kim grabbed his face and forced him into a kiss. She kept her lips pressed against his as she turned her body around and placed her legs around his waist. Justin groaned when the kiss depend and he didn't know where they were going with this. "Wait, Kim. Wait." Suddenly Justin stopped responding to her lips. "Before we have our kissing session. I'd like to ask you something. I almost totally forgot. I have to go to the Grammy's in several days. I just wanted to know if you wanted to come or not. I know you are pregnant and everything, so you probably don't want to go, and I perfectly understand."

She smiled and kissed him. "Of course I want to go."

"You do?" He asked surprised from her response. "YAYYY! I'm so happy! I thought I'd have to go by myself because none of the guys will be able to make it; they stood me up. And I have to go because I have to represent Nsync. They make me sick sometimes."

She pushed his body down against the bed. "Looks like I'll be representing Nsync with you."

His breaths were growing in size. "Kim, don't forget the rules, you are pregnant and it wouldn't be a good idea if we..." She covered her hand over his mouth.

"You say that every time. You know once I'm up here I get what I want."


April 12 2002, Grammy's; California

The door of a black limo with gold trim opened. A gentlemen wearing a solid black suit stepped out. He yanked at his black tie, to loosen it, which had a diamond pin in it, then lended his hand to help a young lady out of the limo.

"Oh my God, there they are. Thats them." The photographers went camera crazy. " There she is. She's almost eight months!"

Justin eloped his arm with Kim's and they stepped on the red carpet together. People had gained so much respect from Kim she didn't have to 'stay' behind Justin this time.

Out of all the celebrities at the awards, Justin and Kim were the main event.

"KIMMMMMMM KIMMMMMM. YOUR SO BEAUTIFUL!" Someone shouted. She was wearing a black strapped dress which had a square cut across the top, it's bottom layers were made from several pieces of sheer material and silk. Right underneath her chest was a satin bow, which flowed with the length of her whole gown. The gown itself was so long it covered her feet, it also fitted her to show the bulge in stomach. She was wearing the necklace Justin gave her, and the ring. So, she was utterly glowing.

Justin was wearing a solid black suit with a silk black tie and a white dress shirt. For the people who had an unclose view of him, they could see a stripe of black silk going down each of the side of his pants legs.

They walked down the red carpet looking more beautiful together than anyone else there. For some odd reason some people were even crying tears of joy, just by looking at them.

"Justin, Kim, would you please talk with Entertainment Tonight?" Both of them stopped and their security kept a close watch on them. "Thank you very much. Justin, what are you wearing tonight?"

He looked around at the flashes going off and the people screaming, and the madness. "I'm wearing Armani." He dropped Kim's hand to wipe the edges of his mouth.

The reporter turned to Kim. "And you, Kim?" Justin slipped her fingers between his. "I'm wear custom made Armani. Custom made, because I'm expecting, and I couldn't fit the original Armani pieces. Haha."

The female reporter laughed. "Haha. How far along are you?"

Kim squeezed Justin's hand. "In a several days I'll be eight months, so..." She nodded.

"Congratulations!" She turned back to Justin. "Are you ready to be a Dad?"

Justin smiled and waved at a fan. "I'm as ready as I'll ever be."

"How much did you pay for Kim's ring? It's gorgeous."

Justin placed a kiss on Kim's cheek. "Haha, I don't think the whole public needs to know how much I paid for her ring. I'll say this much, it is not one hundred grand, like the rumor says."

"When are you getting married?"

"November." Kim answered confidently.

Mike interrupted them. "Okay, that is all Mr. Timberlake and Ms. Miller can comment on, they must be on their way..."

Justin and Kim smiled at the woman and then continued walking.

A male reporter stepped up to Justin with a mike. "Justin, is it true you are trying to get a restraining order against Britney Spears?"

Justin put his hand up. "No comment."

Kim was having a blast and she tried to smile as much as possible, since so many people were taking pictures of them.

"They are so in love."

"She is pregnant and still that tiny?"

"I got my hair cut just like Kim's. Do you like it? I bet Kim likes it! HEY, KIM! LIKE MY HAIR? She nodded? OH MY GOD SHE NODDED."

"She did NOT nod you idiot, she sneezed."

"Look at all those diamonds they have on."

"Justin is so hot. I'm jealous, but I'm so happy for him and Kim."

Kim stopped walking. When she did, Justin did too. "Kim, you okay, baby girl?"

When they stopped walking, everyone around them wondered what they were doing.

