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How do you decide the names for your characters?

Haha...I just think of any name. And sometimes I get repetitive and use the same names over again. I don't know why. I always choose simple names like Kim, Jackie, Tia, and Jade. When I write, I like to make things as less stressful as possible. So, I pick names that won't take much time spelling. I'm really beginning to get aggravated with the story 'Two Can Play Games' The character named Teajah's name is too complex for me to write with ease. It's getting on my nerves lol

You put Love ya, ~Des:) after every e-mail I've gotten from you. Any particular reason for that?

Nope...haha. Love ya, ~Des is an expression I've been writing for the past four years of having AOL! Don't take it personal! lol I love ya'll, but not like that :) It's just something I do. Just like I use purple text in Arial sized 12, in every e-mail and IM. It's just something I've been using since I first got AOL: Love ya, ~Des:)

What character in your stories best relates to you?

Everyone lets say this together. KIIIIIIIIIIIM! lol. But check this out, I do not see Kim as myself. I just can related her to myself more than any of my characters. There is a difference between that and thinking I am her. I do NOT imagine that I am Kim. Actually, Justin and Kim seem like real people. I feel kind of bad because I see everything they do and go through. It seems so real. I see more of Justin and Kim, than what you guys do from reading my chapters. They live in my brain and...its weird.

Can you host my story?

There are a lot of wonderful stories people sent me and I want to host them, but in order for me to host a story it has to be finished, I have one hostee already that has an unfinished story, and the stress I have to go through to get her chapters up is too much for me. I don't have the time for it...so I'm struggling with one person. Just imagine if I have ten others. (oh, no!)


I'm sorry, but if you send me a instant message using the font above, I'm going to ignore you, OKAY? I don't care how nice your comment is. How dare you try to talk to someone and they can't read what you are saying? Can you guys read that font above? Think of having that font in the color yellow. Oh my God!

Hi, can you write a story about me? And use my name as the main character?

I'm so sorry. I used to do this. But now I don't have time. I don't even have time for myself, let alone extra stories for other people. =(

What is something you like to do to free your mind?

I still dance. Sometimes I am late with chapters because I get carried away with working out. I need to calm down some. Nsync needs some new fast songs. Doing their dance moves over and over gets boring, so I've moved to the new side of town for the time being. I've been doing a lot of Britney. *covers ears* Okay, you can stop screaming now! lol. *Shrugs* you have to admit this much. She CAN dance!?

Hi, Justin. Will you e-mail me? I love you! I'm your BIGGEST fan!

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I am NOT Justin! Why would Justin make his e-mail name JRTScandy? I'm Justin's candy, not him HIMSELF! Duhhhh! ;)

Have you ever met Nsync?

I love my friend! I REALLY REALLY LOVE MY FRIEND....thank you for you know what, girl. And thats all I have to say about that lol

Hey, I hate to bother you, but when will the next chapter be up?

*Laughs* You hate to bother me, huh? Just imagine when I sign on, and the 'I hate to bother you's' ends up being 30 IM's  at one time lol. I'm sorry. I come and go. There is no way I will ever know for sure when a chapter will be up. All I can say is...if you are on my mailing list, you'll get a message from me when I post up a new chapter. I hate when people ask me this question because I don't want to tell a person something and then my timing is off...horrible.

How long does it take to write a chapter? And what's your writing process?

Well, most chapters take at least 20 hours or more. Some have taken 60 and even 70 hours, off and on of course. No I do not sit at my computer for 20 and 60 hours straight. LOL! Anyway, my writing process is. I write my story in a plain and boring program called Word Pad. When I am finished writing up the chapter I have to edited it. It may be shocking because I am error girl, but editing the chapter takes one to three hours for me. I have no spell check and that type of thing, so it's hard for me to edit. My stories are MINE so when I edited them I already know what I was trying to type, so I overlook so many errors...BLAH! How unprofessional. After editing, I post the chapter up on my site, using a black background, and font Arial in size 10. =)

Hey, I sent you and e-mail and you never wrote me back. Why is that?

It's sad, but true. I am so sorry to those of you who wrote me e-mails and I read them but don't write back. I get large quantities of mail. When I get comment e-mails from people who compliment me on my stories, those are easier for me to deal with, and I can e-mail the people back and thank them. But when people send me e-mails that are full of questions that I have to repeat over and over...I can't get back to all of them. I do read them though. Sometimes I read an e-mail and keep is as new, then e-mail the person back later. It just all depends. I am so sorry those some of you I meant to get back to, but never did.

