Chapter 13

Kim wiped her mouth continuously; Britney had kissed her lips. The thought was so gruesome it made her sick to her stomach. "What am I going to do about this?" She asked herself, sitting on the bed. The whole situation was a mess.

She thought to herself for a while, then got up to take a shower. That was probably one thing she needed.


Kim walked out of the bathroom with a slight cloud arising behind her. Justin was in the bedroom with his hands behind his back, pacing. "Kim...I need to talk with you. We need to talk!" His voice was very encouraging and forgiving.

She pushed past him. "I have nothing to say to you." She walked into the closet and fixed her towel so that is was tighter around her petite body.

Justin followed her into the closet. "Baby, you really have no choice. We need to talk, and you know we do."

She opened up a drawer and pulled a tank top from it, then she turned to Justin and gave his an uninviting look. "Just leave me alone. Do you mind? I'm trying to put some clothes on."

His eyes couldn't take sight from the towel. And his mind could only imagine what was underneath it. "I do mind. You know I always take a peek when you are getting dressed. Don't mind me."

She shrugged past him once again and headed to the bathroom with a few clothes items in hand. "I knew you would say something stupid like that." She closed the door behind her and locked it for the brief period of time it took to put her bra, matching bottoms and tank on.

She wanted to just stay in the bathroom forever and keep away from Justin, but the curiosity of her enlarged stomach overtook her, because she was officially showing now. Her stomach was bulging and it was a scary and fascinating thing. She walked out of the bathroom and went straight for the dresser. She picked up a book about pregnancy that she was hiding from Justin until now, and reached a book marked, saved, page.

The title of the page was 'Week 28'. She scanned it quickly. "By now your stomach has grown much. You my feel the baby kick, but not as much as it use to, because he or she is running out of space in the uterus. In a month or so you will feel no kicking at all. That means one thing. Labor is coming soon. In the twenty-eight week you should..." Kim stopped reading out loud and continued reading in her head.

Justin entered the bedroom door, where he went or came from she didn't know. "Lookin' good." He whistled. "White bikini underwear, very nice. White spaghetti strapped shirt, PRICELESS. Hummm why is you extra round tummy turning me on?"

Kim closed the book and gritted her teeth. "Your one sick mother." She said with an evil smile.

Justin put  a serious and determined look on his face. "Okay, can we talk now?" He sat down on the bed and folded his hands.

His eyes were shining like moonlit oceans, and no matter how mad she was at him, he was the most beautiful thing her eyes ever landed upon. "No, I'm not talking to you. What did I say? Do the words...'leave me alone,' mean anything to you?" She placed her right foot in front of her and crossed her arms to prove she was aggravated.

Justin stood up and placed both of his hands on her shoulders. "Kim, I'm sorry." He shrugged. "Don't you understand, thats all I can say! There isn't anything I can do. I a sure as hell wish the person who created words would have created one for a more deep and personal apology. I'm sorry, Kim. I'm sorry! I know your like...Oh he's sorry? Yeah right. But I am. My actions were uncalled for and I was wrong. You must understand, I was blinded by my own fear. I only said the things I did because I was scared. I didn't mean any of it. NOT ONE WORD." He accidentally shook her. "And when I said you wouldn't be a good mother, you should have shot me. I know that must have been so hurtful, baby. But I didn't mean what I said. I know your going to be a great mother, because you are a great person. I know you would never abuse the baby. I was just talking stupid. I take back everything I said, honey. I love you so much. Once again, I'm sorry." He took a deep breath because he had talked so long. "Are you mad at me? I don't want you to be. We don't need to be fighting. Not at a time like this."

The things he motioned in his speech, lifted her spirits so much more. It was as if a burden of relief had risen off of her shoulders, but still she could not rid the anger that was within her. "Get your hands off of me." She told him strongly, her eyes watery with love for him.

"Kim, why? Why are you being so cold? I'm involved with this...I am a part of the baby too."

A tear rolled down her cheek. She was trying to be mad at him, but slowly her anger was fading. "Thats my point exactly! What's going on, in me, is a part of you too. You know you don't want to be apart of the baby. Your just saying that NOW to make us NOT be fighting. Now get your hands off of me."

Justin knew she was just talking ridiculously. "I will not take my hand off of you. I want to touch you."

She broke away from him by slapping his hands hard. The hit burned him, it hurt so bad. She then grabbed the remote to turn on the stereo in the bedroom and Mozart played screechingly loud from the invisible, walled, speakers. Kim hummed as loud as she could to the music, to ignore Justin, and give him evidence that she was ignoring him.

He walked up to her and turned her around to meet her eyes. He took the remote from her and shut the music off, then threw it on the bed. "Don't, Kim...please stop. I do want the baby...and I want you." Before she could give him any problems he kissed her most sensitive hot spot. Her neck. He sucked gently on it, and tried not to make a hicky. "I love you, baby girl, and I want you...and the baby." He whispered against her skin. "I love you."