Kim sighed. "Yeah, I'm fine. It's just that...THESE HEELS ARE KILLING ME!"

Justin laughed and looked down at the area of her feet but couldn't see them because of the dress. "Why are you wearing heels? You know you are basically a month and a half from having a baby."

He knelt down and lifted up the tip of the gown so he could see her feet. "Put your hands on my shoulders, I don't want you to fall." She did and he slipped one of the shoes off of her foot. She picked up her other foot and he slipped the shoe off of it, as well. The amount of pictures being taken doubled because of what he was doing. "Feel better?" He stood up and held both of the shoes in his right hand, by the straps.

"Much better. You didn't have to do that, baby." Her dress was dragging on the ground now from the lost length. She reached up and kissed Justin on the lips. Her little peck turned into a full kiss. She put her hand on the back of Justin's neck to notify him, not to break away. Justin responded to her by putting his free hand on her waist, holding her near him. This is the time period where no one took pictures. Everyone just stared at them. To be kissing on the red carpet was not the most appropriate thing to be doing, but no one cared. People actually enjoyed watching them kiss.

Slowly they both broke away from each other, then looked around. "My lipstick messed up?"

"Nope." Justin told her kissing her cheek. "Got lipstick on me?"

"Nope." She kissed him back on the cheek, then they once again walked.

"These shoes have the biggest heels, I've ever saw. What convinced you to wear them? A woman who wasn't pregnant, feet would hurt wearing them." He laughed. "The heels are a foot long."

"Yeah just like Justin Jr. and I don't mean the baby." She winked at him and Justin blushed before the entire crowd.

He then turned his face away from her and licked his lips. "How embarrassing, and your STILL talking about it." To try to hide his face he looked down at the red carpet.

Kim held his hand and shook it to get him to hold his head up. "I'm sorry. Justin, your bright red. I didn't mean to bring it up...not like this. I'm sorry."

He removed his hand from her hold and used it to cover the the left side of his face. "Your still talking about it. You would think it was old by now, but YOUR STILL talking about it." He started laughing to get rid of some of the embarrassment.

No one knew what they were talking about, but they were the cutest things to watch. They were both interesting people, and they made boring award entrances, interesting because they were doing things and acting like people normally wouldn't.

Finally they made it inside of the building. "This place is nice." Kim said looking around.

"I know." Justin said still holding her shoes in his right hand. "I would show you around, but we are late. We need to take our seats now, because I think the show has started airing already."

She picked up his hand and kissed it. "Okay."

A representative showed them to their seats. They were seated very close to the stage. "Justin's eyes widened when he saw, Joey, Chris, JC and Lance all sitting down. "What are you doing here? Oh, I see, you tricked me into coming by myself." He was shocked, but happy to see them. They all started to laugh. He let Kim sit down first.

She sat down and Justin sat next to her. She looked over at Chris who was the closest to her. "Hey! Hey guys." She waved down the line.

They all waved back. Justin looked to the side of him and saw the same representative directing Britney and her mother to sit right by him. "Oh, shit." He whispered to himself, when Britney sat down right next to him."

He put Kim's shoes down and then tapped her on the shoulder. She was whispering and having a conversation with Chris.

Kim stopped talking to Chris and looked at Justin. "What's up?" She asked biting her lip.

"Kim, don't freak out, but the damn Grammy's seating sucks. She's sitting right by me." He whispered.

She immediately knew who he was talking about. Kim looked over and her eyes locked with Britney's who had been staring at her since she sat down. She looked at Justin again. "She's looking right at me, Justin."

Justin turned to the side Britney was, just to get a glace of her and she took her eyes from Kim and looked at him. It had been forever since he had eye contact with her.

"Hi, Justin." She said plainly.

She was being normal and just saying hi, so he figured that was okay to say it back, but if she tried anything, like to kiss him, then that was not tolerable. After all, he was getting a restraining order against her. "Hi."

She stared into his eyes for a bit longer, and then she turned to her mother to speak with her.

Everyone's attention was then put on Rosie O'Donnell who was hosting the awards.

An hour and a half later.

"Kim I'll be right back. I'm going to get a drink...want anything?"

She was still looking at the stage. Britney just finished performing, and honestly...she did wonderful. She did a hype dance and sing routine, and she didn't lip-sync, she used her real voice to the best of her ability. Shockingly she wore an outfit that didn't show off any of her body parts. Kim was just shocked by how well she did. "Uh, no thanks."

Justin stood up and walked past Britney's empty seat. He smiled at her mother and walked out of the theater-like room.