Since you update your website all the time and it posting chapters all the time, and I think you mentioned school too... Do you have a life? It doesn't seem like it.

First I would like to say, that's a very interesting question. I'm not going to say I just absolutely DON'T have a life. Just the other day I picked up my friends and we went shopping. I am going to be honest though, most of my life has been taken over because of my website and stories. And yes, I know thats my problem because I am choosing to have a website on the internet, BUT I am human. I have limits to what I can do. I'm in high school...

HI I like your website but I have a question. I was wondering why your counter thingy on your Justin Palace is like 300,000 something, when the one on your story page is only about 45,000?

Thats a very good question. The reason for that is I just put the counter on the story page in like July. The page or The Justin Corner has been on the web for two years now and I just put a counter on it July 2000. It use to be a site of just stories friends of mine wrote but a few months ago I decided there needed to be a change about that and I posted my stories up.

How long have you been writing stories? How long have you been writing fan fiction?

I've been writing every since I could write. When I was younger I would just write about anything. I mean I would even looked at a cake and write a story about it. Thats just who I was. So I've been writing forever, just like I've danced and sang all my life too. That comes in handy because I write some of my own songs also.

Now I've been writing fan fiction AKA Justin stories for only three years. I first discovered the wonders of the internet about four years ago. When I did, I met a lot of people who liked Nsync and a friend of mine read a story I wrote that I had typed up for school.  I sent it to her in an e-mail, and she then told me. "Girl I love you story, write one about me and JC of Nsync." When I wrote her the story she loved it. Then her friends started asking me to write stories for them. And  I spent about one year writing stories for people having to do with Nsync. About a year after that, when I first put The Justin Corner up I was afraid to post my stories on the site. I don't know why, but I was. I was afraid of what people may think of my work, I was afraid people wouldn't take my work seriously...so I told myself that I will not humiliate myself and post my stories up. So writing stories, since I could write, writing fanfiction, last three years. Now it has been four years

Why did you abandon your site for a year? What made you start updating again?

Yup. It's true. I am a horrible person I know. In early 1999 I had like a nervous break down because of stress. I just freaked because I had all this homework then I had all this updating to do when I got home, and I just said forget it. I'm not bothering with the site anymore. It was just too much for me, and back then I had the number one most visited site under Justin Timberlake, on AOL and Netscape so my life was just so hectic. 50 im's at one time and crazy stuff like that.

What made me update again was: this year (2000) On like June 28th. I said I haven't been to my Justin Palace in a long time so I put the address in and a visited my site for the first time since I abandoned it. When I looked at it, and view the guestbook people were talking about how great the site was, some of them left messages saying they love my site and want me to update more. When I saw that I had left my site for a year and people were visiting it and getting ENJOYMENT out of it. That struck something in me. It almost brought tears to my eyes, because I had just left my website fans hanging and they still loved my site. That touched my heart and when I saw all that old info and old picture it inspired me to get ALL NEW stuff up there. And so all the pictures and info I have on the site now is a repayment to the many people who have stood by my site throughout the years.

What inspires you to write stories?

I'm going to be honest. I have no idea what INSPIRES ME to write. I just love it. I may not be good at it. I may not have good word usage, but I LOVE IT. I've been doing it forever and it's a way to express myself. I would consider it more as a hobby then an inspiration. I've just always had a desire to write there was never really an inspiration there.

What don't you like the most about fan fiction?

First: Good question. Good question. I have a problem with several things in this category. But my main problem is this, people who read stories someone else writes and they automatically decide they want that attention, so they write just anything not really writing for the emotion. They only do it to have people like them or like their writing. That makes me so mad. It really really does. I can't stand that. Writing stories is not a game. If you are going to write a story, do it because your heart tells you to, but just don't put some crappy paragraph together and automatically think people will like it. Ya'll will not believe some of the stories I get sent to me. People telling me and asking me to POST their story on my site, and just by reading the first sentence you can tell they don't have a thing for writing. They just want attention.

Second: I don't like when eleven year olds sends me stories that are using their names and has like 29-year-old Chris hitting on them, then falling madly in love with them. Come on seriously, when did Chris start dating eleven year olds?  Yes, I know it's fiction but that is just tennie boppish. People don't want to read stories about Chris falling in love with an eleven year old girl. And once again that relates to my first problem, just wanting people to like their story automatically.

