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Name: Desiree. But call me DES!

Birthday: June 25

Age: 16

Grade: 11th

Favorite color: Green

Location: Live in GA, but is from up north.

Eye color: I have cat eyes. I got them from my mother. They change colors everyday lol. Right now they are like greenish-yellow *shrugs*

Des' eyes as of January 30th 2001. I won't put my whole picture of the site for protective reasons.

Hair color: Light. Kind of reddish brown.

Height: I really don't know how tall I am, but I'm short. I'll guess. 5'2? I dunno. lol but I'm short.

Weight: A little less than 100 pounds at the last doctors apt. But I think hope and think I've gained weight. Let me explain myself before people get worried, because I am not anorexic. It runs in my family to be skinny so I'm just catching the genes. And I dance too much. My metabolism is so fast and I have a hyper problem. It's keeps me really thin, but hey I'm loving the muscle. My goal is to gain five more pounds haha. Help me EAT more guys ;)

Favorite clothes brands: Calvin Kline. Armani exchange is cool. Old Navy. D&G. Wilson's leather. Some Tommy stuff...

Favorite stores: D&G and The Wet Seal.

Favorite shoes brands: Steve Madden, Sketchers, Nike Air Max, Timberlands, Mia, and New Balances. 

Favorite shampoo: Paul Mitchell.

Favorite CD: Nsync - No Strings Attached, but I like every type of music. Country to rap.

Favorite Place to visit: New York. I love the state and it has wonderful places to shop.

Favorite foods: Chicken parmesan, macaroni and cheese, boxed mashed potatoes, and pizza...yum!

Favorite drink: Dr. Pepper and Mr. Pibb, all the way baby. I won't drink anything else...oh, except Pepsi. lol

Siblings: Four younger brothers.

Status: Not single. I love you, baby! You know who you are.

Interesting fact: My request for a video got on TRL before. That was pretty cool.

Outfits that resemble my style:


Stuff: I'm a very petite and small girl, who is slightly shy. I am very active and I love making people laugh. I write my stories to express myself. As you can tell, I create characters that make it where I know something is possible. For example: my character Kim is a very small person like myself. I chose to make her skinny and thin and blessed, because I know what it's like to be so small. I can't write making Kim five foot ten and one hundred and forty pounds...because I don't know what it's like to be in that position and I can't get a feel for the vision. See what I'm saying? Thats is why Second Chance is so easy for me to write. I am so much like Kim, except I'm not crazy lol. I don't snap on people and freak out like she does. I do do some of the things she does like the Moonwalk and I do the snake and the robot. A lot of guy dancing lol, but I am NOT a tomboy. I talk too much, and too fast. My friends think I'm a nut for always being so hyper. I am in no way dumb blondish like Kim. I suffer from mental abuse...when I was little I used to get severe and abusive spankings, so I'm a strong person. As you can tell Kim is abused. So, if I had to chose a character that best describes me it would obviously be Kim.

I like driving. Don't you think driving is fun? But it's also a great and dangerous responsibility. Got to be careful on the roads. I'm a very fashion crazed person. I always have to match. I ALWAYS have to match. I love the old jeans look, and the jeans with rhinestones on them, and the jeans with bleach slashes on them. I also wear jeans with frayed edges. I think I saw Britney with some before...

I am the only girl in my household so I am spoiled, but I am NOT stuck up. I live with my Mom and not with my Dad, because he left my mother when I was a baby because he wanted nothing to do with me. Personal info, I know. But I have nothing to hide. So, I have no idea what my father looks like and my mother has no pictures of him. Awwww how sad?...not really! I mean, if he doesn't want me then why should he stick around? 

I can't stand the man that my mother is with now. I think that he is crap, but who am I to tell her who she can be with? I'm just waiting for my chance to go to college, so I can break free from my home.

I'm in the 11th grade. I LOVE SCHOOL, MAN! Next year will be my last year. OH NO! My grades are alright. I rank 175 out of 600 juniors for my grades, so I'm doing okay, considering my website is stealing too much time from me.

Thank you for reading this. HELLO? You can wake up now! LOL! I hope you learned a little bit about me.

Love ya,