Chapter 10


The nine-year-old Kim ran behind a chair to try to avoid contact with her shouting parents. "Because mommy. He...he pulled my hair. He pulled my hair just like daddy does, and I didn't like it."


Slowly, they were closing in on her. Slowly, the were trapping her in one area so they could beat her.

"Please Mommy and Daddy noooo. I will never slap Nick again. I'll never do it again. Please don't hit me. PLEASE." The small little girl ran to her next safety spot. The coffee table. "Please don't hit me."

"Come here Kim." Her father called. "Your mother and I ARE NOT going to chase you around. GET OVER HERE NOW!"

She cried because she knew she was going to get a beating. No matter what she did. There was no way out. She shook she was so frightened. "But your going to hit and Mommy have belts in your hand. Your going to hit me." Her poor knees wobbled.

"DO AS YOUR FATHER SAYS! MOVE YOUR LITTLE ASS NOW." She looked at her mother, and hoped that maybe, out of some miracle, she felt sorry for her and she would scoop her up in her arms and say it would be okay. All she captured was a look of 'anger'. "RIGHT NOW!"


She was young, but she got to the point where she didn't care. She revealed herself from behind the table and her small feet walked across the room. She was so scared that she was just naturally preparing to run when he swung at her. "Please Daddy." She looked over at her mother. "Mommy, please don't hit me. I beg you. I BEG YOU!"

The evil man grabbed her arm with a grip so tight he nearly broke her fragile wrist. "YOUR PURE EVIL!" He shouted. "YOUR A CURSE. I HATE YOU! NEVER CAUSE TROUBLE IN SCHOOL AGAIN! YOU HEAR ME?"

Her eyes were wide and full of raw fear. She had no idea what he was about to do to her, or her mother. "Yes sir." She whispered. She tried to break away from him. "NOOOO! NO! Don't hit me. BUT I DIDN'T DO ANYTHING! I DIDN'T DO ANYTHING!"

Devastatingly he held her arm even tighter if possible, then just hit her continuously. A few seconds later her mother joined in and beat her too.

Kim thought she would be able to take it, but her small body couldn't. The force from there blistering hits knocked her on the floor and, as if they were crazy with madness, they continued to beat her. "I'LL NEVER DO IT AGAIN! I'LL NEVER DO IT AGAIN! NEVER! NEVER!" She screamed for mercy. She screamed for some sort of sympathy. She dug her hands in the carpet and cried more. She was struck in the head from one of belts. It hurt so bad, it burned. "I'LL NEVER DO IT AGAIN. I PROMISE. OOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWW! I PROMISE." Finally she gave up. She was too young to be traumatized so. She was too innocent to be abused and treated so wrongly. She was too sweet to be considered evil.

They stopped hitting her, but since Kim lost all of her sanity and patience, it didn't matter. Her mouth was open but no sound was coming out because she couldn't scream. They had beat everything out of her. She moved her jaw up and down to release her cries, but nothing came out because she had been hit so many times.


She looked up at her shouting mother, and tried her best to get off of the floor. Still she could not cry. Tears were falling down her face but she couldn't make any sounds. She was so weak and all her energy had been taken away. She stood up but was so shaken up and hurt all over, her entire body was numb. She fell back down again. That is when she was finally able to let out a cry. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! back is broken." She claimed. "MY BACK IS BROKEN!" It really wasn't broken, and she knew it wasn't, but it hurt so bad. That was the most narrowed down use of words she could think of. "Ooooooooooooooooooowwwwww. IT HURTS!"

Her father hit her again across the back. Her mother did too. "WHAT DID I SAY? GET UPSTAIRS!"

Kim tired to crawl but she was not strong enough to. "I'll never do it again." She whispered. "Never."

When she noticed Kim was no longer moving, Margret took her by the armpits and forced her upstairs. When she got her into the bathroom she stripped her down to her Barbie underwear and then threw her in the shower. Her face smashed into the tile from the violent push.

Margret cut the shower on and place the water on the hottest level. "GET UNDER THIS WATER NOW!"

