Chapter 1 Note: In this story Justin Timberlake is not in the group Nsync, and he never was. Also I have nothing against preps because I am preppy. So don't read this and think I hate them, k? Also, I am not in college (I have a little while more to go) And I am the oldest of of my siblings, so I have no college insight. In other words I have no idea what college would be like. So if you read my story and noticed something isn't possible in college or something isn't done in college that is in my story, please just ignore it. The college described in the story is a fiction world I created =)

Tia ran as fast as her legs would carry her. Unfortunately a paper she was carrying slipped from the grasp of her hands and she had to stop running. She attempted to snatch the paper as it floated away from her. She dashed her hand at the paper and finally caught it. She added it to an unorganized stack  and continued running down the empty hall. Soon, she came across two semi-familiar doors, she opened one and entered the room.

A mid-aged male professor, who was lecturing the class, paused and looked her over harshly. Tia looked around the room only to feel worse because about fifty people, with once braced teeth, were laughing and glaring at her.

"I'm sorry." She apologized. She hated situations like these. She was not only embarrassed, she was ashamed.

"Well, well, well." The teacher spat bluntly. "Miss Tia Toby is late for class AGAIN!"

She looked down at her paper.

"Do you know every time you barge in here you interrupt me? THIS IS COLLEGE! I would understand if it was the first day, but this is two weeks into school. I will not tolerate you being tardy. Stay after class today, WE NEED TO HAVE A TALK! Now, please take your seat."

"I'm sorry Mr. Carter." Tia just wanted to cry, but instead she crept to her cold seat. She could hear people snickering at her. Eyes just burning into her face, trying to get her to show her stupidity and break down around them.

Mr. Carter walked across the room and sighed in aggravation from having to stop in the middle of explanation.

Tia placed her things down on the side of her. To prepare for note taking she opened a notebook and stole a pen from her Old Navy bag. She got settled in her seat and placed her eyes upon the, now talking, professor.

College life sucked. That was the nicest way she could put it. She didn't expect it to be like this. She did expected it to be bad, but not this bad. She went to school with many of the people surrounding her, but she was not average in school. She was an outcast. She always was. Highschool was her worst experience yet. Well, until college came along. All through school she was picked on and treated differently. For some reason she was never accepted by any crowd, so she was always the outcast. She was so canceled out, even the unpopular freaks didn't want anything to do with her.

Her thoughts made her look at her outfit closely. She was wearing black jeans, and a plain black T-shirt, and what made her look even more strange was her hair. It was long, strait, and black. She wore black, not because she wanted to be a freak, but because she didn't know any other colors to wear that would express her feelings. Most people that saw her, considered her a freak, but what they didn't know, she wasn't even that.

Tia felt bad for zoning so much, because she knew she should have been paying attention in class. The more she looked at the professor, the more angry she became. He didn't understand what it was like for her. He didn't understand why she was late to class everyday. It was because she was the 'lucky' person to get a dorm with a not caring, over partying, room mate. She was never able to get any sleep, in fact she got about two hours a night, which caused her to over-sleep, everyday. It was all because of her room mates loud music, loud talking, and loud sexual encounters. It was awful. To top off her horrible college life, she was threatened and made fun of everywhere she went on campus. She just wanted to run back home to her father. She couldn't do that though, he had no idea how bad things were for her, and she was too secretive to tell him she was such a...reject.

The guy in front of her had a hole in his shirt, and it was annoying the hell out of her. She just wanted to snatch the shirt from him and sew it up for him.

Through all of the hell, Tia managed to get a boyfriend. She felt her boyfriend, Wayne, was all she had. She cared deeply for him, but she didn't think he felt the same way for her. Actually, she felt he felt sorry for her, and that was the only reason he was with her. He didn't treat her all that great, and he was very flirtatious with other women, but she didn't care, at least she had someone.

"Hey Mr. Timberlake!"

He lifted his head and caught eyes with the blazing professor.

"You've been caught sleeping in my class once again! I've told you endless times not to fall asleep in my class. IF I BORE YOU SO MUCH JUSTIN WHY DO YOU EVEN COME TO CLASS? I need to speak with you when class is over, just like miss Toby, who just loves coming into class at anytime she pleases."