When he exited the room he looked to his left then looked to his right, and he saw the bar he was looking for. He brought himself to it. The bartender was cleaning a glass. "And what can I get for you sir?"

Justin put his hands in his pockets. "A scotch on the rocks please...wait... what am I doing? Okay just kidding, I'll have a glass of, not Sprite, Coke. I'm so sorry. I don't know what's wrong with me today."

"Oh, it's quite alright. I've had a long day myself. Here ya go." He put the glass of Coke out for Justin to take.

Justin accepted it, and immediately took a sip of it through a straw. "Thank you." He told him raising the glass in response.

"Your welcome."

He then turned around, and as soon as he did, he hit someone and spilled the Coke all over them.

Britney's mouth hung open. "JUSTIN! You just spilled your drink all over me." Her dress was white and thin. He spilled his drink all over her chest was more like it.

He covered his mouth with his hand. "Oh, I'm so sorry. Hey, well, at least they are silicon. Hopefully they won't melt."

She laughed sarcastically. "Haha. Oh whatever, Justin. You just ruined my dress."

He couldn't help but look at where the soda has seeped. "Yeah? You've ruined a lot of things. You don't see me complaining."

She snatched the glass that was in his hand, and she used the remaining Coke and poured it over his head. She slammed the glass on the bar. "Explain that to you wifey Kim. I know you still want this. But until you realize that, you'll have to be a dumb ass."

He wiped the side of his face and she walked off. "That girl has some nerve. She's crazier than I thought, this is an ARMANI suit!"


April 14 2002 (at night)

Kim moaned and mumbled as if she was in pain. "I don't know what it's doing, Justin. I'm not having contractions, but it hurts. Right there." She held her lower stomach and was hoping the pain would stop. "Ow...Justin I don't know what's wrong."

Justin cut out the bedroom light just leaving the TV on and laid down next to her on the bed. He moved up really close to her and put one of his legs between her legs. "I know it hurts, baby. Remember what the doctor said last week. There maybe a few nights you feel pain because the baby is pushing down, and is preparing to come out. Just try to relax, baby. Okay?" His hand felt up and down the crease of her spine. "Just breath it off and let it pass on, baby."

She closed her eyes and squeezed them tight. "Owwww. It's like throbbing. OW,OW,OW!"

Justin stopped rubbing her back. "Okay, you sound like you are really in pain. You want me to take you to the hospital?"

Her eyes were still closed, but she reach her hand out so she could find his hand. She held his hand and squeezed it. "No...I'm okay. Just hold my hand." She opened her eyes and smiled. "I'm...I'm okay. Sorry. I didn't mean to scare you. I'm just new to all of this. Whew, he was really moving down today.

"Aww baby girl, is there anything I can do? I hate that you have to go through all the work, in carrying and having the baby. I can't imagine the changes you go through. You poor thing." His face was close enough to hers, and he was able to kiss her on the lips. "You okay now?"

"Yeah. I'm good." She kissed his lips and lifted her head up for comfort.

Justin used his hand to hold her chin and direct it to whatever position was best to slip his tongue in her mouth.

After a sweet, satisfying kiss, Justin cupped her face and broke away. "I love you SO much, Kim. I really do."

"Mmmm. And I love you. If you don't know that by now, you better ask somebody."

He laughed and tucked her hair behind her ear. "You sure your fine, my sweet baby girl? If your water breaks or something let me know."

Kim looked up at the ceiling and laughed. "Yeah right, Justin. We have about one more month. A month in a half...something like that."

Justin yawned. "Yeah. We will have a baby very soon. And in two days you are going to have another ultra sound the doctor will be able to confirm the baby is a boy. I know I'm right."

"Yeah." Kim smiled dreamily. "Justin, I know you are tired from putting up with me all day. Stop worrying about me so much. Go to sleep, baby. I'll be okay."

His eyes were closing already. "I'm not tired. I'm fine."

Kim giggled. "Justin, you just lied to me. YOU LIED TO ME." She said loud enough to make his closed eyes open.

"I know. I just lied. I'm sorry. It just that, it's ten o'clock at night and all this running here, running there, flying from California, the awards. I'm just so..."

Kim laughed quietly when Justin drifted off. "JUSTIN!"

His eyes shot open. "Huh?"

"If you are going to go to sleep, then get under the covers." She pulled on them a little, and Justin removed his leg from between hers, and got under the covers. "I love you, baby girl. And if you need anything, anything at all. Just tell..."