Kim's face was still against the tile and her body swayed side to side because she was on the verge of passing out. She had no idea what her mother said. She could barely hold onto her life, let alone her hearing.

"Move your slow ass. GET OVER HERE KIM!"

She couldn't comprehend anything her mother said but she could feel the steam floating about from the overheated water. A trickle of blood fell down her face from her nose. It was bleeding because it hit the wall so extremely.

Margret grabbed her bruised arm and pushed her under the scalding hot water.

Kim screamed as the water nearly burned her to death. "AHHHHH! PLEASE! It's too hot Mommy, it's too hot! It's too hot Mommy, it's too hot!

Kim awoke from her sleep and sat up. "It's too hot Mommy, it's too hot." She looked around the room breathing outrageously quick. There was nothing but pitch blackness. It was so quiet she could hear the lurking animals of the night. "Justin? Justin!" She felt around for him but he wasn't there. "JUUUUUUSSSTTTIIIN!" She shouted. She was so scared, she felt as if she was reliving her past. She was so terrified. This was the second of the flashbacks that she had in her sleep. She put her hand on her stomach and rubbed it. "We are going to be okay." She said nervously. "Yeah, we are going to be fine. You will never suffer like me. I will never ever hit you like that."

She looked around the room again. Everything seemed to be so scary. She felt like she was afraid of the dark. She jumped out of bed and hit the light switch. "Justin...I miss you so much. Why couldn't you be here?" She walked out of the bedroom and walked into the bathroom. She tucked herself into the corner by the tub and tried to get more comfortable. "Everything will be okay. Everything will be okay."


Later in the morning.

"Okay little one. We got a lot to do today." She looked at the things she had written down on a list. "Today, I have to see doctor Nathan. Then I have an appointment with doctor Clark, and then after that I have an appointment with Angie and then after that, your favorite and my favorite, grocery shopping. Oh and after that I got to pick up my dry cleaning." She spoke to the baby. She closed her eyes and placed her hand on her stomach when the baby began to kick. "Oh how nice. Doing 'Bye Bye Bye' dance moves in there?" The kicking intensified. "No wait, your going that 'Tearing Up My Heart'?"

It had been more than two months because the tour was extended. Justin was going to be home in a few days, and Kim was SO excited she couldn't think straight. The baby had grown so much, but she only gained a few pounds which was very abnormal. She was showing a little more now. She had a slight bulge to her stomach but to most people it would still be considered 'flat'. It was not hanging over her jeans or anything like that. She sat down on the edge of the bed and rubbed her stomach harder. "What had gotten into you? You sure are wild this morning. Whew. That hurts." She may have not looked all that pregnant, but she sure felt it.

After the kicking died down, she checked in the mirror one last time, to look at her outfit. "Okay,  just about ready." She walked into the bedroom closet one last time to get a jacket. Her choice this time was a light-weight white one, by Gap. She grabbed her casual white Polo Sport bag and looped it on her shoulder. "Ready to go little one? "Lately she had been talking to the baby. She was singing quiet often too. By now the baby could hear her. She picked up the keys off of the dresser.


"Hey Kim. It's good to see you this morning. You look fairly happy." Dr. Nathan said.

"Well, I'm feeling really good. Justin will be home soon. I'm really excited about that." She tried to look calm as the baby had a ball bouncing around inside of her. Still she hadn't told anyone about her pregnancy. Only Griffin and her doctor knew."

"Ah, yes. I know that would make you VERY happy."

Kim nodded with a both sets of teeth smile. "Yeah...well thats good news. I have some bad news though. I had another one of those flashbacks. I dreamt about the time my mother and father both beat me. When I was nine. They beat me for nothing. Because I was protecting myself."

The doctor explored her eyes with his and took it the seriousness of her. "Tell me about that, Kim. Let it out. What did they do to you?"