"I'm sorry sir." Justin said rubbing one of his eyes.


The whole class told the strict teacher 'yes.'

Tia jumped when Mr. Carter slammed a book on his desk. Her pen fell on the floor. She looked in the area it had fallen and she met eyes with Justin Timberlake. He knew her pen fell, but there was no way his pride would let him pick it up. She turned her head away from him.

Justin Timberlake. Tia had almost every class with him for the whole four years of highschool, and yet he didn't even know she existed. Well, he knew, but choose to act like she never existed. She couldn't stand him. He was a high classed, extremely wealthy, prep. One of the most popular souls at the college. He was like a God to most people. And what made her even more confused about him was, he could sleep through class and yet...know everything. He was so intelligent. It made her sick! How could some guy be so honored? How could someone be thought of so highly? Her brain was really just rambling because she'd give anything to have five percent of his popularity. His girlfriend was no other than, Stacy Love. The most popular girl in the entire school. Tia knew her, and she knew her well, because Stacy always picked on her. Even now she did....

"Miss Toby! Why are you NOT copying the notes I have on the over-head?" Tia instantly popped out of her daze. She just about had a bad day everyday, but this was torturous. "Your really pushing it Tia. GET YOURSELF TOGETHER!"

He must have PMS. She thought to herself. She looked back at her pen then reached out to pick it up. She reached as far as she could, and STILL could not reach it. She got up out her seat and bent down, and picked up her Bic pen. "Just picking up my pen sir." She notified, because the professor was looking at her as if she was mad.

"Hurry up and get these notes down. I have three more pages. And also people, this will NOT be your average writing class. I have been lucky enough to be in charge of a study. A study in which all of your will participate. It is going to be a project. I'll go into more detail tomorrow. As of now, get these notes down. Peters! Get your head up and your pencil moving! I swear I have no idea why I chose to be a college professor, I feel like a third grade teacher!"


The bell rung and students rushed out of the room. Tia slowly gathered her things. She wasn't in a rush, she had a wonderful date with Mr. Carter.

Tia saw Justin go up to the professors desk, which Mr. Carter was sitting. She made her way to the area with her head down.

"Alright Justin?" Mr. Carter said softly. "I know you may be tired man, but you've got to try to stay awake in my class. I bet it's hard for you, because you are known greatly, but just please try to stay awake in my class, okay?"

Justin nodded and switched his notebook to his other hand. "I understand. I really am sorry. I need to start going to bed earlier."

Mr. Carter smiled. "Very well. Justin, stick around for a second, will ya? I have to tell you something to tell your mom. It will only take a second. I just need to talk with miss Toby here."

He grinned. "Yes, sir." He took a few steps back and waited.


He was so mean and sadly, always shouting at her. "I got it." She said whispered.


She could see his pointed finger from the corner of her eye and headed out the door.

Tia walked through the halls, her head hanging and her arms clutching her papers and things. She felt someone pushed her and forcefully hit against the wall.

"Aww lookie girls! It's Tia...THE FREAK! Haha!"

Tia rolled her eyes at the extremely beautiful girl. She had about five friends on the side of her giggling. "What do you want STACY?"

"OH nothing...just checking out what came from the TRASH CAN!"

"UGH, don't you have anything to do? I thought you would have stopped with the threats by now!"

She laughed then waved at several people down the hall. "I just love playing with animals, although, I do prefer cute ones." She petted Tia's hair.

"Finished?" Tia asked. "'Animals' can bite ya know!"

Stacy laughed harder. "Yeah, whatever. God, you are just so pathetic."

Wayne stammered by and he saw Tia but didn't do anything except continued walking. He stopped to talk with a group of several guys. Tia could still see him from where she was.

"You know Tia, I don't see how Wayne is with your LAME ASS! I should give him what he's been dying for and kiss him one day. See you later you black wearing, look like shit, is shit, loser." Stacy switched away with her several accepted sidekicks.

Tia huffed. "Bye you BITCH!"

Stacy turned around and held her stomach to laugh. "She called me a bitch. That 'THING' called me a bitch...HAHA!" She continued to walk away, laughing her head off.