His touch was so hypnotic and tantalizing. He knew her weakness. "Stop it, Justin...I told you not to be bothering me." She closed her eyes and couldn't resist putting her hands in his hair. "I hope you know, I am still mad at you."

He kissed her harder and she bit her lip, but moaned under the intense pleasure. "Looks like I am going to have to make you NOT mad huh, baby?"

His hand entered her tank top but she took his hand and removed it quickly. She had to because she was...falling for him. "Leave me alone, Justin."

He stopped with the suction and took her hand out of his hair and held it. "You really want me to stop? Are you still mad at me?" maybe she wasn't mad anymore and managed to smile. "No." She told him. "Don't stop. Mad? No...not mad."

It was about time she actually spoke to him with a smile. He was so overjoyed by her now civil reaction. "You know what baby? I think I better stop because..." He looked down and tugged on her underwear from the side. "Because you are in just these and kissing you could lead into other things we cannot do. Your...pregnant." He felt it was safe, and kissed her on the lips.

She didn't want to but she removed her lips from his. "We can still do those things. My doctor even said was okay up until labor."

Justin dropped her hand and put his hands to his ears. "Uh...that would be just uncomfortable for me, and I'd rather not." He shivered. "And to know that for the last six months we've...ew. I don't want to think about it."

Kim twisted her smile. "I just turned seven months today, I'm not six. And are you saying you don't want to have sex with me until after the baby is born?"

His eyes nearly fell on the floor. "Seven months...but yesterday you...DANG! All of this is going by so fast. We will be having a baby very soon. And correction to your statement. I don't want to exchange love with you until after the baby is born. I have nothing against you because, you look hot with your pop out stomach, but I just can't...There's a baby in you and..."

Kim shook her head and ran her fingers through his curls. "It's okay. I understand." She turned her head to the side and smiled. Just to make him feel more guilty she decided to play with him a bit. "I know it's because I'm all FAT now. I bet you are grossed out looking at me. I would be too if I were you. I am so disgusting."

Justin laughed because he knew she was just joking around. "Nope not going to work, Kim. You know good and well you are far from fat. The only difference about you is you stomach. Now lie down and talk to me. Okay, baby girl? I want to know everything...from when you first found out you were pregnant, until now."

Kim looked at him with a disappointed look. " sure change subjects WELL! Okay, you want to know everything. I'll tell you everything."


"So, about a week ago I went to the doctor and he said that everything is fine and that I am doing good. And that's everything." She giggled.

Justin licked his lips nervously. "So the throwing up was basically all morning sickness. The reason why you chest was growing was because you were pregnant. It all makes sense. And so you were bleeding because of complications? Are you okay now?"

Kim place another Reese Cup in her mouth. "Perfect." She tried to say as less as possible, because her mouth was full.

Justin pulled up Kim's tank top until it was at her mid chest and her bra showed a little. "May I?" He asked. Referring to touching her stomach."

She was opening up another big sized Reese Cup. "Sure." She laid back some, so her entire body would be straight and Justin would be able to feel the baby easier.

Justin leaned over and just looked face to face with her stomach. Somewhere within her was another human. Another life. His other life. He kissed the area right above her navel and Kim giggled. "That tickles, Justin."

He kissed her again. "I love you Kim. I really do. Your carrying my child. Thank you for that." He carefully place his cheek against her stomach.

Kim could feel something wet on her skin, and she knew it could be nothing other than tears. "She looked down at him. "Justin, you okay, baby? Why are you crying."

It was the first time since their fight she had called him baby and he was so happy to hear it more tears welled up in his eyes. "Yeah...I'm fine. It just amazes me. That's all. It amazes me we are going to be parents. It amazes me we are going to have a child together. I wish I could see the baby. I have to tell my parents about this soon. I don't want to keep it from them."

Kim stuck her hand in one of the pillow cases and pulled something out of it. "Here are some pictures of the baby, Justin. I've been keeping them in my pillow case for the last two months." The pictures were warm and crinkled from her laying on them.

Justin sat up fast. "WHAT?" He looked at what her hands were holding. "You have pictures? Why didn't you tell me?"

She handed him the pictures and Justin looked at them quietly. At first Kim didn't think he was going to show any kind of emotion or a different expression. He just stared at the pictures with tears coming down his face. Kim sat up and looked at him in concern. "Are you okay? Justin?"

"Oh my God. My baby is beautiful. That's my baby." He choked out pointing to the picture.

Kim pull him into a hug and held him. "I know. The baby is beautiful."

"I cannot..."