How old are you?

I'm 16 almost 17. I'll be graduating real soon. Yayyyy! Yes, and I know I'm young.

Hey I love your stories but do you have to have so much sex and curse words in them?

Okay people how many of you have saw Titanic? *everyone raises hands* Okay well you guys know that little love scene in the car? My stories don't get much more graphic than that. Do you know the disgusting detail I could go into with my stories? I don't see what the big deal is anyway what does the site say when you enter it? ADULT, MATURE CONTENT. Hello, what does that tell you? As for the curse words. I can understand this may bother some people. Especially during fights. But you have been warned.  If you do not like what you READ and is offended by it, don't read it because then I get offended by the e-mail you send me saying my stories are overboard.

This question is kind of personal but since you have 'certain' scenes in your stories, like drinking and other things I was wondering if you were like that?

Ha ha ha ha. Whoa. Unique question. Okay I am going to be honest. I am a virgin to everything. This may not be believable but, it's the honest truth. I don't do sexual things, I don't drink, smoke, do drugs, and I don't even curse when I am with my friends that do. I am a goody two shoes. Seriously. But then this raises more questions for you. How in the hell (you see I curse a lot when it comes to typing. The word would never really exit my mouth in real life) do I write about all the things I do. Like Justin and Kim together for the first time. I need to explain myself. I am a fixed person. What I mean by that is most of the time I already know what I want to do with something. When it comes to my writing It's strictly from the brain. I write what comes straight from my brain. It may come out as a curse word or something else but I don't have control over it. So everything you read that I write, is all made up. I don't really know if it's possible or if it's correct in the real world. Thats exactly why it's called fiction. It's all made up. You may not believe me but it's true. Never have I ever imagined I was Kim in Strict and that Justin loved me. It's all emotion and I don't have control of what I end up posting as a chapter. So for you people that are offended by my work. I am sorry but I have no control over it. I MUST write everything as my mind tells me. Thats how I work.

Your story STRICT has a lot of violence and abuse in it. I love the story but I was wondering have you suffered from abuse yourself?

Ah. The infamous question. I have to be honest with my fans right? The answer is yes. I am not nearly abused as badly as Kim. I am suffering more from mental abuse. I convert that anger and abuse in to physical abuse for Kim. That is why the story is so powerful and weird. It's kind of personal. Yes I am still dealing with the mental abuse. If only you guys could understand what I go through in my household. If only you knew...

Sometimes when it comes to THE WEBSITE, SCHOOL, then the ABUSE I just freak out and just break down. I am really counting on graduating so I can get out of my pet trap of a home. Please don't feel sorry for me. I will be okay. I've been through so much in my life that I feel there isn't anything I cannot handle. I know this is very personal information but hey, I have nothing to hide, and this will help you understand me.

Why do you like Nsync so much?

To make this simple I like Nsync so much because they give me something that can take me away from the abuse I suffer from. Nsync makes me happy and I like that, therefore I like Nsync. If they can dance and sing and then give me something I can do, dance and sing, I think that is just awesome. It makes my day to just put my NSYNC CD on full blast and just dance to all the songs they have choreography to. Some days I only have enough time to dance to a few songs others I do the whole Nsync tour =) So I like Nsync because they give me something I love. I was born for music, dancing and writing.

Why do you write stories?

I write stories because I can express myself. People make fun of that same cheesy answer but it's the truth. When I write I am EXPRESSING myself. Putting my feelings into words by just using characters. I don't understand myself and I don't assume you will too. I don't know how, but all my stories relate to me some how because they come from the back of my head and I have no reasons why. It just happens. You must know the stories you read would have been written anyway, even if they weren't put on the site. And I know you are like 'but her stories are not all that great' I know. And they make me look less educated because of all the errors in them. I don't know why my writing doesn't come out as good in words as it lingers on in my head but ah well... it's just something I love to do. It takes me away, if you will.

What's your name?

I get this so much. My name is Desiree, but you can call me DES. EVERYONE CALL ME DES! =)

Can you please tell me when you put up the next chapter to your story?

This is the most asked question. Go to the story page and join my mailing list people. Don't worry it will not fill your mailboxes up with unnecessary crap. It will just tell you when a chapter is put up. Thats it. I'm not trying to be mean but I don't have enough time to do that anyway because the amount of mail I get is HEART STOPPING! LoL I get so scared sometimes because the amounts of mail is horrendous! Whew!