After a few minutes of watching TV, Kim saw that Justin had fallen into a deep sleep. She cut the TV off so that the room was pitch black, and quietly left the room and went downstairs to get a snack. She had no idea what she had a taste for. She opened up a cabinet and the first thing she saw, looked good to her. "Kraft macaroni and cheese. Cool." She put a pot of water on the stove, and turned it on so it could boil.


Kim pulled the covers back a little. She stared to kiss Justin on his neck to get him to wake up.

He started to stir and laid straight on his back. Perfect opportunity for her, she pulled up her nightgown and crawled over him.

Justin awoke to darkness. "Kim, what are you doing?" She kissed his lips to quiet him. As they kissed Kim slid her hand under his shirt and pulled it up. She let her lips up just a little to pull the shirt up over his head. "Baby, WHAT are you doing?" She would not answer him.

She wanted him so bad. She pulled her underwear down and then tried to pull his boxers down a little. "You want to this bad? But I was asleep. I told you I was tired."

She shut him up by kissing him, and then moved on top of him. "Uhhhha, uhhhha I've told you doing this is not good for the baby. You were complaining about pains. Remember? Oh what the hell!" He fed into what she was doing.


Kim's macaroni and cheese was finished. It took a lot of waiting for the water to boil, but finally it was finished. She put plenty on the plate because maybe Justin wanted some. After all he was tired. As she was walking up the steps of the home, she could hear moaning coming from upstairs. She wanted to know what the noise was.

As she grew closer to the slightly open door. She was so scared that she put the plate of food at the top of the banister. She slipped through the cracked door, and could see a shadow of two people going at it on the bed.

"Ohhhh baby...ohhhhh baby. I love you so much." Justin moaned.

Kim could feel the tears exploding on her feet. She walked over to the light switch. He and whoever else didn't even notice she was in the room. "Justin?" She flipped on the light switch.

The most revolting thing she ever saw. The most horrible thing she ever saw. Britney on top of Justin. She just grew sick she was so horrified by the sight. "OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD!"

Justin froze and his blood ran cold when he was looking at Kim who was breaking down across the room. Then who was on top of him? "What the hell..." He looked up and met eyes with the cheesing Britney. "Oh, you fucking bitch. You tricked me." He threw her off of him and she fell to the floor having a laughing fit.

"Haha, it was great, Justin. Didn't hurt one bit when you were inside me."

He knew he was is big trouble. He HAD to tell Kim what happened. "Oh...oh my God...Kim." He pulled his boxers up under the covers and walked over to her. "Kim, let me explain. I didn't..."

She slapped him across the face. "This is it. I've had enough of this. THIS IS THE LAST I WILL TAKE OF THIS SHIT, JUSTIN. How could you? I'm carrying your baby. Was I not thin enough for you? Was I not as attractive as her? YOU JUST HAD TO HURT ME DIDN'T YOU?" She slapped him again. "I'LL NEVER FORGIVE YOU FOR THIS." She was so angry and disgusted that she couldn't hear, see, or think correctly.

"Baby, I'm innocent. She tricked me."

Kim pushed Justin out of the way and looked on the dresser for things she needed. "Just shut the fuck up. I don't want to hear YOU right now." She grabbed her keys, Justin's cell phone, and purse.

He put his hand on her shoulder. "Wait! I need to explain. You must hear me out."


"But Kim..."

"I'm leaving. I am not going to go though all this pain and hurt ANYMORE. I'VE GOT TO BE STRONG. FOR ME AND THE BABY!" She pushed him out of her way so she could leave.

Justin wiped his teary eyes. "Where are you going? Let me guess, back to your parents?"

She turned around and snapped. "No! I'M GOING TO GET MYSELF A GOD DAMN LIFE!" She slammed the bedroom door closed and ran down the stairs.

Justin opened the door and followed after her. When he made it outside of the house, she was already in her car starting it up. "What are you doing, Kim? You can't leave! We're getting married in November! Please, baby. Let me explain. I didn't know she was she. I thought she was you."

She adjusted the view in her mirror and ignored him. "Oh, that reminds me." She took her engagement ring off, and threw it at him. "I'm NOT marrying you. I would never marry your sorry ass. Have a ball with Britney, you loser." She pulled out of the driveway with tire-screeching speed.

Justin watched as the ring she threw at him spun on the ground. His whole world stopped and crumbled when the ring stopped spinning. The sad thing was...he was honestly innocent. "What a fucking nightmare."

Chapter 17

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