Kim rocked as she held him. "I know. I know. When I saw it I couldn't believe it either. I can't wait to hold the baby in my arms. Just as I am holding you right now." Justin looked up at her, and she wiped his eyes." That's your little boy or girl...Daddy Timberlake."

Just was so infatuated with her in that instance that his lips attracted to hers and soaked her up in a kiss. Kim bent back until she was laying flat against the bed again. To keep the kiss passionate and intimate, Justin stayed to the side of her and just used his tongue to caress the tip of hers. Her mouth was so sweet and so divine from the chocolate that he lost his senses, and was lost to her. His hand rode over her bare stomach and the sweeping back and forth motion made her hotter than hot.

"Ummm Justin since you don't wanna have..."

He place his hand over her mouth. "Watch you language baby!" He removed his hand and started to kiss her lips again.

Kim couldn't take anymore of his tease kisses and pushed him away. "No, Justin. No more. It's getting too hot in here." He didn't care what she said and buried his face and her neck and kissed her feverishly. Kim tilted her head back and moaned. "Don't...don't start the fire if you cannot put it out, Justin. Please stop. I can't take anymore of this foreplay."

He stopped kissing her and looked at her with a raised eyebrow. "Foreplay? I'm sorry...didn't mean to get you so 'hot'." He was reaching in to give her a quick kiss and the phone rang."

Kim reached over and picked up the phone. "Hello? Timberlake residence."

"Oh stop answering the phone like that, Kimmy. Justin's home is your home too. I heard the news. CONGRATULATIONS! I'm going to be a grandma-ma I'm so excited. How are you feelin', Kimmy?"

Kim smiled and looked over at Justin. "Hey, Lynn. I'm doing okay. Yup I'm pregnant. Seven months."

"I'M SO EXCITED! You should have told us sooner Kimmy. Oh, God bless you two. I just know you and Justin are going to be responsible and loving parents. Where is he, honey? I'd like to speak with him too."

"Oh, he's right here." She took the phone from her ear. "Justin, it's your mom. She knows already, and she's...happy."

Justin tensed up and took the phone from her. "Ohh, uh, hey Ma."

"Hey, sweetie pie. Oh, I am just so excited. Paul, Randy, Lisa, we are all ecstatic!"

"Everyone knows? And you aren't mad at me?"

"Yes, everyone knows. MAD? Why would I be mad? I'm going to be a grandma-ma. I bought clothes for the baby already. I heard ya'll don't know the sex yet. Hey, that's okay. Thats what yellow's and green's are for."

Justin didn't know what to say because he was not expecting everyone to be happy about Kim's unexpected pregnancy. " bought clothes already? Ma we don't even have a nursery for the baby yet."

"Well, get one." Justin heard whispering. "Um I know it's sudden but I have to go. I'll call you some other time pumpkin, Paul is calling me...I mean, I hurt me knee. So, I'll call you back okay? Take good care of Kimmy and tell her all of us love her. Love ya, baby."

"K. Love you too Ma. Bye."


Justin turned the phone off and found himself looking at Kim strangely. "Everyone is proud of us. Everyone is PROUD we made a baby. I'm shocked."

Kim laughed. "I'm shocked. O. Ohh the little one is starting to kick."

Justin placed his hand on her still exposed stomach to feel the kick. "That is so amazing."

"Yeah. Amazing, but it hurts after a while. I guess the baby is running out of room in there." Something was on her mind and she changed the subject. "You know what, Justin? Britney kissed me today? What the heck did that mean? She actually kissed me."

Justin's full attention was now on her. "What? She did? Well, she kissed me too. She came up here, messing with me, and she kissed me. Of course I told her off."

When Kim heard that Britney's lips had been on his lips. She was becoming protective and she hated that feeling, because to her it made Justin seem like a piece of property. "Oh. Well, she is so weird. She kissed you too, eh?"

Justin ran his hand down her tan leg and he was almost tempted to just pull her underwear off. "Yeah, it didn't mean anything. And right now I have my agents taking care of a restraining order against her. They said it may take a few months but they are trying to keep Britney away from us."

Kim closed her eyes and smiled. "I love you, Justin."

"And I love you, baby girl. And I love my son."

Kim picked up another piece of candy to eat. "Son?"

He put his hand on her stomach and rubbed it up and down. "Yeah, I said son. You have a boy in there. I can tell." His face fell nearer to hers.

Kim licked any chocolate that may have gotten on her lips. "Oh, so you want a boy? That would be nice!" She giggled because his face was so close to hers that she could feel the tiny baby hairs from his skin on hers. "What are you trying to do, Justin?"

He used a finger to wipe the corner or her mouth and he licked the tip of it. "Missed a spot with that tongue of yours. Your lips are so sweet. I can taste them from here and I haven't kissed you yet." He pressed his lips against hers and held them there for a bout ten seconds. He then started to shake and act like he was seizuring. "My God your lips...they...they...are like...I don't know...too much for me. Too much for me."