She didn't realize she was shaking at the horror of what happened. It wasn't anything new though. Almost every visit she had with doctor Nathan made her shake or cry or do something of the sort. It was a good thing because she was gradually healing from the pain. She had matured so much in the past few months. She wasn't nearly as helpless as she use to be. She felt like she was moving up in her life. She felt like she had control. By speaking with doctor Nathan only helped her more. "Um..." She took a few deep breaths. "Well, at school a boy pulled my braids. He said that he was going to stick his hand up my dress one day. Back then that was a really BIG insult, so I slapped him and he stared to cry. I told the teacher what happened and she called both of our parents." She looked down because she couldn't handle eye contact at the time. "I uh, had to sit after school and hear a LONG lecture from my teacher about fighting in class. It was a public school of course and it was STRICT. When I got home that night..." She chocked up and strangled on the knot in her throat. "Excuse me." She cleared her throat. "When I got home, my mom and dad both beat me." Now that she was into what she was telling him she could look up. A tear dropped out of her eye. "They beat me bad. I begged them to stop. I begged them to cut me some slack, but they didn't care. THEY KEPT HITTING ME. AND HITTING ME. AND HITTING ME. I couldn't cry, I couldn't scream, I couldn't talk, I couldn't move...I couldn't do anything but stay on the ground waiting for them to stop." She clenched her teeth as she spoke. "AND THEY NEVER DID BECAUSE THEY ARE HAUNTING ME IN MY DREAMS. Why doctor? I never had dreams about my past before, why is it happening now?"

His brain was receiving all the information she gave him, and it was now feeding and processing it all. "It must be on your mind in some way. Either that, or your body is changing...thats some pretty bad beating. It can't get any worse than that!"

Kim shook her head and wiped away stray tears. "No, it gets worse." The doctor put his hand on his chin to listen carefully. "After they beat me, my mother gave me a forced shower and then she locked me in my bedroom for a whole week. When they opened the door and found me a week later, they both realized they almost killed me. Of course I had lost ten pounds and my blood sugar and pressure was low, so they bought me to the hospital. They told the doctors I ran away and they didn't know what happened to me. I think the doctors knew. After a while I think they knew my parents were abusing me, they were just so intimidated by their money that they could careless about me." Kim looked up and sniffled and then smiled with a giggle. "I'm sorry for going on and on. I talk a lot, I know."

"No Kim, you NEED to talk more. You need to get it out. Now lets talk about something less saddening and hurtful to express. How is your modeling going, dear?"

She rubbed her eyes. "It's going good. I was assigned so many modeling jobs last month, so last week I told my agency that I am going to take a break for a while. A few months." She was taking a break because she was getting to be too pregnant to do the job and so she just put her modeling on hold. She acquired her first modeling job about a month a half ago. She hadn't done any runways. Not because people didn't ask her to, but because she personally felt she was too short to do 'that' type of modeling, and she just didn't want to. She was a HOT demand though, and people were begging her to do photo shoots for their company's. She was an official model for Chanel, which was a dream come true. She loved Chanel from the start. Justin didn't know that she was doing this, for some reason she didn't feel the need to tell him about it.

"Taking a break? I understand why you were assigned so many jobs. Your beautiful. You have the most eye-appalling features I've ever saw. You have the brightest blue eyes...Ahem, now..."

Is doctor Nathan hitting on me? "Now...what?"



"Okay. Everything feels fine." The doctor seemed to be massaging her sides. "Kim, I don't know what to say. You are in excellent shape; nothing but muscle. No fat whatsoever in your stomach region. I know last time we checked the baby's legs were still crossed. They seemed to be uncrossing some, so In a few weeks I will check again." He held his hand out and helped sit her up.

"You said after the twenty-fifth week I have to visit you every two weeks right?" She pulled her shirt down and placed her hand on her stomach.

"Yes, that is right." He pulled a stool over to her and looked at her so profusely that Kim was twisting one of her curls in uncomfort. "Let me give you a basic outline of what is going on now. You are in your twenty-seventh week, which is well into the sixth month. You are more than halfway through your pregnancy. If you haven't, you really need to start preparing for your baby. Some of your symptoms should include sensitivity to light, you may be craving chocolate or sweets a lot, you may be sleeping lighter and may even be having bad dreams or nightmares about how your body is changing or maybe just 'other' things, your blood pressure will, and HAS risen a little, and you probably will gain more weight. You will probably start to get disgusted with yourself; all women get like that. Your body is just all around changing." He rolled the stool over to one of his drawers and he pulled a needle out of it. "I need to take some blood Kim. I just need a sample it for hepatitis B; just a common thing I do with all my patients." He rolled over to where she was. To be more professional he stood up.

