Chapter 15

"I need to speak with my daughter. I HAVE A RIGHT TO! SHE'S MY DAUGHTER!"

Justin was basically choking the man with his own shirt he was squeezing him so tight. "No. She WAS your daughter, and you cannot see her because I said so." He let the man go, to just look him over. "You are the sick bastard that has hurt her so much? You need to LEAVE RIGHT NOW!"

The man fixed his shirt. "So she's been telling you things? Let me see her right now, or I'll take matters into my own hands."

Justin spit on the ground right by John's feet. "Man, please! I guarantee you are not going to see her." He stepped up as close to the mans face as possible. "You shouldn't have done it. She still suffers from it. You shouldn't have told her that you hated her." His voice started to rise. "YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE BEATEN HER LIKE THAT! DID YOU EVEN TAKE NOTICE TO HOW BEAUTIFUL SHE IS? HOW COULD YOU DO THAT TO HER? I HAVE TO LOOK AT HER EVERYDAY, AND SHE SEEMS SO HAPPY, BUT DEEP DOWN INSIDE SHE STILL HAS THE PAIN! ALL THE INHUMANE PAIN YOU AND HER SICKO MOTHER HAS DONE TO HER! YOU SHOULD BE ARRESTED FOR WHAT YOU'VE DONE! AND LIKE I SAID, YOU WON'T BE SEEING HER! NOT TONIGHT! YOU NEED TO LEAVE NOW!"

"What did I say?" The man spat back. "LET ME SEE MY DAUGHTER!"

He looked the man up and down. "You are on MY property so I have the right to kick your ass. What you've done to her can never be taken back, BUT I KNOW THIS MUCH! YOU WILL NEVER HURT HER AGAIN! UGH! And to think you've touched her in the wrong ways? THAT IS JUST SICK! I've always wanted to do this..." He gave him a nice double punch in the face and the man was knocked instantly unconscious. Justin looked down at the man that had fallen to his feet. "Thats what you get you stupid ass. Won't be fucking with her no more!" He laughed at the passed out man and knelt down on his knees. He picked his head up by his hair. "Hello, Kim's dad. Tell me how it feels to be laying on the doormat in front of my house? He dropped his face back down against the ground.

Justin had a plan. He drug the unconscious man down his driveway. "Whoa. That is a very, VERY NICE CAR! A 2003 Ferrari?" He whistled. "Damn thats a nice car!" To his luck the door was unlocked and he opened the door and shoved John inside. He closed the door purposely on his legs. "Oops, did I do that?" He threw his legs inside of the door and closed it one final time.

He walked back to the house and into the kitchen. He stared at the ice-cream and things he left out, and he almost forgot about Kim's Sunday. He was going to make it still...when he got back, that was.

He took a knife from it's holder and looked at the staircase making sure Kim wasn't there as he walked back out of the house. He made his way back down the driveway, and without another thought, he started slashing the tires on the 250,000 dollar car. "Your stupid ass trying to come to MY house, demanding to see Kim! You can kiss my ass you evil son of a bitch." He was slashing the fourth tire. "You will never hurt her again. NEVER!" He stabbed the tired hard to release his anger. He then stood up and looked at the sleeping man through the window. "NEVER!" He used the knife to scratch off the black paint on the side of the car. "Your car won't be so nice when I'm done with it. No siree!" He kicked the the sides of the car and just put huge dents in it. "I cannot believe you came here. Just show up at my house." He scratched the car up with the knife some more. "Trying to get to my baby girl. God only knows what you want her for." He stood back and looked at all the damage he had done to the exotic, rare, beautiful, new car. "OH IT JUST MAKES ME SO UPSET. ALL OF IT! To see her CRY about all that shit. TO WATCH HER SIT UP ,HEAVING, IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT!" He was just blazing and if his hair was on fire it would be less hot then the hotness of anger that was in him. He could not control himself. He was just so mad that he couldn't feel anything throughout his body. The abuse. The physical and mental pain Kim suffered. And she was just such a beautiful person. He didn't know how she could move on from all of it.

Justin punched one of the windows on the vehicle, and it shattered on direct contact. He laughed. "Well I guess my work is done." He walked back up to the driveway with the knife in hand and not a scratch on him.. When he entered the kitchen again he washed his hands and continued to make Kim's Sunday.

He made it exactly like she wanted it, but instead of putting one cherry on it, he put two.

He put everything away and took the ice-cream upstairs to Kim, who had been waiting for him a long time. "Hey, baby girl." He smiled because she was looking at baby names still, just as he suggested. He walked over to her and put the ice-cream in her hands. "Here you go."

