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CosmoGirl Justin interview

You know him as the blue-eyed, curly-haired angel from *NSYNC. But he has a lot more on his mind than just music. Here, the thoughtful 19-year-old from Tennessee talks about charity, spirituality, and why most of his girlfriends have cheated on him. By Elizabeth Kuster

Okay, Justin, the first thing we want to ask you about is your new charity-The Justin Timberlake Foundation. How'd you get the idea to start it?
    The idea came from me growing up with a school that didn't have a very good musical program. If I hadn't begged my mom to do things outside of school-like take voice lessons- I probably wouldn't be where I am today. So I gave and have been raising money to give to schools. I think kids should learn about every different style and era of music and have it be fun. Classes should include today's music too--something they're familiar with. When I've raised enough money to cover what each school needs, I want to oversee the cirriculum. I wanna stir up the grits a little bit.

It's cool you're so personally involved. A lot of celebs attach their name to a charity and that's it.
    Well, it's very important to me, for a couple of reasons. One I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for me going outside of school to do music. Two, Columbine. I think it's dumb that people were saying "Those kids did that because they were listening to Marilyn Manson music, blah, blah, blah." That's shallow. But we do know that kids who did it weren't the most popular kids. Everytime you give kids an oppurtunity let out their energy in a positive way, you're gonna have a better outcome. I mean, say you get a couple of kids who don't fit in, and in their off time they go and form a garage band. The next thing you know they're Pearl Jam or Blink 182. It could happen to anyone. It really could.

You seem to be comfortable with who you are have you always been like that.
    Well, I went through an insecure stage in middle school. I was always questioning myself in anything and everything. A lot of times people think before they act, and I think sometimes they should act before they think. It's funny how much we use our minds to second guess ourselves, when in reality we should just use our hearts and go for it!

So it sounds like you went through an awkward stage in middle school. What about grade school?
    I hated my hair. That was the thing everybody teased me about: They called me Brillo Pad. I was always trying to straighten the crap out of it or cut it all of. I couldn't deal. In second grade, I took, like paper scissors and just cut my hair all uneven. I was like, "I can't stand this snip, snip, snip." That's the only time I ever really got a spanking.

What made you go that far?
    I just wanted to be like everyone else. My hair at least. 'Cause everybody's like "Your hair! Your hair!" It wasn't like everybody said "Oh that's cool"- like now. Now I get compliments on my hair because it's so different. But you know kids just make fun of each other. They're cruel. Anything that's different gets picked on. You had to look the look and walk the walk.

And now that you're older you want to be different- you want to be your own person.
    I'm just a very passionate person in everything I do. I really believe that whenever you do something you should put everything into it; otherwise, it's really not worth it.

We've heard that you "put-everything-into-it-attitude" has overwhelmed some of you past girlfriends. Is that true?
    Every relationship I've been in, I've eventually overwhelmed the girl because they just can't handle all the love. Honestly! That's always been my dilemma.

Well, how do you show a girl love?
    There all kinds of little things you can do.

So you tell them you love them, you give them things, you do things for them...
    All of the above.

Do you call them 24/7?
    Well, I'm not annoying. I'll do things like put cards in their drawers.... I mean dresser drawers. And scavenger hunts--I'll hide clues, and they'll follow them to the gift.

That's so sweet! Is it true that one of your girlfriends cheated on you? She must have been totaly crazy!
    Most of the girls I've been with have cheated on me.

But you don't think all girls are like that right?
    I'm trying not to. But I went through a period where I was disgusted. I'd totally give myself to somebody, and she took it for granted and I was like "What is anything worth?" I kinda felt like it was all just a game, and I wasn't into playing the game. So I despised women for about a half a year.

Did somebody finally sit down and say "You gotta have hope?" or something?
    Yeah. And you just get over it. You learn that the people you were with just didn't love themselves enough to be honest with you. That's really it. You have to know it wasn't you it was them--they couldn't be honest with themselves, so they couldn't be honest with you either

You have so many female fans who love you. Have you and the other *NSYNC guys ever talked about who's labeled the heartthrob?
    No. I think we all have a good attitude about everything. Everybody has a niche, and our differences are what make us a group. If there was one less of us, it wouldn't be *NSYNC. We definitely feel blessed, but you know that if we were sitting in a small club singing in front of fifty people we'd still be happy.

In the last year, *NSYNC has gotten so big it's insane. What have you learned about yourself through this superstardom thing?
    That when you're on tour, you get disillusioned. There are lots of yes - people out there who tell you what you want to hear so they can get what they want out of you. I hate to sound jaded, but Chris and the other guys are really the only people I can always depend on to be honest with me.

Because your all in the same boat?

You singled Chris out. Are you and he a lot a like?
    I have stuff in common with all of the guys. But Chris and I have the same intrests. We always talk about sports, and we have a lot of the same views on family and spirituality.

What about your spirituality? Have you ever had any spirtual experiences?
    Well, I think miracles happen everyday. You know, I don't get a chance to go to church any more so some people might say I'm not as involved in my spirtuality as them. That's so not true. I don't wany any people to think I'm blasting the church; I'm just saying I can get the same experiences outside of church. I read my Bible but don't base my decisions on what the Bible says: I base my decisions on my experiences with God. I saw this T-shirt the other day that said, "I'm not religious, I just love God." I thought that was a cool little message. I don't want to get too deep into this conversation, because my spirituality is mine and I really don't want anyone to feel something that they don't want to feel. But my thing is God is all around us--in everything we say, everything we do, everything we feel. I really believe that.