Kim looked at the needle with a gulp. "I'm kind of sick of needles now. I HATE shots."

He took arm hand and wiped an alcohol pad in the pit of it. "It shouldn't hurt all that much." He stuck the needle in a vein in a arm and she winced but did not freak. "I know getting blood taken sucks. I haven't met one person yet that likes it." He removed the shot from her arm and looked at it. He put a piece of gauze in the absence of it. "Hold that there. I'll be right back." He took the blood sample and left.

Kim played peek-a-boo with the gauze and messed with it, until the doctor returned. "Your blood is perfect. You are perfectly healthy. Your baby is perfectly healthy." He took something from his white smock pocket. "Here. This is for you. It's a 'Build your baby's brain CD.' You child can hear everything you say, and everything around you. This is an excellent CD. It is all classical music and it is not only soothing, but it helps build your baby's brain." His smile made him seem like the happiest person on Earth. He almost seemed the bad way."

She took the CD and awed at the cute cover. It had babies on it, of all ethnic groups and diversities. "Thank you very much doctor." She told him politely. She felt like she was going to cry, she didn't know why, but she did. "Thank you very much."

Doctor Clark reached out to give Kim a hug and she accepted it. "Your welcome. I'm very proud of you. Play that music at night and I guarantee it will keep those kicking fits down." He grinned at his statement.

Kim giggled. "I know that much. Justin doesn't know it yet, but I had a sound system put in the bedroom so I can play music before I go to sleep. It helps so much. I tell ya, this kid is going to be a star. If it's already dancing in the womb...there is no telling what it can do when it enters the real world."

He looked up at her and laughed. "Haha. That would be interesting, to see what it could do when it gets here. Your next appointment is two weeks from today. Don't forget!"


"Hey girl." She sat down in Angie's chair. The day seemed like it would never end.

"Hey chic. How are you?" She put her hands in Kim's hair trying to decide a look for it.

"I'm good." She smiled sweetly. "I want an even NEWER look Angie. I want to cut my hair short for once. I want it short and straight."

Angie's eyes bulged. "You what? But you've always kept your hair long. ALWAYS!"

Kim sighed. "I KNOW! But seriously, I want it cut and I want it straight. Cut it, girl. I'm sick of it. It grows fast anyway."

She shrugged. "Yeah well it does grow fast...whatever you want, girl. Your the boss! I can't believe IT! YOU GETTING YOUR HAIR SHORT? I've been cutting your hair for years...oh, well okay, I understand now...HELL must have frozen over."


Her final stop was the grocery store. Her hair was now in very choppy cut layers. It was super strait and fell just to her chin. She loved the new look and it would be so much easier to manage. She looked in the mirror of Justin's BMW when she stopped at a light. "I like the new look, baby. I think Daddy will like it too." She continued driving and her cell phone rang. She fumbled through her bag with one hand and kept control of the steering wheel with the other. She was able to get the small silver phone and she cut it on and put it to her ear. "Hello?"

"Hey, Kim."

"HEY! Baby, you've been busy today, huh?"

He sighed. "Yeah I have. How was your day, baby girl?"

"Well it was busy. I'm really tired. And oh I had a nightmare about my past. It was so awful I woke up in the middle of the night; couldn't go back to sleep. I was looking for you and then I realized you were on tour."

His voice became less textured and his volume lowered. "Kim, please, baby. You know I hate when you tell me sad things like that. You don't want me to start crying do you?"

"No, I don't." She said softly.

"So, what are you up to?"

"I'm getting groceries now."

"Why didn't you just let Cathy do that? How many times have a told you baby, she can DO IT FOR YOU!" He laughed.