She put the laptop to the side of her. "Looks sooo good. I STILL HAVE TO SAY IT WAS HUUUUUHHHHEEE, JUSTIN! Thank you. What took you so long? What were you..." She stopped talking when Justin picked up the phone and dialed 911.

He walked across the room and sat down on his side of the bed. "Hey, Justin Timberlake here. I have this man in front of my house. He wouldn't leave so I knocked him out, and I would appreciate it, if you would take him off of my property. Yeah...well I kinda destroyed his car... Yeah slashed his tires and everything, but only because he was staring trouble with me...yeah...Okay when they get here I don't want anyone making a scene, because then it will draw to the media, and my fiancÚ is expecting and she doesn't need any drama...So they are coming to get him?...When they get here just ignore what is going on? Okay will do....Thank you too...Oh no, don't be sorry about it...It was nice talking to you too...Thank you. I'm happy to have talked with my number one fan...You too...Bye." He turned back to see Kim looking at him as if she was lost.

"Justin, what's going on? If there really a guy out there?"

He sat the phone on the bed. "Yup."

She put some ice-cream in her mouth. "Well, who is it?"

He laid back on the bed. He wasn't going to lie to her. "Well it was...your dad."

She picked up the comforter and held it up to her cheek, as if she was trying to hide.. "WHAT? Wa wa what is he doing here? How did he know I was here? O my gosh. He's after me isn't he? He's probably trying to KILL ME!"

Justin picked the ice-cream up out of her lap and scooped up a spoonful. "No, no baby. It's okay. He's not after you. He just wanted to talk to you, but even I wouldn't allow that. Eat your ice-cream, okay?" She accepted the ice-cream he put to her lips. "I beat him down and tore his car up. Man it was a hella car too. He's passed out in it right now. The cops said they are going to take care of him. Don't worry about it. Your safe. I'm going to protect you baby girl. I'll put my life on that."

She accepted another spoon of ice-cream. "Okay Justin. I trust you...I have something to tell you."

He leaned his face in closer to hers. "What?" His eyebrow raised seductively.



One week later April 3, 2002

Kim ran her hand over the white arm. She swayed it up and down, feeling the crevices and details of it. She thought deeply as she did this. Her eyes closed and she inhaled air that was new to her.

"What are you doing, baby girl?"

She jumped and almost had a heart attack. She withdrew her hand from the brand new crib. "Justin RANDALL Timberlake! Are you trying to cause me to go into labor? Sheez. You scared me to death."

He pulled her close to him. "I'm sorry baby. Of course I didn't mean to scare you." He forced her head to his chest. "So you like it? Do you like the baby's room? I like it. I'm happy the crib came yesterday, now the room is complete."

"Yeah." She whispered closing her eyes. "I love the BABY-BLUE-NESS of the room!" She said sarcastically. "No, but seriously I love it. I'm just scared...and all of this is really hitting me. WE are going to have a BABY...I'm so scared, Justin. What are we going to do?"

He pulled her chin up with his fingers. "What we are going to do is be great parents." His hand felt down her body and met her stomach, where it remained. "We are going to have the BEST kid. He's gonna be spoiled." Justin brought the length of him to her level and kissed her on the lips. "One last thing, Kim. I'm really happy about the baby. Hopefully, you'll have more of my children."


"Really!" He kissed the absolute tip of her nose. "I'm really sorry I scared you, I just wanted to ask you some stuff about the wedding. I know that we are having a November wedding and I told the assistant that, BUT I also told her by this evening, I would be able to tell her what we want our color scheme to be. In other words what color do you want the bridesmaids dresses to be?"

Kim sat down in a white rocking chair which had a baby-blue cushion. "This wedding thing is depressing me. You want to have this huge wedding can we? I have no family coming at all! And the color of my bridesmaids dresses? She looked down at her still growing stomach and tried to imagine holding the baby in the rocking chair...but holding it in her arms.

Justin knelt down and placed both hands on her stomach. "You said your maid of honor is going to be Angie, right? The girl that does your hair. Okay, and your other bridesmaids are: Calia, Bobbi, Dani, Kelly, and Carrah, Lance's girlfriend. So...what color? You decided. And please don't say pink."

She captured his eyes. "Humm I wonder? How about baby-blue?" He knew by her tone she was just being sarcastic. "I don't know...November is in the fall so how Like blue BLUE? The average sapphire-like color?"

He shrugged. "Whatever you want, baby...whatever you want. That sounds cool. So you want your dresses, and the whole scheme to be blue...sapphire blue?"

She nodded. "I guess."