And you believe in angels too?
    Oh, sure. Um...I'm telling you, you're gonna get me into this conversation and people are gonna be like "He's a freak!" But okay, I think angels could possibly be people who've lived more lives than others. If that makes sense to you. They've already figured out who they are, and so all they do is give to other people. Haven't you ever had someone in your life who never though about themselves--they just gave and gave to other people?

Yes. Moms are that way.
    I feel like women have lived more lives than men anyway.

That's an awesome idea. Why do you feel that way? Because we're more in touch with...
    With everything.

   Exactly. Do you think you are? Okay have you ever heard the term "You're an old soul?" People say that to me all the time. Well, women are old souls.

Since you have an old soul--you're a giving person-- people could say you're an angel.
    I guess you could say that, sure. But I really don't think that you should categorize me that way. Trust me, I definitely do things for me. I just do what makes me happy. If there ever comes a time when I'm not having fun doing what I do, then I'm just gonna quit. I mean what ever makes you happy, live by that.


Show 'N Tell
What you didn't see during 'N Sync's HBO special. EW.com rates the boy band's high energy live show

'N Sync's HBO concert special - - which was broadcast live from Madison Square Garden last Thursday night and will reair Saturday at 1:45 p.m. and Tuesday at 7:15 p.m. - - offered a winning mix of sweet teen boy singing (the tuneful tag team of Justin Timberlake and JC Chasez), randy dance moves (humpy crotch thrusts and "back that ass up" bunny hops), and the booming electrothump of the group's new tunes, which were well suited for supersizing to arena proportions. Here's a look at the show's high and low points, along with some things you didn't see at home.

What You Didn't See, I The crowd booing just minutes before airtime after an announcer told them not to wave banners during the show. (Sample Banner: "JC is my 'Space Cowboy"')

What You Didn't See, II The message "Flashlights Now!" that came across the jumbo screen before HBO panned to the illuminated crowd

Best Tune That jaunty R&B ditty "It Makes Me Ill." (Although we could've done without the too obvious hospital setup.)

Worst Tune That spiritually arrogant treacle "(God Must Have Spent) A Little More Time on You." (You wish.)

Most Charismatic Member Who's Not JC or Justin Joey Fatone, who ably commanded a brief solo on "I Thought She Knew"

Least Charismatic Member Who's Not Chris Kirkpatrick There is no less charismatic member than Chris Kirkpatrick. (See "I Drive Myself Crazy.")

Shiniest Props Justin's sequined doo- rags

Scariest Prop The massive John Wayne Gacy looking clown face that issued a warning to competing boy bands: "Everybody can have their moment in the spotlight... [but] we're here to stay." (If it comes from the clown, it must be true.)

Mob Scene You Did See The gaggle of gals who won the chance to dance on stage. (They should've won some choreography lessons, too.)

Mob Scene You Didn't See The anxious parents massed outside the venue

Riskiest Move That Worked Justin's surprisingly competent human beat box

Riskiest Move That Didn't Work JC's shiny red butt- hugging pants. (Besides, Carmen Electra needs them back.)

Most Contrived Moment The "TRL" spoof where the audience gets to choose which song the guys perform next. The choices? Three nursery rhymes and "Tearin' Up My Heart."

Most Honest Moment Their unironic cover of Johnny Kemp's "Just Got Paid"

Nsync-Caught in the Act!

L&K a Europe magazine interview!

JOEY: It's been a long while since anyone caught me naked. I think it was in the dressing room when a wardrobe lady walked in-it wasn't too embarrassing though! We tend to keep our private bits private.
CHRIS: None of the guys walk around naked. Sometimes after a show we have to take a shower and get naked, but we don't even think about it.
LANCE: I don't get naked in front of anybody. We're musicians, not Playboys! Ha ha!
JUSTIN: I can't tell you the last person who saw me naked!!
CHRIS: Joey has a hairy butt!! He moons us all the time, that's how we know!
JUSTIN: Even though we might not wanna know!

JC: Man, we've all been caught kissing - my mom caught me and threw a fit! She was like, "There's a rule in this house, if you're in there with a girl you leave the door open!"

JC: Me naked!
LANCE: Yeah, I'd agree-JC naked!
JC: When I see myself naked in the mirror I get so freaked out that I do a little dance! Ha ha ha!

LANCE: Justin always steals my shoes. When we first got to New York his luggage didn't turn up so he had to borrow a load of stuff.
JUSTIN: My luggage got lost here in New York. It came the next day, but I borrowed Lance's outfit anyway. He's a bit of a soft touch if I wanna borrow anything! It's not a big deal, is it?

JUSTIN: I took a robe once, when I was young. The first time you stay in a posh hotel I thing everyone always takes a robe with the name of the hotel on it-you gotta take it! It's like an initiation of being in a band!
CHRIS: Slippers! I'd try TVs but they're too hard to sneak out! No, all I use is the stationary.
LANCE: I'll take anything that's not nailed down! I've taken the pillows you get given on a plane, but it's not stealing, is it?

CHRIS: None of us keep diaries now.
JC: I used to write one for about two years but I've given up now.
LANCE: Our lives are recorded every day, so I guess we don't need to.

LANCE: We do worry about it, but we have six security guards who keep things away from us. Obsessive fans and things like that.
CHRIS: There's one woman who brings her kid and just sits in front of Joey's house. It makes you wonder what some people are about.

