Chapter Two

The next day

Debbie heard scrambling she opened her eyes and looked around.

"Teajah, what are you doin' it's seven o'clock in the morning."

"Every morning I get Justin his coffee from the nearest Dunkin Doughnuts. Don't forget I am his assistant."

"Yeah? Well I think it's pathetic he can't get his own damn coffee."

"I think you just have a major crush on him. I'll be back in an hour. Justin's room is directly across from ours if you need anything.

Debbie slammed her head back on her pillow and closed her eyes.

After about twenty-five minutes of being lost and getting directions from people she finally discovered a Dunkin Doughnuts.

She sleepily walked into the shop whishing she hadn't stayed up so late talking to Chris on the bus.

"Hello may I help you?" A nice woman asked.

"Yes, I'd like one medium sized coffee with extra sugar and extra cream. And two chocolate dipped doughnuts please."

"And your total is five dollars and fifteen cents."

Teajah paid the woman and grabbed the coffee and bag.

She made her way back to the hotel in just a few minutes. She passed the personnel at the hotel smiling at them politely. She made her way to the tenth floor and she knocked on Justin's door not going into her own room first. Justin opened the door quickly.

"Here's your coffee." She told him.

"Thank you."

She then turned around to her own door and attempted to open it with her key card. She opened the door to see that Debbie was angrily storming around the room.

"What's the matter? I brought you a doughnut."

"I went to go say hit to that boss of yours. He is so mean towards me i don't get it. I mean I'm a decent looking girl."

"Debbie Justin is like that every morning besides it's barely been one day since you've known him. Girl you can't get everything that you want and you know that Deb. Give him time..." Teajah said holding her in a hug.


One week later

"Justin. Hey Justin can I speak with you for a moment?" Debbie asked.

He broke away from Joey and stood before her.


"Well remember how you said that we could go out, maybe later? Well now is later and I was wondering if you'd like to go out tonight." She bit her bottom lip as she asked.

"Debbie I'm going to be honest with you. I'm not attracted to you, and I don't want to go out with you."

"Okay." she said simply looking at the floor.

He stared at her.

"You'll be sorry!" She added and walked off.

"Ouch that was harsh. I heard it all." Joey said tapping him on the back, "She's a beautiful girl. I don't know why you couldn't give her just one date. Timberlake, Timberlake, Timberlake." Joey told him shaking his head dramatically.

"Get away from ME!" Justin snapped pushing him.


"Debbie would you like to go to the beach today? The guys are already there and if you would like to go. We can drive down there...hello? Debbie? DEB?

"Oh yeah, we can go, I was um...thinking."

"Are you okay?"

"I don't want to talk about it. But yeah the beach sounds good."

"Okay, But lets hurry it may rain today."


"How do I look?" Debbie asked turning around after just closing the car door.

"Hot chica, and what about me?" Teajah asked.

"Pure hotness, but hell, we always look good!"

"I know! You got the towels right? I got the bag and the suntan lotion, let's go..."

They entered the beach. As they walked across the hot sand, they seen the guys in the distance sitting in lounge chairs . They wanted to sit away from them, so they sat in the front of the beach which was close to the water. They made sure the guys could see them though. They laid out their towels and sat on them talking.


"Is that who I think it is?" JC asked bringing his shades down.

"Yeah thats Teajah and Debbie." Lance said, "God they are so hot."

"Yes VERY." Joey added.

Justin eyed the girls but he tried to act as if he wasn't interested. Teajah and Debbie had no idea they were getting so much attention.

"Look at how Debbie wipes that suntan lotion on her back." JC noted.

"JC please man, you have a girlfriend." Chris told him, "They are hot though."

"Chris you can't talk! You have one too." Justin told him.


"I'm about to go in the water and get wet, I mean thats what the beach is for right?" Teajah said.

"Alright. I am too." Debbie told her rising to her feet."

They walked into the water it was freezing but the continued to walk out into the water until it was at their knees. A big wave came by and completely soaked the both of them. The small bikini's melted against their bodies

Debbie removed her soaked shorts, revealing her bottoms and threw them back on the shore. Teajah did the same. They decided what the hell and swam out deeper into the water.