"Haha I know. How many times do I have to tell you? Bump Cathy! I know what food(s) to get better than she does. How are you going to have a woman that doesn't even live in your house shop for you?" She raised her eyebrow and made a turn.

"Well it's yo thang girl, do what you wanna do. I can't tell ya who to sock it to!"

"Good one, Justin. That song is only fifty years old...I love you, baby. I love when you do cute stuff like that. I miss you so much, Justin."

"If only you knew how my heart aches for you. One more week. One more week and I'll be able to hold you and kiss you and look into your eyes. I miss that so much, baby girl. I miss looking at you."

"And I miss you. Don't forget we STILL haven't opened our Christmas presents. You haven't opened your birthday presents from me. That still makes me mad we couldn't celebrate your twenty-first birthday together. This is a scary thought can drink legally now."

"Yeah I can. But I don't care about that. My birthday was a month ago. I'm over that by now. I just want to see you. Oh yeah, check your e-mail, okay? I sent you something and I want you to read it."

Kim pulled up into the very neat and large grocery store. "Hum...let me guess another one of your Digital Getdown e-mails, Justin?"

He laughed. "That was a joke, Kim. And it wasn't all that bad. I only asked what you were wearing and I said, JUST KIDDING. No, it's nothing like that. Just read it and find out."

She cut the car off when she found a parking spot and she took off her seat belt and relaxed more in the seat. "Alright. So, what's up with you?"

"Nothin'! I'm about to do a sound check..." Justin cut off suddenly and she heard mumbling going on.

"HEY, Kim." JC's cheery voice pronounced.

"HEY JC!" She said overly excited back."

"Come get your husbie, Kim. He's a wreck without you, and he's driving us insane. I promise you this boy loves your more than anything. You know thats a fact when every sentence he says has the word Kim in it. Oh how is the day today, Justin? Oh fine, just a beautiful as Kim. HE WON'T STOP. GOD HELP US ALL!"

Kim giggled and wiped the edges of her mouth. "You'll be okay JC..." Before she could finished the sentence. She heard another struggle.

"Hey, Kim." It was Joey. "You know what we did last night?" He joked. " Well, I hope we can do it again. You see..." She then heard a smack and she heard the phone hit the floor.

"Hey, baby girl." Justin said out of breath. "I'll call you back later. I have to kick a few asses. Okay b..." She heard the phone drop again and then screaming as if someone was being killed.




"Kim...sorry once again, baby girl. I gotta. AHHHHHHHHhhhhhhoooooooooSHIT! STOP! QUIT! STOP TRYING TO BREAK MY LEG! IT'S NOT FUNNY ANYMORE! GET OFF OF ME! GET OFF OF ME!" On the other side of the country Justin was able to get Chris in a headlock as his other three best-friends attacked at him. He managed to pick up the phone.

"What are ya'll doing over there?" She asked giggling.

"Oh nothing...JUST FIGHTING IN THE PRESS ROOM. Ahhhhh.AHHHHHHHH! My shoulder! Lance you just kicked me you stupid bum. I swear your next. He was chocking Chris with all his might. "Nighty night Chrissy poo! I got YOU in the sleeper ahahahaha. Okay, Kim. I'm going now, you don't need to hear all this madness." Joey punched him in the side and he shook his head at him in warning. "I love you, honey. I'll call you later." Someone grabbed him from behind by the neck. "Check....your...e-mail...bye." The phone went dead.

Kim turned the cell phone off. "Well that was...interesting." She laughed aloud. "They are so cute. Huh, baby? They still act like young childhood kids." She sighed because she was so comfortable just sitting in the car, yet she still had to get groceries. She was so thankful that she picked up her dry cleaning already because she was so tired that she just wanted to go home and rest. She picked up her white bag and headed out of the car.


"Yeah, and so I took her to the restaurant. And we were given our meals, ya know? Well Calia decides she doesn't want the lobster and that it was gross and she just threw it at the waiter going by. Isn't that so bad? I know it was wrong of her but she's my girlfriend."

Kim cover her mouth with her hand and laughed in it. "That was bad. But, ya know. She's like that."