CHRIS: We all have! One summer I was delivering pizzas and I got pulled over by the police about eight times in a month and a half and they threatened to take my license away.
JOEY: I was renting a car while mine was being fixed. It was a brand new car with plastic covers still on the seats. This cop pulled me over and thought that I'd stolen it! Thank goodness I knew someone who was a cop to help me out!

CHRIS: We gave the V sign once, but didn't realize how rude it is in Britain! We wanted to do the peace sign not the V sign. We just didn't know what it meant.
LANCE: Joey farted on TV once - I don't thing he could hold it in for any longer. It was so funny!

JUSTIN: I have and I didn't feel bad.
JC: Yeah, it's like "my number's 555-BRAT!"
CHRIS: Or "555-F...ART!"

JUSTIN: If you say that then you're just gonna get slapped!
JC: No, when it comes to impressing a girl, it's got to be flattery.

CHRIS: Justin, now he's got all that hair.
JUSTIN: It's true! Can I just say that my hair is not permed! Why would I wanna do my hair like this?!

JUSTIN: I fall asleep in the middle of airport terminals all the time.
LANCE: I slept in an airport bathroom!
JOEY: I slept during interviews! Not with L&K, though!


Lime magazine interview with Justin.

LIME: The last we spoke with *Nsync was in February 1998! You've got one minute to bring us up to date….
Justin: we've been working in America where our album just went Diamond. That means 10 million copies sold! Pretty good, huh? We had some legal troubles with our record company…

LIME: Which we're not supposed to ask about….
Justin: (cheerfully) oh , you don't have to ask me, I'll tell you! Haha ! Basically, we weren't getting a fair deal and we did what was needed to get it. Does that make sense? Good. We're very happy now, and we're about to release our new album No Strings Attached. Our first single is called 'Bye Bye Bye' and we're going on tour.

LIME: Is there a significance to the title, No Strings Attached?
Justin: It means we're breaking free from the strings that held us down in the past year. We wrote half the songs in this album independently- our record label didn't give us any money for producers and studio time during the lawsuit, so we put in our own money. It's a lot more personal this time, like our baby. (Earnestly) It's a really good-quality CD and we've taken ourselves to the next level.

LIME: The band won an American Music Award for the Best New Artist (1999). Where do you keep the trophy?
Justin: Our manager Johnny Wright has it, but we all have copies. Mine is in my house in Orlando! (Proudly) I just bought my own house, it has a pool and a Jacuzzi! When I'm not working, I'm there chilling out!

LIME: what's more irritating: those Backstreet Boys comparisons or being asked if you and Britney Spears are dating?
Justin: Hahaha ! (Smoothly) It's not irritating, I've answered both questions many times. Being compared is pretty common. Like Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey, the Rolling Stones and the Beatles ….. When *Nsync first started out, I answered loads of questions about my personal life, I just don't want to talk about it anymore.

LIME: We hear Lance will be in an upcoming episode of 7th Heaven and you'll be starring in telemovie Cover Girl. What's your role?
Justin: I play a male supermodel and kiss a really cute girl! Woohoo! (Smugly) There are perks to this job.

LIME: Did you get to snog any pretty leading ladies like (ahem!) Britney in the upcoming movie Jack of All Trades?
Justin: (dodges question) We didn't really star in it, we just had cameos.

LIME: But did you get to snog anyone in the movie?
Justin: No, we just did cameos. Haha !

LIME: We're not supposed to ask you about Britney Spears, so who can we ask you about?
Justin: (Laughs) Ask me about Jennifer Aniston. Hahaha! I have a crush on her!

LIME: Which TV show would you like to guest-star in: Friends, Sabrina or the Buffy the vampire slayer?
Justin: Friends would be cool! Maybe I can date Rachel! Maybe I can have a crush on Rachel! Maybe Rachel can take me out! Maybe I can have a kissing scene with Rachel! I reeeally like Rachel!

LIME: Finally, list some things *Nsync are always in sync about?
JUSTIN: We agree on a lot of things , we always make decisions as a group. We even have the same taste in girls sometimes. Like, everybody thinks Jennifer Aniston is cute, but me the most! (Desperately) If you ever interview her,, please tell her Justin from *Nsync likes her! I know she's dating some guy named Brad Pitt or something. I mean, who's that? Brat Pitt? Pooh! Never heard that name all my life!

Too Big For Their Boots-Interview 
Well, now they've cracked the charts both sides of the pond it's a definite possibility... Time for 'N SYNC to face the TOTP reality check! -- Words: James Williams

Are there certain things you did when you were starting out that you really regret now?
Chris: Plenty and most of it was in Germany!
Justin: There was this one time when they said they wanted to take us swimming for a photo shoot and we thought that was cool. But then it turned out they had us doing all these cheesy poses in the shallow end.
JC: So we said we didn't like the idea and asked if we could do some more fun, mucking about-type shots which we did, but of course they used the horrible cheesy ones!
Joey: I dressed up as a kangaroo one time...
Chris: And the cowboy outfits, they were for Germany too.
Lance: The worst thing we ever did was model for this clothing label called Wacko. They were the worst
clothes ever! They were horrible and tight...
Justin: And shiny - we looked like a bunch of circus clowns.
Chris: They were basically the kind of clothes that would never come in fashion.
Justin: Actually can we not talk about it any more? The memory's too painful!

Do you always make time to stop and talk to fans?
Justin: We try but sometimes our promotional schedule's so busy we don't have time. But we always try and say hi and talk to them as much as possible.