"Did you see that?" Joey asked, his eyes almost popping out of the sockets, "If that wasn't you assistant Justin, I swear I would ask her out.

"Debbie's not his assistant and she's just as hot." Lance told him.

"Yeah, but she likes JUSTIN." He replied.


Debbie and Teajah spent about twenty-five minutes in the water. They then turned back to their towels to tan. They could see the Nsync guys and guys they didn't know staring at them, as if they were the only women on the beach.

"Debbie, we got eyes on us." Teajah giggled.

"Yeah I can tell." She said looking at the faces around her.

"You want to come with me to get a drink?" Teajah asked.

"Yeah sure. I was getting kind of hungry anyway."

Teajah grabbed a twenty dollar bill and together her and Debbie left their towels.


"Their coming over here." JC whispered loudly.

"No they aren't." Joey said as they passed them.

The girls waved at them and they all waved back like little school boys.

"Teajah!" Justin shouted. She quickly left Debbie and jogged over to him.

"Yeah?" She asked.

"Since you are up, will you get me a kiwi non-alcoholic daiquiri?"

"Yeah." She then jogged back over to Debbie who had stopped and waited for her.

About ten minutes later the girls reappeared into their sight. Teajah had two drinks, and Debbie had in her hands a drink and a bag of chips.

"Here you go." Teajah told Justin handing him his drink."

"Here would you like a chip?" Debbie asked Chris who was the first of the five of them lined up. She bent down and put the medium sized bag in his face. His mouth dropped and he unconsciously took a chip out of the bag his eyes were still on her.

"You?" she asked JC. He took a chip and his eyes widened at the sight of her.

"How about you Lance?" She asked.

"Sure." he replied sticking his hand in the bag. He tried to act as if her beauty didn't entrance him but he wasn't acting so well.

"Hey Joe, want one?" She put the bag in his reach.

"I'd take anything you'd give me! Can I merry you?" He said putting his hand in the bag.

She started to laugh "Your so crazy," She said blushing. She looked at Justin for a split second and rolled her eyes, "Come on Taj, we have a tan to get!"

"Bye guys." Teajah yelled as Debbie pulled her by the arm.


"Who said Debbie liked Justin? Justin who?" Chris joked.

"Haha yeah man she just totally gave you the cold shoulder." JC said laughing.

"No, Justin told her he wouldn't go out on a date with her and that he wasn't attracted to her. She must hate him now. He is so STUPID!" Joey said thinking normally for once.

"No one asked yout to tell them about it Joey! I'm going to talk with her, and tell her I'm sorry."

He walked towards the area the girls were sitting. Debbie was shocked when she looked up and seen Justin was standing behind her.

"Debbie can I talk with you for a minute?" He asked.

She stood up and looked at him with attitude. He looked at her entire body in one glance, then he started to walk.. She followed him. They walked until they were far enough that no on could hear their conversation.

"What do you want?" She asked crossing her arms.

"I just wanted to say that I'm sorry about earlier. Also I'd like to take you out to dinner tonight."

"Whatever! This whole week I tried to be nice to you and all you did was shrug me off, and all of a sudden your sorry? Yes, I know about your current break up with Britney but it was wrong of you to treat me like shit."

"I said I was sorry, what more do you want me to say?"

"Your not even all that! What did I see in you? I don't know what more you should say to me but I got some words to say to you. Go fuck yourself. I mean that shouldn't hurt you feelings, you can have any girl you want and I am annoying to you and you HATE me, so go bother one of those other girls!"

She walked off with a smile on her face and sat back down to her towel.

Teajah took her headphones off when she seen Debbie came back to join her.

"What was that all about? " She asked.

"Oh, nothing important." She replied putting her sunglasses back on. Teajah put her headphone back on.


Justin sat back down in his chair, and he didn't say anything. No one else said anything either because they knew by his expression the chat with Debbie didn't go so well.


Chapter 3 *coming soon*

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