Griffin watched Kim closely as she ate out of a dish of ice-cream. "Yeah, but I really like her a lot."

"You guys are so cute together. You are the perfect couple, and she is very nice to me." She added more of the double chocolate ice-cream in her mouth.

Griffin smiled. "Well thank you, Kim. Maybe one day we'll be in love like you and Justin. By the way your hair looks amazing. You look...even more hot. Justin is going to have a heart attack when he sees you!"

Kim stood up unexpectedly. She then pulled her shirt up. "How much am I showing now?"

Griffin looked closely at her stomach. "Well you don't LOOK pregnant, you just look...fuller. More healthy. You look great actually."

She pushed his shoulder. "Oh whatever." She stopped moving and shivered. "Oh my." She closed her eyes. "Why is this baby so active? It's just kicking away." She walked over to Griffin and picked up his hand and placed it on her stomach. "Can you feel it?"

Griffin's eyes lit up when he felt the tingle. "Oh, that is just awesome. That is just cool." He felt more of the pounding. "You need to tell Justin about this, quick. He needs to witness precious things like this."

"I know." She said feeling sad and slight guilty. "Well, I guess me and my ice-cream better be going. I'm going to go home and get some rest."

Griffin accepted her words. "Okay. I'll take you home, I just got to get my keys."

Kim stuffed more of the chocolaty ice-cream in her mouth. "No, I'm walking tonight. I want to walk. And I'd like to walk alone if you don't mind."

He almost took her word offensively. "Oh, well, okay. If you want to WALK home in the middle of the night, help yourself."

She walked to the door and looked back at him. "I'll see you later? Bye G."

"Bye hot stuff." He said turning the volume on the TV.

She walked down the quiet and cozy sidewalk. Griffin was right. Everyone in the area they were living at, were millionaires. Everyone had huge beautiful homes. The moonlight made everything seem so peaceful.

When she entered the calm but glistening beach, she began to think. When Justin got back, what would be the best way to tell really didn't matter anymore. She had to tell him. She really did. Her thoughts had carried her into another world, and by the luck of instinct she made it to the house. She unlocked the door and turned on several lights throughout the darkness.

The first thing she did was went over to the refilled refrigerator and placed her ice-cream in the freezer. She put her hand to her stomach and she got the dreaded urge to be sick. She rubbed her stomach in a circular motion and the vomiting sensation went away. For some reason she was feeling icky. She was not terribly sick, but she just didn't feel so well all of a sudden.

With the house keys still in hand she walked upstairs into the bedroom. She threw the keys on the dresser and looked into the mirror. " I think I'm going to take a long hot bath." She pulled off her shirt and locked her eyes on the stomach she saw in the mirror. "Your growing." She said to the baby. That reminded her. She picked up her Polo Sport bag which she had brought upstairs earlier and took from it the 'Build your baby's brain' CD. She opened up the brand new CD, and disposed of the plastic coating it had on it. She walked over to the controls of the new sound system, she secretly had placed into the bedroom without Justin's permission. She placed the CD in it, and instantly, classical music started to fume from the speakers which were professionally placed in the walls. "Perfect." She said satisfied with the tone and culture of the music.

She walked into the large walk in closet and picked up a red bikini that she bought but never wore. "I don't look too gross to put this on. I don't think..." She shrugged and took all of her clothes off and put the bikini on. Another symptom she was receiving from pregnancy was sluggishness and pain in her ankles. As she walked across the room and into the bathroom to run the water she felt even more strange. The weird thing about pregnancy was she got feelings that she didn't know what they were. If you don't know what you are feeling then you become more confused. She currently didn't know what she was feeling. She felt tired, sad, and sick, but that wasn't just one feeling, it was a bunch of them. She put the plug in the Jacuzzi and let hot, but acceptable water run in it. This time she didn't add any bubbles. She was truly taking the bath to soak because she was soar.

She was happy with the way the bikini looked. She thought that at six months pregnant she wouldn't be caught dead wearing a bikini, but she was proud of her figure.

As the water ran, she turned on Justin's laptop and logged on to the internet using AOL.