Do you get stroppy if you're not on the guest list and in the VIP areas for clubs and parties?
Lance: No cos we never stay in the VIP room anyway. They're boring.
Justin: You can guarantee we're never at our table in VIP rooms, we're always on the dance floor.
Lance: I was actually kicked out of the VIP section of our own party after the MTV Awards. There were so many people in there and it was so busy I couldn't get in. The guy at the door was being such a jerk.

Didn't you use the old classic, 'Do you know who I am?'
JC: Oh no. If one of us ever used that, the rest would beat him up!

Do you go everywhere with your security guards?
Justin: We have to really cos it only takes one person to recognise us and we get swamped. It's so bad at
home we can't even go shopping any more. Not even with our bodyguards!
JC: It depends where we are really. There are certain places in LA where it isn't a big deal and we can go out on our own.
Justin: Usually a baseball cap and a pair of shades does the trick. Having security isn't an ego thing, it's just a practicality.

How good are you at remembering people's names?
All: Terrible!
Chris: I know a lot of dudes! Hey dude! Everybody's a dude!
Justin: I'm good with faces. I always remember a face.
JC: But where from is a complete blank!

What about remembering birthdays?
Lance: I forget my parents' sometimes.
JC: Well these four guys here are my family and that's it! Apart from my mom of course. She'd kill me if I forgot her birthday. 'I'm disowning you!' She'd probably grab something and throw it at me.

Do you only wear designer labels now?
JC: We just wear, like, whatever looks cool!
Justin: Our style is whatever's comfortable. But we also dress for the occasion. If we're performing on TOTP we don't wear anything too dressy cos we'll be dancing, but then if we're off to an awards show we'll dress up.

Is money no object now so you don't bother to look at price tags?
Joey: Not at all. I'm always on the lookout for sales!
Lance: Some designer stores are ridiculous. If you go into Versace and see a T-shirt for £400 there's no way I'm buying it.
Justin: The money we have has improved our standard of living but we don't go crazy with it.
JC: Money should be about freedom and comfort, not excess.
Lance: Joey's pretty bad for just wasting his money on weird stuff. I mean the guy bought stilts!
Joey: The stilts are dope, man!

Are you still told off by you mum?
Joey: I am cos I live at home.
Lance: Well every time I speak to my mom, I could be on the other side of the world and we always end up having a fight.
Justin: Parents find it really hard to let go - even now we're grown up my mom still says to me, 'Now Justin, are you eating right? Are you getting enough sleep? Did you wear a sweater today?'

Have you become big-headed at all?
Justin: Well I was big-headed before I started doing this!
Chris: There was one time in Germany when we had just came off stage and we realised that while we'd been out there we hadn't given it our all. We'd just assumed the crowd would be happy with whatever we gave them and
that's when we realised we were becoming big-headed. So we just shot ourselves down, turned around and started all
over again.

When did you last have a pop star tantrum?
Justin: I wouldn't say we have tantrums but when we're upset we do voice our opinions. The other day we had
an interviewer from Holland ask us about our album being called No Strings Attached and at first we were quite
excited cos we thought she was going to ask us about our music. But then she starts going on about whether we like
string underwear on girls or ordinary panties! We were like, 'We didn't come here today to give our personal opinions about some piece of underwear.' We tried hinting we weren't happy with the questions but she kept on: 'So do you like being handcuffed and blindfolded?' And we just said, 'Sorry but this isn't going the way we want it to.'

When was the last time you apologised for being rude or unfriendly to a fan?
Joey: We're always cordial to fans but on a flight the other day this woman wanted to take my picture. It was, like, six in the morning and I just said, 'Ma'am, I'm not being rude but I'm not having my picture taken.'
Chris: I was quite rude to a woman who checked in my bag at the airport the other day, but she was being really difficult.

And finally the ultimate test! How much does a copy of TOTP cost?
JC: £3. (Actually it's a bargain at just £1.50!)
Justin: Ah but you see we get confused with exchange rate. It's $3 in the US!

Alright guys, we believe you and quite frankly, we think their boots are the perfect fit!

*N Sync- Why They're Not As Innocent As You Think! COSMO GIRL interview! HOT!

CG: What was your worst breakup?
JC: The worst breakup I ever had happened literally right when *N Sync started to hit. That's when my girlfriend and I broke up. I was brokenhearted.

CG: Did you think you'd marry her?
JC: The thought crossed my mind. I wasn't going to marry her next year or anything, but I thought, "She's the one I'm looking for. She's gonna be around."

CG: Do you think that experience made you stronger?
JC: Definitely. She made me a better person by hurting me, because she taught me how to truly appreciate something good. If I get something good in my life again, I won't smother it, but I'll definitely know what I have.

CG: Did she make you cry?
JC: Uh-huh. Yeah.


CG: What do you value most about yourself:
Chris: My honesty. My motto is: Anything I say, I should be able to say right to someone's face.

CG: Where did you get those strongs morals?
Chris: From my mom. She never drank, never smoked. She was 16 when I was born; she was almost experiencing her childhood with me.

CG: If you could have a "Do-over" for any bad moment in your life, which would it be?
Chris: I'd try to talk to my stepdad. About five years ago, he shot himself. It was a total shock. I wish I could go back to the day before and stop him.

CG: Everyone says you're hyper. Why?
Chris: The truth is, I'm hypoglycemic. If I have sugar, I go nuts. But as soon as I get off that sugar high, I crash big-time.


CG: What's your best quality?
Lance: I'm really hardheaded at times. If something pisses me off or I know something's wrong, I'll fight and I won't stop until it's done the right way.

CG: When was your last real date?
Lance: Well it was with Danielle [Fishel], and we broke up last summer. Since then I've gone out and met people, but no official dates.