He moved his face close to hers and by straining his neck he was able to kiss her on the cheek. "Cool." He kissed her again. "So how are you feeling? I know last night you weren't feeling all that well." He picked up her hand and held it.

She smiled at his affection. "I'm okay. I feel a little faint and I feel like if I eat something I am going to throw up, but I'm pregnant and I'm suppose to feel this way. Did I mention I feel fat? How are you feeling?" She caressed his fingers like he was hers.

"Oh, I feel great. You wanna go lie down, baby girl? If you feel faint, you should sleep. Besides it's only eleven in the morning. You want to get some sleep?"

She stared at his hand, in which was touching hers. "Well..."

He stood up and pulled her arm, to help her to her feet. "Nope. No excuses. Your getting some rest NOW!"

She almost fell he tugged her so hard. "What are you trying to do, Justin? Kill me today? I told you my back hurts. Man, I feel so old."

"Awww I'm sorry. You should slap me when I do stupid stuff like that. I forget your pregnant sometimes." He grabbed her up in his arms. "You okay?"

"Yeah." She told him tucking her head against his chest.

"Dang...your getting kind of...HEAVY!" He joked.

Kim jumped out of him arms and looked at him wide-eyed. "THANKS A BUNCH! Remind me how FAT I am why don't ya!"

She walked into the bedroom herself and laid down on the bed. "Kim I was JUST KIDDING. Can't you say KIDDING? Want me to spell it out for you? K...I....D...I....N...G!"

Kim busted out laughing. "Justin, kidding has two d's!"

He plopped down on the bed beside her. As soon as he did, Kim slid up close to him and put one of his legs between hers, to keep from being uncomfortable laying on her side. Justin shrugged. "Oh I knew that...just a MINOR error." He kept and eye on where his legs was. "Kim...are you trying to hump my leg?"

She gave him such a serious look, he flinched. "DOES IT LOOK LIKE I'M TRYING TO HUMP YOUR LEG?"

He almost laughed. "Na No! Of course not. I was just...K...I...D...D...I...N...G, Kidding! About that too." He picked up the Vogue magazine he had not parted from all week. Still he could not get enough of looking at the photos of her. He looked to the right of him and saw that Kim had her eyes closed. She was trying to go to sleep.

"Justin, what are you doing?" Kim asked with her eyes still closed.

"Looking in a magazine." He said staring at one of his most favorite pictures of her.

"Oh, don't tell me your still looking at that VOGUE magazine, Justin..." She smiled with her eyes still closed.

"Yup thats the one. Open your eyes, Kim. Look at this picture of you. When you look at it, what do you see?" He put the magazine in her face so she could view it closely.

She squinted her eyes. "I see me with leather pants on, and a leather pushup top. What do you want me to see? You've asked me that everyday for the past week. I don't understand what you want me to see."

His eyes brow raised but he didn't say anything.


He licked his lips and then wiped them with his mouth. "You don't see it, do you? Never mind..."

"What?" She asked again moving his knee down a little.

"Nothing." He flashed her a charming smile. "Yup this is the magazine that I've been taking with me, to the shower every night." He joked once again. Kim kicked him for that one, and he vanished over the edge of the bed. "MMMYYYYY NNNNECCCKKKK YOU BROKE MMMYYYYY NNNNECCCKKKK!"

His screaming scared Kim to death and she got up and ran to him quickly. He sounded like he was in the worst pain ever. He really sounded injured. "Oh my God, Justin. I am so sorry. Oh my God, what have I done?"

When she got to him she picked his head up and looked at him. "Justin, are you really hurt?"

He groaned. "MY...MY...NECK. I CAN'T FEEL MY LEGS. Why can't I feel my legs? I CAN'T FEEL MY LEGS!"

Kim started to cry. "Oh my God. WHAT HAVE I DONE? OH NO, JUSTIN! I DIDN'T MEAN TO..." Her tears splattered on his face.

Justin sat his head up. "Oh NO, don't cry. I guess I went over board with the jokes. I was just playing. My neck isn't really broken. Don't cry. I'm going to stop acting so childish now. I didn't mean for you to cry."

Kim breathed in deeply and sighed.  "Justin, that was not funny at all. YOU HAVE ME IN TEARS. I really didn't mean to kick you like that though. Maybe next time you won't be so lucky and very well may break your neck. You shouldn't scare me like that..." She was sitting on the floor, on her knees. She closed her eyes and squeezed them tight. "You...uhha. What's going on? Oh no...the" She started moaning as if she was suffering from unbearable pain. "I think...I think...I'm going into labor. BUT IT'S TOO SOON. OOOOWWW, OH MY GOD IT'S PUSHING DOWN."