Tia stayed pushed up against the wall, she needed to gain the little sanity she had, back. Her breaths were larger and faster than normal all because she was so upset and disturbed. She eyed Wayne hoping that he'd turn around and walk with her to her dorm. Tia looked further down the hall and saw Justin Timberlake just now exiting Mr. Carter's room. He was so happy to see Stacy. As soon as he laid eyes on her, he wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed her on the cheek. "Hey sweetheart." He whispered in Stacy's ear. "How was class for you?"

She smiled warmly. "It was pretty good." She reached out and held his hand. "How was yours baby?"

"Kind of boring, but okay." He reached down and kissed her on the lips. The kiss deepened and made Stacy groan. It only grew more pleasuring. Slowly they broke away from each other.

"I've been waiting for the all day, Justin." She sighed heavily. "I love you."

Justin kissed her lips once more. "And I love you." He took her books and things and held them for her. They left the hallway, hand and hand. Stacy's friends lurked behind them.

Tia put her hand to her heart. Why couldn't she have a relationship like that with Wayne? She couldn't complain, at least he was with her. She slowly walked up to him and tapped him on the shoulder. He was still talking to his group of friends.

Wayne laughed nervously. "Hold on guys."

He grabbed Tia by the arm and took her to a more private place. "What are you doing Tia? I told you not to be bothering me in front of my friends. It's embarrassing!" He began to shake her. "I've told you that several times!"

"I'm sorry." She blurted, trying to hang on the her things.

"Don't do it again." He spat angrily.

"I won't." Her lips began to tremble when he stopped shaking her.

Wayne was walking off, but when he turned back and saw her about to cry, he walked back over to her. "Tia don't cry, okay? Don't cry." He pulled her into a hug and her binder jabbed into the pit of his stomach, but he ignored the pain. "Don't cry, okay?" He kissed the top of her head the pulled back from her.

"Okay." She whispered.

He wiped her eyes then smiled. "I'll see you later, okay?" Before she could say 'yes' he jogged off.

Tia continued to her dorm room...alone.


Feeling low because of another sleepless night, Tia made it to class on time. It was one of he most hectic mornings, and it was one of the worst struggles, but she made it. She sat down in her seat and place her things down as always. As soon as she got situated the bell rang.

"Hey freak! Got a sheet of paper?" A guy directly across from her asked. "HEY! I asked you a question!"

At first she didn't say anything, but then she fumbled through her things to find her pack of paper. "Yeah." She told the boy quietly. She shouldn't have let people take advantage of her, but she couldn't help but to take their crap, because everyone disliked her. She pulled about three sheets of paper from her pack and reached them out to the boy. He snatched them away and didn't even say thank you.

Mr. Carter was calling role. "Timberlake."




"Toby." Tia said here, but her voice was soft her didn't hear. "TOBY!"


"Thats more LIKE it." He continued calling out last names. 

After calling role he stood up. "Okay class, I need to tell you about the so called 'project' I've been speaking of. The study I mentioned yesterday is about social abilities and communication. The results of the study will be published in a book, which will ironically be by me." He rubbed his hands together. "The project is fairly simple. I am going to divide you guys equally into groups of two. There are forty-four people in this class, that means twenty-two groups. When you get your partner you will be required to spend at least two hours a day with that person. There will be exceptions for holidays, and sickness, and out of town trips...things like that, but other than that, you have to spend at least two hours a day with your partner, then record what happened and how you felt with that person in a journal. This is a writing class and this will benefit your writing ability. This is a outside project. Being in this class with your partner does not qualify as the two hours to write in your journal, got that? We will still do activities in here. So don't think just because you have this project to do you will slack in here." Mr. Carter took a deep breath.

A student raised her hand. He gave her an okay look to talk. "Who are the partners sir?"

He laughed and picked up a note pad. "Thanks for reminding me. I have partners already chosen. This was totally random. To be fair I just picked names from a hat, and this was how I created the groups. I don't care how much you bitch, I am not changing the groups FOR ANY REASON. Okay, first group is DeMonte and Williamson. Second is Robinson and Bell. Third is Toby and Timberlake..."

Tia thought her heart stopped. Slowly her head turned back at Justin. He looked so disappointed that she felt bad for exisitng...

Another note: This is just a sneak preview of a story that I have coming up. It may be a long time before I get another chapter of it up. I just wanted to let you get a little taste if the story!

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