CG: Do you miss it?
Lance: I do, but it's not fair to the girl if you're always on the road. I can't stand dating somebody and not being there for them. You can talk on the phone, but it's not the same.

CG: You *N Sync guys spend so much time together. Do you ever fight?
Lance: We're like brothers. Brothers always fight about different little nitpicky things, but you still love 'em.


CG: If you could fix any mistake, what would it be?
Justin: I can think of a lot of girls that I made the big mistake of giving my heart too.

CG: So you give your heart too quickly?
Justin: No, but when I give it, it's with a willingness that's sometimes overwhelming.

CG: Don't ever lose that quality! That's your saving grace!
Justin: You think so? What may save us, can also kill us.

CG: Have you ever broken the rules?
Justin: Once in kindergarten, I peed my pants on purpose because the teacher wouldn't me go to the bathroom. Everbody was like, "Justin peed his pants!" and I stood up on my seat and I'm like (switches to squeaky voice) "That's right! The teacher wouldn't let me go to the bathroom!" I was the peeing Ferris Bueller.


CG: Someone once asked Justin which of you guys would get married first, and he said "it definitely won't be Joey!" Comment?
Joey: (gets all huffy) How does he know? He doesn't know. I probably will not be married for a while, but I'm sure in two years or whatever, there might be that one girl I want to be serious with.

CG: Well, you do have a rep for being the biggest flirt in the group. What's your technique?
Joey: I just go up to a girl and talk to her. And I give neck rubs.

CG: Has a girl ever rejected you?
Joey: There was this one girl I asked out over and over again in high school who kept turning me down. I tried being nice. She said no. So I tried being mean, and then i asked her out again. She still said no. I never did go out with that girl!

Think Fast, Guys!

Their mission was to answer the following questions as quickly as possible. See how your favorite guy stacked up!

Rich or Famous?
Chris: Famous
Joey: Famous
JC: Neither
Justin: Famous
Lance: Rich

Britney or Christina?
Chris: Britney
Joey: Britney
JC: Britney
Justin: Britney
Lance: Britney

Great kisser or dancer?
Chris: Dancer
Joey: Kisser
JC: Kisser
Justin: Dancer
Lance: Kisser

Grammy or Oscar?
Chris: Grammy
Joey: Grammy
JC: Grammy
Justin: Grammy
Lance: Grammy

Oscar or Kermit?
Chris: Oscar
Joey: Kermit
JC: Kermit
Justin: Kermit
Lance: Oscar

Vanilla or Chocolate?
Chris: Chocolate
Joey: Chocolate
JC: Vanilla
Justin: Vanilla
Lance: Vanilla

Style or Substance?
Chris: Substance
Joey: Style
JC: Substance
Justin: Style
Lance: Style

Playing The Name Game

We had the guys switch names-and personalities. (Don't panic: It was only temporary!) We made name tags, mixed them up, and had each *N Sync member answer a bunch of questions as the person on his tag. It was hilarious!

CG: Okay Joey: You're Chris. Finish this sentence: "My best quality is..."
Joey: "I'm Chris and my best qualities are my sense of humor and my wisdom because I'm so smart and older and wiser than everyone."
Justin: "Hi, I'm JC, and my best quality is my creativity."
Chris: "I'm Lance, and my best quality is my big booty. No-just kidding. My best quality is my sense of knowledge in business matters."
JC: "Hello, my name is Joey, and my best quality is my positive attitude."
Lance: "I'm Justin, and my best quality is my sense of humor."
Justin: (panicking because he didn't hear) My what? My what?! (laughter)

CH!: "When I get up in the morning, the first thing I do is..."
Joey: "Hi my name is Chris, and the first thing I do is scratch."
Justin: "Hi, I'm JC, and the first thing I do in the morning is...stretch."
Chris: "My name's Lance, and the first thing I do in the morning is pee in the shower." (laughter)
Justin: That's the best!
Lance: It's true!
JC: (joking) "My name's Joey, and the first thing I do in the morning is drop the kids off at the pool."
Lance: "Hi, I'm Justin, and the first thing I do in the morning is eat a bowl of Cap'n Crunch cereal."

CG: "The last thing I do before I go to bed at night is..."
Joey: "I'm Chris, and before I go to bed I check my e-mails and play Dreamcast and then I check my e-mails some more and then I play Dreamcast again..." (laughter)
Justin: "I'm JC, and before I go to sleep I write down what happened in the day." (to JC) You still do that?
JC: I haven't done that since we were in Hamburg.
Chris: "My name's Lance and the last thing I do is call my mom."

Everyone: Awwwww!
JC: "I'm Joey, and the last thing I do is leave whatever club I'm at."
Lance: "I'm Justin and the last thing I do before bed is umm...put some hip-hop music on and rap a prayer."

CG: "I think I look just like..."
Joey: "I'm Chris, and I look just like Fievel the mouse!" (everyone totally cracks up, because it's true.)
Justin: "My name's JC, and I think I look just like Madonna!"
JC: (explaining) I don't look like anyone famous. I look plain.
Chris: I'm Lance, and I think I look just like my dad."
JC: "My name's Joey, and I think I look just like Blossom." (laughter)
Lance: Mine's easy. "I'm Justin, and I look like Ryan Phillippe."