"You've got mail." The automatic voice told her notifying her of her e-mails.

She clicked on a mailbox looking icon. She was able to see that she had two new messages. In the subject box from one of the message was the word 'soon'. She clicked on that e-mail first. It was from Justin, but to her surprise the e-mail was blank. "What the heck?" She said not really caring what the e-mail was suppose to mean. She clicked the other e-mail. It's subject read 'I love you baby'.

'Hey, baby girl. I've been thinking a lot about us lately, and when I get home I want to start planning the wedding. I want to start planning the wedding now, because I know it is going to be big, and it has to be perfect for YOU. I want it to be the wedding you've always dreamed. I really can't wait to marry you, Kim. Do you know that? I cannot wait.

Right now, the guys have went to a club. I can legally drink, but tonight I'm staying in, and is just staying at the hotel, writing you right now. Since we are going to be married I just thought that you should know that no matter what happens to us and no matter what may slap us in the face in the future. I will always love you. I will always have a place for you in my heart. I would call you, but I think I am going to get some sleep.

I love you,


When she looked at the date of the e-mail she just read, she realized it was sent to her two days ago. And the more recent sent e-mail was the blank one. He must have made some error when sending the e-mail. She rubbed her stomach. "Awww that was so sweet. He is a doll."

She decided she was going to write him back later, as for now she had to cut the water off in the Jacuzzi tub before it overflowed. She was able to stop the water just in time.

In just her red bikini she stepped into the tub and she slowly sank into the deepness of the pleasuring water. She closed her eyes and hung one of her arms over the edge of the tub. She hummed softly to the music that was faintly playing in the background.

Her brain was softened by her thoughts. All she was thinking about was the baby. She was wondering what the sex was, because the anticipation was killing her.

She was so comfortable and lax, that she was falling asleep. Her breaths deepened. She would stop humming and then start humming again when she realized she had stopped. Everything was fine at the rate she was feeling.

And then...she heard the doorbell ring. It was not one ring, it was several immature rings. Her eyes pop open. She was not expecting what her ears heard.

When the doorbell continued to ring she knew she was going to have to get up to answer it. With a heavy and aggravated sigh, she climbed out of the tub.

Whoever it was at the door, they were ringing the doorbell as if it was something urgent, so that left her with little time to get dressed. She grabbed her white robe, and still dripping wet she walked downstairs. "Coming." She called knowing no one could hear what she was saying, it was just something people always did unconsciously. "I'm coming."

She opened the door up, to see a man with a hat covering his face. He was looking to the side and he looked like he was purposely trying to hide his face. "Um...can I help you?" She asked weakly. She noticed the pizza box in the man's hand.

Still he did not face her. "YEAH, pizza for Miller." His voice was extra deep and scary.

She held the door knob tighter. "But I didn't order any pizza." She looked around outside trying to see if she could see his car. But she didn't see one.

The man stepped into the house. "Lady, you better give me my money."

She took a step back and shook when he slammed the door closed, as if he lived in the house. "You better leave now. JUSTIN WOULD KILL YOU IF HE WAS HERE."

The man put the pizza down on a table and was walking towards her. "IF he was here." She was now up to her face. "Why are you dripping? Just came from swim? Oh God, your hot. YOU BETTER GIVE ME MY MONEY LADY! There is a lot that can be done with a little thing like you." He placed his hands on her robe and pried it open.

The deranged man had went too far and he could even attempt to rape her. She had no idea who the freak was. "You stupid ass mother fuc..." Before she could finish talking her anger overtook her and she kicked him right between the legs, painstakingly hard. After that, the man fell to the ground in agony. It was the absolute worse thing you could to to a guy. Kick them down there. "That's what you get for fucking with me you creep!" She grabbed his foot and then pulled him across the floor so she could throw him out the door. His hat fell off and she just so happened to glance at him.

"Thats my weakness, baby girl. Perfect example of a joke going bad." The man moaned.

She dropped his leg. She was blinded by her already emerging tears. She was crying because from his NORMAL tone of voice she recognized him. "Justin?"


Chapter 11

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