Justin went completely pale. "What? WHAT? YOUR GOING INTO LABOR? OH G.." He fainted and his head hit the floor mildly.

She covered her mouth and giggled. "Ha ha my joke was better that yours!" She slapped him across the face because she thought he was playing around, and pretending to be unconscious. She shook him. "Justin?" She didn't move. "JUSTIN?" She shook him harder. "JUUUUUUUUSSTTTTIIIIINNN!"

His eyes opened. "What? What happened? Wait a second, are you in labor? OH NO, YOUR IN LABOR!" He shot to his feet. "Well...don't just stand there. I gotta get you to the hospital, baby. OH NO, WHAT DO I DO?!"

She stood and put her hands out. "Justin Timberlake. Calm down. I AM NOT IN LABOR...yet!"

He was confused. "But I thought..."

"No you were dreaming, what you were suppose to do was make me a turkey and ketchup sandwich."

He shook his head. "Damn...I was so scared. Okay, make you a sandwich." He walked out of the bedroom door but a few seconds later, he suddenly walked back into the bedroom. "Turkey and WHAT? Good Lord. Ketchup? Oh that is just SICK, KIM!" He shuddered and gagged. "But whatever you want." He shivered again. "Man, that is just sick."

Kim sat down on the bed and laughed. "What kind of relationship do we have? I don't know, but I love that boy."


He licked the area around her naval, and then kissed it. He continued to kissed her tenderly and gently. "Okay Justin, enough tongue kisses with my stomach."

He continued to kiss her but he's eyes wandered up to meet her eyes. "Why?"

"Because. It's like your making out with your 'son'!"

He shook his head in warning and moved on his side of the bed. "It ain't even like that. EW! You just ruined a perfectly good moment. I was just about to give you a kiss."

"I know but you were already kissing..."

"Not that kind of kiss, the other kind!" He lessened the volume on the TV.

"Damn." She mumbled under her breath. "So, we are just giving up on baby names and we are naming the baby Justin Jr. right?"

He laid back against his pillow. "Uh huh." He pulled Kim on top of him. "Have a seat."

She giggled. "Still not too heavy for you?"

"Nope." He picked up his fingers and joined them with his. "You know what? Thank you."

She rubbed his chest. "For what?"

He kissed her hand. "For carrying my child. All the sh...stuff you go through for me. Thank you, baby girl."

Her tan skin was radiating. "Your welcome." She bent down and kissed him. "Well at least I can still reach you from here. My stomach isn't blocking everything yet."

He stared into her eyes and smiled. "I love kissing you."

"I love kissing you." She thought about Justin beating up her father, she wondered what he wanted, but she wasn't about to question Justin about it. "Hey Justin, we still have Christmas presents to open. You want to open some? I know you opened your Birthday presents but do you want to open your Christmas ones?

She moved his hand to be lower down her leg. "Sure, I don't care. It's like three hundred presents in the dang bedroom. We need to open the presents and get rid of all that stuff. Haha thats a shame, it's April and we still have Christmas presents."


"Kim, you don't like the Outfit? It's custom made. And just in case you didn't know what the shirt says Kim on it in rhinestones."

She looked at the shirt with a twisted smile. "Yeah is cute, but I'm too fat to wear it. ANYONE WILL LOOK GOOD in it except me."

Justin held the outfit out in front of her. "Oh, that is not true!"

She crossed her arms. "Oh yes it is! My boobs probably won't even fit in it. Like I said, it would look good on anyone EXCEPT me."

Justin pulled his shirt off. "That is not true. It wouldn't look good on me." He put the shirt on, that said Kim on it. "See?" He unbuckled his jeans, took them off and attempted to put her suede pants on. They only reached his lower thighs and his boxers were puffing out of the top of the pants.

It was hilarious to see. Kim was dying, she was laughing so hard. The reason why he did it was to make her laugh. He laughed right along with her. "'!" She tried to clam down. "Justin, have you lost your freakin' mind?"

He walked around the room in the out it, to act as if he was cute. The flared legs were so high watered on him it looked like he was wearing capri's. "You know I look good, girl!"

Kim only laughed harder. "!" She coughed. "" She sat down on the bed of the guest bedroom, which was where all the presents were stored.

Justin, still in her outfit, looked through the presents. He picked up an outcast box. It did not go with any of the other wrapping paper. Well, it was two of them. Justin looked at the two odd boxes. "Hey, Kim. We still didn't open our presents from Britney. Should we take a look...or just get rid of them?"


Chapter 16

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