CG: "I hate it when a girl..."
Joey: "I'm Chris, and I hate it when a girl's way taller than me."
Justin: "I'm JC, and I hate it when a girl talks about her ex-boyfriend."
Chris: "I'm Lance, and I hate it when a girl starts talking about our future together, starts putting on all this pressure to get married, and then tells all my other friends certain things that didn't really happen, but she makes them up because she wants to live in her little dream world."
Lance: That was my ex-ex-ex-ex-girlfriend from like twenty years ago.
JC: "I'm Joey, and I hate it when a girl plays hard to get." (laughter)
Lance: "I'm Justin, and I hate it when a girl talks about herself too much."
Justin: Exactly! Good answer.

CG: "When it comes to meeting girls, my best pickup line is..."
Joey: "I'm Chris and I say, 'You want tickets to the show?' "
Justin: "I'm JC, and I meet girls by using my quietness, my mystery."
Chris: How 'bout this one: "I'm Lance. You know that third song? I produced that." (laughter)
JC: "My name's Joey. My pickup line is (switches to cartoon voice) I can do the Bobby voice." (laughter)
Lance: "I'm Justin, and I don't need a line. I just sing a bit and all the girls are like "ohhhhh.' "

"Let's Pick on Joey"

We asked the guys to write down anonymous questions for each other-things they've always wanted to know but have never asked. Then we put the slips of paper into a hat and drew them out one at a time. For some reason, Joey seemed to get lots more questions that everyone else...

CG: Okay the first question's for...Joey! "How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?" (everyone laughs)
Joey: Ummm...I don't know. I think it depends on how big the woodchuck is. If he was a big fat one, he could probably chuck a lot. Ten pounds.

CG: "Justin: would you ever pee in your wet suit?" (laughter)
Justin: I would, and I have.

CG: "JC: Were there any off-screen romances on the Mickey Mouse Club?" (general oohing)
JC: Yes. But I don't name names.
Lance: (Joking) Can I name names?

CG: Okay..."Joey: How many girls have you dated at one time?"
Joey: I think three was the most.

CG: "Justin: Have you ever looked in the mirror naked and done the shake-it dance and thought you looked good?" And they define "shake-it dance" as "move your hips from side to side." (Everyone practically dies laughing)
Justin: That questions is so Chris. My answer is: Every morning when I wake up. Right after I get out of the shower, I do the shake-it dance.

CG: Okay..."Joey: If a plane crashes on the border of Canada and the US, where do they bury the survivors?"
Joey: Aha! You can't bury survivors in the water! (everyone cracks up)

CG: What?! Where'd the water come from? The point is, you don't bury survivors!
Joey: Don't write that, please, I suck! I thought they were dead!

CG: "Justin: What's the name of the last girl you kissed?"
Justin: Names? I don't name names.

CG: How many letters?
Justin: Five.

CG: What does it begin with?
Justin: None of your business.

CG: "Joey: How many total animals did Moses bring on the ark?
Joey: Wait...read it again. How many total animals did Moses...
JC: Moses didn't even have an ark!!

CG: Okay. Here's one for Chris: "Who was the first person to beat you at every or any sport, and how did you feel?"
Chris: Ooh, that's a good one, a serious one, too. Justin beat me in every sport. No wait: when I was like 7 years old I was on a Little League team and we sucked. Once I got beaned by a pitch.

CG: Did you get knocked unconcious?
Chris: No, but I had to take first base. We were playing T-Ball.
JC: But you don't pitch in T-Ball!
Chris: I know. I'm the only kid who got beaned by a pitch in T-Ball! (laughter)
Lance: Wouldn't you always get totally pissed at the kids who couldn't even hit the freakin' ball off the T?
JC: Lance is venting.

CG: "Justin: Have you ever farted in public and blamed it on someone else?"
Justin: All the time, of course...Joey!

CG: "Lance, did you ever dirty up the ice at your snow-cone-factory job?
Lance: Joey...
Joey: No, I did not write that one!
Lance: One time this bug flew into a cone I was making, but I didn't want to scoop it out because the customers were watching. So I just kind of covered it up.

CG: There's no name on this question, but something tells me it's for Joey. "if it takes four men two hours to dig a hole, how long does it take two men to dig half a hole?" Come on you guys-I feel bad for Joey! Here's another one for him: "If you travel from point A to point B and you..." Nooo! I don't even want to read it! Okay, this is the last questions! "Chris: Can you describe the worst hairstyle you've ever had?
Chris: (joking) Well, I had braids on top of my head and I put them in a ponytail....no-I take it back. In the early 90's I actually had a pulse shaved on the side of my head, and then I had the front bleached blonde. I thought I was Vanilla Ice.

By Elizabeth Kuster.

::More Questions: 

Q: What is it about Orlando that so many young and talented people like yourselves are relocating to Florida?

A: I don't Know if there's a secret that somebody knows that we don't know about Orlando. Maybe there is. We just decided that Orlando would be our place. That's where we ended up just because that's where we met for the first time. We wanted it to be our home town.

Q: What do you day dream about?

A: (laughs) I daydream about all the platinum albums we will receive someday.

Q: What's your favorite Christmas memory?

A: Being with my family. For the most part, that's what Christmas is about to me, it's about my family getting together and celebrating the birth of Christ.

Q: Did you cry on Santa's lap at the mall?

A: yes, I bawled, I got a picture of me on Santa's lap like this [Justin makes a sad face].

Q: do you wear boxers or briefs?

A: I don't wear underwear (laughs) just kidding, boxer-briefs.

Q: Would you like to have an acting career?

A: That would be fun, but I'd want to keep my music going too.

Q: Did you ever take acting lessons?

A: When we were on the Mickey Mouse Club, we all took lessons.

Q: You had such a busy year- did you treat yourself to anything special?