She used his shirt to pull him back up to her. "I love you so much. You are the cutest thing. I'm happy we are not fighting. We are so in love it's pathetic, can't even stay mad at each other for one day."

"I know." He continued to shake dramatically.


March 26, 2002 (a week later)

Justin shook Doctor Clark's hand and then sat down.

"Well it's nice to finally meet you Mr. Timberlake."

"Justin." He corrected. "You can call me Justin."

The man nodded. "Very well, Justin." He smiled too generously and then turned to Kim. "Kim, just by looking at you I can tell you are progressing nicely. Thats wonderful! How have you been feeling? Any nausea, vomiting, any new symptoms at all? Do you think you would need more medication, like I gave  you a few months back?"

Kim held Justin's hand, and she didn't know why, but she was squeezing it. She could feel Doctor Clark's and Justin's eyes on her. "Well, I've been having these pains in my back, and I feel like a burning and throbbing pain in my lower stomach sometimes. I eat way too much. I'm fat and I feel like a blob. I've grown so much over the past few days. I can't sleep at night because it hurts; whatever position I lie down in. My feet hurt really bad. Oh did I mention tooth paste makes me sick? No, I don't need any more medication."

The doctor grinned. "Kim you are NOT fat. You only weigh one hundred and seventeen pounds and your seven months pregnant. And your symptoms are very normal."

Justin rubbed her outer hand with his thumb. "So thats how much you weigh? Thats all? I've told you, honey. I've told you a thousand times. You are not fat!"

"Yes, I am Justin. Look at me. Look at how huge my stomach is getting."

He gave her a look of warning. "You are not fat, Kim. And your stomach is not THAT big either. Stop putting yourself down. You look more sexy and beautiful than ever." He reached over the chair he was sitting in, and kissed her.

The doctor smiled at them and then looked Kim in the eyes. "Have you gotten a nursery together? Now is the time to do that."

Kim looked over at Justin. "Yes we have. We don't have the crib yet, but that is only because it is being custom made. But...yeah we have a room ready for the baby." Justin licked his tongue at her playfully and Kim did the same back to him.

"Haha, we'll you two seem to be doing very will in preparation for the baby. Now all you need is the baby itself." He could see how much in love they were, just by the look in their eyes. "Let me get you caught up to as where you stand in your pregnancy. Kim, you are twenty-nine weeks pregnant, which is in your seventh month. The symptoms you mentioned are very normal, and toothpaste may make you sick, so just try mouth wash instead." She already knew that. "It would be very normal if you felt even more discomfort or if you gained more weight. Don't be surprised if you start vomiting again. Try putting a pillow between your legs to help you sleep at night. The reason you may be feeling pain is because the baby is lowering slowly, and this is happening because he or she is getting ready to come out. We need to discuss which option you are choosing to deliver the baby. You know, hospital birth, or at home birth, and we also need to schedule you another ultra sound date to just check the baby and hopefully identify it's sex." The doctor stood. "But before we get into that I think it would be best to get your pelvic exam done. Ready? Kim, your getting on up there, your pregnancy is almost over."

She let Justin's hand go and stood up. "Yes. I'm ready." She looked down at Justin. "Are you coming with me baby?"

He rose to his feet when the doctor left the room "Kim? A pelvic exam? Is that when...?What is he about to do?" She giggled and whispered the answer in his ear. Justin covered his mouth in shock. "Your kidding right? How in the...OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD!" He shook his head. "OH MY GOD! That's awful! You poor poor thing. The things women go though. Are you serious?

"Yes, I'm serious, it's not as bad as it sounds." Kim pulled his arm and forced him into the examination room with her. Doctor Clark was waiting for her. Justin saw several metal instruments along with other things, and he then knew that he wouldn't be able to stay in the room and watch those things she described, happen to her. "Justin, it's not that bad, really it isn't." She whispered to him.

He pulled her to the side. "I'm sorry, baby. But I cannot watch that go on. That is just too much for me. I mean, he takes that thing and sticks you with it, along with...oh my God." He swallow.

"Oh, come on, Justin. It's not that bad. You don't have to look. Just look me in the eyes the whole time." She whispered. "Hold my hand for support."

"Kim, you are too innocent to have that man doing things like that to you. I'll get queasy if I stay." He looked over at the doctor.

She smiled because she was use to the internal exams and they didn't bother her anymore. "Okay. If you are uncomfortable. It shouldn't take that long." She kissed him on the lips.

When she broke away, Justin kissed her back on the lips. "Okay, I'll be waiting for ya."

When Justin walked out of the door she turned to doctor Clark. "Well Kim, you know the deal. You change to that gown, and I'll be right with you."

She nodded in response to him.

Chapter 14

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