A: I went to Mexico with my parents and stayed there for a week- my mom and step dad. It was fun, fun, fun!

Q: What did you do there?

A: Man, I didn't want to do anything! I didn't have the energy to do anything. I just hung out by the pool.

Q: Do you have any plans for the Millennium?

A: Hawaii. we're doing a show at the Aloha Stadium for New Year's eve. We're going to try to do it towards daytime. after that we're going to clear the whole field off, and have a big, huge, party.

Q: How do you keep your energy level up?


Q: Do you ever forget dance moves on stage?

A: I just did in the show. I totally messed up one of the formations in the show. I was hoping you guys didn't catch it.

Question: "What are you currently listening to?"

Justin: Voodoo by D'Angelo......"It's the sexiest CD out right now. It is some serious

BMM---as in baby-making music."


First up, do you love being in love?

JC Yes, I love being in love - and if you don't love it then you're not in


JOEY Erm yeah! That's why it's called love.

CHRIS Joey loves his blow up... er, never mind!

LANCE I like it, but at the same time, I don't...

CHRIS (butting in) ...because you can't have all the girls you want


heh heh!

LANCE No, 'cos you have to devote time and it's and effort... Plus I don't

have the time.

Can you define love?

LANCE It's when you're with someone you totally trust, who you're best

friends with and you want to spend the rest of your life with.

JC I agree. But you also have to care about their life more than your own.

LANCE (jokingly) Oh, I don't know about that!

CHRIS (while placing TV HITS stickers all over his head) While I'm


can we play 'Who Am I?' No? But it's fun! Oh OK, I'll answer the question!

It's a warm and fuzzy feeling inside that hits you like a ton of bricks!

Do you get embarrassed watching rude scenes on TV with your parents?

JUSTIN With things like that, you just have to laugh.

LANCE I squirm until it's over! I saw Something About Mary with my parents

and it was weird!

JC I just pretend I'm not watching it and close my eyes. But if it's a


rude scene...

JOEY Oh, me and my dad are there rooting them on, heh heh!

Do you watch the rude channels in hotels?

JUSTIN Well, you have to pay for that stuff!

CHRIS But you can watch it for five seconds before they catch you - not


I know that!

JC We don't watch it as you have to pay, but if it was on regular TV it'd


a different story!

Have you ever cheated on a girlfriend?

JOEY Yes, I have. I was seeing one girl called Jeanny who lived in Staten

Island, and another who lived in New York, but I lost out big time in the


- Jeanny dumped me 'cos she found out, and the other girl didn't find out


dumped me anyway.

JUSTIN I've never done anything like that and I wouldn't like to, either.

Were you scared of your first kiss?

LANCE I had butterflies 'cos it was when I played Spin The Bottle. After

three goes you have to French kiss - luckily I finished on two!

CHRIS I was beaten up for my first kiss. We were playing kiss tag (chase to

us), and after she kissed me she punched me. I guess I didn't know what I


doing, heh heh!

JOEY I was sweating and nervous as I was pushed into a closet with a girl.


kissed, but it was like those in the movies - you know when you don't use

your tongue!

If you had to liken your snogging style to an animal, which would it be?

CHRIS A lizard (everyone bursts out laughing). But why's everyone laughing?

(looking bemused) I don't get it!

JOEY A panther.

CHRIS Yeah, right - more like an Orangutan!

LANCE I'd be a Boa Constrictor - long, big and exotic!

JC No, that's something else (more roars of laughter). I'd say a fish -


open and wet. That's a good choice as there are kissing fish.

JUSTIN A dog 'cos I use my tongue a lot!

What do you call a snog in America?

JOEY We'd say, 'make out.'

CHRIS Or French Kiss

JC No, we'd say a deep kiss.

JUSTIN I've never said that!

CHRIS OK, I know - second base.

JUSTIN First base is kissing - period. Second base is, as you say,


and third base is, well... (hmm, next question!)

What's the most embarrassing love situation you've been in?

JOEY There was one girl, Sarah, who I was dating and she was a really bad

kisser. One time, I bent down to kiss her goodbye and ended up getting my

whole entire face licked - in front of the whole school. It was awful.

CHRIS I've kissed girls with bad breath and I've had to tell them. Well, if

you like someone and they have dragon breath, it's your duty!

JUSTIN Yes - that's the same for me, too.

Who gets the most attention out of the band?

JC Well, Justin gets a lot of girls.

JUSTIN (looking embarrassed) No I don't - we all get an equal amount of

attention. But it's really hard to meet girls now as we're never sure of

their reasons for wanting a date.

CHRIS Yeah - if she asks you for autographs for her friends, you know it's


Has your heart ever been broken?

CHRIS I have - and I could tell you who it was, but it'd start a big


JOEY Yes, my first love broke my heart - and every girl since then has,


JUSTIN I've had my heart broken, and my theory is that I'm too nice from



Finally, what is a total no-no if you're in love?

JOEY Picking your nose and eating it, heh heh!

CHRIS I'd say lying - you have to be honest.

JC Yes - you should never ruin the trust.

LANCE I'd say you should never cheat on her.

JUSTIN Yes, you shouldn't lie or be unfaithful. If they love you, they'll

accept everything else.

CHRIS (Still playing with TV HITS stickers) Can we play 'Who Am I?' now?

Old questions.....

Q: Have you ever been in love?

A: Yeah, it was with a girl that was in the 8th grade and I was in the 6th.( He likes older girls) we went out for 6 months, Then my friend found out she was cheating on me. I had never been so humiliated in my life. So every time I get in a relationship with a girl it's pretty hard for me.

Q: What did you do before the Disney concert?

A: I drank milk.

Q: What is something that helps you sleep?

A: A steady sound.

Q: Do you have any pets?

A: Yes, one dog Ozzie and one cat Alley.

Q: What's the most precious thing you got from a fan?

A: At the end of one of our concerts a fan gave me a pinky ring and I love it. (you might want to get him one)

O: What do you do when you have a soar throat and have to perform?

A: Drink lots of tea take some medicine and the show must go on.

Q: Are you really into country music

A: Lance knows the most about country music. I haven't listened to it in a long time. I've been listening to the top 40 because thats where we're at, and I've been studying Billboard, So, I see the charts and everything, but I don't get a chance to listen to a lot of it. I think the ones we like most are the ones that crossover into pop like LeAnn Rimes and Shania Twain.

Q: What puts a smile on your face?

A: You're looking at the audience and they're singing the words you know. You could just stop singing and put the mike in their face and they would sing the words back to you. Now, that puts a smile on my face.

Q: What's another thing you do when you have trouble sleeping?

A: Either the guys of Nsync sing to me or I sing to myself quietly!

Q: When did you know that singing was what you wanted to do?

A: I grew up singing in church, then I got into voice lesions when I was about 8 years old. I did talent shows, and from that moment on, I knew that's what I wanted to do.

Q: Where do you guys get your ideas?

A: We get ideas from everything because we want to give the best live show possible. We want people to leave there going, "Dam,n that was cool."

Q: What's up with the hair?

A: The roots are naturally dark . I had the top done. This bottom part is my natural color. Chris: He's got a couple of different looks with color-one of them is almost white and they look cool. Justin again: It's not drastic . I'll probably stick with this for a while. I'm thinking of cutting it just a little bit shorter because it's starting to get a little bit poofy up here. I, mean, honestly, I grew my hair out once and I'd wake up every morning and look just like Maxwell. Boom! Whoa! My hair was scaring me. But it's naturally curly.

Q: When you get a chance to watch TV what do you watch?

A: I like Dawson's Creek.

Q: What do you think when you see yourself on TV?

A: When I see myself on TV. I start critiquing from the minute I see it. I want to keep taking steps forward.

Q: Do you do your own choreography?

A: We have many choreographers that we work with--people who worked with Janet and Michael Jackson.

Q: How do you keep your teeth so white?

A: Well I get my teeth cleaned everyday by the make up artist she bleaches our teeth white.

Q: What size shoe do you wear?

A: I'm a size 12. I know I got big feet

Q: Do u have a nickname?

A: my nickname is Curly.

Q: Do u carry a wallet or keep your stuff in your pockets?

A: it's a chain wallet. In it is my drivers license, credit-card, keys to the house, business cards of people I might need to get in touch with. My mom's phone number, cash, different cards, different things. Blah, blah, blah......

Q: Do u have a beeper or cell phone?

A: I have a cell phone, it's digital and has caller id.

Q: What do u like better for breakfast, cereal or eggs??

A: Cereal, I like that new Oreo cereal!

Q: What do u like better for dessert cake or ice-cream?


Q: Ok then! What flavor?

A: Daiquiri ice-cream from Baskin Robbins- thats my new favorite!

Q: What do u like better, flowers, candy, or balloons-if u were giving or getting them?

A: If I was getting them, candy. Flowers are cool, but.... I'd give flowers!

Q: what do u like better, candy or chocolate bars?

A: Candy! I like Runts. And my favorite candy is Sprees.

Q: If u were free tonight would u want a quiet evening at home or a night on the town?

A: it depends, man. Lately quiet evening at home because I'm tired: but normally a night on the town because I like to PAR-TAY!!!

Q: Does your alarm-clock wake u with a beep, or music?

A: You know I woke up to tearin' up my heart this morning! The alarm clock came on and I hear [singing] "I'm with you." I was like....[screams]!

Q: Sneakers or shoes?

A: Sneakers. I'm a tennis shoe man!

Q: Do u like Gold or Silver?

A: Gold. Diamonds., I depends i like silver too. A: If I'm gonna wear silver I'd were all silver, but if i was gonna wear gold, I'd wear all gold.

Q: Do u guys like comedy or action films? Justin: Depends what mood I'm in. JC: Romantic comedy! Justin: He's a sap!

Q: What was the worst date you ever had?

A:...We made dinner reservations and they didn't work out. We tried to see a movie and the movie was sold out. Like, nothing worked that night and she wasn't much for conversation...so I didn't really have a good time. I think I was like 16-years-old.

Q: Do you cook at all?

A: I make a mean pop-tart. No, I can cook a meal. If I had instructions and my mom helped me plan it out and helped with it.

Q: Have you ever tried juice in your cereal?

A: I've tried apple-juice in my mini wheat's, but they can't be frosted. I've tried chocolate milk and i didn't really dig it. My favorite drink is milk, whole milk.

Q: Fill in the blank...It makes me sooo angry when?

A: People are racist.

Q:Do you like to shop?

A: Yes I do, I'll be going somewhere and I'm like i gotta get new diamond earrings! and I'll walk bye foot-locker and I'll be like i gotta get new sneakers!

Q How many pairs of sneakers do you have?

A: I'd say probably like 60 or 70 pairs, I don't go out on the road with a lot of them, but I do take a separate bag for new sneakers. I'd get a Nike duffel bag and fill it up as i go.

Q: What do u do for privacy?

A: I go in my room, I meditate.